Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Good site. Very educational abd detailed. I learned a lot about the fire and the lifestyles of the workers. I also enjoyed the pictures, they showed a lot. – Ashley, Illinois   15 Nov 2004

I think this site was a good idea. It serves as a very good resource to use to be educated about past mistakes and the deaths of the people. – Rebekah S, Cumberland   11 Nov 2004

It is sad to see how many innocent people died and i feel sorrow for the families of the people....HI MOM – Angel Hare, MD   11 Nov 2004

the pictures were shocking and interesting to look at – Brynn, Maryland   11 Nov 2004

I can not find the law that stoped child labor in the United States – Gabby, Oxhed   10 Nov 2004

i am a 3rd generation redneck so you can guess that all i hear about is of this fire and my grand dad was a coal miner he died of black lung and now my mom has just survived breast cancer so tragedy comes naturally 9/11 really brought us to reallity but we are gonna make osama repent just like those corperates who have done that terable wrong what do you think? – Candle , maryland   9 Nov 2004

i am doing a social studies project on the triangle shirtwaist company and i find it kinda interesting and i like learnin about this. – romababy1019, ny   4 Nov 2004

Did they have good money back then. – Kelvin, redhook   4 Nov 2004

Joseph Zito was my Maternal (Mary J. Fazio, Emerson, NJ;Granddaughter; Josephine Cardinali,daughter,deceased) Great-Grandfather. My siblings and I grew up listening to stories about him and the fire. He settled in Jersey City, NJ, worked for the railroad and lost his job during the depression. He died penniless in October 1932. – Jane Fazio, Hopatcong, NJ   4 Nov 2004

I watched the program on this fire this last weekend on the history channel. Since then I have found this website, orderd two books to read about this. This is an awesome website! – Sandra, Salem, Oregon   3 Nov 2004

The Kheel Center does not hold records documenting wages at the Triangle factory. This information is spotty at best, given the unstable nature of the business at the time. For suggestions on possible sources please contact the Kheel Center at Thank you – Kheel Center staff, Ithaca, NY   3 Nov 2004

I HOPE THE VICTIMS WHO DIED REST PEACEFUL – tyteana griem, redhook   3 Nov 2004

What was the pay that immigrant workers received at the triangle factory – Amanda, Waterford Michigan   2 Nov 2004


I found your website on the Triangle Factory Fire very informative and a reminder of how far we've come, at the same time, how far we still need to go in having humane working conditions for all mankind. – Joel Evans, Garland, TX   31 Oct 2004

A terrific website -- It appears that we never learn from our mistakes. I keep thinking about the loss of life in the chicken plant in North Carolina that also involved locked / blocked doors. – rm, Branchburg, NJ   29 Oct 2004

you are producing a good website well done !!!!! – jd, england   28 Oct 2004

Good website to tell people not to play or mess with fire thanks – lord Jamie Downes, Denton England   28 Oct 2004

Great website. I had to do a research paper on the factory and this helped me a lot!!! It was very informative. – Courtenay, Canada   27 Oct 2004

The Triangle Fire is one those events that I had remembered from high school social studies when Ken Burns' film sparked a renewed interest. Great website. – SF, Bath. NY   27 Oct 2004

yah thanx for makin this website its really helped me out with this essay – andrew, vacaville, california   26 Oct 2004

this is a well build web sit to show how a single event can change the face of industialism. – abu hasnat, queens, ny   25 Oct 2004

History can be both tragic and interesting at the same time. Its a shame that such a tragic event had to take place so that some reform could be made, again. – Stavros Bouranis, Queens, New York   25 Oct 2004

History can be both tragic and interesting at the same time. Its a shame that such a tragic event had to take place so that some reform could be made, again. – Stavros Bouranis, Queens, New York   25 Oct 2004

it is a geat website. – I.D.G., El Paso, San Elizario TX.   25 Oct 2004

it is a geat website. – I.D.G., El Paso, San Elizario TX.   25 Oct 2004

thanks for the great reports on the triangle shirtwaist fire it really help me put my research project together – NC, Missouri   23 Oct 2004

WOW! I cannot believe how great this website is. All I needed was a few details for my report on the Triangle Factory Fire, and I found so many interesting stories, this report will be the best EVER! – WM, AZ   21 Oct 2004

im learning about the fire in school.. its really sad. We just read Ashes To Roses by Mary Jand Auch... its really good for anyone who might want to learn more about the fire... its not just about the fire its about a girl and her family coming to America, and their troubles... its really good. – nt, new york   20 Oct 2004

it's hard to explain how this tragedy makes me feel. it's interesting to read but it's also extremely sad. my daughter just finished reading a book called ashes of roses based on this tragedy and asked me to read it also. there were alot of girls by the name of rose that died in the fire. i would also like to say thank you to all who came before me that sacrificed their lives to make good changes in this country. – sherry canfield, del city, ok   14 Oct 2004

It was the awesomeist site ever, even though we were forced to go on it! – Brenna & Semehar, Fargo, ND   14 Oct 2004

