Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I think it is so sad how all these people died – Seema, sacramento, ca   24 Nov 2003

Very impressive. I have read and seen on TV stories about this fire and just want to cry. What a waste!! It is a lot better today but there are still problems in the workplace in many areas. I am involved in safety programs at work and teach Hazmat classes and just can't believe things like this can still happen today. "Production above worker safety". Thanks for keeping it in front of the public and maybe they will take the lessons learned back to work with them. I am a union man but thank God for OSHA. – Leonard Peters, Richland, WA   20 Nov 2003

WOrkers today may have forgotten how safe and humane working conditions came about-often on the backs and deaths of innocents. I hope this site is never taken down. – Barbara Carr, Dallas, TX   19 Nov 2003

Thank you to all the people at ILGWU for all your hard work. My family comes from a long line of seamstresses. My great grandma lost a great many of her friends here. God bless the union who brought us the 8 hour work day and weekends. Let's learn from this tragedy and not repeat our mistakes. May all the relatives feel that today justice is served. Keep on, Keeping ON! – Dorothy, Jackson,NJ   19 Nov 2003

I am a high school librarian in search of a copy of the movie "The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal." If anyone has a copy available, please contact me at Thanks very much – KFD, Cincinnati   18 Nov 2003

This is a really good site. I am a high school history teacher, and I am constantly searching the internet for sites to use in class. This one is top notch! Kudos. – Youlanda, New York City   13 Nov 2003

That's horoble. – Brandon Tolson, Porstmouth Va   13 Nov 2003

this site is good for kids who want to learn about the fire. – jason d, new york   13 Nov 2003

you should have more information – l.killins, bltimore   13 Nov 2003

Good site – RBW, Maine   12 Nov 2003

This is a totally awesome site!! I came here to do research on a subject and found much more. This site is a great memorial site in honor of the victims of the Triangle Fire, and I think that this site is great-for both th esake of info and the honor to thos e who died – Bonnibelle Leed, Bellevue, WA   9 Nov 2003

thank you – jb, vt   9 Nov 2003

Good site for my Sweatshop report. – CMS, Auburn, WA   6 Nov 2003

We just watched The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal in history, and I found it all very interesting. Tragic, but interesting. If anybody has any information at all on the mysterious man that encouraged girls to jump from the building, please email me This site is great. Thank you! – Jackie, Pennsylvania   6 Nov 2003

thank you – ronald corbin, philadelphia,pa   6 Nov 2003

God Bless Everyone! – Dana White, Springfield, Mass   6 Nov 2003

Out of all the things I have even read about. This has to be the saddest thing that could have ever happened (that I didn't live through). Reading the story over and over again, still not being able to soak up what had happened. I can really imagion what happened, and the terror those poor girls (and boys) had felt. I think this would be an interesting event to research on in my spare time. And I'm happy your site is here to use for the research. I haven't yet finish reading all of the things on it, but I should soon. – Danielle Young, Utah   5 Nov 2003

Wow! I read a lot about this because I'm doing history day on this topic. I was really suprised when I saw pictures and read what happened. I still can't believe it! – Jordan Dirks, Iowa   4 Nov 2003

excellent presentation and teaching tool for all ages – bh, hernando mississippi   3 Nov 2003

The “Triangle Factory Fire Scandal” was produced in 1978 by Alan Landsburg Productions and was re-released by U.S.A. Home Video in 1985. To the best of our knowledge, the film is no longer available for sale, and the video company is out of business. Unfortunately, the Kheel Center does not have a copy of the film, but we would welcome information on obtaining it for our collection. – Kheel Center staff,   3 Nov 2003

is the TV Movie, The Triangle Fatory Fire Scandal, available anywhere? I'd love to see it. – mike, Queens   1 Nov 2003

A great book was just written on this subject. I't called, Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, by David Von Drehle. It's the best source of info on the fire there's ever been. – Mike, Queens   1 Nov 2003

i feel really bad for the people that died and for the people that were relatives with any of the people that died in the fire that has to hurt – alycia seymour, baraga   31 Oct 2003

it is very cool – leroy gauthier, baraga michigan   31 Oct 2003

i want to know how old you have to be to work at the Triangle factory? – Brittney, Baraga   30 Oct 2003

how many floorscould the fire department put out because the ladders were to short – trevonda, Rochester MN   30 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info. – Julia Marasco, New York   29 Oct 2003

