Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later


Death List Shows Few Identified

New York Times, March 26, 1911, p. 4.

Here are the police lists of the victims - identified and unidentified dead - the missing, and the injured:

Identified Dead.

ALTMAN, ANNA, 16, 33 Pike Street.
BERNSTEIN, MOSES, 800 East 5th Street.
BINEVITZ, ABRAHAM, 30, 474 Powell Street.
BIREMAN, GUSSIE, 22, 8 Rivington Street.
CAPUTTA, 17 years, 81 Degraw Street, Brooklyn.
CREPO, ROSE, 19 years, an Italian.
DENENT, FRANCES, 20 years.
DORMAN, K., (man,) identified by registered letter receipt, 235 Gold Street, Brooklyn.
FEICISCH, REBECCA, 17, Russian, 10 Attorney Street, Burns on body: St. Vincent's Hospital.
FELTZER, -, (man,) 40 years.
FORRESTER, MAY, 25 years
GULLO, Mrs. MARY, 23, 437 East Twelfth Street.
KAPLAN, -, (woman,) 20 years.
KEOBER, -, 30.
LEHRER, 114 Essex Street.
LEVINE, ABE, Brooklyn.
NICHOLAS, NICOLINA, 22 years, 440 East 13th Street.
PASQUALICCA, ANTONETTA, 16, 500 East Thirteenth Street.
ROTHER, R., 25 years.
SHENA, CATHERINE, 30 years old.
SPEAR, -, (man,) 30 years.
TERRANOVA, CLOTETE, 25 years, 104 President Street, Brooklyn.
TREBO, ROSE, 18 years.
WANDROSS, BERTHA, 205 Henry Street: right leg broken and internal injuries, St. Vincent Hospital.
NEIBRERER, BECKY, 19 years, operator, 10 Clinton Street: fracture of right leg and arm, New York Hospital.
WEINER, ROSE, 28 years.
ZELTNER, -, 30 years.

Unidentified Dead.

GIRL, 15 years: all clothing burned off except black stockings and black lace shoes.
ITALIAN WOMAN, 27 years, 5 feet 7 inches, red waist, black stockings, and skirt, no shoes, yellow metal ring on left hand set with blue stone.
WOMAN, 30 years, 5 feet 2 inches black hair, handbag containing $10.
WOMAN, 21 years, 5 feet: two rings, one with three small stones and another with three small white stones.
ITALIAN WOMAN, 30 years, 5 feet 3 inches, black hair, dark complexion: signet ring on left hand, with initials "O. S.": black velvet shows.
WOMAN, 25 years. 5 feet 6 inches, dark hair: pair of earrings with white stones.
GIRL, 16 years, black hair, 130 pounds, 5 feet 1 inch.
ITALIAN WOMAN, 25 years: ring on left hand.
WOMAN, 24 years, dark hair: red skirt.
WOMAN, 25 years, 5 feet 3 inches, about 150 pounds.
WOMAN, 19 years, 115 pound, black hair, one ring with opal setting, one plain gold ring, small gold locket.
WOMAN, 25 years, 5 feet 5 inches: ring on right hand with initials which appeared to be "A.O."
WOMAN, 35 years, 5 feet 3 inches, dark complexion and hair: gold ring on left hand, gold ring on right hand, with a black and white stone.
WOMAN, 24 years, 5 feet 2 inches, black hair, bead earrings, signet ring (initials "T. L.")
WOMAN, 21 years, 5 feet 2 inches, gold signet ring on left hand.
WOMAN, about 22, weighed 140 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches, died in New York Hospital.
RUSSIAN WOMAN, 5 feet 4 inches, 30 years old, 140 pounds, died in St. Vincent's Hospital.
HUNGARIAN WOMAN, 20 years old, 5 feet 4 inches, 120 pounds, blonde hair, died in St. Vincent's Hospital.
MAN, 25 years, 5 feet 7 inches, smooth shaven black hair, brown striped coat, black trousers, black patent leather shoes.
WOMAN, 30 years, 150 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches, one opal earring.
WOMAN, 19 years, 5 feet 9 inches, 135 pounds, gold ring with a green stone.
WOMAN, 19 years, 128 pounds, 5 feet 6 inches, velvet slippers, plain gold ring.
WOMAN, 30 years, red hair, 135 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches, turquoise earrings.
WOMAN, 24 years, 5 feet 2 inches, 125 pounds, black velvet shoes.
ITALIAN WOMAN, 24 years, 135 pounds.
WOMAN, 30 years, 135 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches: black hair, fur coat, gold earrings, gold ring, one ring with white stone.
WOMAN, 24 years, dark hair, red skirt, white underwear.
MAN, 163 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches, 30 years: time book with no name, but with card bearing the inscription, "Mr. and Mrs. J. Klein, No 1,625 Washington Avenue, the Bronx," gold watch with hunting case the initials, "A. D."
WOMAN, 26 years, 125 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches.
WOMAN, 28 years, 130 pounds: plain gold wedding ring.
WOMAN, 135 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches, 30 years: brown hair.
WOMAN, 22 years: lottery check, with name of lottery man, I. Goldberg, Pike Street.
WOMAN, 30 years, 5 feet 4 inches, 130 pounds.
WOMAN, 19 years, 118 pounds, 5 feet 7 inches: plain gold bracelet.
WOMAN, brown hair, black plush coat, 125 pounds, 26 years, 5 feet 6 inches.