Just read the book Triangle and wanted to comment ona great site. As a firefighter is is disheartening to see that unsafe workplace conditions still exist today. Only through education can we save lives. Congratulations on an excellent site and an excellent tribute to the fallen of March 1911. – Tim Delphey, Oaklyn, NJ   14 Oct 2004

I just recently finished reading David Von Drehle's most moving account of this terrible tragedy in our history. I am thrilled to be able to find your website to read and continue my quest for more information relating to this sad although inspiring time in our history. These incredibly deterimed, hard working immigrants should be recognized more in our childrens' history books. Their true grit and family loyalty makes us today seem somewhat whiney and complaisant. We have no idea what "a hard days work" truly means.. – Laurie J, Florida   14 Oct 2004

Thanks for having this site to visit. – Kamila Moore, Jacksonville,IL   11 Oct 2004

i think the sight is interesting and good for information i already knew about hte disaster but i have learnt more now – ks, hull   11 Oct 2004

I have found your sight very interesting. I had known very briefly abouut the disaster but your sight told me more about it. What I mean is about who survived and died in the fire. It is interesting that the Titanic, Empress of Ireland, Lusitania, Hindenburg and the Andrea Doria is mentioned more than the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire. Good luck with your sight. Adam Daly. (9th Oct., 2004). – Adam Daly, Croydon Hills, Victoria, Australia   9 Oct 2004

I was born in NYC;and my parents immigrated from Ireland and Newfoundland in 1930. But this event is one of the most profound events in the history of the American worker. Sad, but true. – Joe Sullivan, Baton Rouge, Louisiana   7 Oct 2004

Dear Patti Griffin: Unfortunately the Kheel Center cannot perform genealogical research for patrons. If you have more questions, please click on the "feedback" link on the right or write to,which will allow us to respond directly to your private e-mail address. Thank you. – Kheel Center staff, Cornell University   5 Oct 2004

My grandfather, David Richard Wallace worked for the Chicago Sunday Tribune and died in a fire around 1911 - 1913. My grandmother, Ellen Wallace lived in Brooklyn, New York. My dad, Michael Joseph Wallace was born in 1910 and his father died shortly after his birth in a fire. Searching for any info on my grandfather. He is originally from Chicago. – Patti Griffin, Blakely, GA   5 Oct 2004

One fire made such a change in our laws on safety. It reminds me that one person can make a difference in this world good or bad – Sherry, Ada,OK   29 Sep 2004

Dear N. Speck; The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, produced in 1978 by Alan Landsburg Productions was re-released by U.S.A. Home Video in 1985. As far as I have been able to determine, the production company is no longer in business and the film is no longer available for sale as a new item. It has been offered on eBay and other online auction services. The Kheel Center has a copy of the film which is available for in-house use at Cornell University. You might also consider Ric Burns’, "New York A documentary film." PBS Home Video/Steeplechase Films: New York, 1999. This 7 part series includes about 30 minutes on the Triangle Fire and is available in many public libraries and from PBS. – Kheel Center Staff, Cornell University   27 Sep 2004

Thank you for developing this website. It is a great asset to us all who are studying and or teaching about the perils of the industrial revolution – Trevor Kay, Tustin California   26 Sep 2004

I was doing a paper on this fire and became extemely interested in the history. – Jenee, MH   24 Sep 2004

I'm homeschooling my daughter and studying the Triangle fire in some detail. I'd like to watch the made for TV movie about the fire. What is the name of it and where can I purchase a copy? – N Speck, Carlisle, PA   23 Sep 2004

It's sad for all the young girls and women who died in the factory fire, so that the Factory Kings can make money off of them! – mika, tifton ga   20 Sep 2004

As 34 year old college student who has returned to the classroom after a very long time, I am thankful to my History professor for giving us the assignment to explore the Triangle Factory Fire, otherwise I may never have learned of it. It is a tragedy that this sort of thing is a part of America's past. – Jennifer Jacobs, Oklahoma City, OK   19 Sep 2004

Hi, Am looking for any descendants of the Blanck family. Noticed an LMS from MA is the greatgreatgranddaughter of Max Blanck. Am trying to find if there is a connection between our families. Hope she reads this and can contact me at Our family is from the shtetls north of Warsaw. Coincidentally, my greatuncle, Abe Blank, was working for the ILGWU trying to unionize the place, I suppose. – Alan Blank, San Diego, CA   18 Sep 2004

David Von Drehle's excellent book opened my eyes to the plight of working immigrant women early in the 20th century. I owe them a debt of gratitude for paving the way for the rest of us. This excellent website details a wealth of information and fascinating visuals about the fire and its aftermath. It's a fine example of what the internet can offer. Bravo! – Pat Stone, Alliance, OH 44601   13 Sep 2004

It's sad for all the young girls and women who died in the factory fire, so that the Factory Kings can make money off of them! – Bonnie Macauley, Charlotte, NC 28210   13 Sep 2004

I am interested in this topic. – Andrew G., Queens   9 Sep 2004

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