Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

Legacy of the Triangle Fire

The fire at Triangle Waist Company on March 25, 1911 is widely considered a pivotal moment in history, leading to the transformation of the labor code of New York State and to the adoption of fire safety measures that served as a model for the whole country.

Instrumental in this transformation was the work of the New York Factory Investigative Commission, which wrote thirty-six of the new labor related bills that the state legislature eventually adopted.

Also significant is the work of local governmental agencies and unions, which adopted fire safety measures and monitored conditions in factories.

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The legacy of the Triangle fire cannot be fully appreciated without also taking into account the great significance the tragedy acquired and continues to have for the labor movement, up to this day.

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Members of the ILGWU gather around the Longman memorial for unidenitifed victims of the fire