Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Fascinated by the city lived here for 6 yrs. Just now learning history about NYC and recently watched a documentary about the triangle shirtwaste factory fire. The next day I was priveledged to meet a 102yr old woman born and raised in NYC who talked about the experience from having lived on the LES at the time. FASCINATING!! – J Benton, NYC   30 Mar 2007

This site was very informative about the tragic Shirtwaist fire and I was able to learn alot about the fire. – Brett Corsetti, Hawthorne, NY   29 Mar 2007

Beautifully done. – MER, Madison, WI   27 Mar 2007

very tragic event – M.T, Delaware   27 Mar 2007

As a child I was told that my great grandmother's sister was killed in this fire. It was part of our family history. After the fire my family moved from New York to put it behind. It was interesting to read the history – jrw, Chicago   26 Mar 2007

Saw this on CBS Morning Show. May ne a relative. – Cynthia Blanck, Miami   25 Mar 2007

Im studying to go into the Fire Dept. and i found that the information given here was able to break down the incident almost moment by moment. I look forward to see what Drehle and Stein have to say. – C.C. , El Paso, Texas   25 Mar 2007

Quite an informative site. I have established a link to it so that my journalism students may read more in this historic and tragic event. – Larry Knight, Jacksonville, Florida   25 Mar 2007

I've referenced this site many times. This is helpful when you're trying to convince someone of the value of sprinklers. – Harry, Wilmington, DE   24 Mar 2007

Very informative site. The things that were learned from and how this event lead to sweeping changes in the work place and fire prevention activities are invaluable. Thank you for such an encompassing web site. – Dave, Waukon, Iowa   23 Mar 2007

Thank You! An invaluable resource and memorial to those who perished in the fire. – BCS, Philadelphia   15 Mar 2007

i have a massive interest for history. I love reading about this – J.P., Florida   14 Mar 2007

this is a school project but now that i really look at this, it seems more like i want to know what happened..not because i'm being forced. – jennifer, Florida   14 Mar 2007

"International Women's Day March 8th Remembers the Victims" – Lucia, Canada   14 Mar 2007

we were reading a book based on this in school and we had to do a project on it afterwards, and this site was so great with all the facts it gave me and I wish all site could be this helpful. It would make everything much more easier to do. – Shalynne Chaplin, Jenks Oklahoma   13 Mar 2007

This site was very helpful. Its hard to look at, to think something so terrible happened. But its something everyone should know about. – Mallory Biddle, Fort Wayne, Indiana   13 Mar 2007

Thanks very much for this site, it helped us tons for history day! – M.R. & E.V., Minneapolis, Minnesota   12 Mar 2007

The US has at least 3 major legacies all involving social injustice including:1)slavery 2)decimation of the native peoples 3)The treatment of legal immigrants as illustrated in this fine documentary. These immigrants were treated much like slaves and not given the opportunity to participate in the best of the American Way and this treatment was and is repugnant to our Constitution. Unfortunately, many types of atrocity continue and seem to be getting worse. – WMK, LARAMIE, WY   10 Mar 2007

I'm a professional in the fire prevention/protection industry, and I must tell you that the lessons we learned in this horrible tragedy are often ignored in today's world. The next time you go into a Wal-Mart think about what would happen if such a fire started in the clothing area. Where are the exits? Where are the dead end corridors? Is the building equipped with fire sprinklers? Is the system turned on? Don't just think that because it happened in 1911 we learned so much that it won't ever happen again. It can, and it will as long as we're not vigilant. Remember those who died by being so vigilant that it does not happen again. – KW, San Diego, CA   9 Mar 2007

Thank you for the website. – JY, Michigan   9 Mar 2007

Thanks for the site – Timmy Justice, Farmington MI   9 Mar 2007

Thank you for this website, it was very informative and easy to access. – Allison V., Michigan   8 Mar 2007

this is really helpful site of the history in america about important it was to care about others. thanks for making this site, for important events that had changed many lifes, and it had changed mine. it changed what i had thought what immigrants had to go through when they came to america. thanks again. – Catherine, Farmington   8 Mar 2007

Thank you for this website. It was really helpful. – Max, Brownsville   8 Mar 2007

