Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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this is a good website. – m, nj   22 Oct 2001

This site helped to better understand when and how today's work related laws became a priority – EG, San Antonio, Tx   21 Oct 2001

In light of recent events in NYC your site added historic perspective to urban tragedy & development. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the sinking of the General Slocum had a profound impact upon NYer's - both emotionally and socially. What will be the long term remifications of the WTC attack for NY and its – DStraub, Brooklyn   17 Oct 2001

This website provided great information for my history assignment. Thanks for all of the detailed information! – AD, Eau Claire, WI   14 Oct 2001


Fabulous site! Thought you would like to know you were cited in Texas Woman's University "Women in Business" course. I see why! – CP, Texas   4 Oct 2001

Hi, We're from the Montague Adult Learning Center. We are a adult education class in Turners Falls, MA. We were feeling dramatic from the stories about the fire that our teacher told us about. So many people died unnecessarily. Thank you for reporting on this. It's too bad that a tragedy like that had to happen for industries to understand that we're all human beings. Sincerely, Jacqueline Carlo, Mary Jamieson, Venus Osbie, and Michelle Aguilar – Montague Adult Learning Center, Turners Falls, MA   3 Oct 2001

This website is an awesome place to find information. It's really easy to understand and has a lot of primary sources I can use on my History Fair Project. Thanks so much for this site! – Jennifer, Houston ,Tx   1 Oct 2001

this site helped my daughter with history fair!thank you. – Nancy Manley, houston texas   30 Sep 2001

Thank you for this informative web site. It really helped me better understand what exactly happened on that horrible day. – Maureen,   29 Sep 2001

Your website provides great details, links, and information for my college paper! – Melanie, Massachusetts   27 Sep 2001

What a terrific resource this site is! Kudoes on an extremely well-researched, well-designed, and informative webite. – Brooke Schreier, New York, NY   20 Sep 2001

I just want to thank you for this great website! It has a ton of information presented in a clear and concise way about the horrible tragedy. Thank you! – JHN,   19 Sep 2001

your website helped me answer a question asked by mt college profesor, "how did government and work conditions chande if at all as a result of the fire." thanks!! – jill, appleton   18 Sep 2001

I was channel surfing and came upon the disaster being featured in a PBS documentary about New York. This was riveting and horrifying at the same time. NYC's Titanic story. We should never forget them! – Sarah, Reading, PA   6 Sep 2001

I learned about the fire through a school project. I've been working on a report about the reforms that took place. It's very sad that an occasion like this had to occur in order for reform to happen, and to get rid of all the sweatshops. – Amber , Chuluota, Florida   2 Sep 2001

Very powerful! My wife, co-founder and President of her union, is the granddaughter of one of the survivors. I will bring her to this site. Thanks so much. Especially appreciate the linkage to contemporary tragedies/stuggles and the fight against today's sweatshops. There is power in the union, and union maids! – Steve, Seattle   1 Sep 2001

First learned about the fire in my Labor History class. This can happen again if we don't organize and take a stand against predatory corporations. – RMM, Chicago, IL   31 Aug 2001

I have tears in my eyes because I'm sooo happy to have found this sight. I study labor history and this social travesty is one in which I am profusely interested. I just ordered Leon Steins' book, it was out of print several years ago when I first looked for it. Thank you thank you thank you, I can't thank you enough!!! – Judy Barber, Kawkawlin, Mi   30 Aug 2001

I just learned about the fire in a novel, "Dreamland" by Kevin Baker. After exploring your great site, I find that his description of the event, with fictional characters added, is very accurate. I plan to visit the site this weekend. – RJB, Rockville Centre, NY   29 Aug 2001

I've recently purchased Leon Steins's text "The Triangle Fire." Great read. As a Fire Captain I provide direction to our personnel in fire code enforcement, and I teach an industrial fire protection course at a local community college. A great resource into the socio-economic and cultural influences related to fire-safety in America. A real tragedy, in which very similar values, beliefs, and practices continue to exist in our culture today. I, our firefighters, and my students will benefit from the information provided by this wonderful website. Great job!! – Doug Hall, Colorado   21 Aug 2001

THank you so much for this great resource! I am doing n involved report and it was a great place to find relevant primary documents...I don't know what I would have done without this source. THanks for waking me up to the horrors of this fire and the incredible way that it effected labor reform! – AJB, Florida   19 Aug 2001

I first learned of the fire from a brief account in "New York", an illustrated history by Ric Burns et al. It tells how young girls got courage to grasp a futile chance of life or face death together by joining hands as they leaped from a high window. It moved me to tears. – Keith MacDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland   19 Aug 2001

After much personal research on my own, this site certainly fills in the gaps. I had wanted to learn more about this fire and to give these poor long forgotten victims a name and a voice. You have done so, with our thanks. – DMH, Greenville, SC   30 Jul 2001

I first learned about this tragedy many years ago as a 5th grader. It has haunted me ever since. This is wonderful site dedicated to this senseless tragedy. 90 years after this tradedy my heart breaks for not only the victims, but the surviors and families as well. – A. Roman, Bridgewater , New Jersey   19 Jul 2001

I first became aware of this terrible tragedy while watching a documentary on New York. and thought to myself how could such a terrible happen. – Anne Lipton, Roanoke Virginia   18 Jul 2001

After visting your site a number of weeks ago, I made it a point to stop at Washington Pl. and Greene St. in Manhattan today. I stood staring for a long time at the eighth and ninth floors. I glanced down as an older gentleman passed me on the street and I could tell he knew what I had been staring at. I saw his face fall as his own memories flooded back... I simply wish reality didn't contain things like violent death. Fat lot of good wishing does. – JG, Montclair, NJ   16 Jul 2001

