Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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good information for my osha class – ajg, cortland il   10 Sep 2015

Lot's and lot's of great information! Thank you! – SCS, CA   9 Sep 2015

Really helpful compiling research for my paper. – JV, Arleta   5 Sep 2015

this is really lame – el, xenia ohio   31 Aug 2015

I cannot find anything on politics of the shirtwaist factory – clayton Harris, Milford, Ohio   26 Aug 2015

i am doing a research paper and cannot seem to find any source on the causes of the fire – Ellie Norris, Milford,Ohio   25 Aug 2015

Wow, hard to believe so many died, the owners responsible should have been jailed. – Art.Frederick, Houston, Texas   25 Aug 2015

so important to follow all OSHA Guideline and which this tragedy and horrific story of the victim changed safety standards! – Angeline Douglas, Miami, Fla   21 Aug 2015

soo sad! – branden, illinois   19 Aug 2015

to @Julia, New Jersey 17 Jun 2015 hello Julia, I've been involved in a project to honour the victims of the fire who were born in Sicily, most of them -24- have already been recognised and many have a place or a plaque dedicated in their hometown. I think your great aunt was one of them, but my research is not getting me very far. Could you please let me know where your grandfather's family was from? best wishes – rosa anna, sicilia ITA   18 Aug 2015

What an event that changed safety standards! – AACB, Altus, OK   12 Aug 2015

Horrific events that changed safety standards as we know them today. – L Powell, bridgeport, ct   8 Aug 2015

Hard to believe that something has to happen before something is done to prevent it. – M. Caldera, Brownsville Tx   1 Aug 2015

Very sad. Thankful for all of the safety rules and regulations we have today. Without them, there would be many more tragic stories like this one. – DAB, Clovis, NM   31 Jul 2015

very important about fire codes and safety!!! – ncousins,   23 Jul 2015

Out of tragedy comes change. It's a shame that these lives meant so little to the greedy businessmen and politicians. May they always be remembered and rest in peace. – DACS, Hicksville, NY   22 Jul 2015

Unbelievable – Mark A Ferber, Blue Point NY   14 Jul 2015

Thank you for a comprehensive site on a very important topic! – SYDNEY, PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON   11 Jul 2015

Great sight. I was wondering if you could do some information about the survivors of the, Triangle Shirt Waist Fire? The information about the victims was excellent. – adam daly, Ringwood, Victoria. Australia   9 Jul 2015

I am a safety professional and this web site is a reminds me why I do what I do. – Bill Bower, Deer Park, Texas   2 Jul 2015

Thank you for the excellent, detailed resources on the fire! – Marie, Nebraska   28 Jun 2015

good to read – vs, philadelphia   26 Jun 2015

It was a sad day and it is a very sad day today as we are still finding employers violating labor laws. – Roger Fewkes, California   23 Jun 2015

You have not been forgotten. May you all rest in peace. – NS, Alaska   21 Jun 2015

I have no word. Truly heartbreaking! They came to America believing that they can finally settle a good live here, but yet such a tragedy had occurred. My condolence to all the family and people who bear this incident of this truly tragical day. – Mey Saechao, California   21 Jun 2015

I was directed to this site as a history assignment. This website was my introduction to this tragic event in our nation's history. Though very sad, this website is a fantastic collection of primary sources and materials and you certainly walk away changed knowing everything that transpired. – TK, California   20 Jun 2015

terrifying – rg, nh   18 Jun 2015

I cannot believe what I have found here!! My Great Aunt was finally identified! Josephine Cammarata! My grandfather came over from Italy looking for his sister after they lost contact with her in April 1911. At 1st they thought she got cold feet about getting married, & was hiding somewhere. After about 6 months, they came over to look for her. Since my Grandfather's name was misspelled at Ellis Island, & my Great aunts was spelled the correct way, he never found her. I have now! I bought several books about the fire, so I can see the terrible work conditions my Great Aunt had to work in. The picture you have of her is uncanny! It's like I'm looking at the female version of my Grandfather. Thank you so much for finding her!! – Julia, New Jersey   17 Jun 2015

