Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Excellent material on a tragic event during the Progressive Era, and use of many sources to use in creating lesson plans for high school U.S. History – Wade Maroney, Fargo, ND - 2018-05-27

A very useful site for introducing students to the working conditions and (lack of) safety regulations at the turn of the last century. Most of my students are immigrants themselves, and they really relate to the experiences of those who migrated to North America a century before them. – Keith Solomon, Saskatoon, SK, Canada - 2018-05-25

this is a sad thing that happen but if any makes fun of it thats not good i had someone die and that was my friends family – amy moorehead, wyoming il - 2018-05-18

There were many young children that have lost there lives. The youngest one was 11 years old. She is not listed as one on here. If you know her name please tell us. – Abigail Lousie Perrine, Toulon Il - 2018-05-18

i will pray for them – amy moorehead, wyoming il - 2018-05-18

this is vary sad to read but good for insite – ally , kansas - 2018-05-17

Yes, the factory fire was very tragic but if you think about it so many wonderful things could come out of this. I am sorry for all though's men and women whom lost thier lives due to terrible working conditions but, today in the present it is not like that it is better..... Much better then the past. Dont you think? – Karynn Oliver, Topeka,Kansas - 2018-05-08

wow that is a very tragic historical event but this was a interesting topic to learn about. – Ellie, topeka - 2018-05-08

This very tragic event is so sad and we'll be remembering this for a long time. I feel so bad for all the family members that have felt this grief. – Lexi tripp, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-05-08

This is a tragic event and we need to honor those people who helped save the girls and boys. – Tess Beach, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-05-07

I feel so bad for those in the fire that died- and there family. It was very upsetting to read but it is really important to know about the fire. Thank you for the information i am learning so much about this now. – Nevaeh Miller, Saint Joseph Missouri - 2018-05-04

Very tragic moment of history but it is important to always remember what happened. – Isaac Howell, Hinsdlale NY - 2018-05-04

This event was tragic, yet interesting, this website helped me understand and immerse myself in this event more. – Victoria Shen, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-05-02

This event was very tragic and thank you for the information to help me, to understand this event better. – Katie Chilgren, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-05-02

This was a very useful and interesting site very sad though – Adleigh Wilkerson, Saint joseph missouri - 2018-05-02

so sad – A.S, St.Joseph - 2018-05-02

Really glad that this was available for us to work with so we could understand the tragic event even better. – Alex Hayes, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-05-02

This was a very sad and depressing even. Thank you for all the information. – Elizabeth , Topeka - 2018-05-02

This was a sad and tragic event. Thank you for writing this! – Isaac , Topeka - 2018-05-02

It was very useful and gave me the info i needed – Megan , Topeka - 2018-05-01

This web site gave me all thw info I need and then some. – Loren Finney, Topeka, Kansas - 2018-04-30

this is a very sad event that we are doing for school. this is the worst thing that has happened to the US because of a lack of safety measures. – Dn, Topeka KS - 2018-04-30

this is a extremely sad event – DN, Topeka KS - 2018-04-30

Absolutely Haunting – FB, Canada - 2018-04-30

This is a very sad event! – FS, Kansas - 2018-04-30

Such a tragedy. – Kimberly Guiao, Sterling Heights, MI - 2018-04-29

I hope that the owners payed for this – Alexandria smoot, Ga - 2018-04-25

so sad. – pj, ga - 2018-04-23

This is by far one of the most heart wrenching tragedies of workplace accidents I have ever heard of. This was so much more of an issue than just lack of precautions, the workers were treated maliciously at nearly all times. It certainly wasn't intentional, but the fact that Blanck and Harris locked all but one route of doors certainly escalated the situation to a severity it should never have reached. – Brandon Duncan, Central Valley of California - 2018-04-19

I'm using this website for a school project, and I'm learning so much! This stuff is very sad but interesting. – Jacey Graham, Indiana - 2018-04-15

Rose Mehl (victim of the fire) lived in the building where I live now. I feel connected to her, and wish I knew more about her. – Ellen, 278 East 7 Street, NY NY 10009 - 2018-04-10

Rose Mehl (victim of the fire) lived in the building where I live now. I feel connected to her, and wish I knew more about her. – Ellen, 278 East 7 Street, NY NY 10009 - 2018-04-10

I think this is so sad so many died in the fire. – jamesbush, Idaho - 2018-04-09

this was vary sad i wish it didn't happen we did a short lesson on it at school it was interesting and sad. – kmm, mount Vernon ohio - 2018-04-06

I am so sorry people died in the fire – elizabeth lett, omaha ne - 2018-04-06

I think that its very sad and i wish this would've never happened no one deserved to die because of this. – Mia , Mars - 2018-04-06

So sad to read and see the negate that the employees went through. Businesses should be accountable for a safe environment for their employees. – nww, Louisiana - 2018-04-06

Poignant, respectfully presented on this site. We must never forget. The tragedy was totally preventable.Doors had been locked. Most people were required to work until noon, these brutes required full day.There had been signage on elevatorsif you don't come in on Saturday, don't come in on Monday. Remember too, brave New Yorkers who tried to save them. One year later, April 1912, the Titanic Disaster, also man- made and completely avoidable. Thank unions for 40 hour week and for bringing safety to workers. We must never forget. – Carole , Takoma Park, MD - 2018-04-05

this is sad – cj, 27 roleing drive - 2018-04-02

This is really good information. – cll, earth - 2018-03-28

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