Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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devastating fire – bkh, commodore pa   6 Apr 2015

This is an excellent sight about the, Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire. Can you gave some brief information about the survivors? The Victims section is great. –   5 Apr 2015

Really sad moment for those people how had lost their families – Tahira Javed, 6400 n california Ave   1 Apr 2015

Very intersesting – D.P., Las vegas   27 Mar 2015

this made my heart drop – raquel, oakland,ca   26 Mar 2015

Let's all take a minute to remember and learn from this sad event. May they rest in peace – JJD, Massachusetts   25 Mar 2015

It is too bad that a fire that cost many lives had to happen before adequate safety measures were implemented. – WFB, Minnesota   25 Mar 2015

A great website to keep the memory alive of those lost. – Alec, NYC   25 Mar 2015

It is interesting to think how far we have come, but in the same thought I realize how far we still need to go. – Shane , Kalamazoo mi   24 Mar 2015

I enjoy this website - its so usefull and helpfull. – Manuelpync, Netherlands Antilles   24 Mar 2015

a bad accident – phillip reeder, sylvania, georgia   19 Mar 2015

safety has came a long way since then – p.r, sylvania, georgia   19 Mar 2015

Oh this is a lovely website, helped me with my USA project. I love the amount of work that went to make it. Its really great. – Quin Roseman, Australia   18 Mar 2015

This website is amazing, to have all this information about a tragedy that occurred over 100 years ago is fantastic. This Incident was a terrible Accident, but it was not in vain. May the victims forever rest in peace knowing they were never forgotten. – Angelika Perrotto, New York   16 Mar 2015

my great aunts siter had died in this tragic accident – megan s, carlisle pa   12 Mar 2015

This Tragedy is inexcusable and heart- wrenching! We can only learn from the past, and find ways to right the wrongs. Keep our workers Safe! – KHD, Potomac Maryland   11 Mar 2015

a bad accident – alvin brooks, rochester,ny   9 Mar 2015

a real disater – ab, rochester,ny   9 Mar 2015

The scope of this website is very well organized and poignant. Thank you to those responsible for its production. – Dominic Paul Miller, Tijuana, Baja California   9 Mar 2015

I think This is scary It is a real tragedy It is hard to analyze information – Abraham Silvers, Forest Hills Queens   4 Mar 2015

What a tragedy! – Giorgio V., Scicli, Rg, Italy   4 Mar 2015

Because of this tragedy, workplace laws were put into effect. Each time you engage in a workplace drill, think about your safety and knowledge about procedures in the event of a real emergency. This site is excellent for research and brings a human touch to The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911. – Susan K. Aker, New York   1 Mar 2015

I learned about this fire in my social studies class. What a tragedy. – Avery Hall, San Francisco, CA   25 Feb 2015

This really helped me with my NHD project for 2015. Thank you so much! The fire was a tradegy and it's amazing how much work you all have put into remembering it. – JTH, England   22 Feb 2015

Helpful and pretty cool – Matt Brod, St.charles IL   17 Feb 2015

This article provided a clear yet emotionally-charged look at the tragedy. I love the resources provided, and I will definitely use this in my classroom when I'm a teacher! Thank you! R.I.P. victims of the triangle factory fire. – S. Wood, Alabama   14 Feb 2015

Its a tragedy what happened to the girls but i guess some good came out of it the are now safer working conditions and new laws that make sure you have fire escapes and sprinkler systems – DHF, North Carolina   13 Feb 2015

My great aunt died in the fire. I did not know her parent's names and this site listed that on her death certificate. Very important information for our family tree. Thank you! – RJ, Tully, New York   11 Feb 2015

Learned of this tragedy via [Nextflix] the History Channel; America: The Story of Us. I had to look more into this event. Thank you for this site. This is amazing stuff that our Nation probably knows nothing about. May you continue to rest peacefully in Heaven. – Casey, Dallas, TX   11 Feb 2015

I teach my seventh graders about this tragedy because it fits so well with my nonfiction unit. I love the resources that you have carefully organized. I appreciate the time and effort put into this site to make sure that whomever goes searching for information about TSFF will NOT be disappointed! Thank you so much for helping my job be a little easier! – Leslie Marshall, Ohio   9 Feb 2015

this is an amazing website – fg, california   2 Feb 2015

this may help people think more about safety – ap, fall river   30 Jan 2015

Helpful and pretty cool – Matt Brod, St.charles IL   30 Jan 2015

Maybe people should have had more options so this wouldn't have happend. – Moriah , Milton   26 Jan 2015

i think that many lives would have been saved if they would have had the buckets where the workers could get to them and had the door unlocked – chelsea homer, vermont   26 Jan 2015

The list contained confirmation of family history. Anna Altman was 16 when she died, was red-headed and had two older brothers were still working in the garment industry in the 1930s. a great niece – NAD, Urbana, IL   25 Jan 2015

wow terrible bosses – lilac, montanna   23 Jan 2015

why did they lock the doors ? It's really to bad they had to work in these conditions . – tm, nh   20 Jan 2015

i think about the triangle fire every time i go to a concert or a show. it doesn't hurt to look for fire exits even now. – mm, pittsburgh pa   15 Jan 2015

Because of what happened about the fire, buildings have a lot of safety conditions and it makes people safe at work and school – Kayla Juarez, IL   13 Jan 2015

This event makes me think about what would've happened if this event didn't happen. – JE, IL   13 Jan 2015

This really makes you think about how difficult things were and how much better peoples lives are with the new improvements – Alisha A, IL   12 Jan 2015

This really makes you think about how much easier and better lives are for people now – Alisha A,   12 Jan 2015

This event helped people foucus much more on safety, and changed America. – KO,   12 Jan 2015

It helped them realize how these buildings were bad even though they helped the people with money. – John black, St.charels   12 Jan 2015

This made people really focus more on safety – Jake Guzick, St. Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

Interesting – Bethany byars, St Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

Led to future changes for the better. – Logan Andersen, St. Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

This has changed many people, and there lives. – Anna Ford, St. Charles, Illinois   12 Jan 2015

The fire was a tragedy but it made America better. – Emily L.,   12 Jan 2015

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