Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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THANK-YOU! This site is so informative! It's about time a good, well done website has been put together on the Triangle Fire. I've done a lot of research on this, but your website has increased it 100% Thanks again! – D Champion, Orem, UT   30 Apr 2001

This sight is very informative. I am looking up stuff to do a presentation in American History class. This was such a great tragedy. Even though I have just started reading on it I have already seen the sadness of the tragedy and just thinking about how the people died is heartbreaking. – Stacy, Missouri   28 Apr 2001

This is a wonderful archive on one of the great tragedies of the 20th century. – N. Kopp, Madison, WI   26 Apr 2001

This site really helped me on my paper. It's very detailed and also gives you alot of information on what happened. – J. Martinez, Phoenix ,AZ   24 Apr 2001

i am doing a report for school, and this site really helped me out! – F. T. White, ---   23 Apr 2001

I thought it was so amazing what I had found out.I think if this fire had never happened we would still have locked door's in factories. – Nicole Fields, TENN.   22 Apr 2001

I'm doing a report on this, and I was amazed to find so much information in just one site!! – Alex S., California   18 Apr 2001

NICE SITE – dls, mi   17 Apr 2001

Fires are one of the most destructionable "things" known to mankind! And this proves it all!! I just wish that more could have been done in the prevention of the fire! – Felicia Frasher (fefe):), west virginia   11 Apr 2001

This is a really good site and I liked it a lot. I'm gonna visit it every day!!!!! – Gwen Jiggy, Vancouver   9 Apr 2001

good site – e.c., new jersey   6 Apr 2001

It's really sad. In school at one point we were studying it. We are also studying child labor. Good job on this! – Sherz, NYC   5 Apr 2001

The loss of lives in this tragic fire is as disturbing today as it was 90 years ago. Thank you, as it is important that we don't forget where we came from. And to think that these sweatshops exist in our world today........ – Donna B., Bad Axe, Michigan   1 Apr 2001

This site is so well done. What a terrible which will never be forgotten and one which hopefully will never be repeated... – M Poole, Hampton, VA   31 Mar 2001

This is an excellent, well done site. The subject is so important. Thanks. The list of victims really shows the scope of this tragedy. – Cindy G, Ferndale, MI   30 Mar 2001

I don't know much about this book. – yhc, burke, va   29 Mar 2001

Very well done. Informative and interesting! Please visit my site about the 1913 disaster, another dark moment in labor history. – Tom Katona, Cornell, Michigan   29 Mar 2001

i found the site to be very informative – kitchen-bitch, va   28 Mar 2001

I now live in the neighborhood of the 1911 tragedy. I was seeking the exact address of the building. Thank you for your wonderful, informative and important site. What happended to those poor workers is almost too much to bare. – edw, 183 Thompson st., NYC   28 Mar 2001

What a shame we never learn about America's true history in high school. – Christine, Cleveland, GA   28 Mar 2001

Thank you for providing such a thorough and thoughtful resource. The redesign looks great. – JD, Chicago   27 Mar 2001

I am a junior high/high school librarian and just bought a book on this tragedy for my collection. It is such a shame that this "black mark" on our history is so often overlooked due to the time restrictions that teachers have to cover all of US history. This site is very informative and will help supplement study by my students on this subject. Keep up the good work in letting us not forget................ – H.C., Missouri   27 Mar 2001

Thank you for the effort in remembering this historic event. I often refer to it my safety training classes to stress the need for OSHA and NFPA Codes. – A. DeFeo, Philadelphia, PA   27 Mar 2001

My great grandmother died on March 22, 1911 - just 3 days before the fire. As I have tried to learn about her life, the fire illustrates more than anything else, what the times were like. The fire was a tragedy that did not happen in a vaccuum. The poor conditions of the factories and the homes where people lived, the way they were treated, and the way they reacted to this horrible event - this is what 1911 was like. Thank you for creating this important site, and for listing the names of the victims. We mourn them still. – SK, Delaware   26 Mar 2001

My grandmother worked in a sweatshop at the time of the Triangle Factory fire, perhaps in the same neighborhood. Growing up, I never understood why my father was so cautious about the gas flame in the home. Now, I understand that the fear of fire was transmitted to him by his mother. Of course, it's too late to ask grandmother or father about this tragic episode. – CGF, Atlanta, GA   26 Mar 2001


Your web site brings history alive! – Lee Resnick, Glen Rock, NJ   25 Mar 2001

Thankyou for this very moving and informative site. It is terrible to think that this struggle for human life still goes on, as each year we read of fresh tragedies like Triangle - Bangkok, and others. The spirit of these workers and their fight must inspire us today. Charlie Pottins – Charlie Pottins, London, England   25 Mar 2001

This is very educational for the younger generation. One of America's worst moments in time. – Karen Gardner, Michigan   24 Mar 2001

I am very happy to see so much information on such a horrible event in U.S. history. – Colleen Perry, Maryland   24 Mar 2001

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