Thank you for explaining this terrible fact so clearly. Students of all ages should know how difficult it was to work in the past!I will go through your page with my students of 10/13 years old. – Simonetta , Pordenone Italy   8 Mar 2007

Thank u it was a good resource – Stuti, Michigan   7 Mar 2007

thanks for the important info you saved me alot of time in writing an essay – B.J., Michigan   7 Mar 2007

Thank you for providing this information for me. It is very shocking to hear accounts and see pictures. It makes it so much more real than reading fiction or hearing a history teacher talk about it. Thank you for your work. – Jamon Winegar, Michigan   7 Mar 2007

Thank you very much. – NM, farmington   7 Mar 2007

Thank you very much for allowing me to use your website. The information was very interesting and I learned alot. Thank You – Sara, Michigan   7 Mar 2007

This was a very interesting and helpful site. – Nereida, Farmington, MI   7 Mar 2007

I thought that they really had to go through some tough times, a lot of lives were lost not just in the fire but also all around the U.S. Also I thought that it was really nice that someone took time to create this website to let everyone know what out Native Americans had to go through and how they fought for rights as simple as having fire escapes! – Lisa, Farmington MI.   7 Mar 2007

Thanks for making this site. It gives me a better understanding of the hardships and I didn't know that the men who owned the factory were not charged with anything. – Kyle, Farmington,Mi   7 Mar 2007

thank you very much for the information. it was very enlightening and helped alot for a research paper we had to complete. thank you again. – zack zatsick, Farmington, Michigan   7 Mar 2007

thank you very much for the information. it was very enlightening and helped alot for a research paper we had to complete. thank you again. – zack zatsick, Farmington, Michigan   7 Mar 2007

This is a very interesting and moving tribute to the victims of American Industrialization. – Jake, Toronto   7 Mar 2007

If you all are interested in the Triangle Factory Fire, then i encourage you all to read the book called Ashes of Roses. It made me sob! i LOVE every minute of it though!! READ IT!! – Emma .K., Baltimore, Maryland   6 Mar 2007

My eigth-grade teacher read this bool to us.I am simply apalled that so many lives were taken.Just so to keep their money!That is murder in any case!! And to think that people were STUPID to work in such a place – Jesse, Vinton,Lousisiana   5 Mar 2007

I cannot believe all them girls died because of one man's greed.Whoever did thatI hope that they were executed!In a twisted way it was basically murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – jrj, lousisiana   5 Mar 2007

This website was very helpful. Its very depressing about what happend :/ im glad that they passed the law to make sure that no one else did that otherwise there would be a whole bunch of other stuff like this....Thanks for the awesome info and i'll be back if i get a good grade thanking you guys even more xP – Carolyn Chaos, Montville, New Jersey   4 Mar 2007

Excellent, this site aided my research numerous times and continues to help. – C.C., New Hampshire   4 Mar 2007

this web site was very helpful and beneficial to me and my research. i greatly appreciate the information. – Louisa, St.Francis   28 Feb 2007

very nice! – E.B., California   28 Feb 2007

i love this site and it has brought to me a lot of knowledge and trust. i don't feel sorry for anybody that hs lost someone, but i do leave them with this....god bless you all. – Leah Ballinger, Trenton, Ohio   28 Feb 2007

I am horribley sorry to all the victums and thier fam,ilies. Amen. – MRB, Chicago, IL   28 Feb 2007

Thanks so much for reporting this triangle fire. – Michael Brofey, Winfield, IL   28 Feb 2007

wow! thank you im doing a report on this! this was very informative ! it was also very sad what happened!! it kinda reminds me of sept. 11, 2001 :[ – Cat Y., Houston,TX   19 Feb 2007

This conflagration exposed the inhuman working conditions of the immigrant poor workers in New York. The victims did not die in vain as this horrific event set in motion the reforms that were long overdue in the garment workers industry. – Thomas E. Goodwin, G.G., Las Vegas, NV   16 Feb 2007

I would like to say Thank You, to the University that discovered, and illustrated, this website. I think this devasting tragedy changed numerous businesses, schools, etc throughout the nation – Terra Walker, North Philly   15 Feb 2007

yes, it is sad that so many innocent people lost their lives,but what they were expecting in that conditions, it was obvious that it would heppend early or late,that something would go wrong – Salome Mkervalidze, Brewster   13 Feb 2007

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