Thirty-nine bodies burned beyond recognition.

Reported Missing.

BELOTTA, VINCENZA, 25, 625 Washington Street.
BUEALLO, JANE, 23 49 Stanton Street.
BUSCHEN, JOSIE, 52 East Twelfth Street.
CIRITO, ROSE, 20, 135 Cherry Street.
COOPER, SARAH, 1,530 Webster Street.
CORTESI, JOSEPHINE, 502 East Twelfth Street.
FORRESTE, MAY, 23, 37 East Twelfth Street.
FRANCO, JENNIE, 16, 312 East Eleventh Street.
GREENEBERG, LENA, 273 Watkins Street, Brooklyn.
GULO, MAY, 437 East Twelfth Street.
KLEIN, JACOB, 23, 120 Stanton Street.
KUHLA, BERTHA, 24, 421 East Sixth Street.
LEHRER, Max, 19, 114 Essex Street.
LORETTO, Mrs. MARY, 25, 116 Thompson Street.
PINELLO, FRANCESCA, 180 Chrystie Street.
PREVEDENZI, BOGULA, 27, 49 Stanton Street.
STAI, ANNA, 25, 734 East Ninth Street.
STEIN, JENNIE, 120 East Second Street.
TORTORELLA, LIZZIE, 17, 116 Thompson Street.
WEINTRAUB, SARAH, 187 Ludlow Street.
WISE, ALICE, 18, 433 West Forty-fifth Street.


ABRAHAM, CLARA, 21, 149 Broome Street: back, arms, hands burned. Taken home.
BOLOMB, NATHANIEL, burns on body; St, Vincent's Hospital.
BRUSELEY, HERMAN, 20, 326 Christopher Street: hands and head cut by falling glass. Taken home.
CUPPNEMAN, GUSSIE,20, 161 Madison Street: contusions. St. Vincent's Hospital.
FIRSHEIM, FANNIE, 21, 354 Pearl Street: contusions of head and body. Taken home
GOLDSTEIN, ESTHER, 20, 33 Broome Street: in Bellevue.
GROSSMAN, PAULINE, fractured ankle, numerous contusions. Bellevue Hospital.
HARRIS, ESTER, 21, 131 Chester Street, Brooklyn: burns. St. Vincent's Hospital.
HEMMELSTEIN, DORA, 20 years, 250 Madison Street: burns: St. Vincent's Hospital.
KUPLA, SARAH, 18 years: fracture of right leg: St. Vincent's Hospital.
KUTLAN, BESSIE: burns: St. Vincent's Hospital.
LEVINE, SAMUEL, 29, elevator operator, 1,982 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn: contusions bead and arms; New York Hospital.
LOREZ, DAISY, 24, 11 Charlton Street: fracture of pelvis, injuries to head and left-arm: New York Hospital.
MESHEL, HYMAN, 21 years, 382 East Fifteenth Street: shock and submersion: St. Vincent's Hospital.
MILLER, ANNIE, 17 years, operator, 154 Attorney Street: fracture of left arm; St. Vincent's Hospital.
NIERSOLES, ANNIE, 18 years, 125 East 110th Street: internal injuries; Bellevue Hospital.
RUBINO, KATE, 17, 265 Madison Street, shock: St. Vincent's Hospital.
ROSEN, ANNA, 30, broken leg: Bellevue.
UZO, KATE, 25, contusions and internal injuries: Bellevue Hospital.
VALLUP, NATHAN, 36, WATCHMAN, 330 East Fifth Street, burns: St. Vincent's Hospital.
VELOKLOWSKY, FRIEDA, 20, 639 East Twelfth Street, fracture of right leg and arm: New York Hospital.
WALKER, CECILIA, severe burns on body: St. Vincent's Hospital.
WEATEL, BERTHA, 17, waistmaker, 205 Henry Street, right leg broken and internal injuries: St. Vincent's Hospital.
ZALLUP, NATHAN, 25, 736 East Fifth Street, shock: St. Vincent's Hospital.

Visitors at the morgue look for family and friends amoung the deceased