Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I occasionally pass by the intersection of Greene and Washington and look up and try to picture the horror of what occurred that late afternoon. It is very haunting. This web site is very informative with valuable information that is very compelling. – DA, New York   8 Sep 2004

I really enjoyed reading the information provided by this web site. It is extremely unfortunate, however, that it took a tragedy like this to help improve working conditions and human rights policies. – Taran, Commack, NY   7 Sep 2004

I'm sorry all those people died. – kristin, OKC   4 Sep 2004

this is very interesting information and it is a lot of good stuff to learn about – amber shockey, colorado   1 Sep 2004

i think that this site is very interesting! – Kristina Blankenship, Bryant AR   31 Aug 2004

I was drawn to this site by Van Drehle's book and find the site excellent, informative and moving. We live such lives of privilege compared to--and thanks to-- the hardships of our immigrant ancestors. – Alice, San Jose, Ca   22 Aug 2004

This was very informative. Unfortunately there are still a lot of immigrants working at sweat shops that are underpaid and remain working under unsafe conditions. – giannina e. , Fontana, Ca.   19 Aug 2004

Thanks – KE, Clemson Sc   18 Aug 2004

It was really interesting – Jenna, Minnesota   11 Aug 2004

Thank you for helping educate people everywhere about this tragic piece of our history. – Andee Shuster, Montreal, Canada   30 Jul 2004

Thanks for this excellent resource! We are using it to extend students' learning as they read Ashes of Roses, by Mary Jane Auch. The site is so well designed with so much information that the students can truly visualize this event from history. – J.O., Independence, Iowa   29 Jul 2004

Very Good – R M, N.C.   23 Jul 2004

Very Good Robert Murray –   23 Jul 2004

thank you so much for the detailed information. – c. cohen, tucson, az   22 Jul 2004

i cry everytime i think of this story- my grandmother being a seamstress, i had heard this story when i was a young girl, and my grandmother instilling the importance of union to me. lest us never forget – cc, british columbia, canada   21 Jul 2004

I love to surf the web for interesting information and came upon this site. It is touching, tragic, informative, and a catalyst for change. Early 20th Century U.S. had so many unsafe conditions and injustices, especially toward those who were young, weak, and defenseless. Bravo! to those who pioneered reform in the past and those who continue to this day. Wonderful site! The pictures and illustrations were spectacular, if some very grim. – Pat, Florida   17 Jul 2004

It was unaware that this was on the NFPA website, I hope to see more like it! – Quentin M. Maver, Charlotte N.C   17 Jul 2004

its so sad. we had to learn about this in history class. i about croaked when i heard the ages of these girls werent too far of that of my own. so terrible. but yeah. great site. i will have all my friends use it for our project thats coming up – Sadie Atkins, St. Louis   10 Jul 2004


Great Website!!! – N.B., Staten Island, New York   30 Jun 2004

An excellent site. The Triangle Shirt Waist Fire is known in England mostly by trial lawyers, who recall the subsequent trial of the factory owners and their surprising acquittal. This is said to have resulted from excessive coaching ('wood shedding') of the prosecution witnesses. – Malcolm Knott, College of Law, London, England   26 Jun 2004

I, too, was led to this page by David von Drehle's book and I thank you so much for all the information and tributes to the Triangle employees. – Sinda Dux, Lincoln, NE   25 Jun 2004

This is an amazing web page with a great historic value in the history of NYC and the women who worked in those conditions. Congratulations! – Alfonso Saenz, Monterrey, Mexico   24 Jun 2004

you learn so much now on pc think you for this ralph – raleok@aol, lex ky   16 Jun 2004

Excellent! As we try to introduce and recruit young people into the labor movement resources such as this are invaluable. – Micki, New Windsor, NY   4 Jun 2004

