Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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you neglected to cite the author of the political cartoons used in this website. I am very dissapointed and will not return until the error has been corrected. This is lawsuit material. I suggest you do something about it. thank you. -alfred – alfred, wisconsin   11 Mar 2003

It's site that shows the great historical events that happened in the United States.Alot Information I've never seen before.The tragic held in march 25,1911 made huge changes in the U.S and ofcourse in N.Y.I've gotten important information that i need to know from this artistic Web-Site – Bisharat, Queens   8 Mar 2003

The information is credible and is collected from first person recollections and stories. – A. Guidotti, Friday Harbor, WA   7 Mar 2003

This was a wonderful site with all the info i was looking for... – SS, US   5 Mar 2003

A *wonderful* site. Fantastically informative, great primary materials. More people should be aware of the cultural significance of this event, and its unfortunate similarities to today's events. – Gabriel Meister, Manhattan   3 Mar 2003

I just read a very interesting article stating that out of 190 workers, Rose Goldstein was among the minority of those who survived. The infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on Saturday, March 25, 1911, claimed the lives of 146 immigrant workers present. Because it had been Sabbath, Rose Goldstein was not there. She had been threatened with the lost of her job, but held to her Sabbath observance and lived. The article is "The Shabbat that kept Rose" and may be found at – AHB, Brooklyn, NY   27 Feb 2003

this web site is incredible. i love history. it is so much fun!!! – zac wilson, houston   25 Feb 2003

its a tragedy, how human life was of less value then buisness. – katherine bonilla, paterson, n.j.   25 Feb 2003

I would like to visit the site of this tragedy, to pray and honor those lost. As a union member,American federation of Teachers, I remeber hearing of this event while I was in parochial school. I have tried to locate the site but could not find it. I would appreciate directions. Thank you. Ted – Ted Rzepski, West Hartford CT   23 Feb 2003

Doing a paper on Children labor laws for a HR class came here to see what I may be able to find. – JTR, RAF Lakenheath UK   22 Feb 2003

I had to do my History Day project on the fire. This website saved my project. i just wanted to show my appreciation for what a great website this really is. Thanks for all the information and pictures of the fire. I can assure you if any of my freinds need to do a prject on the fire, i will quickly recomend this webpage to them. thanks for all the support! – Austin , Virginia   12 Feb 2003

I had to do a presentation about the fire. This website helped me so much. I also felt moved by it. It made me think that if I was living in the same era, I would have been in a factory just like that! – MM, Virginia   6 Feb 2003

i have a mock trial project and i want some good information on the case – ag, clifton   2 Feb 2003

A tragedy of this magnitude should have changed history, it merely dampened it. I appreciate the upkeeping of this resource for we will look to it and others like it to serve as example for employee rights. With this resource we will not forget the past as we should not. Thanks – John Ford, EauClaire, WI   1 Feb 2003

God bless these young women whose lives were sacrifice that we may all have safety work regulations and unions. We will never know all the personal indignities they had to endure and the expploitations. Tragically, the Triangle fire gave us a remainder what this poor working women endured. On March 25th, I will say a pray for all who had suffer this terrible tragedy. – ST, sacramento, CA   28 Jan 2003

I was learning about the triangle factory fire in history class. and i wanted to learn more and found this site. I love it very helpful. This site help me learn wat the text books couldnt teach me. But thanks for this great site – LV, Hollywood, CA   14 Jan 2003

I feel that the Triangle Factory Fire website is very helpful, and educational. The Facts are relevant and easy, and its helps me understand the tradgedy that happened that day. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to do research or to learn about the past. – Jasmine Gates, Liberty N.Y. 14 Jan.2003   14 Jan 2003

This site has helped me fully understand the fundements of the basis and theries of which my professor has concured. Quite to the point and has not conjured up lies and ethics which would descreate the greatness of history and also causes the audience for which you are tending to get those attention feel remorse and a emptiness within themeselves. – Dane, East Palo Alto,Ca   19 Dec 2002

Wonderful site -- well organized, with great source materials. Keep up the good work! – RDF, Washington,DC   16 Dec 2002

This site was a great resource for my English paper. Thank you for all the work in putting something like this together. – Rebecca , Hayward, CA   16 Dec 2002

I think this site is a great sourse. – RMS, 27 Caruso Pl. Armonk NY 10504   11 Dec 2002

This was a great site for doing any type of research paper! It gave all the information and a lot of pictures that really give a feel for what was going on – Laura, Chicago, IL   10 Dec 2002

