Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This really makes you think about how difficult things were and how much better peoples lives are with the new improvements – Alisha A, IL   12 Jan 2015

This really makes you think about how much easier and better lives are for people now – Alisha A,   12 Jan 2015

This event helped people foucus much more on safety, and changed America. – KO,   12 Jan 2015

It helped them realize how these buildings were bad even though they helped the people with money. – John black, St.charels   12 Jan 2015

This made people really focus more on safety – Jake Guzick, St. Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

Interesting – Bethany byars, St Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

Led to future changes for the better. – Logan Andersen, St. Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

This has changed many people, and there lives. – Anna Ford, St. Charles, Illinois   12 Jan 2015

The fire was a tragedy but it made America better. – Emily L.,   12 Jan 2015

Although this fire was a terrible tragedy, it made America relize just how bad working conditions were and improved them – Josselyn R.,   12 Jan 2015

Thank you for informing me on the triangle fire – Jorie Mack , Ill   12 Jan 2015

Very interesting – Matt Tuma, St.Charles illinois   12 Jan 2015

This fire was bad but if made the building become up to code and made the working conditions better for the future workers. – Joe, Saint Charles Illinois   12 Jan 2015

This has changed life in America – IA ??, Saint Charles, Illinois   12 Jan 2015

it was tragic – jc bg, st charles il   12 Jan 2015

Great site, it's really useful! – EmmA, Chicago   12 Jan 2015

Great site, it really helped me out! – Brie, Chicago   12 Jan 2015

this is a really bad thing to happen thanks for sharing – DG, st charles illinois   12 Jan 2015

cool story! – GP, St Charles Illinios   12 Jan 2015

It would be easier if there were some more answers to questions in the passage . – MS, Illinois   12 Jan 2015

It would be easier to navigate if you had subheadings. Also a stats. section would be nice. – MB, Illinois   12 Jan 2015

was glad laws were inacted – rcj, manhattan   4 Jan 2015

The sheer amount of primary source information transcended me through time and back to 1911 in ways I had not anticipated. The ease of navigation of this site and the detail and complexity of every contribution is highly commendable. Many Thanks. – Kirsti Dare, Bridgeton, NJ   30 Dec 2014

Thanks for all of the information on the Triangle Fire – Fred Blanding, New York City   29 Dec 2014

amazing website – cks, ruff rock   24 Dec 2014

Had my students do a webquest on this website. Amazing website. – rpd, California   18 Dec 2014

Great Website! – Eric, Columbus, OH   15 Dec 2014

its super depressing that peopl just let this happen. this website had all the info i need for my project tho :) – Nora Warnick, Ohio USA   13 Dec 2014

Thank you for the information an this awesome website – John Herrra, Spain   11 Dec 2014

thank you – bwd, arizona   4 Dec 2014

that is so sad that happened – Cameron fitzgerald, new york   4 Dec 2014

sad – HW, Antartica   4 Dec 2014

It was a tragic event that will forever be remembered! Thank you so much for all the information, I will share it with my students! – Marisol Escobar, New York   30 Nov 2014

I't is very sad. – tamira, altavista,virgina   24 Nov 2014

Your article had lots of detail. – Clayton fuhrman, Ashland Virginian   20 Nov 2014

Great facts for classwork assignments. Sorry for the losses – Levi Cameron, Warsaw Missouri   19 Nov 2014

Does anyone know anything about Max Blank's daughter Mildred? It lists her as a survivor of the fire at the age of 5- what did she think about her father's mistreatment of his workers? Is she still alive? – Veronica Marrinan, New York   18 Nov 2014

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad that this story is real :'( thank you – kaitlyn brooke armstrong, alabama   13 Nov 2014

this a grate website yall – angie, alabama   13 Nov 2014

sad – asia, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is so sad to see people going threw this and jumping off the buildings just to save their lives and getting hert – maleia, alabama   12 Nov 2014

So sad that this happended. The lives that were lost are missed!! – Zoey, Alabama   12 Nov 2014

it is very sad and interesting to learn about. – savannah harbison, vincent,albama   12 Nov 2014

this web site is really sad but you can learn a lot of stuff from it. – Ayanna, Alabama   12 Nov 2014

sorry that this happend :( thx for the site though:) – katelynn s. , alabama   12 Nov 2014

the is sad to see the horible working conditions they had to go threw and that the mangers didnt get the right punishment they diserved – cobe, alabama   12 Nov 2014

soooo sad that this story could had of happen so thank you! – candice, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is so sad that it happend so sorry for all of the lives gone – kaylyne , alabama   12 Nov 2014

thank you for this site:) – amanda manning, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is a good website – jamiee lynn brown, bosion newyork   12 Nov 2014

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