Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Very eye opening and fun to read – RLG, Ogden, Ut   7 Oct 2009

This website is amazing! I'm doing a portfolio on the fire and so far this is the most helpful website. Bravo! – LA, Minnesota   6 Oct 2009

I read this book Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix it was well written and I loved it, I didn't know about the fire till I read it and I love history so this will be on my list of favorite times in history, I just hope this won't ever happen again because it was to sad and devistating. – Amber Beech, North Lewisburg, Ohio   3 Oct 2009

I read this book for my history class.I was truly awed at this event.I do not think enough people knom about the fire.I pray that this never happens again. – Deborah Bellamy, Indianapolis,Indiana   25 Sep 2009

What the hell were those idiot bosses thinking?! Too bad that there are still people like that out there. More people, aforementioned, should be told about this. BTW, great info. – Colomba, cape cod   16 Sep 2009

Great site! The more I read about this incident, the more it saddens me. It's amazing how many people's lives were affected, not just the victims but people who used this tragedy as a lightning rod to improve working conditions in America. I cannot imagine a more terrible way to die, and my heart goes out not only to those who did but also to the people who died much the same way on 9/11. – KH, Des Moines, IA   10 Sep 2009

thats terrible – cn, omaha   8 Sep 2009

great exibit – Kyle, Eastern Kentucky University   1 Sep 2009

There are still sweatshops in NYC. One needs only to look out of the Manhattan bound elevated D train and into the windows of building where young Asian women slave for meager wages. – JC, Broad Channel NY   28 Aug 2009

It is sorta messed up how they treated them after the fire. – Hannah, Bismarck, North Dakota   6 Aug 2009

that is so sad – annie, covington,ga   6 Aug 2009

it is so sad to think about all the young women who died because of 2 men's stinginess. i am trying to raise money to have a memorial in NYC in 2011 on the centennial. a memorial is the very least that those poor souls deserve but hopefully i can work it out so that everyone can know about the tragic story of the Triangle shirtwaist workers. – coleen, Bedford,IN   23 Jul 2009

I empathize with the immigrant heros of the Triangle Factory Fire. This tragic nightmare, could have been preventable, and portrays the consequence of feeding a factory with insufficent resources. – JFR, AMES, IOWA   22 Jul 2009

This was really cool to learn about. (: – Sarah , Huber Heights, Ohio   21 Jul 2009

It is a shame that this horrible fire was the only thing that could open peoples' minds to the deplorable conditions faced by so many labor workers. I still cry when reading or watching programs on this. – SED, NYC   21 Jul 2009

I grew up hearing this story from my grandmother, an Italian immigrant garment worker, and later Union member of an ILGWU local who witnessed this tragedy first-hand @19 years old and newly arrived to this country. Weeping as she retold this horrific tragedy. – FranCesca, Stratford, CT   17 Jul 2009

What a FAB site. I actually visited the building recently and was fascinated.I'm doing a history project and found the people very helpful. – Sigi, Oakand, CA   16 Jul 2009

I visited NY and while on a tour I found out about the fire. It is said that this single event spurred more laws then any other disaster, is that true? – L.S. Arnejo, Oakland, CA   11 Jul 2009

Very touching story! Great website for those who never heard the story such as myself! – Shavon, Valdosta, Ga   1 Jul 2009

I think this is one of the worst things!! I first got interested in the Triangle Factory Fire when i read Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch then i read UPRISING by Margret Peterson Haddix both are great books! Now im hooked!!! Im going to do a research paper on it very soon.if anyone knows of any more great book about the Triangle Fire please tell!!! p.s. im only 13 – CL, Troutvill VA   30 Jun 2009

The countless bodies displayed was just unheard of. I found it quite disturbing that after the bodies were identified they were just moved to the side...guess respect for the dead did not come to later. – Jennifer , valdosta,ga   30 Jun 2009

The excerpts from the actual workers were devasting. With all the requirements today to maintain a safe workplace makes the conditions illustrated seem like a myth. – Jennifer , valdosta,ga   30 Jun 2009

