Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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All working class people can learn from the sacrifices made and lives lost, being dedicated to ensuring that greedy industry moguls are not allowed to treat their employees like expendable machines. We can enjoy our weekends and free time because they fought and because Roosevelt, being a progressive president, would not be bullied by the powerful industries. This is why we have the federal regulatory departments that continually work to protect us.It's wonderful to know that these young people, gone too soon, did not die in vain. – Matt G., Houston, TX 6/12/16 14:18

The story and comments said by Louis Waldman brought tears to my eyes. Legislation has brought about many changes to our system, but even now the intention to set good working conditions for employees is still absent in many places. – MR, Abu Dhabi 6/8/16 5:49

so sad this happened – AS, VA 6/7/16 13:49

My great grandparents were in their 40s when their daughter died in this tragedy. I can't picture what it was likefor them to come to America for a new life and to lose a daughter like this soon thereafter.I regret not learning about my great-aunt from my grandmother and her siblings and not talking aboutwhat the loss of their sister did to them and to their parents.May the victims' memory be a blessing. – ms, NY 6/7/16 13:07

its amazing how these owners got off so easy with multiple murders from there poor business ettic – jc, ohio 6/1/16 20:25

I read the book "Ashes of Roses" in class which gave me a new perspective on history and it's tragic events that have been displayed throughout the world and since the dawn of time. – MHR, Olean, NY 5/23/16 10:49

why doesn't anybody talk about the guys that died did a lot of girls die yes RIP for them but what about the guys – Logan York, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 5/20/16 12:14

Imagine being one of the people that survived but saw many others die. I feel bad for the survivors almost more than the deceased. – DG, Unknown 5/19/16 8:59

Glad I made time to read. – Stan, Texas 5/18/16 20:53

omg this is so bad I hope they the people that died in the building rest in peace. – kw, vassar mi 5/13/16 13:16

this site is great for research and for historical fiction – aubree anderson, topeka, kansas 5/4/16 10:15

This website has lots of helpful information. The story is sad but very interesting. It's great for school. – ECH, Topeka, Kansas 5/4/16 10:15

I need to visualize how this happened. I love this site you are the freakin best. – Sage, New York 5/4/16 10:14

It is really sad but the people who locked the doors should've gotten what they deserved. – Gunter, California 5/4/16 10:12

SAD BUT GREAT FOR SCHOOL RESEARCH – CGR, topeka kansas 5/4/16 9:15

man this story is sad and scary i wouldnt know what To do if i was in that situation – bri thompson, topeka, kansas 5/4/16 9:05

Sad and scary... – Aidan Smith, New York City 5/3/16 14:25

This site is awesome i used it for a class assignment and i learned a lot from it – RT, Topeka Kansas 5/3/16 12:05

It's sad that their lives had to be taken in a horrible manner. – Melvin A..., Detroit, MI 4/29/16 12:38

nice site! – jgb, georgia 4/26/16 14:02

sad and scary + nightmare – nd, Kansas 4/26/16 13:43

This a great site with a very interesting topic good job Cornell – AIDEN DROGE, Washburn Rural Middle School Topeka, KS 4/26/16 12:23

great web site, includes a lot of good details very helpful for our assign meant we are doing in language arts. – Jacob , Topeka KS 4/26/16 11:56

I wish none of this would have happened it's so sad – Aaron Lapaille , Topeka Kansas 4/26/16 10:25

Great website! I am doing a primary source paper for my history class and chose this topic, used this website for all my sources. I have learned so much more about this sad moment in history thank I ever thought I would. – Jenna M., Watertown, NY 4/25/16 17:39

It's all about money and greed and as we speak and talk about this today, it is still happening> But because of that sad event, something good came out of that...OSHA.. –, Irvington, New Jersey 07111 4/24/16 16:19

God Bless all of them and the Familys! – Timothy J Kellerman, St Paul, Minnesota 4/19/16 10:16

this was a sad way to die. Do you think people who died had any last word? – akx, Minnesota 4/13/16 11:17

Its so bad that a fire had to killed 146 persons to make regulation about work safety also at the same time thanks to it now days work environment become more safer – ALLAN MINEROS, HOUSTON 4/11/16 20:48

I used this website for a class assignment and I loved it. I learned about this years ago in a previous history class, but after going over this website I feel like it's the first time I'm learning anything about it. There's so much quality information shared, I really appreciated this. – Grace H, Oroville Ca 4/6/16 14:09

Thank you, I used this website for a class assignment. – Cody Pound, Durham, CA 4/6/16 12:54

great site! – Angela Vergara, Santa Monica, CA 4/5/16 21:15

Unbelievable! May all their souls be at rest. This encourages me even more to pursue Human Resource Management. – Desiree, Dallas, Texas 3/30/16 22:28

What an unimaginable tragedy. God rest their souls. – JDS, Clifton Park, NY 3/25/16 20:18


This was a tragic event, but so much can be learned from the lack of safety protocols that were here. This was a tragic event, and there was some excellent information here. – Morgan_the_O.G., Swag Island 3/24/16 9:51

Thank you for info – jramado, Rochester 3/11/16 10:24

A terrible tragedy that so many young women and girls gave up there lives so people could be safe today. – James Simone, Portsmouth VA 3/8/16 13:54

sorry for the people who lost there life that day. – bb, va 3/8/16 11:15

terrible tragedy – frankie b, georgia 3/1/16 11:32

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