Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This site does a really good job of bringing this tragic event to life. The primary documents offered are incredible. Thanks a lot. – Lindsay, Massachusetts   26 Jan 2005

This site is an amazing and valuable resource. A great blend of primary and secondary sources. Thank you! Please keep it up. – Ben Hill (Teacher), Oregon   25 Jan 2005

Curious about the Triangle of Fire, and how it works. – Jerij, Riverside,CA   24 Jan 2005

good and intresting – neha (radio presenter), fiji   24 Jan 2005

Where do you get to the information? – Chloe Rose, California   23 Jan 2005

I think the site needs more information for kids to do projects!!!! – Curtis Scott, Georgetown, SC   21 Jan 2005

I think the could make a movie out this book too. – Ashlee jackosn, pontiac michigan   20 Jan 2005

I learned a lot from the book. it's a very very good that everybody needs to read. – Ashlee jackosn, pontiac michigan   20 Jan 2005

i think that your website shopuld have more information on it to help kids make projects of the information. – samantha, lockport   19 Jan 2005

I just finished reading "Ashes of Roses" and wanted to learn more about the Triangle Fire. This site is invaluable for an understanding of the true horror and magnitude of this tragedy. – Joanne Fleming, New York   18 Jan 2005

It saddens me that all of these young women and men were so horriblely taken from this world and no one was held accountable. Such numbers should be considered sufficient enough to be held accountable to the owners for failure to help all the others and not just save their's a shame. God rest their souls. – Cindy A, Dallas, Georgia   16 Jan 2005

I want to see a illustration of the firetriangle – j mcleod,   13 Jan 2005

hi what can i find on the fire – Rebekah, jordan MN   11 Jan 2005

I have been interested in Triangle for many years, ever since I saw it depicted in a scene at a wax museum. It is very surprising that an event such as this does not have the place it deserves in the current history curriculum of our school system. You have an exceptional website and deserve kudos for the good work that you are doing. – Joe Schultz, Linden, Nw Jersey   7 Jan 2005

this site was truely informative and was a great asset in my research on legislation in the early 20th century – richard garland, Alaska   7 Jan 2005

If you grew up Jewish or Italian in New York in my generation (I turn 61 next month), the Triangle is part of our collective memory. What you have done here is educate beyond just affecting the emotions--and oddly or not, once knowledge is absorbed, the emotional force of the episode becomes even more terrible. The tragedy is that our children and grandchildren are growing up knowing exactly nothing about the history of labor, their own peoples, even their country. Ignorance may help some people but not those who need to remember. – Kenneth Wolman, Sea Bright, NJ   7 Jan 2005

My great grand mother was Julia Rosen and Israel Rosen was my great uncle. They did not die in vain. I wish their was more documentation on them. – Jennifer Rosen, Kansas City, Missouri   6 Jan 2005

I think this website is awesome and as a student it provided alot of information for my project and thanks for remembering this event which not alot of people know about. – Kimberly Ngo, Glendale Heights, il   6 Jan 2005

I'm so pleased to find this helpful site. Thank you – Mary Nagle, Bahrain   5 Jan 2005

I'm a relative of the Blanck family very interested in speaking with Harris or Blanck family members. The Kheel Center is an amazing gift in our lives. I thank them for all of their brilliant work. My e mail is – sbh, ca   4 Jan 2005

I am the great grandson of Josepfina Carlisi,a victim of the fire.I remember hearing about my grand mother dying in this famous fire but never knew anything about it,until a friend showed me a copy of the book,"THE TRIANGLE FIRE" and saw her name in among the list of victims,now I want to know as much as I can about what happened,I will be researching my family history,and this will be an interresting entry in my family tree, but also it will help me connect with a family member that I never knew, and no one could tell me about,since my grandfather was only 2yrs old when she died and he had no memory of her thank you for this site it has been blessing to me and will continue to use it for a source of infomation – Robert J Curatolo, Sayville, NewYork   3 Jan 2005

An amazing collection of information about one of the most horrible events and, indeed, one of the most important events of the early 20th century, which helped direct later changes for industrial workers. Very facinating photos, letters, and newspaper articles. This is a wonderful inspiration for my new project. – Glen Werline, Los Angeles   29 Dec 2004

this was a horable thing – lsw, ogema   28 Dec 2004

Are there any good sites on The Meat Inspection Act of 1906?? – Adilah Rehman, NYC   19 Dec 2004

