Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Excellent article on a tragic event that has lead to safety regulations that are designed to make all work places safe for workers as well as the public. – gbarrell, Henderson, Nevada   1 Jul 2012

This story is both compelling and touching ... These lives will never be forgotten 3 – Nikii Loomis, Delaware ohio   23 Jun 2012

This is a tragedy that has been used as a learning tool my entire career in both the Fire Dept and the Safety Dept. Everytime I read the story and review the interviews, it astounds me as to how this type of tragedy can be allowed to occur and still does. This website is extremely helpful – Jeff Mullins, Wichita, Ks   20 Jun 2012

im so sorry of what happened – jordan olds, jamestown ny   13 Jun 2012

Does anyone know who "Louis Tagliano" (ie: what his job was at the factory?) He is listed on the Grand Jury list of witnesses pen-archive/court-records-from-the- trial-of-blanck-and-harris/ – CV, NY   10 Jun 2012

Unfortunatelly, all this factors that as result 146 people die, brought the to the light the poor conditions of the working people most of them new emmigrants, with the need to make their needs working only to get food in the table. I found that perhaps, some of my relatives die taht day. – Simon Marcus Rosen, Dallas, TEXAS   8 Jun 2012

I wanted to let you know that this website has been the best source of information and documentation on this fire. Excellent source to research. – R Mankopf, Montclair, CA   4 Jun 2012

i read the book Ashes For roses i loved it, and am doing a project on it. – Cindy Fountain, michigain   23 May 2012

this site is very helpful for a history project i am doing. Thank you Cornell University for all the helpful facts. – Troober Swartzentruebr, Michigan   23 May 2012

I had to do my History Day project on the fire. This website saved my project. i just wanted to show my appreciation for what a great website this really is. Thanks for all the information and pictures of the fire. I can assure you if any of my freinds need to do a prject on the fire, i will quickly recomend this webpage to them. thanks for all the support! – Kelci, Massachussetts   23 May 2012

The conditions that were in this factory are still in the world today, in countries that make the textiles and clothes like Cambodia and Honduras. The fat, rich CEO's just want more and more money in their pockets and less in their worker's pockets. ~LMD – LMD, Massachusetts   14 May 2012

I think that this is soo sad im to the point of crying!!!!!! I feel that the book i strue and that everything that happened to those girls are true and that they really worked in a place called Triangle factori. – tra, Georgia   10 May 2012

I first learned of this after taking the OSHA 5400 course, when reading my instructor guide, this story is addressed. I would love to show this in a powerpoint presentation... Jolean Halford – Jolean Halford, Norfolk, VA   7 May 2012

although it is a tragedy that will never go away, we must learn from our mistakes. Look around... you don't see a lot of sweatshops, any child labor. i'm not trying to be mean or rude. it's the facts. did your mom ever say"don't touch that stove" ? but you touched it anyway. i bet you never touched that stove again when it was hot right? god be with them. – victoria , Virginia   6 May 2012

i read the book for school and were dong a website project for it. I picked Jane and i love the book!! its so sad that this happend :/ but i recommend u read this book if u havnt!! 3 – Carly W., Sandiego California   3 May 2012

It is a terrible thing that tragedy is so often what incites change. Thank you to those who lobbied for better labor and safety regulations. – Jessica H., Idaho Falls, Idaho   2 May 2012

this was nice to read Im glad my teacher made us read it, Im glad to live in this time were we have rights as workers :D – Hank , MI   2 May 2012

This is an incredible site. This tragedy feels so modern and palpable. Extraordinary story. – J. Smith, London   1 May 2012

It's so sad how all those poor workers died. Those selfish factory owners! I am doing a research report for the Triangle Fire, and like James below me, I saw a documentary on TV about this and it got me interested in this topic. This website has done a great job of explaining it and it is very clear and easy to understand so that I can get my own opion built up. Its very accurate. Dates arent exactly my thing, so the timeline certainly did help. Great site! :) – Emily, Gilbert, AZ   26 Apr 2012

I first heard about a month ago in March on PBS channel very sad story. Poor souls that died that day the 146 victims. Here a Catholic prayer for them. Anyone can recite this. Prayer for a deceased person Let us pray:  Eternal rest grant unto __________O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon him, may the souls of __________ through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen! Remember, lord, those Who have died and gone before us marker with the sign of faith, Especially those for whom we now pray.......and......... May these, and all who sleep in Christ, Find in Your presence Light, happinesss, and peace. Through Christ our lord. Amen – James, Tri-Cities, WA   21 Apr 2012

Thank you for this online museum. It's the best online resource I've found about the Triangle fire. – Carrie, Lawrenceburg, IN   19 Apr 2012

You would think that men of that era would restrict their greed to working single men, the tragedy is that if people are not exploited they are unemployed. Industry believes that the most important part of their business is profit , that people don't matter except as a kind of tool. They think it's perfectly fine that huge profits are made even though they lay people off and underpay the people they keep . The more they make the more they take from their employees. As a part of the community that is profiting in such and as an entity that employs members of that community paying them well eventualizes in more business as more money is spread through that community. Stock holders should know that if they put more money into the business by seeing to it that the back bone is healthy and strong as their dividends may not be as large the pay out will last longer. Healthy companies have doomed them selves to bankruptcy by short changing their blue collar workers. The fire that occured does sound like others concerning workers rights . Let's be honest while we lead the world in issues of humanity ( I could be wrong but I am American ) . Industry needs to realize a healthy working class means money for all now just those few . The more money we all have the more it's worth. Treating anyone unfairly in business makes the whole country look bad shipping jobs over seas devalues our money and makes our products worth less in the world market. The triangle factory fire tragedy is an example of what happens when workers rights are ignored. Great story and a stern warning as to the dangers of total industrialization. – Buddy Hansome , Coram,New York   15 Apr 2012

