Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I am sitting in class involved in a discussion on Yezierska's "America and I" and we somehow segwayed into the Triangle Factory Fire. My teacher only skimmed the surface, so I came to this website and got everything I could have ever wanted or needed to know! – Korinn Taylor, CT   6 Mar 2012

always be safe – df, philadelphia   6 Mar 2012

scary but so true – df, philadelphia   6 Mar 2012

very informational – df, philadelphia   6 Mar 2012

I have found a huge interest in the triangle waist company fire, when I found out that I was to play Rose in the play Triangle by Laura Brooks. I hold so much respect for all the women who lost their lives that day in the fire. – Kari Norheim, Alexandria, Minnesota   5 Mar 2012

As a retired Firefighter with thirty years service I find this story the most tragic I have experienced or heard of. The loss of so many young lives in such an appaling way is indeed tragic. – Malcolm Cashmore, Birmingham, England   4 Mar 2012

need info please – taryn, longdale   2 Mar 2012

im only in high school, but i have never felt more blessed than to know that there are laws out to protect me when i start looking out for myself... that the only reason this happened was because girls my age and younger fought, died, and/or won these rights for me. I will never forget this story... ever – Laura Schwartz, Medford, New York   28 Feb 2012

I just recently have read the book "Uprising" by Margaret Haddix and i hate to admit that i was crying by the amount of deaths in this story. Any building owner who reads my review must know my complete hatred of them. But anyone who has secured there building and made it safe enough for a 5 year old must know that i will try to support them in any way possible. this in my opinion was he worst trajedy of the 1900's and by far hsas made my list on top 5 things to support and reearch this month. I want to let anyone who is a family member of a lost one here in the triangle building or even of a survivor know that even if they dont feel it, that willingness to work in that building is always in you. I know what it is like to loose a love one and know how some of you may want to blame it on that horrible Isaac Harris and Max Blanc for this , but it is not neccesary. I learned that to blame someone else is like a game of chance. Whoever really was responceable for evrything is actually noone. No one can be at fault for everything because there are to many possible reasons that the building was in flames and how that happened and too many possible reasons for all those people to be there and so on. All we really can know for sure is that that accident went with notice. People started commitees and groups and kept nagging the government to change the laws because they cared about change. Even the women who were seen as helpless back then made a stand to not change our history, but our future. These people are what got us to this state of safety we are in here in the 21'st century and i am very proud to be able to walk up the stairs of a building without fear of a fire breaking out of the stairwell cllapsing on me as did the fire escape. I can walk proudly as a women who has ights to speak out in public and to have a freedom to speak to whomever i want with almost no limitations. I can be happy whether im a jew or russian or whether or not i speak english because i know i have really good chances of surviving better that so many people died. Those deaths opened a door we might have never even known possible. – Carli , colorado   21 Feb 2012

What a horrible story! – Aaron White, Milford, OH   21 Feb 2012

What a tragic story! – JM, MN   19 Feb 2012

im glad that now we make buildings safe – ruth echandy, 740 parker st   17 Feb 2012

This is an amazing site! Thanks so much! – AW, SC   16 Feb 2012

Pretty epic. I had to do it in school. – EM, Colorado   16 Feb 2012

This was great I did my history day project on this and I made state thanks a ton!!! – Maya, Hampton   15 Feb 2012

god bless all the families that lost there loved ones and bless all the souls that was vanished in the fire – wesley sorrell jr, bristol nh   15 Feb 2012

LOve the "fire!" segment – LI, Boston   15 Feb 2012

this website helped me soooo much in my research!! THANK U – EL, maryland   13 Feb 2012

this is a great website helped me alot with my research paper thanks – k.A.S., nevada   12 Feb 2012

Awesome Source! I'm doing a report on women's rights and imma going to connect it with the Fire~ Now i have a better understanding of what happened! I was surprised to find girls my age! – E.L.B , New York   12 Feb 2012

Gosh, that was horrible time! – R.E.N, Ney York   7 Feb 2012

This was crazy! I found this very helpful in learning the old times. – H.L, New York   7 Feb 2012

great resources o.O – Annette, Brooklyn   7 Feb 2012

This site is wonderful and full of such useful information. Its great for anyone working on school projects on this topic. It also lead me to many other useful sources. Thank you so much. – DWAAG, Columbus, OH   6 Feb 2012

