Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I want to see the pictures! – Becky, Michigan   7 Apr 2002

My Grandfather,John Shortt,was a teenager working nearby at a bookbinding business,and spoke of seeing this nightmare first hand.Thank you for providing this site,so these victims are not forgotten,and so we can learn about one of several historic moments John witnessed during his life.Soon after this day, his cousin,Elizabeth Dowdell,survived the Titanic disaster,despite being in third class.Another example of how the lives of the poor,and working class were held to a lower value. – Tim Shortt, Melbourne,Florida   6 Apr 2002

I am learning about the Triangle Fire in schoool and my class is holding a court cass to prove how the fire started and im on the defence site fiting to prove that the owners of the company did not start the fire!! – AH, Kansas   4 Apr 2002

My great grandmother was a worker in this factory. She thankfully survived. What a great site! – Chelsea Wolff, Columbia, Maryland   1 Apr 2002

what a wonderful site,I worked for the A.T.F. for over twenty years, most of it spent in south america. These murders are common down there as there are few honest police in the country to stop it.I find it amazing that the powers what be don't take offense at the information you provide. Keep up the good work. This country needs a wake up call as to the rotten job the i.n.s. is doing. Labor laws will always be side-stepped in pursuit of the filthy green of the dollar, (I think that our money should come in a blood-red color to illistrate the deaths that it always bring. keep up the good work...Lynn Shanks, Fresno Califrnia – shanks, ca.   27 Mar 2002

The horror, fear and confounded circumstance that results in choosing to jump to one's death over death by fire or other has haunted me since I first learned about this disaster...Indeed the sight of desperate and trapped people in the World Trade Center Towers...The horror that produces such acts of deperation rings as terrifying and arresting today as the images of 9 - 11 still so freshly vivid to us all ! – J. Devenish, Toronto, Canada   26 Mar 2002

These women and men who lost their lives are not forgotten. Thank you to those who help to keep this history alive. May we not forget that these sweatshops still exist, and that there is a need to shut them down. Let thier souls and thier families find rest. – Veronica Oney, Arlington Tx USA   26 Mar 2002

This site shows what was at one time accepted but must never be forgotten. – Charles Callen, E.Vandergrift,Pa.   25 Mar 2002

Today is the 91st anniversary of the Triangle Fire and I thought it important to visit this site if only for a little while. It allows me to pay my respects to those innocent people who lost their lives on that terrible day. Their deaths were not in vain. I am a teacher and every year, I retell the story of the Triangle Fire and remind students of the blessings we have because of the sacrifices of those who came before us. Thank you for this site. – Jim Flanagan, Syracuse, New York   25 Mar 2002

Your site was informative and gives great insight into the importance of workers rights. As a union member I applaud your site. – johanna schneider, Long Beach, NY 11561   23 Mar 2002

Thanks for this powerful site that brings to life the sadness and tragedy of the Triangle Fire. My students at Bel Air High School are using this site for further resource and insight--and the development of questions--of early American industrial life of the 1900's. – Robert Alan Handy, Bel Air, Maryland   22 Mar 2002

I just came from the today's commemoration ceremony where it is a very cold 30 degrees. The turnout of firefighters, union organizers and supporters, and onlookers is far greater than in past years. As one can imagine, this year's acknowledgement of one of the truly horrific tragedies in New York City's history is all the more powerful and meaningful after the September 11th attacks. Thank you Kheel Center and Cornell University for your ongoing research presented in a beautifully organized site. – D. Rejtmar, New York University, NY   22 Mar 2002

Just finished Leon Stein's book - your site, esp. the audio interviews, brought history to life. reminds me of the circus fire in hartford, ct - seems only after tragedy are changes made. life is so precious;thank you. – Catherine McC, Roselle, NJ   21 Mar 2002

I am grateful for this site. It has so much information on the fire. – Lateefa Shaw, Brooklyn, NY   21 Mar 2002

I think that your page is very good. It helped me learn. Thanks for a very thing. – Marina, USA NJ   20 Mar 2002

Thanks – D. W. Nichols, York, Pennsylvania   19 Mar 2002

thanks for helping w/ my report! i recived an a+ – jamie fletcher, west monroe   19 Mar 2002

This was a great, and helpful sight and I'm so glad that I found it 'cause it provided so much great info. – Hershey, STL   19 Mar 2002

I think that the fire was tragid and could have been avoided if the company would not have locked the doors and if they would have had more fire escapes. – Amanda, Missouri   18 Mar 2002

I really liked your page. It made it wasy for me to learn about the fire and what went on with it. Thanks. – Sarah Jane, Pittsburgh Pa   17 Mar 2002