Lock doors and no fire Exit to leave the building . – Frank Bell, Texas   15 Apr 2012

Fires in buildings occupied by workers thinking of unionizing is not new , it was done to miners , miners were also subjected to beatings by union busting thugs that women would be subjected to it is an example of corporate greed and brutality which while not surprising does shock me, greed doesn't recognize sex. – Buddy Hansome , Coram N.Y.   15 Apr 2012

Thank you for commemoration to this terrible loss. May God bless all those lives who are now upon the angels. – Middlers, Springfield Missouri   14 Apr 2012

I am so sorry for the losses of these people. – AJ, Bangledesh India   11 Apr 2012

This is such an awful tragedy. My heart goes out to those who survived, and to those families who lost a loved one. – V Cooley, Florida   5 Apr 2012

Dear Pauline, Please write to and we will be happy to help you with your search. – Kheel Center staff, Ithaca, NY   5 Apr 2012

i heard of the tragedy many years ago from a wonderful aunt i checked a picture i have to a picture in the book titledflesh and blood so cheap and the pictures matched so i know i have relatives involved how can i check this out – pauline lachance, box 235 wales ma 01081   4 Apr 2012

I am a student attending Uconn. I was assigned a report on the Triangle Factory Fire. Reading this document made me relize how much our nation downs upon working conditions – william fwedge, hartford,CT   4 Apr 2012

A very sad story....i feel really bad for these people – Jermaine Jackson, Boise, Idaho   4 Apr 2012

I don t know what made me think of Lena this morning. But I remember her well. May God Bless them all. – Margaret Green, 1008 St Marks Avenue brookly,N Y   3 Apr 2012

im working on a project and this is helping me and i feel so sorry for all of these people who died and the love ones who had to go threw it – B.M.L.A, US   30 Mar 2012

Am a Labor student and Rutgers and as always, amazed by Cornell's work. Thank you for sharing this. – LAW, New Jersey   28 Mar 2012

I have participated in Chalk It! for three years, commemorating Maria Tortorelli Lauletti (33) and her sister, Isabella Totorelli (17), both of whom lived on Thompson Street. I am so grateful for the information on this site. It has helped me understand these women and their lives so much more fully, and to honor their courage, spirit and dedication to family. – Kim Dramer, NYC   27 Mar 2012

This is a beautiful and moving tribute to the lives of the people lost in this historic tragedy. We know the names and the faces. They are no longer anonymous victims of capitalist exploitation or political pawns for unions. They are people. I wrote a poem to commemorate this sad event. Its titled Closing Time and can be found here. May their small knit purses be filled with the pleasant dreams they wished for themselves and others as divine compensation for their earthy labors and may they find a restful peace in an eternity of Sundays enjoyed in the company of family, lovers and friends. Selah – James McCallum, Oakland NJ   27 Mar 2012

OMG! This really makes me think of how terrible the safety regulations were back then and how better we've gotten from improving them! I really want to visit this site when i go to New York for my trip this Spring Break. – iwuvcandy, Fresno, CA   27 Mar 2012

it took this horrible fire and lost of lives, to make our buildings safer today,god bless all the people that lost there lives, you will never be forgotten... – zelia, Boston mass   26 Mar 2012

I had to write a paper and this helped me so much! THANK YOU! – Pauline C, Glen Ellyn, IL   22 Mar 2012

Thanks for the enlightenment – PB&J,   21 Mar 2012

This website gave me pause. First, I assumed that all the victims were women under thirty but older than 20. How startling to find out that men were victims and the ages ranged from 15 years of age to a ripe young age of 43. Reading that many were union members was quite instructive. The problems encountered by these brave wage earners are much of the same problems still being encountered. Thank you for the enlightmentl. – Majorhazell, New York   18 Mar 2012

The Triangle Factory Fire was just an important event as the ship Godspeed arriving in the New World, as important as the 1849 Goldstrike, or the first wagon trains to head west across the American Prairies. It was an event in which all of us can find love and sympathy for those who died, they were us, ourselves and in a greater sense "we the people". You can stretch the cords of love to 9-11, you can circle the cord around the City of New York, and from their around the world. A fire 100 years ago unites us all. – Elias Wilson , Leeds England   17 Mar 2012

God! There are so many women that come from my own country, i didn't know it.. My mother always told me about this sad story and she taught me the real meaning of this day.. Not a party or an ordinary day.. It's like the beginning of the women's fight against discrimination within a sexist and retrograde society where women can't vote or exercise their own rights.. And still today we carry on with this fight, remembering our brave ancestresses.. We will never forget! Thanks for this accurate, interesting and awesome site! (sorry for my bad english)! – Elisa, Sardinia, Italy   14 Mar 2012

Not many people remember this fire. Triangle was a great book and this is a great site to remember the event that changed our country. – KM, Atlanta   13 Mar 2012

wow – g. kirby, baltimore md   12 Mar 2012

This site is AMAZING! We used Trangle Shirtwiast fire for our National History Day project and we could not have found a better site! Thanks so much! – OT and DM, Wisconsin   10 Mar 2012

We Will Never Forget RIP – Lucia, Canada   10 Mar 2012

Thank You – BJS, Granger, IN   9 Mar 2012

Thanks for remember! – Laura Occhini, Tuscany - Italy   8 Mar 2012

Incredible, just incredible. – Emily, Delaware   7 Mar 2012

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