Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This was a really useful site! I used it for an essay on the topic and I found it very useful and it gave a lot of information. I think it is very good that you are spreading the facts and are so detailed, even if it is gruesome... this site really helped me a lot.. both times a did a paper on the topic...thanks – Minerva Pinto, Los Angeles, CA   28 Feb 2004

Cool site really helped me a lot on my stupid historty proj. – peter, Conn,   26 Feb 2004

I am reading the Tirangle book now an I find it to be very interesting – L.A., NY   25 Feb 2004

the pictures are very horrible! –   25 Feb 2004

when i had saw the movie and had seen how the doors where locked and they wouldn,t let the women and people through the doors i got very upset(and when the i saw them jump out of the windows i wanted to cry) – KLC, pa,hbg   25 Feb 2004

The photo's were sad. – Nickole Aguilera, New Yourk   24 Feb 2004

sad – nh, michigan   19 Feb 2004

get lost in the website and it has to been word-for word – Monica, Iowa   18 Feb 2004

This site is so useful! Thanks for all the information and hard work that has gone into it. – Rebecca Pechin, Orem, UT   17 Feb 2004

We ar studying the IR and I find it very disturbing, and extremly sad. – Lynse Molsbee, Shawnee, OK   17 Feb 2004

hard to find small details – rf, moore   14 Feb 2004

We are also studying the Industrial Revolution and learning about all this, so I want to thank the site and all the people who put info. on here for helping me out. – JLC, Lakewood, WA   13 Feb 2004

We are studing the Industrial Evolution and it is sad to see that so many people died in one fire that could have been prevented. Thanks to everyone for the research. – CSW, Wisconsin   11 Feb 2004

Great Website. Very informative. Thank you. – Barry Manalow, Bronx, NY   11 Feb 2004

I have already posted here, but this is my last time vcisiting this site. I just wanted to thank evreyone for researching this topic, and bringing the memories of all the victums .... god bless america !!!!! – A:G:O, NJ   5 Feb 2004

I saw this movie years and years ago, and this has stuck with me because of the horrific tragedy that could have been prevented. I found your site while searching the web for more information on the made for TV movie. Very sad. – Jennifer, Texas   3 Feb 2004

Thank you for all your research.My great aunt was Albina Deluca, one of the many young girls to have perished in that horrific fire. She was to be married in just a few days. I have her braclet that my grandmother said she was wearing on that day. She was identified by her stept sister, Annie Deluca. Thank you for keeping their memories alive in our hearts. Feb. 02 2004 – Lorraine Gordon, Eustis, Florida   2 Feb 2004

We had just started on the Industrial Revolution in history class, and our english class started reading the book Lyddie. Then, as a project, we were to visit a website on the teacher's list, and this was one of them. I was deeply moved by this senseless tragedy. Hopefully whoever did light that cigarette perished in the fire. Shows how much people knew back then. Thank goodness working conditions like that are kept to the minimum today. Thank you for this website. – Yinan Shentu, Boston, Mass   31 Jan 2004

This was such a useful source for my history day project- thank you. Everyone should be educated about something like this. Little facts and details such as the youngest person working in the sweatshop being around 14 years old (my age) can really affect a person. A website like this makes sure that something that's such a significant part of our history is never forgotten. – Tanya Bui, Burnsville, Minnesota   30 Jan 2004

Thankyou – Douglas Lackie, Buffalo NY   29 Jan 2004

I was moved to tears, as I read this tragic story in History class. I needed to learn more about it.Just for myself. I wanted to see pictures of this building. What a sensless tragedy. – Cynthia Crist, San Antonio, Tx. Jan.27,2004   28 Jan 2004

Thanks a pile for the info. Just needed a little more on the labor laws and the unions that formed. – Justin Blouin, Lisbon Falls, Maine   20 Jan 2004

i love this site it helped with my project but, would u please add more information about the labor laws resulting from this fire!! – dhh,   17 Jan 2004