This site is really amazing! We need more sites like this. Great job on this! – Adilah Rehman, New York, NY   19 Dec 2004

I like this site a lote i had a lot of fun on it. i wish that more sites had thjis much info!!!!! Thank u!!!!! – Miss, NJ   16 Dec 2004

this is a great site for research papers. nice job. – claire, missouri   15 Dec 2004

I am the grandson of Rebecca (Betty) Brownstein or Braunstein a finisher at Triangle and a survivor of the fire. Iwould have liked to see a list of the survivors of the fire. – Martin Kratz, West Palm Beach, Florida   13 Dec 2004

We are going to read "Ashes of Roses" in my American Studies class, so have been reading "The Triangle Fire" by Von Drehle [a great read, by the way!] and saw his reference to this site. I hope to use it in my class. – ASP, Lebanon, NH   11 Dec 2004

This was one of the most terrifying things to ever happen. – kylie, Oregon   10 Dec 2004

thanks for the information. the photos were a big help to a big help to a patron at our library. – bess, knoxville, tn   7 Dec 2004

I read the book "Ashes of Roses"(very good book about the fire, written by Mary Jane Auch)) and I wanted to figure out a little more about the fire. Very interesting. Thanks! – Kelly S., MN   6 Dec 2004

You have got to put more information on your website about the inspector and some other workers i didnt get any of the information i was looking for. – Jennifer, nj   6 Dec 2004

What a horrific tragedy! Thanks for the informative website - I wish there were more like this. – Monika Cloys, Buena Vista, CO   5 Dec 2004

i am doing a report on the factory fire and i can't imagine what it would be like to have to go through that horrible tragety. all of the people who perished in this appaling event in our nations history are my heros. – meghan, nj   4 Dec 2004


Is There a girl named Rosie who occured in the triangle fire – Franchesca Ortiz, Brooklyn   30 Nov 2004

I can't imagine what this horrible scene must have been like . My heart goes out to all who lost loved-ones in this fire. But it is a very informitive site keep up the good work – J.F.S., Massachusetts   26 Nov 2004

i love this thing its interesting – jj, rochester   23 Nov 2004

thank you so much for making this site. i had to write a paper on working conditions in factories during the late 19th/ early 20th centuries. this site was one of my main resourses. my teacher was really impressed that my bibliography included newspapers, letters, and audio/video recordings. Thanks! – CDB, Massachusetts   21 Nov 2004

i thought that was so sad about what happen about this tradey i didn't really realize history but know i do that was really sad because of the people that was jumping out of the windows that was reall;y said i hope all of thoese people that have died went to heaven – shawntay, kansas city kansas   19 Nov 2004

well i was just reading about this event and i didn't like this one little bit because it was real sad and why did they have little kids doing that is not right one little bit – ariel shawntay cowans, kansas city kansas   19 Nov 2004

This is a good website for info and other things jrh – jrh, surry va   19 Nov 2004

I feel that this article is a great experenice to read about.I also so think that people can contribute by doing plays. This will help them understand history and the things that has happened in the past. This help to improve our saftey by not locking fire hazards and I hope god bless the people who lose their lives. Sara – Sara Jenkins, Mississippi   18 Nov 2004

this site shocked me. i am preparing for a visual presentation about teh triangle shirtwaist factory fire with my friend and it was quite "visual." it is a horrific event. A mass murder if you will – s.s., new york city   17 Nov 2004

This site is very good; I am doing a report for school on this fire and it is really good. I got a lot of information from this acticle and I'm going to get a good grade. I had a aunt from ireland who died in this fire and this makes me think about what she had to go throught and suffer. It must have been horrible. Thanks for all the help! : ) – Kristy , Maryland   17 Nov 2004

great site – dana mount, Old Bridge, NJ   16 Nov 2004

your website has helped me so much with my history report and i would like you to know that i got an A thanks to your incredible website! Thanks for having the website you were very helpful! – ACM, nanuet   16 Nov 2004

i loved all the information, but the only problem is, there are many differences in the information like the number that died, were survived, etc ....but thanks for all the info! – amber d.d., springfield, ma   16 Nov 2004

It was very sad to see all the pictures but all the information was extremely good to know for school since we are learning about this fire. It was a very good site. Thanks a bunch! – Amy & Megan, Rhinelander Wisconsin   15 Nov 2004

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