This was a great site – Ashley Zaroogian, Geneva VY   10 Dec 2002

This site is very interesting,its interesting to learn about what happened and why it happened.Also how many people worked there and how old they were.I am researching this site for a social studies project in school! – Brianna, New York   10 Dec 2002

I really like this site because it is interesting to learn about what happened in the olden days! I am reading this for a class project! And i think it is really interesting! – Tiffani, New York   10 Dec 2002

I had to research a paper for my social studies project in school, and as soon as I visited this site, I got all the information I needed. I hope that I will get an A on my project, even though everything was not too hard to find on this website. I think that this is one of the greatest site that can tell you about trageties that took place in New York. Even though there are other sites, I think that this is the greatest of them all, because it tells you everything that you will need to know in order to protect a fire like the Triangle Fire, from occuring once again. THANK YOU! – Nicole Persaud, Ozone Park,Queens, New York   9 Dec 2002

I have just finished reading "Dreamland" by Kevin Baker, a novel about Coney Island and the life of a young Jewish girl who worked at the Triangle. I was interested in learning more about the fire and this website was very helpful. – Merle Ibsen, Newburgh, NY   8 Dec 2002

Thank you for a complete overview! – Blair Singer, New York   7 Dec 2002

I had to do a research paper for english on this event and it really touched me because these people died tring to make etra money to support there families and a fire occurred and they were not able to get out because their employers were worried about theifs so they locked the doors after the work hours ended but they didn't think there wouyld ever be a fire and the employees wouldn't be able to get out. – TAP, Richmond,VA   6 Dec 2002

we should never forget this tragedy-- – robin, san diego   24 Nov 2002

I had a student take a construction materials and methods class. He submitted this fire as a research paper. I am now going to use it in the Fire Protection portion of our Building Mechanical Systems Course. A great site and a monument to Fire Protection Issues. Such a personal tragedy for all those families! J. Sarggeant Reynolds Community College – Sidney Bass, Virginia   22 Nov 2002

It was a very informative site and I hope that it will continue to teach people about the bad things in America so the next generation can make America a better place. – Melody Joy, Michigan   21 Nov 2002

This is the most informative site I've found about the fire and preceeding events and I thank you. – KM, Fresno, CA   20 Nov 2002

We found your site very informative. – Illini Bluffs students , Glasford,IL   20 Nov 2002

I had a research paper for history and this site was very helpful – ACL, new york   19 Nov 2002

I had to do a project on this topic and was very thankful to learn what i could about the fire in 1911. It was very well documented;thank you for this sight – RLD, New York   14 Nov 2002

14 Nov 2002 This is a sad tragedy. Thanks for such an informative website that just answered all my questions.Thanks you guys. – Junior Garcia, Temecula, CA   14 Nov 2002

I am a grad student and it helped me tremendously with my paper on diversity and workplace practices – lola, de   13 Nov 2002

This web site helped me find my answers for my worksheet for history. It has everything you need. Thank you I really appreciated. – Chris Ortigoza, Anahiem Ca,   13 Nov 2002

Good – Angela Yang, New York Flushing   12 Nov 2002

I visited your site to prepare an oral report at the university. I found it very well documented, understandable and a valuable source.Congratulations for your searching labor.Oct 27, 2002. – Obdulia Alcala, Guadalajara, Mexico   27 Oct 2002

I originally had seen this pictorial at the Meany Center in DC. The story changed me then and still moves me today. Thank-you for this site. – Jim Dotson, Flint, MI   22 Oct 2002

Great site for the eighth graders I teach (US history from Reconstruction to the Present) – Mrs.FS, Miami, Fl   21 Oct 2002

i love your site – m m y, new york   20 Oct 2002

This was a wonderful site. Thank you so much for providing such information to the public. It was such a tragic event that somewhat ties with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Once again thank and God bless all! – Jessica Reynolds, Fullerton, CA.   18 Oct 2002

Our class just finished Fire!The Beginnings of the Labor Movement by Barbara Goldin. We are going to write a report about the fire and we really like this site. Thank you! – PLP, Oneida,NY   18 Oct 2002

Thank you for providing an informative resource on such a tragic event in not only American history but world history. – Melanie Doughty, Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia   17 Oct 2002

This is a good site. I hope it will help me on my test! It probably will too! – AT, Somewhere   17 Oct 2002

I missed class due to illness and needed to know about Pauline Newman, thanks to this site I know quite a bit. She was quite a woman – mary, Lancaster, Ma.   17 Oct 2002

I have to do a report over the Triange Shirtwaist Factory Fire and i wasnt too excited about it. This site helped me out tramendously that now I am really excited about doing this project. Thank you very much for the very, very helpful website. – Jenna, Texas   15 Oct 2002

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