This is a valuable site to anyone who is interested in labor history and in learning about working class matyrs who, through their efforts, got us all those things we take for granted; like safer working conditions for all. Bravo! – B.D., Long Beach   15 Jan 2004

Thank you for the information that you provide on your website. I'm doing a project on sweatshops and I appreciate the availability of your site. – Aynne Smith, Colege Station, TX   14 Jan 2004

I want to take a further look at what is going on in society. – ANK, Canada   14 Jan 2004

This is real sad in what had happen. – Toni Grebe, Mishawaka   14 Jan 2004

this is was a tragedy,///very intresting story ive heard – Katie, redwood city Ca   13 Jan 2004

it is a nice site to vist and has good information – Khadijah, chicago   13 Jan 2004

WoW, im doing a project on this for tech.math...and this site makes me feel horribal about all the things they went through...but with out this event, events like this could happen again.... Thank you .... – Alice, Aberdeen Nj   13 Jan 2004

i did a summary on this tragidy and it helped me understand and view things differantly now. – tatiana , middle town n.y.   11 Jan 2004

this site is great for doing my report great job – GF, Lansing, MI   9 Jan 2004

lots of info – DN, carmel, ny   9 Jan 2004

This is the most interesting, and unfortunate story I have ever heard. – Salina Spain, US   8 Jan 2004

Found your excellent site via a reference in David von Drehle's new book. The audio records are fascinating. A fine tribute to the unfortunate victms. – CMM, Sevenoaks, England   5 Jan 2004

Years ago, before learning to document oral history, my grandmother told me she had worked for the Triangle Company. But she was sick and did not work that day. Thanks for your efforts - you are building an excellent monument to those who died ... and to human greed. – Harold Andrews, San Jose, Ca.   2 Jan 2004

Great site. It will be very helpful for my social studies project. Lookin through this site reminds me a lot of 9/11... especially the picture of the two firemen saluting. – Liz, New York   2 Jan 2004

As well as we know the stories about Cherry Trees and Last Stands, so should we all know more about these young women who gave their lives for our freedom! Our sidewalks graced by their feet as they stode before us on a galant path in persuit of happiness. I treasure their courage. Thank You! – DKH, NY,NY   1 Jan 2004

thanks – jr, michigan   31 Dec 2003

The Triangle Factory Fire represents one of the greatest tragedies of the early 20th century. It depicted the horrors of the unsafe and sanitary working conditions that people had to endure in the sweatshops of this country. Those of us whoever worked in a factory owe a great debt of gratitude to these victims. From the deplorable loss of the 140 plus poor souls emerged major legislation aimed at resolving many of the horrible and dangerous working conditions of true unsung heroes of this country. – I. Holt, Whittier, CA   31 Dec 2003

This is a great webs site. This web site has all the information people need. – vangerline , California   30 Dec 2003

This site brings dignity to the victims of the Fire. Thank you. – Jennifer, L.A.   17 Dec 2003

This site was interesting and I think it will help with my history assignment. ThAnK YoU – d.m, Minnesota   16 Dec 2003

Great, informative site – Bill Martin, Texas   12 Dec 2003

im writing a poem abot the triangle fire. everthing in here helped me – Luci, or   10 Dec 2003

Very sad. labor had to be one of the worse things in American history – Janiece, Bronx   10 Dec 2003

It is the first tiem I heard of this story I was not able to sleep th e whole night... – glauber, Brooklyn   9 Dec 2003

I feel the The September 11th attack and the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire are some of the reasons why tragedy has brought forth legislation. – Angelica, Atlanta Georgia   6 Dec 2003

I am doing the Triangle Factory Fire as my project for the history fair. This site is fabulous and is so helpful!! Thank you so much! – Kay, Florida   6 Dec 2003

I'm writing a fictional story for school on a girl who died in this fire your website has been very helpful thank you:) – Jessica, California   5 Dec 2003

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