Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Thank you for making this website. We used it as a reference for a mock trial in my business law class! – DH, Ocala   27 Sep 2002

We where studying about reform in school and we came upon the triangle waist factory. I just wanted to let you know that the pictures that you have really brought out what happened. – Al, MA   26 Sep 2002

well this site didnt help me with the paperi was doing at all itwas about the gilded age and this didbt help but htnks newasy – wink wink, winkvill   26 Sep 2002

Very interesting and great information. – matt, Minnesota   23 Sep 2002

the site was very useful for my college course the tips for students was one of the best – denverdevie, midland, mi   19 Sep 2002

This was a terrible tragedy – Munchie, world   19 Sep 2002

this is a good website – cp&ml, Austin,TX   16 Sep 2002

WOW! A website that my students can access and enjoy the information that they learn about...Thanks. Lt – Lt, Plano, Texas   15 Sep 2002

This website is the best i've seen yet. We can tell this in years to come!!!! – marquita Huntley, NC   9 Sep 2002

I may have heard about this before, but didn't realize that my birthday commerated it. Shocking! I saved pictures to remind myself of that tragic day long befor eI was born! – Terry Fisher, Clearlake, WA   21 Aug 2002

very interesting site – pearson i r, England   19 Aug 2002

Very informative site. Thanks for all the facts. – Michael J. Weinstein, Syosset, Long Island, NY   11 Aug 2002

This web site was very informative, I can't believe how greedy people can be. – Jennifer, Hawaii   10 Aug 2002

I am always amazed at the depths of greed. This is a story that needs to be retold so that those of us who have the power to protect our fellow humans take the responsibility seriously. – Michele Snyder , Pennsylvania   23 Jul 2002

i believe that this tragety was one that could have been avoided and, like most trageties, didnt and shoundnt have happened. – C.A.S, Maryland   16 Jul 2002

I hope all the victums rest in peace and I wish it would have been better for you. – Shaira Graulau, 2311 southern blvd   15 Jul 2002

Very informative...good job. – J.King, Lula GA   1 Jul 2002

Thank You for this Site – Barry Hammond, England   30 Jun 2002

I read someone mention "Leon Stein's book".What is the title? Is it available? Congratulations on a great work!!! – Gloria, San Juan, Puerto Rico   30 Jun 2002

I found the personal comments of the real people a meaningful glimpse of our past. – R.J. Tipple, Scotia, N.Y.   29 Jun 2002

researching the repetitive natures of the employer towards labor – Douglas Carey, Portland, Or   18 Jun 2002

I read about this tradgedy in school many years ago , but it still holds a place in my heart for the struggles the immigrants went thruogh just to try to have a better life .To be exploited by the far more greedy Americans that can take advantage and then not take the punishment for their crimes instead call it nobody's fault just a tradgedy which it is one of our nation's saddest times. – P.D.R., Texas   8 Jun 2002

Excellent site - far more depth and content than I expected. – Betsy, Ohio   3 Jun 2002

i need to know more about this – qwerty, france   27 May 2002

Though these men and women died on March 25,1911 I do not believe they are forgotten. I think everytime we are called back to reality when a new tragedy hits, like 9/11, we tend to remember the other days in history, where our country has suffered loss. I may be bold in saying that the deaths of these people have done so much to help the refcorm of labor laws, but it's true and their sacrifices do not go unocticed. I first learned of this fire when I asked my 9th grade social studies teacher if he had any recommendations for my semester project for his class. I noted that I was interested in laws and how they were made. He mentioned the fire to me, and I have been doing research for four months now. The project is due tomorrow, and I am so grateful that I came across this site. It is beautifully put together and truly touches every aspect of the Triangle Fire. Thank you. I will never forget that tragic day, or the people who died. – A.R., Wisconsin   23 May 2002


My grandfathers 2nd cousin Annie Pack died in the Triangle Shirtwait Co. fire. What a horror it must have been for him to identify the body for his cousin. I only recent learned of this family tragedy while doing genealogy research. There is no other site like this one honoring the memory of a family member. Bless You. – Toby Bey, Florida   12 May 2002

wow – dc, florida   9 May 2002

I've done a report on sweatshops and the images are disturbing and horrifying. I just hope and pray that something like this never happens again. The children, women, and elderly, how could someone have the heart to do what they did to these people. I'm really greatful for the jobs that are around today. – Shanon Youngblood, South Carolina   3 May 2002

I'm also a student doing a history day project at the state level on the triangle shirtwaist fire. I would greatly appreciate if anyone who knows relatives of witnesses or survivors to contact me with any information, documents, or photos. This site has been a tremendous help to the documentary and the pictures it provides are great. Thank you for all of the great research! – Loren Van Huss, Houston, TX   2 May 2002

I came to this site expecting just a drab account of what happened in the Asch Building in 1911, but what I found was an in depth web site. While reading this site and and looking at the pictures my heart began to grieve for all those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. I grieve for those who witnessed this terrible ordeal. This kind of thing does not leave the mind or the heart easy. My prayers continue to go out to the decendants of those who were murdered by those animals who saw fit to treat human beings like beasts. – NaKia Coleman, Arkansas   1 May 2002