The story is AMAZING. You always think you have a pretty good perspective on how things really were. But the accounts i read changed all that. Great Website. – Andre' W., Valdosta   29 Jun 2009

I was not aware of this tragic event in our history. Thank you for sharing the story. And to the lives lost, their families, and the survivors, at least out of this tragedy has come change. – J Bennett, Valdosta   26 Jun 2009

Very informative, moving site. – Rebekah, Valdosta   26 Jun 2009

GREAT SITE!!! – Eboni, Atlanta, GA   26 Jun 2009

This story truly touched me. I knew of the cruel intentions of the sweatshops and their owners and they used foreign immigrants to make a profit, but I had no idea of this horrendous day. It happens to be my birthday too – AG, Bronx, New York   25 Jun 2009

looking for people from Narti, Poland – linda, san mateo   24 Jun 2009

Read book – mlb, missouri   10 Jun 2009

This is such an amazing story.Poor women and imagrants who had to go through this hard ship. These are moments that make americans not so proud to be an american. People are so heartless. – Eleesa, Portland Oregon   9 Jun 2009

i thought the articles were disturbing i had never seen anything like it. – CT, jamestown   8 Jun 2009

im glad i learnd about this nd i feel really bad for those girls. – columbia, jamestown   8 Jun 2009

dang this is some itence suff – TJ Mor-ris, anchorage alaska   4 Jun 2009

Rest in peace poor are not forgotten. – DS, Jackson   4 Jun 2009

omg i feels so bad for them! – jackie, middleburgh   27 May 2009

This website amazingly preserves this horrible tragedy in history which leads to more actions on abolishing these horrible working conditions. Thank you for this great information. – Joel Portillo, Wesley Chapel,Fl   26 May 2009

i never heard about something like this. that is crazy – lr, new york   26 May 2009

I had never heard of this tragedy until I watched the PBS doc. New York. When I decided to research further, i was so suprised to see such an indepth site as this one. Thank you for keeping alive the memory of this sad day. It was such a senseless horrible day in the history of the city. – Tammy, Albany, LA   18 May 2009

This is a great site that serves as a useful, informative dedication to a horrible tragedy. – Heather Gi, Valdosta GA   6 May 2009

This website has been really helpful in understanding not only the history of women in our country as my gender studies class demands but also in the treatment of wage workers during the time period of the Triangle Fires. The reading was important and serious but so readable. I'm glad this website exists. I plan to be a teacher and look forward to sharing it with my future students. – Heather McRae, Valdosta, GA   5 May 2009

I love this dedication to such a great tragedy – Bernie Kaduthaman, New York   30 Apr 2009

This is the disaster I am doing a research paper on. This website really helped me thanks (: – Jessica Feherson, Minnesota.   30 Apr 2009

i used this site for my history day projest 3 years ago and its amasing to just come back and see what happend. i feel really bad for those people cook 2 death or jump! how horrible!but this site brings back memorises! good and bad! – corrina F., alaska   30 Apr 2009

Hiten, For historical materials please contact the Kheel Center staff at For current material please contact the reference staff of the Catherwood Library, at – Kheel Center staff, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY   28 Apr 2009

i m looking for reserch in labour Relation in different country. – hiten, Melbouren ,Australia   28 Apr 2009

Thank you very much for keeping this information available We must never forget. – Barbara, New York   27 Apr 2009

This story is so depressing, but it is good that it has not been forgotten – Paige, New York, New York   26 Apr 2009

Excellent It is sad that as of this date and time history repeats its self and we in the code and fire service seem ask the question why does codes,politics and money cost enter in on someone life safety. – JKS, Syracuse NY   24 Apr 2009

I had never heard of this tragedy before being assigned this website. Thanks so much for posting this information for everyone to read. – Joanna, Valdosta, GA   23 Apr 2009

This site was an excellent way to learn about the tragedy. I did not know about it until I took this class at school and the site is very informative. Thank you for putting it together and informing people of how things ran back then. – Beth W., Valdosta, GA   23 Apr 2009

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