Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Great site – Adam D. Aquilante, Cranston ri   29 Jan 2009

This is a great site for those who want to learn about one of the greatest tragedies in American history. I hope more and more people vist this site and I'll recommend it to all of my friends!! – Sarah Jacob, New Orleans, LA   26 Jan 2009

This is a great memorial for the victims of the site. It is said to say our Nation didn't learn earlier with the Iroquois disaster in Chicago in 1903. But to the victim's families, we as students and historians will always remember. – Danny , Victoria Tx   26 Jan 2009

Need ASHES OF ROSES lesson plans and test. – Lynne, Omaha, NE   26 Jan 2009

I agree with some of the other visitors that a more fitting memorial be placed at the site. However, I can hardly think as fitting as this site. I hope it will remain active for a very long time and continue to move the people who look in from time to time. I'm very impressed by the number of young folks who used this site ans the event it documents, as a basis for class projects. Perhaps the most lasting tribute of all. – DFW, Elkin, NC   23 Jan 2009

this is an awesome site about a very tragic fire. this helped me with my project that had to do – Keesha Simons, michigan   23 Jan 2009

Awesome! – Weston, Missouri   13 Jan 2009

Very nice. – Kyle, Missouri   13 Jan 2009

this is an awesome website i love it! it is soo cool – tiffany, tucson   12 Jan 2009

i love this site – sareiet, panama   12 Jan 2009

Thanks for this site! It helped me so muich with my research paper! =] – Emily, NY   12 Jan 2009

I would like to know when was the Triangle Shirtwaist Company was established... – Cheng Bo An , Toronto Canada   10 Jan 2009

this site was very helpfil for my prodject : its crazyy how you guys have info on the victims & survivors :: i wus in to fires before 9/11 and one in my own house =/ – kk, im my own world :]   7 Jan 2009

This website was very informative and I learned alot. I had to go on this site for a World History 2 assignment. I enjoyed learning about something that happened in my nation. – NRH, VBVA   5 Jan 2009

A wonderful website. – Robert Reed, Winters, California   4 Jan 2009

Good informative site, but you make no mention of the life safety code that I can find. This disaster was one of the main reasons the code was developed - it is unfortunate that a disaster had to occur before something was done. The code has no doubt saved thousands of lives since that day. Your site does look rather biased against industry in the word choice used and I do question your agenda; this approach really has no place in an educational site. If I am mistaken please excuse me. – dave, tennessee   2 Jan 2009

Fantastic website. We must never forget this tragic event or else we are doomed to repeat it. – Howie Meibach, L.A. via Brooklyn   29 Dec 2008

this helped me with my school project. thanks for your good information, and getting the Triangle Factory Fire story out there. – catheriny, jefferson   21 Dec 2008


I am seeking eyewitnees accounts –, corona ca.   18 Dec 2008

When I read about this fire It made me very sad. This side and for that I thank you. And that the lives that was last would not beforgoten.Atribute to those who died and those who tried in vain to save their lives. – Matthew Aul , Columbia, SC   18 Dec 2008

Thanks for the information. I really am happy i get it thatnks. – Kaitlyn, NY   17 Dec 2008

your story has taught me so much aboutthis wonderful story it is just so much to learn from thank you – quilla thomas, Omaha Ne   15 Dec 2008

this fire was very sad i cry when i read a book about it. I so happy that you wamt people to know about this fire. Thanks! – Katie, tennessee   15 Dec 2008

thank you for the information that i have seen ok – quilla , omaha   9 Dec 2008

how do you know all this stuff could be true or not do yall do a good on some information – sst, omaha   9 Dec 2008

mucho helpful in writing my report.... – Matt, Connecticut   9 Dec 2008

I really enjoyed looking through this website! The whole fire itself really upsets me still to this day and the fact that you have this website up so that people do not forget is an awesome thing! The fact that you guys have audio, picture, illustrations and so much more just show how much time and effort you guys put into making this website! I congratulate you on such an amazing job with making history so important! 3 – Kasey M McKane, Okeechobee Florida   3 Dec 2008

I completely agree with Mr. Bentley's statement. I think it is a complete outrage that the only thing at the site of the tragedy is a small plaque that noone knows about. I believe it is at NYU. I think we should ask NYU to put up a more suitable memorial, possibly with names of all the victims on it. – Bryan Pauquette, Columbus, OH   2 Dec 2008