I am writing an allied arts curriculum for fifth grade American History. (Struggle in Song). As part of my struggle for labor unions I came upon this fantastic site. Thank you!! – Andrea Low, Scottsdale,AZ   1 May 2002

This site was a great help to me for a paper i wa writing i couldn't have dine it without this site – SMK, IL   28 Apr 2002

Hallo ihr Auswanderer aus Deutschland. Gibt es von Euch auch welche aus Sachsen? W├╝rde gern Kontakt aufnehmen. Oder evtl. mit Sachsen-Klubs in USA oder auch Kanada. Vielleicht schreibt mir jemand. Meine Mail-Adresse: – Christian, Deutschland   26 Apr 2002

I like your "write to us" . I hope it will continue on . Thank you!!!!! This is the best fire site ever because it answers my question and future questions. – Stephen, Canada,Ontario,Markham   22 Apr 2002

I am enrolled in a Codes and Standards class at the local Fire Academy and I was instructed to write a paper on the Triangle Fire. This site and the book by Leon Stein have been the best sources I could ask for. My heart goes out to all of the factory workers who were horrendously slaughtered by these animals. All I can say is God help this world when I become a Fire Inspector. The recent events of 9-11-01 are eerily similar. Having spent 3 days in NYC's ground zero in the days that followed with search and rescue, I can only begin to imagine the horror of the people in NYC at the time of the triangle fire. GOD BLESS THE USA. – Bonnie, Southern NJ   21 Apr 2002

in my earlier comments i forgot to give a way for any relatives of the survivors to reach me so here's my email adress- THANKS!! – allie, texas   16 Apr 2002

i am doinga history project at the state level and i was wondering if there are any relatives of the survivors that i might be able to get in touch with i would love to hear what you have to say and i appreciate any info you have to offer. Thanks!! – allie, texas   16 Apr 2002

I have taught my students about the Triangle fire for many years. Your site is excellent. The primary documents are especially moving. I can't help but see the similarities between the events of 1911 and the events of 9-11-01. – Emily Thomas, Prof. of History, Oxford, MA   11 Apr 2002

Just doing a bit of research before I direct a production of Rags, part of which is a shirtwaist factory fire. – Michael Gareau, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   8 Apr 2002

I'm a student doing a History Day project on the state level about the Triangle Fire. If there are any relatives of survivors or victims who would be willing to offer information, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Thank you very much. – Megan Nelson, California   7 Apr 2002

I want to see the pictures! – Becky, Michigan   7 Apr 2002

My Grandfather,John Shortt,was a teenager working nearby at a bookbinding business,and spoke of seeing this nightmare first hand.Thank you for providing this site,so these victims are not forgotten,and so we can learn about one of several historic moments John witnessed during his life.Soon after this day, his cousin,Elizabeth Dowdell,survived the Titanic disaster,despite being in third class.Another example of how the lives of the poor,and working class were held to a lower value. – Tim Shortt, Melbourne,Florida   6 Apr 2002

I am learning about the Triangle Fire in schoool and my class is holding a court cass to prove how the fire started and im on the defence site fiting to prove that the owners of the company did not start the fire!! – AH, Kansas   4 Apr 2002

My great grandmother was a worker in this factory. She thankfully survived. What a great site! – Chelsea Wolff, Columbia, Maryland   1 Apr 2002

what a wonderful site,I worked for the A.T.F. for over twenty years, most of it spent in south america. These murders are common down there as there are few honest police in the country to stop it.I find it amazing that the powers what be don't take offense at the information you provide. Keep up the good work. This country needs a wake up call as to the rotten job the i.n.s. is doing. Labor laws will always be side-stepped in pursuit of the filthy green of the dollar, (I think that our money should come in a blood-red color to illistrate the deaths that it always bring. keep up the good work...Lynn Shanks, Fresno Califrnia – shanks, ca.   27 Mar 2002

The horror, fear and confounded circumstance that results in choosing to jump to one's death over death by fire or other has haunted me since I first learned about this disaster...Indeed the sight of desperate and trapped people in the World Trade Center Towers...The horror that produces such acts of deperation rings as terrifying and arresting today as the images of 9 - 11 still so freshly vivid to us all ! – J. Devenish, Toronto, Canada   26 Mar 2002

These women and men who lost their lives are not forgotten. Thank you to those who help to keep this history alive. May we not forget that these sweatshops still exist, and that there is a need to shut them down. Let thier souls and thier families find rest. – Veronica Oney, Arlington Tx USA   26 Mar 2002

This site shows what was at one time accepted but must never be forgotten. – Charles Callen, E.Vandergrift,Pa.   25 Mar 2002

Today is the 91st anniversary of the Triangle Fire and I thought it important to visit this site if only for a little while. It allows me to pay my respects to those innocent people who lost their lives on that terrible day. Their deaths were not in vain. I am a teacher and every year, I retell the story of the Triangle Fire and remind students of the blessings we have because of the sacrifices of those who came before us. Thank you for this site. – Jim Flanagan, Syracuse, New York   25 Mar 2002

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