I was sad to see so many kids that died. – mike, virginia   11 Jun 2015

this was a tragedy that certainly could have been avoided – michael gregory giles, virginia beach va   11 Jun 2015

This tragedy is truly saddening. After I read this, I felt disheartened towards society. I believe that more people should be enlightened as to what used to happen, in order to genuinely appreciate what they have now.I will always keep the touching stories in mind. – E.L., C.C., Vancouver, B.C.   28 May 2015

Saw this in a documentary was my heart goes out to all these working people that struggled so hard to make a living at that time in history. So many were so young and it was so tragic. My God Be With Them Always – Gail Brown , Gadsden, AL   27 May 2015

I am working on my phd on the Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins. This tragedy, changed her life and helped to change labor laws. Thanks for the great primary sources. – Catalina, Spain   24 May 2015

Such a shame that so many had to loose their lives. So senseless. – Joyce Poole, 8026 Montague Street   20 May 2015

Very Interesting, but tragic story. – Joyce Poole, 8026 Montague Street   20 May 2015

The following three names appear in various publications but not on your list. MANDERS, Bertha, 22, multiple injuries and burns; died at St. Vin¬cent’s Hospital. Address unknown. Identified by papers in her pocket. World, March 27. NOVOBRITSKY, Annie, 20, fractured skull and badly burned. 143 Madison St. Identified by her brother, Israel. Name also given as Vovobrisky. Multiple newspapers, March 27. POLINY, Jennie, 20, asphyxiation/burns. 152 E. 3 St. Identified through the ring she was wearing, by her brother, Morris. Multiple newspapers, March 27. – RFP, Johannesburg South Africa   17 May 2015

very interesting. horrible story. – jlg, nc   12 May 2015

Why has no one researched the corruption that enabled factory owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, to get off with NO penalty at ALL despite forcing their employees to work in inhumane conditions, in a vertical death trap, behind LOCKED DOORS? Some politicians and judges palms were no doubt greased. New York, and the heirs of Blanck and Harris, owe substantial reparations to the descendants of these bereaved families who were so disgracefully treated. – ELW, Ontario   6 May 2015

This was a devastating event but an important one i'm glad people are still to this day learning about it. The only way to improve is to remember your mistakes. – CFP, Topeka, Kansas   30 Apr 2015

It is not lost on me that I am able to enjoy, vacation time, paid days off, sick pay, the Family Medical Care Act, and the fact my children attend school and do not have to work to support our family as these victims did. It is sad to have lost them but what came out of this tragedy, paved the way for many to dare dream. – DAF, Goffstown New Hampshire   27 Apr 2015

This is a really interesting website – Cooper, Kansas   23 Apr 2015

owners didn't care – jqh, kingsport tn   20 Apr 2015

This sad story is prominently featured in the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. I recently took the tour titled Sweatshop Workers. Be sure to visit this museum when in NYC. – ML, Upstate New York   20 Apr 2015

god bless these girls this was a really sad story – xavier parks, lincolnton   20 Apr 2015

God bless the girls who lost there lives on there lives to the horibble day – Dylan Doeppe, Vale, North Carolina   20 Apr 2015

Tragic story. Good thing that came from this was all the improvements made to building and public spaces. – Bre McAfee, Lincolnton, NC   20 Apr 2015

What a tragedy! My respect to the families and victims of 1911. God bless. – Laura, San Antonio, Tx   15 Apr 2015

Sad, yet powerful catastrophe. May they all rest in peace. – AK, New Jersey   13 Apr 2015

this is a excellent story.we can see a lot human errors – Adrian, NewYork   9 Apr 2015

really sad catastrofe – AR, NewYork   9 Apr 2015

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