I'm doing a short sotry of the fire for school and hopefully it will be great 'cause of the info I got here!!! – C.S., Wayne, Pennslvania   12 Mar 2002

Not only is your site great, but the links are really informative too! Thanks for shedding more light on this subject matter for me! – Jill, Connecticut   10 Mar 2002

Thank you--For Herstory's sake! I was led to this exquisitely presented report via the United Food and Commercial Worker's site as I researched International Women's Day activities in the U.S. 'Still far to go.... Again, great job! – CG, Los Angeles   9 Mar 2002

A great website about a sad story. I will mention this web page in my next article in Local 211 (UAW) News – Stormin' Norman Jones, Ottawa, Ohio   8 Mar 2002

I went to this site for a school project and had only a little problem finding needed info. – JLW, MILWAUKEE   6 Mar 2002

I heard about the Triangle fire from a programme on German TV, and found your site very helpfull and informative for further research. The history of industrial labour is the history of our immediate anchestors, so I think it very important to learn about hte fights and the sufferings of the men and women whose efforts made our comfortable life possible. – Peter K.,, Solingen, Germany   6 Mar 2002

This website is by far the most informative site I have ever come across. We briefly discussed this terrible incident, in my women's studies class and I wanted to learn more about it. Luckily I came across your site, which has provided me with more information than I could have ever hoped for, Thank you... – M.K, Baltimore, MD   4 Mar 2002

Learned about site through Online History Class, which required us to use it in answering an essay question. Very appealing! Great Job! – Jason Vander Weele, Sheboygan, WI   4 Mar 2002

This is a very informative site. I learned a lot. – s.t.g., mississippi   3 Mar 2002

This is an amazing resource! I am a community college history instructor who is always looking for a way to make the past live for my students. This is marvelous. – brstites, Van Nuys, CA   3 Mar 2002

Young people must learn that history is not the dry recitation of dates and facts, but the vibrant story of how people lived. Thank you for putting a human face on one of the tragic episodes of New York City --and American--history. – Robert D. Rauch, Bayside, NY   27 Feb 2002

Amazing website... I found more information in 5 minutes than I could have hoped to find in 2 hours! – HK, Bartlett, IL   26 Feb 2002

I first learned about the Triangle fire in the 1993 issue of PIECEWORK Magazine, and have never forgotten it. Thank you for keeping this tragic history alive. Its too easy to say it will never happen again, and yet it does. Thank you. – Marti J., California   25 Feb 2002

This is a really great website! – m & n, Ohio   24 Feb 2002

This is a great site! I'm doing a research paper, and this has helped me so much!!..You guys ROCK..this is exactly what I need to find!..THANK YOU!!!!!!! – Isabel, Nashville, TN   24 Feb 2002

I serve as the Deputy Fire Marshal for Salt Lake County. I teach at the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy. This information is required reading for my classes. Thank you for keeping the history fresh, and in our lives. My we never see such horror again. – Boyd Johnson, Orem Utah   23 Feb 2002

just the ONE! – Ian Kirk , Scotland   23 Feb 2002

thanks – m.o., antartica   22 Feb 2002

Great web site!!!!!!!!!!!1 – Blake Robertson, Vincent, Alabama   20 Feb 2002

cool – DF, New York   17 Feb 2002

This is a very informative Site! Thanks it really helped with my history paper. This was a tragety for many people.I'm glad laws were made to make safer employment. – Mae, Marinette, Wi.   12 Feb 2002

This is a sad site – jill, marinette   11 Feb 2002

great site i used this to help me study for my ap us history test thanks – len, raleigh   11 Feb 2002

Interesting, informative , site. – Kristine, Chepachet, RI   8 Feb 2002

This site is very helpful. My AP Government class is working on a history fair entry and the sources provided by this website are simplifying things and making this project very enjoyable! – Safia Ktiri-Idrissi, Texas   8 Feb 2002

thanks for the valuable reasources! – Marge, Colorado   4 Feb 2002

cool – drs, oregon   4 Feb 2002

This site has been such a great resource for my history paper. Thank you! – Gwen R, Natick, MA   4 Feb 2002

Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful site! The info here is beyond compare! I will be recomending it to all the history teachers at my high school. – E. White, Madison, WI   2 Feb 2002

I just read Leon Stein's "The Triangle Fire" The book was very descriptive and touching. Seeing the pictures, however, brings a whole new demension to the story of these real women. I will keep this wonderful site in mind for my students to explore for class. – Liz M., Las Cruces, NM   30 Jan 2002

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