Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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When I learned of this in school it was shocking but a interesting story that showed how it impacted the future. – CC, Maryland   6 Nov 2012

best info ever........... – JB, CA   6 Nov 2012

it is sad for the people that died – j n, tremonton ut   5 Nov 2012

Thats Very Sad That All Them People Died.! They Locked Them Into The Buliding . I Would HAave Sue Them – Myah J, Glen Burnie MD   2 Nov 2012

i feel really bad for the people that died in this tragic fire and i hope that they made the person responsible for the fire pay for killing all thoughs inoccent people – Joel Allen Middleton, coleman mi   1 Nov 2012

so many people under 30 – soniea, rock springs   29 Oct 2012

This site is excellent with it's information. Very tragic event in U.S history. They will be forever remembered in our hearts. 3 – Hannah And Lyndzie, Rock Springs, Wyoming   29 Oct 2012

sad day!! – krr, rock springs   29 Oct 2012

This is wonderful resource and repository for information about this horrific event in labor history. – Jim Allen, California   26 Oct 2012

Thank you for the effort in remembering this historic event. I often refer to it my safety training classes to stress the need for OSHA and NFPA Codes. – Joe Hanks, New york   23 Oct 2012

Learning about women's issues and was directed to this site. Excellent accessible information. A tragic story I never knew, and one that needs to be told to all. The disgusting ills of greed. – LTG, CO   23 Oct 2012

Oh my god so many young people – Jason , ct   23 Oct 2012

very sad rest in peace – Ajm, griffin,georgia   22 Oct 2012

its terribly, that buliding was a big fail – P.K, Rodriguez, atlanta, ga   22 Oct 2012

In college to become a preschool teacher and was doing background research for a class and come across this story. So sad how people (women and young ladies) had to die this way. – Jamie, Kingston NY   19 Oct 2012

Very, very sad! We have always to renember and pray for all persons who died in this terrible fire. – Carlos Arthur, São Paulo, Brasil   18 Oct 2012

Well put together, very accessible. Sobering memorial. The unfortunate reality is that these conditions still exist, openly in some countries and a bit more hidden in others. – J.K., Montreal   15 Oct 2012

My class used this website after watching the HBO movie: Triangle Remebering the Fire. MOVING! – RC, Chicago, Illinois   12 Oct 2012

very sad – FG, California   9 Oct 2012

learning about in history class very intriging but also very sad – Gabby, New jersey   1 Oct 2012

It is a sad story:((((((((((((( – Johnny Kao, Michigan   1 Oct 2012

Looking at the photos of the workers made me wish I could have helped them. – Gina Haynes, Cedar Rapids IA   1 Oct 2012

it is so sad – krystal , lancaster,pa   1 Oct 2012

like this site! gives u sooo much info – MJ, California   28 Sep 2012

sad – nick, ney york   28 Sep 2012

After over 100 years, these conditions are still prevalent in other countries except we now call the conditions "free trade" and are a part of the "new world" economy. Keep buying foreign products! The socialists/democrats are counting on you! – M. Martin, Ohio   26 Sep 2012

i hate this – rg, chicago   25 Sep 2012

Its a very sad story, I can not believe that sweatshops still happen America. – darlene gilroy, redding Ca   24 Sep 2012

You seemed awfully biased in your presentation. – S.D., United States   23 Sep 2012

I had to use this resource for a college history class (AMH 4201) to write an essay on the conditions immigrant girls had to endure. More than a year later I decided to use this same website to show working conditions, changing family structures, cities, and the causes for forming a union to my eleventh grade history class I'm interning in. What a great and powerful resource. – E. Sayre, Orlando, FL   23 Sep 2012

its all the bosses fault locking the doors on the workers – annonyamas, King Ranch A.Z.   20 Sep 2012

it helped me in my history prodject alot its also very sad – J.P., Indiana   20 Sep 2012

its really sad that it happened but then again it is good that we now have regulations to help fire prevention – j.m, Bend Oregon   20 Sep 2012

I had no idea about this event until I took my History 1302 class. It is amazing too see that unfortunately we still exploitation like this, even in the 21st century. Its an eye opening piece of history and those women shall remain great examples of the harsh work they put into society. They died in vain. – Noemy Leyva, Dallas,Texas   17 Sep 2012

Terrible event in time but this fire wasn't all bad because after this event over 30 new laws were made and including laws on child labor. – D.C, Jacksonville,FL   16 Sep 2012

So many deaths just for the worthless greed of men. – Lillian Wright, Chicago, IL   16 Sep 2012

I think this is a very good childrens book idea. It gives a good moral of always be prepaired – Chomper, Wausau WI   14 Sep 2012

it is crazy that even in a supposedly free country people were still treated badly – t.rhoades, Pensylvania   13 Sep 2012

its so sad that this happened – charles henry, circleville,ohio   5 Sep 2012

that was a tradigy – matthew, portland me   4 Sep 2012

sad – Kevin Short, Redlands CA   4 Sep 2012

remembering these workers on Labor Day. Thank you for this site. – Barbara Stinson, Greenwich CT   3 Sep 2012

it is so sad that many lives were lost. – a.j taylor, athens tennessee   28 Aug 2012

Very interesting, and extremely tragic. This proves something good can come out of something so bad. – J L Taylor, Greer, SC   10 Aug 2012

So sad what happened to these people, M.P. Haddix's book told a great story, Historical Fiction, but still a great story. This website really helped me picture this tragic event. Thanks so much! – Zoe, N.C.   8 Aug 2012

sad that many lost there lives,my heart goes out to them!!!we should be thankful that we have osha now!! – Joe Chaney, Brookline MO 65619   1 Aug 2012

After reading David Von Drehle's book, I was so deeply touched by the lives that were lost due to corporate greed, unsafe conditions and the lack of really knowing the people who worked tirelessly for the owners of the factory. It is similar to what we are seeing in America 101 years later. I hope those who died are watching over us and knowing their lives were not lost in vain but in valour. The struggle still continues . . . – gab, wy   21 Jul 2012

The interviews are such a compelling aspect of this research. I read every single one and felt my heart ache for all those affected on that tragic day. – Emily, Georgia   21 Jul 2012

This was a very bad tragedy because not only was a one responsible person too many persons was responsible for the 146 lives. – Ernesto Suarez, 1465 Commons Dr. Apart 1B Woodstock Il.60098   2 Jul 2012

Just I want to said what important is the FIRE SAFETY RULES IN ALL BUILDINGS AND WORK PLACES, if not persons can died just for nathing – Ernesto Suarez, 1465 Commons Dr. Apart 1B, Woodstock Il 60098   2 Jul 2012

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