I was surprised to learn that the New York Public Library only has one adult book available on the subject. All the other books, which are few, are for children. I asked the librarian at my branch in Staten Island if I could donate books about the fire and she said she would put them on the shelves as long as they were in good condition. She feels they should be on the shelves. – md, staten island   11 Jul 2001

My God, My God... I wish we could say we never have to worry about a tragedy such as this again, but the fact remains that sweat shop factories in disrepair still exist. PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR GARMENT TAGS FOR THE UNION OR MADE IN THE USA LABEL. Sweat shops must not be tolerated. Thank you for reminding us all what happens when we ign – Michele Nevills, Chandler, Arizona   30 Jun 2001

This is an awesome site! I first learned about the fire from an email I got last year. I went out and found a copy of Leon Stein's book. It was so interesting and it was filled with so much information. Thanks for making such a wonderf – Erin, Cali   28 Jun 2001

Thank you. – nm, Arizona   26 Jun 2001

i first got interested in the fire with the song "my little shirtwaste fire" by rasputina.. i looked for information on the web about the fire, and this site really had a lot of information. – josh, sault ste marie, michigan   21 Jun 2001

I first became aware of the tragedy when I saw the last part of the TV movie back in 1979. I was only 13 at the time and I couldn't find any info about the fire. I bought the video recently. The movie isn't very good but it gave me the idea to do an Internet search and I found your beautiful site. Thank you so much for your great work. – Diane, Montreal, Canada   19 Jun 2001

After touring your site, I can deeply feel the horror of the Triangle factory fire. Thankfully we've learned from this tragedy but there is clearly more work to be done. Your site is fantastic. Your efforts should be applauded. – Laura Winig, Boston, Massachusetts   18 Jun 2001

This fire- what horrors! Being English i know little of American history, and even less, well nothing actually, of Anerican labor history. We, English, always think the US is way ahead of us in labor laws, workers rights, womens rights. Well, this has opened my eyes! i know even today here in the UK there still are workers subject to these conditions of work. Mostly asylum seekers, from Europe, who are not allowed to work legally. Keep up the good work of letting the world know about workers explotation. The 21st century - how far has the human race advanced? Workers of the world unite! – Linda Savage, London, England   16 Jun 2001

My great grandmother worked across from the building, I grew up with the stories. We should take a look at our sweatshops (meatpacking especially) in this country now. – Suzanne Reitwiesner, Old Saybrook, CT   13 Jun 2001

After seeing a story of the fire on the History Channel (I believe) I thought it was important to speak of this disaster in my business ethics class at Virginia Tech. This was an important, albeit horrific, moment in the U.S. in terms of employer/employee relations. You website allowed me to find extra information and visual aids for the students to view and feel the magnitude of this disaster. – Brad D. Geiger, Blacksburg, VA   13 Jun 2001

New York has always been very special to me. I grew up in this wonderfully crazy town and although I have lived most of my life here, I never really knew much about it. The Triangle fire is, unfortunately, a part of American history -- one we should never forget. Hearing and reading about the tragedy makes me realize how very small I am compared to the men and women who worked so very hard to make a life for themselves and their families in a completely new land. Thank you for your website. I will definitely come back to visit and to remember all those who perished while seeking the American dream. – Lynette Feliciano, Queens, NY   10 Jun 2001

As a specialist in occupational health and safety, this is a great site!! Some of these conditions still exist, which is one reason to study the past. The breadth of your site and use of primary resources is terrific. – Bill patterson, MD, MPH, Newton, MA   6 Jun 2001

I did find the site very intersting. For years I have been trying to find out more information about the fire. I had been to the Asch building which is now a part of NYU in 1993 and said a silent prayer for the 147 lives lost in the fire. I will visit this site again. – Harry Miller, North Bergen , NJ   25 May 2001

Outstanding site. It's saddening to know that this happened in our country to so many young women. Two of those girls were 14 years old. They'll never get the chance to do all the things that normal 14 year olds do. This was an oturageous injustice and it unfair that the criminal got off scotfree. – Jenn, New York State   25 May 2001

I was impressed with your original design, but your recent additions have made this a truly AWESOME site. I will continue to require students to go to it for US history courses. Y'all should be nominated for the AAHC History Website of year!!! – Dave Price, Gainesville, FL   23 May 2001

As someone who has been interested in the "TRIANGLE FIRE" for over 40 years or better, I Thought it was well done. Some of the same conditions exist to-day. People must be made aware of what happened, and what can still happen,ie. the HappyLand fire, also in N.Y.C. Strange, but it also occurred on March 25th. I have come to Washington Place and Greene Street on the anniversary every year for about 40 years. Keep the site active and updated, please. I will visit it often. Three members of my family were lost on that terrible day. Well done. – V.C. Maltese, Bayside, N.Y.   22 May 2001

Cool! – S. Harman, Jarfland, DE   22 May 2001

hey im doin a report on this fire thing and if anyone can e-mail me anything bout this i would appreciate it! – Jessyca, Jerzi   22 May 2001

This site is very well done. I was moved by the striking stories of the young women that were victimized by the greed of their bosses and the general apathy of business to the safety of their workers at the time. – TKJ, Tyrone. PA   21 May 2001

I like a this story. I think this so importen – Max B, Arlington   21 May 2001

My Great Grandfather Joseph Biggers was a fireman at this fire. It gives me great pleasure to see such an informative site about the fire. Thanks! – Tom Biggers, New York   17 May 2001


This site is full of history. Thanx! Bye – DGA,   8 May 2001

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