This is a really great site! As you note,link to etc. there is a lot of additional information, songs, poems, stories, a memorial at Mt. Zion cemetary, a memorial organization, an annual on-site event and much more. However, I believe that at the site of the fire there is only a small plaque. I am concerned about the size, visibility and effectiveness of the memorial plaque and it's ability to raise and maintain interest, memorialize and educate. Millions pass the site each year, most never notice the plaque and those that do rarely understand the magnitude of the tragedy or it's importance to America's history, the labor movement, union's, worker safety, the garment industry and women. More should be done at the Triangle Fire location - a memorial worthy of the tragedy and it's significance. – Bruce Bentley, Slingerlands, New York   2 Dec 2008

Woo go you peoples! You're sharing the truth and you deserve congrats!!! I think this website helped alot with my school papers! TY!!!!!! – SaraBeth H., 15 Pinestreet   2 Dec 2008

my grand mother was 16 in 1911 was sick for a few week,s diden,t want to lose job and kept working till was told to stay in bed that day , being sick saved her life her name was margareet chrabini after married last name terlizzi – J S, CALIF   27 Nov 2008

This is amazing, after seeing this website we decided to use this for our research project! – Kayla Renz and Richie Pulvermacher, Spring Green, Wisconsin   26 Nov 2008

Am now reading,Triangle-The Fire That Changed America,by David VonDrehle.Id not realized that the building was still standing.Its all such a tragic,amazing story. – John, Portland Maine   26 Nov 2008

powerful represenation of our history – T.L., Atlanta,ga   25 Nov 2008

Last night I watched a documentary on PBS that had a segment dedicated to the Triangle Factory Fire (this story gave me impetus to learn more). It is very good that this site exists and I commend all who contribute and maintain this resource. – ESS, Washington, DC   24 Nov 2008

It is a tragedy that such things occur. I hope that this will shed some light on the working conditions in our country, and hopefully lead to more strict legislation to prevent its recurrence. – CJE, Valdosta, GA   23 Nov 2008

i would like to know more about the triangle fire and what year it happend – augustus buttafuoco, hudsonn.n.y. 12534   22 Nov 2008

this is so sad and yet fastinating! It is crazy that it is 911 and in a building. 11 should be the unlucky number! not 13! I hope to learn more about the people. – av, md   20 Nov 2008

I am glad this happened so that it would set our economy in motion to upgrade our working conditions standards and saftey laws to current day. – KB, Ohio   20 Nov 2008

I would hope one day that someone would produce a film about this tragedy. Not a romantic version, ala, "The Titantic" but a factual account. A rock group, The Brandos, did a haunting celtic/rock song, "Triangle Fire" on their 2006 CD, "Over the Border" I can envision a powerful film here, lying in the ashes. The NYFD will do their tribute to the victims in March. I hope to be there this year. – DFW, Elkin,NC   19 Nov 2008

I first learned about this terrible fire in firefighting school in 1967 and the images have haunted me to this day. This site is not only informational but serves as a tribute to those who died and those who tried in vain to save their lives. – DFW, Elkin, NC   16 Nov 2008

I'm so proud being a 16 yr old girl in America and to have the oppurtunity that these poor girls did not have. As horrifying as it sounds, their deaths helped many generations of young women working now to have a safer work enviroment and better conditions in the work place. R.I.P. Ladies, thank you. For everything. – andrea, kentucky   15 Nov 2008

this book was long and not fun to read but it has a huge impact on people who read it – ata, st augustine   6 Nov 2008

i had to read this book in my us history class and it shines a new light on what life was like for the characters of this book. it changes the way you look at the idea of these factories ad sweatshops! – emily, st augusting   6 Nov 2008

This web site was really helpful.I liked it a lot. From this website I learned a lot about this event. What those people went through at that time was very horrible and just reading about it almost made me cry. I recommend this web site for anyone who wants to learn about this event. – C.P., NY   6 Nov 2008

This website is an excellent resource for studying the Triangle Factory fire. My 04/05 students did a great job researching this time period. – Mrs. Guttinger, St. Augustine, Florida   6 Nov 2008

This is an awesome website. it has alot intrigueing info. i remcommend it if you are researching riangle fire. :) – Armando, Florida   6 Nov 2008

i think the fire was tragety because 500 women and workers were in the building that day! i loved the movie this movie makes factory owners think about safty procaousins. – renee, ny   4 Nov 2008

This site is very helpful for my project in American History class. It was sad to read how so many had to die to make working conditions better for future workers. – Alexandria Goetzke, Milwaukee, WI   4 Nov 2008

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