Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This is very tragic. Especially since people got away with the working conditions. – Harley S, South Elgin, IL   19 Dec 2013

This was a very tragic event, but at least we've learned a lot about safety from it. – Laney B., St. Charles IL   19 Dec 2013

Wow I never thought that being on the top floors can be so dangerous. I feel so bad for the people who died and was in the building at the time of the fire. and I also feel bad of the family's who had to go thought that. – Megan K., St.Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

I hope nothing this tragic happens again. – CL, IL   19 Dec 2013

i am so grateful that i found this site, that i was able to listen to the interviews of some victims. That i was able to hear this story, this tragic story. – Marie Nunn, IL   19 Dec 2013

this was probably a very scary time when it happened – AD, illinois   19 Dec 2013

These people has been though all lot and I feel bad that they had to go though it again – Morgan MC, St. Charles   19 Dec 2013

This fire should never had happened. The boss' were only thinking of making money and not the safety of their employees. So many lives lost because of a selfish act. – Cierra O, St. Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

This was a sad tragedy, but at least we have fire codes and other things to keep us safe nowadays. – Allyson S. , St. Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

This fire should never had happened. The boss' were only thinking of making money and not the safety of their employees. So many lives lost because of a selfish act. – Cierra O, St. Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

I think i will be self employed after reading this. – Robert A, St.Charles IL   19 Dec 2013

very sad that all these women died i one fire – Jeff Makowski, St.Charles   19 Dec 2013

Very interesting to learn about and very devastating . – Lilly Gonzalez, St.Charles   19 Dec 2013

I feel bad thinking people will forget this one day :( – Adair A. , IL.   17 Dec 2013

I thought that it was a very tragic event, so many lives lost, hope it doesnt happen again... – kyle, St.Charles   17 Dec 2013

This was a terrible event, and the sad thing is, it could have been avoided. – CO, St. Charles   17 Dec 2013

I am deeply sorry to here about this issue that happened so many decades ago. – Chase , St.Charles   17 Dec 2013

helpful information, sad. – Olek,   17 Dec 2013

Very tragic event, but interesting! I learned a lot. – KSF, Saint Charles IL   17 Dec 2013

I did not fully understand the horrors of sweatshops until I saw this article. Truly a sad story. – Daniel Hayward, IL   17 Dec 2013

I learned that it is very uncomfortable and crowed to work in the sweatshops. – NLM, St.Charles   17 Dec 2013

These articles were descritive of what happened and how it happened now I know how bad working conditions were. – KMT, St Charles   17 Dec 2013

I really enjoyed this story this site has some very interesting facts and i thought this was a very helpful site. – Emily Fullhart, St.Charles IL   17 Dec 2013

rip – ZM, illinois   17 Dec 2013

I hope this never happens again. – TN, St. Charles   17 Dec 2013

a very important event in Americas history – BT, st.charles   17 Dec 2013

Those people didnt deserve there deaths. If only there had been beter laws. – ALA, St.Charles   17 Dec 2013

i feel mad because those business men were to greedy to give the poor workers good working conditions and plus why would they LOCK THE DOOR!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! – RH, Sydney, Australia   17 Dec 2013

a very important event in Americas history – BT, st.charles   17 Dec 2013

I find it sad that in most historic events people die and then a point in proven – PKL, Chicago   17 Dec 2013

a very tragic event. hope it deosnt happen again. – Jb, st.charles   17 Dec 2013

These workers didn't deserve death. Bless their souls forever. – APS, St. Charles   17 Dec 2013

That is pretty sad that there was a poor emergency escape that led people to their deaths – pdubs, nowhere Ln   16 Dec 2013

I am looking forward to sharing this with my students. – Jennifer, Elgin, IL   15 Dec 2013

I found out about this tragic incident in history thru my occupational Health & Safety course on Fire Prevention. If there is anyone who says that evil does not exist in this world they should be made to read about these two factory owners! – Austin B., Alberta, Canada   15 Dec 2013

I feel bad for what happened to those poor people. Espicially, the people who jumped out the window from the 8th and 9th floors. – Heaven Gonzalez, 1298 halsey street   12 Dec 2013

This is AWESOME for National History Day! I am so glad that I found this site 3 – Xee Thao, St. Paul, MN   11 Dec 2013

I cant beleive what happened to those people that day i feel so sad. My prayers go out to their family – Jose Lozada, 13, Brooklyn, New York   11 Dec 2013

Right now my teacher is reading us a book called Ashes of Roses and I love it so i wanted to get it at my local library but it wasnt there so i looked at the description to give me a hint of what was going to happen and it said there was going to a fire so I looked up the book and the title of the fire popped up so i looked it up and thus website popped up so I've been on this site for a while its really interesting. – Alexa, Huntsville, AL   10 Dec 2013

Workers Comp ICU – David Hungerschafer, Schenectady   9 Dec 2013

very sad :( – MG, syracuse NY   6 Dec 2013

This site has helped me very very much with my National History Day Project on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire!!! – EP, USA   5 Dec 2013

The factory owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, had kept the girls/women locked up for 14 hours a day without access to washrooms or any kind of ventilation. From $2/day (tops) paid to the workers, Harris and Blanck deducted fees for thread and needles! These two miserly, exploitative cowards collected the insurance money that was due them and disappeared without donating a single penny to the victim's loved ones and dependents. Given the strict sentences typically meted out in the day (but only to the poor,) an appropriate consequence for these gentlemen would have been liquidation of their assets to pay reparation to all those who were affected, followed by the electric chair or hanging. The Asian-made goods that have currently put North American manufacturing out of business are made by workers slaving under conditions similar to those suffered by the Triangle workers. We need stronger unions, and tariffs to be placed on imports. – ELW, Ontario   5 Dec 2013

I like but it's really sad – Kirsten dover, York sc   5 Dec 2013

this is a tragedy. Im learning about this and school and it is a interesting but sad situaiton. – kj, Bridgeport CT   4 Dec 2013

My Uncle was a firefighter at the Coconut Grove fire. A very similar and preventible natiional tradegy – Robert McGrath, Boston MA   29 Nov 2013

The book Upraisng is helpful –   27 Nov 2013

TRAGIC what happen SO SAD – Dakota Elliott,11, Monticello GA   27 Nov 2013

sorry for all the lives loses. I'm reading the book UPRAISING and it talks about the lives of 2 girls and there friend they how work was there and the 'bout strike/fire the friend is the Governess to the owners daughter if someone is interested in learning more ( I think it is VERY interesting in my opinion ).If you plan to research more most all the other sites are incorrect. Just to let you no. – Dakota Elliott,11, Monticello,GA (small town)   27 Nov 2013

Very sad. – MD,   25 Nov 2013

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