My grandmother's younger brother Charlie Moskowitz is said to have been a witness to the fire, and that he tried to help survivors. He just happened to be walking by when the fire was noticed. I grew up in NYC, and several members of my family were garment workers in past generations, so I've always heard about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. What strikes me, chillingly, in reading these accounts, is the parallels to 9/11 - the bodies falling from the windows, of people with no choice but to burn to death or to fling themselves to their death - and the sound that people heard when they landed. – Marilyn O, Sturbridge MA   2 Jun 2004

Thank you for this valuable resource. And the source will be cited! – Dr.Laura Rhodes,CSP, Indiana University of PA   27 May 2004

Led to this page by David Von Drehle's fine book on the subject. – Phil, Saint Albans, WV   24 May 2004

im doing an analysas on two trials this trial and The Scottsboro trials and im trying to prove that it all could have been prevented thank you for posting your info – Gerald, Danville, NH   24 May 2004

This is really amazing. I am learning about this incident that has shaped the labor conditions, and I cannot believe it. Thank you very much to everyone who created this website, it's very well written to prove a point. – Ana, OR   19 May 2004

this gave my teacher an idea to give us a report because this site gave out so much information...thanks for all your help in giving my teach the idea....! plus it helped me get a good grade... – AFL, mankato,mn   19 May 2004

very very informative – p j, lynchburg va   14 May 2004

This page helped me soo much! Thanx for putting so much work on it! –, Texas   12 May 2004

Love the site. I am a teacher, I will definately use this site to teach American History. – Erin Hunter, Alabama   10 May 2004

I am interested in stuff like this – cnd, victorville,ca   10 May 2004

I have been interested in this event since first seeing it on a Public Television series about New York. I recently read Von Drehle's Triangle about this fire and the great wave of worker protection laws passed by the NY legislature after the fire. It shows what can be done when people unite to demand change after a tragedy. – Bill, Portland, OR   6 May 2004

I had to answer questions in school about the tragedy and I have to say it was interestiong – Lizard, Ohio   5 May 2004

I thought this website was very boring and I think you need more pictures.But it was very good – AD, Roanoke VA   4 May 2004

I am trying to teach my kids not to play or touch fire. I hope your web sight can help – KA, Highlands Ranch, CO   30 Apr 2004

My grandparents worked in the local woolen mill here in Northern Vt. I was always fascinated by the old photos and stories. We don't give thanks often enough to all the immigrants who paved the way for the lifestyles we enjoy today. – Steve Milizia, South Burlington, VT   26 Apr 2004

I really like this web page becase it helped on my report about this fire. – Sam kendrick, ILL   22 Apr 2004

Wow, what an interesting topic, i only wish that they had more inforn=mation o the people who servived the titanic, and what they had to say about the whole thing! – Lenny, OH   22 Apr 2004

every building should have fire exits checked daily. – FPH, Laas vegas   21 Apr 2004

My wife's grandparents were ILGWU workers at the time of this fire. – Dove, Arlingon, Mass   21 Apr 2004

I have to do an exit project on it so i think you should put more information on it please so i can pass and go to high school please im begging but i like what you have so far but talk about child labor and working conditions. etc. – ao, new york   20 Apr 2004

I have been reading about jobs leaving the country. I think it is time to close the bourders now and rebuild U,S. industry I say no to any imports.....I am 66 when I was young everything was made in U.S.A....... – Burdette Skinner, P.O. box575 Graham Wn 98338   15 Apr 2004

As a high school graduate it shocks me that I never learned of this tragedy until today, i was looking for information for my little cousin not knowing what in the world she was talking about. I do now, if it wasn't for this site I'll swear she was lying. Thanks for making a believer out of me. I learned something new today! – Shantella, Brooklyn, NY   14 Apr 2004

i don't think you should ask for peoples addresses –   14 Apr 2004

I am a high-school student and I was doing a essay and research project about the Triangle Factory Fire. I find this sight extremely helpfull and interesting information. I am very pleased you made this sight so accessable. – Allyson, Seattle, Washington   13 Apr 2004

great site – jacob, lakeland florida   12 Apr 2004

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