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I never knew about this fire until today. Years ago I wrote a high school paper on child labor laws which certainly would have been appropriate for then. The very sad thing is that still today, there are women and children still working in sweat shops here in America, being abused in the worst way with pay, with long hours, etc. How very sad! – JMKelly, Westminster, MD   4 Dec 2006

great info.... – rao.d, india   2 Dec 2006

I found the website to be quite informative. I was interested in the 1911 fi8re & found that all my question seemed to be answered. The pictures are so sad too many people had to die just to have a change finally happen – jennifer Demasi, New York   28 Nov 2006

im doing a homework assignment for Intro to occupations. this story is very sad. – Bruce, Westport,NY   28 Nov 2006

Iā€™m in a play about the victims and survivors of this tragedy ā€“ it has helped a great deal in my research, and in helping me to see what the conditions were like before the fire and how it must have been to try to escape ā€“ powerful stuff. Thank you for making this information accessible to everyone. – Bettina Zacar, Los Angeles   27 Nov 2006

ironically!so much info on the shirtfactory fire,and so little on the happland fire 79 years to the day Mar 25,1990. – jay cee, stroudsburg pa   27 Nov 2006

this website is great. even though some of the stuff is kind of disgusting. – elizabeth bateman, churchville, n.y.   27 Nov 2006

Nice articles sad story well told! – Cory, Ottawa,Ill   21 Nov 2006

I love this site !!!!!!! – Alex Green, Farfield,ME   20 Nov 2006

This is some intense stuff you guys got yourselves here! I love it! Very informative. good to learn about something i didnt know excisted!!! I'm glad i had to do a worksheet on it in my economics class! Power to the teachers!! :) Have a great day! BYE! – Annabelle Sunshine , Minnesota, US   16 Nov 2006

This is a WONDERFUL website full of great information. It helped me A LOT on my research report for National History Day and for other too. =] – JN, Arizona   15 Nov 2006

thank you for allowing me to use your website – SC, Hampton   15 Nov 2006

I am apalled that this tradgedy was never even mentioned during my years of primary education. It is so important and I thank you for your special work in recognizing both the fire and the extensive impacts that it has had on this country. – Esther B., Ohio, US.   15 Nov 2006

I have read the book Ashes of Roses for a high school class and have been interested in the subject ever since. – Bridget, Kentucky   15 Nov 2006

this is a very informative site – KW, Riverside   14 Nov 2006

As a reminder to our visitors-- we posted on our Web site all the information we hold about individuals, organizations, and the facts pertaining to the Triangle Fire. Thank you. – Kheel Center staff, Ithaca, NY   13 Nov 2006

It's amazing how much grief was brought upon so many families in as little as 30 minutes. My History class is doing a remake of the trial for the Fire, and I am May Calliandro Levantine. I haven't been able to find much information on her, though. You might want to put more information on her in the site sometime within the near future. – Crystal Adams, Michigan   13 Nov 2006

I am Phd student on labor x capital relations in Economic History perspectives in Universaity of Sao Paulo. I am really made an impression about the cold racionality of capital when human lifes are involved. Great.Thanks – Sergio Motejunas Ramos, Sao Paulo,Brazil   13 Nov 2006

A very good site, with lots of information for educational purposes. I am a teacher, and I believe I will recommend this site to students. On a personal level, your site is sobering, because of the great tragedy that was the Triangle fire. Outrageous that no one ever spent a day in jail for all those dead! – L.Wangsgard, Utah   12 Nov 2006

Fabulous site. My mother, born in 1906 on the Lower East Side told me of this tragedy her whole life. – Linda Saegert, Valley Stream, NY USA   11 Nov 2006

Great Site!!!!! – Hannah, classified   11 Nov 2006

I just read a book about the fire. I'm glad this site is here so everyone will remember. Thank you! – cassie, dickinson,nd   10 Nov 2006

great site. very educational – mark, north dakota   9 Nov 2006

Great info – Marcus, Williston, ND   9 Nov 2006

LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE the site it was so helpful for my project thnx so much – karyn g, cincinnati ohio   9 Nov 2006

I'm doing a report on this in school. The theme is "Triumph or Tragedy". Perfect, huh? =D – KS, US   6 Nov 2006

Good site!. Thank you! See U. Lisa. – alprazolam online, US   5 Nov 2006

Truly a tragedy – Jim Lawrence, Wexford, PA   3 Nov 2006

Your site is very very cool !! I love it :) Respect ! – Likadin, US   2 Nov 2006

It's sad that many many women had to die because of the factory owners' greed. – Dee Dee Petty, Elkmont, Alabama   2 Nov 2006

This is such a good site the stories about the children having thier first jobs and how they were treated are so sad. This is a god learning site! – Aimee, Elkmont, Alabama   2 Nov 2006

It's sad that many many women had to die because of the factory owners' greed. – Dee Dee Petty, Elkmont, Alabama   2 Nov 2006

This is a very sad event. I just can't believe no one was convented for this. I don't understand how so many could die and no one get blamed. – Tewa , Alabama   2 Nov 2006

This is such a sad story! :( – Lacey, Alabama   2 Nov 2006

This site is amazing. my history class is studying this now – Chelsey, Alabama   2 Nov 2006

This fire was a big disaster. – Michael Hopkins, Portsmouth,Virginia   2 Nov 2006

Thank you for tons of information on a tragedy that has unfortunately been forgotten by almost everyone. – Doug De Barry, Saint Paul, MN   2 Nov 2006

sad for all the losses that happend – lom, iowa   1 Nov 2006

After reading this story i felt as if it just happen, this reminded me of 9 11 if you read all of it and look at the none surviver list Thank you for making this website and reminding us what had happen thank!! – Thuan, cincinnati   31 Oct 2006

very good – msk, oregon   31 Oct 2006

thanks for making this website so that visitors and students like me can learn and experince the triangle fire spencer – spencer, farmington hills MI   31 Oct 2006

Im doing a report on this for my history class. this story is pretty interesting and yet sad. im glad i choosed Nelli Bly as someone im writing a essay on and tell what all she wrote about. – Meagan B, Wichita, Ks   31 Oct 2006

Im glad to see this event is meaningful to others – mike modano, dallas,texas   31 Oct 2006

Good site, admin. Thank you! – sildenafil, US   30 Oct 2006

Ever since I read a picture book on the fire as a little girl, the fire and the events urrounding it have stuck in my mind. My mother recommended this site to me, and I just want to say thank for the wonderful job that was done on it. The fire was a turning point in labor standards throughtout the country, and it helps to know that some good cam out of the tragedy. – Susanne, Ithaca   27 Oct 2006

I am doing this project- and i need help... i need to know why the workers couldn't use the fire escape...i need 3 reasons...please comment... and help – Jay Jay, Hawaii   26 Oct 2006

eudrey hennessburg worked at the factories under a false name because her parents didnt approve of her working.the name she used may have been annemarie or rosemarie.she burned to death and her parents never knew what happened to her i need to confirm this infomation my grandmother told before she died she wanted me to locate eudreys family members to let them know what happened to her she would of came up missing after the fire if you can find any info on her email me at gunnster86 @yahoo – jean gunn, ny   25 Oct 2006

why did the fire break out why was living so harsh im happy to be living noe oinstead of then i feel really bad for all the people who lost their lives thank you – jw, palmyra   25 Oct 2006

this site was really informative and really cool – Danny Bailey, roanoke va   25 Oct 2006

This website was very informative and enlightening. it provided us with information that I really didn't know about I was very sad about the way the these people had to die and for the most part their working conditions and they way they had to live. – Stephanie Porter, Valdosta, GA   24 Oct 2006

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