OSHA 30 class – Larry Overall, Austin TX   6 Feb 2012

This is, by far, the MOST HELPFUL WEBSITE I have ever seen! I am competing in history day, and no other person has had the luxury of a site like this. Many others have had to dig through endless resources. However, although all of my resources cannot be from one site, this has given me a detailed description on the fire. As one person said, this site is a gold mine. This event is so tragic, and this site is the #1 site to go to in order to find out about it. Thank you for creating this site, and I give my deepest sorrow to all the people who lost their lives due to the abhorrant conditions of the Triangle. May you rest in peace forever. :) – Brit, Minnesota   4 Feb 2012

This helped alot on my project! – Rae, Springfield, oh   3 Feb 2012

it soo sad!!!!!!!!!!! – aar,   3 Feb 2012

wow this is a trigec desater – rm, savannah ga   2 Feb 2012

This is a great website and it's heart breaking how many people died in that cruel factory. – Dasha, New York New York   1 Feb 2012

My heart goes out to all those who lost their precious young lives. It's important that their sacrifice not be forgotten. Thank you for educating us with your comprehensive website. – Mary, Sausalito, CA   31 Jan 2012

This is an awful tragedy! I feel as if we need to make a memorial or something to remember all of the death's and survivors...Have we already done that? – Eliza, Williamsburg, VA   30 Jan 2012

Doing a Am/Az History Project , R.I.P. to all those lives that were taken. – Nicholas D., Phoenix, arizona   27 Jan 2012

A lesson for all in the safety profession, – Ben S, Blue Bell PA   26 Jan 2012

this is a nice website,i learn alot of information about this website. – hosanna taulai, manua   26 Jan 2012

I found a lot of information on this site, this info. has helped me alot with my history day project. Thank you! – C.R.S, Washinton, Port Angeles   25 Jan 2012

this is a really nice website plus it teachs you alot about what happened on march 25 1911 when the fire broke out at the triangle waist company – Charles Ten Eyck, ohio   25 Jan 2012


This is a wonderful and very informative website! Thank you for all the research you put in to creating this website. I am presently researching the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire for my own very personal reasons. There's a possibility that my paternal grandmother perished in this horrific fire! I'm looking for answers! Thank you. – Mary Spasiano, South Portland, ME   24 Jan 2012

It is sad and amazes me that there are still factories in exsistence, that are allowed to funtion in this door with poor working conditions such as these. Just for someone's greed. – Tim.H, Minnesota   24 Jan 2012

I really enjoyed learning about this fire, thought it was very interesting and I am surprised that they didn't have fire codes sooner. – Sidrah M., North Carolina   23 Jan 2012

it is very tragic that this happened and im happy that they fixed the working conditions. but its still sad that they are still factories like this in the worl – sara, north carolina   23 Jan 2012

WOW! Scary event! I would have hated to be apart of this. Glad i wasn't alive then! ;) – wm, nc   23 Jan 2012

Wish it didn't happened.... sad :(( – hj, ....   23 Jan 2012

Good site but very tragic! – Nicholas Anderson, Wake Forest, NC   23 Jan 2012

Good site but very tragic! – Nicholas Anderson, Wake Forest, NC   23 Jan 2012

Its so tragic when you realize how workers were treated back then. I am sure there was no compensation given to the families that lost loved ones. Thankfully, we have come a long way from 1911. – JM, berryville, va   23 Jan 2012

I think this was very tragic. But I think it was all because of the owners that many innocent people had to die. If the doors and windows would have been unlocked not everyone would have died. It is so sad that young girls that didnt even have the chance to live their lives died. – Samantha , California   20 Jan 2012

My social studies teacher had us do a project on this and when I read the victim's list, I felt so horrible because it could have been me in that fire if I had been born a hundred or so years earlier because I'm Jewish and part Italian. And I'm about the right age, so this really hits close to home for me because my ancestors struggled in similiar sweatshops when they first came to the U.S. – Bree, Arizona   19 Jan 2012

Hi Lindsay, Frances Jensen wrote a dissertation that discusses the impact of the fire on labor protective legislation and fire codes. The full citation is The Triangle Fire and the Limits of Progressivism. Dissertation, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1996. (Also on microfilm: UMI). You should be able to order it through interlibrary loan. Good luck with your project. – Kheel Center staff, Ithaca, NY   18 Jan 2012

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