It's such a tragidy, I'm glad that there are such informative websites out there. – H.E.N., VA   29 Oct 2003

what happened was horrible – Robert Blakley, Springfield MA   28 Oct 2003

I was told about this horrible event by my father years ago. My Grandfather was an FDNY firefighter at the time of this fire and helped fight it. Thank you for posting this site. – Rick Walsh, Coopersburg,PA   27 Oct 2003

i'm just relievef to live in an age where working conditions are much better than they used to be years ago. – Rachel, pennsylvania   24 Oct 2003

It's really sad that this happened and i think it's pretty cruel that somebody like the manager of the company could pay off the fire and safety inspectors without even caring about the lives of the workers. If you don't know what i'm talking about then rent the movie about the fire because it has alot of info. about what happened and it's really sad. – Dylan Holstein, South Burlington VT   22 Oct 2003

i am really sad at what happend almost a century ago, NOt only sad but i feel for those women who were in that factory and don't know how that wou ld feel. I slso feel that what the owners did was wrong and shoul've never even locked those doors after rhe first fire, the women when unsafe in their working conditions and had to burn in hell for something that they had no control of. God Bless those women and the people that lost there loved ones during that terrible fire on the 25 of march – Amanda miller, virgina oct 21 2003   21 Oct 2003

This was a very sad day in the history of our country. My prayers go out to all people touched by this horrible event. – Gwen Martin, NY   20 Oct 2003

I became aware of this horrible conflagration many years ago when I lived in Greenwich Village. The site today is peaceful and bereft of any indication of this horrible tragedy. The recently published, "Triangle. The fire that changed America", is a superb read and truly conveys New York of the period, the victims humble and hopefilled lives, and the horror of this event in a chilling perspective. Thank you for this contribution to the history of class struggle which so horribly punctuated this time in America. – Bruce Meyers, California   20 Oct 2003

I think you should write some info about bigger corporations like Nike and Gap...for those of us researching this topic – Mandy, Canada   16 Oct 2003

I had never heard of the Triangle Factory Fire until in my high school U.S. History class. My teacher mentioned it and I then took interest in the subject and looked into it on my own. I found that it was a disterbing moment in time and that nobody should have ever gone through something like that of the factory fire. – K. Hanson, KY   15 Oct 2003

This website is a very good website and it has alot of potential. – jjc, Fredonia, WI   14 Oct 2003

My heart goes out to all those that went through such a horrible ordeal. It is now 2003 and this is still continuing today. I worked for a man that constantly locked the door to the office - with no other way out. My greatest fear was being locked in the building alone and a fire starting in that old rotted building. We must not let this happen to anyone again. – MMW, Buffalo, New York   10 Oct 2003

Wow, this site helped me on a HUGE social studies project! Thanx for all your help! – S.F., AZ   9 Oct 2003

I like your website. its fab. – T-B, Under a bridge.   9 Oct 2003

i'm writing a research paper and this site helps a whole lot!! I first thought nothing would be interesting in 1911. I had no idea that this happened nor that it was a big deal to so many. Thanks for the help!! – ANG, Rosenberg   9 Oct 2003

i really liked your web very help ful in my school project need to add more pictures if can – mg, co   7 Oct 2003

it's terrible i had no idea about this untill i had to do an essay on it now i can not belive this it is so horrible!!! – A.L.H , VA   6 Oct 2003

The website is very informative and I will make sure to let others know about it. We are looking to be living in the era we are in instead of the one were explotaition and slavery existed. – Guadalupe Acosta, Houston, TX   6 Oct 2003

My heart goes out too all the victims and families of this incident. I can't begin too empathize with you all. I hope you get some kind of closure from this. GOD BLESS! – William Taville, Houston, Tx   6 Oct 2003

This is so sad, this reminds me of the september 11 attack, I mean it really hurts to see those photos of victims that got burned up and half of these victims that got killed were children. I mean just looking at the pictures make you cry. My heart and prayer goes out to the family who lose their love ones. – Desmond Mcintyre, Currie, North Carolina   3 Oct 2003

Thank you for putting together such an informative site. It is important to remember where we have evolved from regarding labor laws and practices in thias country. We also must contunie to fight for worker's rights and this web site is inspiring to me as the president of ther union in my workplace. In solidarity, Kathy Bonogofski – Kathy Bonogofski, Salem, Oregon   2 Oct 2003

I am very sorry for all the families that had lost there love ones. – Eva Mangual, Bridgeport, Ct   2 Oct 2003

Joseph Zito was my maternal great grandfather. His daughter, Josephine Cardinali, was his daughter from his first marriage to Maria De Matteo and my grandmother. – Denise Fazio, Longmont, Colorado   1 Oct 2003

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