Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I love this website-I had to do a report on it and this website was very helpful! – JEH, Red Lion   22 Mar 2005

My Maternal Grandmother Delores Immacolata Penza worked as an embroider in the Traingle Shirtwaist Factory. My Grandmother burnt her hand very badly while ironing a blouse she was going to wear to work and was spared from certain death since she could not go to work that day. – Joseph Seneca, Orange,New Jersey   18 Mar 2005

Thank you so much for this beautifully presented site. My students will be visiting it next term. This site is well planned, and gives the student the opportunity to make their own critical assessment of original sources. It's just a wonderful example of the learning opportunities that can be made available via the internet. Thanks again. – S. Collingwood, Columbus Ohio   16 Mar 2005

nothing helpful is here – rrl, ct   14 Mar 2005

I am to play a Union Worker who witnessed the fire in "The Crimson Thread" by Mary Hanes. Thank you for this information. It's heartbreaking. – Josephine Hall, Westminster, Colorado   12 Mar 2005

Great Teaching tool--brings history alive and makes it quite relevant – EH, Lexington VA   10 Mar 2005

On International Women's Day, I went to the site to review it's history. There was a line about the Triangle Disaster. Curiosity brought me to this site. I went through all the emotions and as a native New Yorker I felt deeply for the victims and their families. I salute the University for their research and presentation. I especially appreciate being able to listen to the audio of the survivors' account of that fateful day. It gave me a real connection to these courageous people. Thank you. – Tina, New Jersey   9 Mar 2005

i think this is a great site and that it gives a lot of indepth information about the fire – Savannah, St. Louis MI   9 Mar 2005

Very moving and horrifying at the same time. – Amanda, Indiana   8 Mar 2005

Mis felicitaciones por este sitio en Internet. Al mismo tiempo que me informa sobre el trágico evento, también me enseña a realizar investigaciones. ¡Muchas felicidades! – Rubén Piñera, Aguascalientes, México   8 Mar 2005

This site is very informal. I appreciate the universtiy sponsoring this report. – Steve , Munster   7 Mar 2005

I just finished reading Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch in which she credits thise siite. What a tragedy! I thank you for making the information available online. – VLK, New Hope, VA   6 Mar 2005

this is a wonderfull page about the Triangle Factory Fire – Ernesto, Roswell, NM   2 Mar 2005

I found this site after reading the original article whick was very interesting and I wanted to use this for my presentation to my fellow classmates. – Olay Viloria, Sacramento, CA   2 Mar 2005

I was horrified when I had first started learning about the Triangle Factory Fire. I am now eager as ever to find out more about it! Great site. – Melissa, Altamonte Springs, Florida   1 Mar 2005

Thank you for your site. since that fire it shows how more advanced we have become in our technialigy. It was a hororrible thing that happened – M.C., D,Tx   28 Feb 2005

this was a very horrible and historical event.sad but true it is – chelsey cooksey , texas   28 Feb 2005

a tragedy that will not be repeated...god willing – michelle smith, houston texas   28 Feb 2005

this site was not so much helpfull to me because it didnt quite tell me where the fire started and whatcaused it i really think that you need to specify everthing – Tiffany, Aztec   28 Feb 2005

It is awful to see how people had to work in order to make a miserable pay, to live of. Especially those that past away, thankfully laws have changed. Even though not all factories always abide by them – NAQ, Nebraska   26 Feb 2005

I visited this site because i just finished reading a teen novel called ASHES OF ROSES about this fire. It's one of the most motivating books I've ever read. I don't know how I managed to get through school without hearing this story, but I'm a teacher, and the kids I teach will know this story. – aimee, georgia   25 Feb 2005

This websited was very helpfull in my search for the roots of child labor laws. – meredith, Oklahoma   25 Feb 2005

what did the triangle fire change in cities? – hager ismail , 2627 w.farragut   24 Feb 2005

My paternal grandmother, Celia Walker, worked on the 9th floor of the TSF and survived the fire. I'm thrilled to see a website that honors those that were less fortunate that day, and keeps alive the memory of a seminal event in US history. Thank you! – Steve Friedman, New York   23 Feb 2005

nice website!! thanx for the help – Na'ama, Phoenix, Arizona   22 Feb 2005

Thank you for all of the helpful information you have provided. It really helped me get through my research project. The student tips were great too. – NPK, Omaha, NE   21 Feb 2005

The fire devastates me, I feel so bad for those inocent people. if only we could turn back time. – EMilton, Nebraska   21 Feb 2005

I feel bad for the people who died in the Triangle Factory Fire. – Julberte Armand, New York   20 Feb 2005

I just finished reading a book called "Ashes of Roses", the main character was an employee at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. She survived, although her three best friends parished in the fire. Two of them jumped to their death, and one attempted to save an elderly italian woman and was burned. Her father had to identify her at the morgue near the pier. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in reading about the life of a Triangle Factory survivor. This is probably my most favorite book. – Abby Jessen, Wyandotte, MI   18 Feb 2005

this website helps soooooooo much with my report, thanks! – Jay, Glendale, NY   17 Feb 2005

nice website! – john nothen, west bend, wi   17 Feb 2005

Your website is an excellent resource to learn about the Triangle Factory Fire and how it shocked and sparked the United States to closely examine labor relations in the United States. Use of primary sources very accuratly supports the text, and the site is designed exceptionally well, easily guiding vistors through the material. – G. Kocken, Eau Claire, Wisconsin   13 Feb 2005

Using your pictures as part of visual aid with teaching the Industrial Era in America – Faye Moore, Chambersburg PA   13 Feb 2005

I am reading the testimony between the NYC Fire Chief and the Fire Marshall before the Factory Investigation Commission for my History 202 class. I will be analyzing its reputability as a source. – Maggie Batz, Red Creek, New York   12 Feb 2005

I'm just learning about this in social studies. This is a very sad site. – Katelynd DuBois, New York   9 Feb 2005

I was researching the fire as it is often referred to as a pivotal occurrence that lead to the creation of International Women's Day - a day that is marked around the world-except in the US. I am du e to give a speech here and the Brazilian referrences say that the fire was set on purpose to punish striking girls. Some of the local sources say that police locked the girls in and burned them alive. This has, therefore been an invaluable tool to setting the record straight. I thank you for the wonderful organization and display. – DCH, Brasília Brazil   9 Feb 2005

is a very good website – L.G, Florida   9 Feb 2005

I never thought that a business could be so cruel to its employees. I can't believe that the victims families only got $75! That may have been a lot then, but I know someone couldn't have lived on $75. That is just cruel and unusual. – NMT, Madagascar   8 Feb 2005

Great education page for presenting the history of how fire prevention got started in N.Y. and explaining why people died in this tragic fire. – john santacroce, eastchester n.y   7 Feb 2005

I loved the site, you showed how very important it is to never forget these people. You have great pictureseven though they are very morbid. You see the truth in them, and its not cfovered up to hide what happened. Thank You !!!!! – Stephanie , Alfred, ME   7 Feb 2005

I was just going through this site for a class assignment, but wow! Really great info and resources, portrays the sadness well! – Jaspreet S. Baveja, Miami, FL   7 Feb 2005

student at FIU. This was an amazing site, and an amazing story yet upsetting. It was very helpful. – Eileen Arosemena, Miami, FL   7 Feb 2005

thank you – La, New York   6 Feb 2005

its good that people still remember today. – tom a., philadelphia   6 Feb 2005

Thank you for the site. Very informative and keeps history alive. – Jimmy, El Dorado, AR   5 Feb 2005

I think this site is GREAT!!!! – David Martin, G-Town   2 Feb 2005

Thank you for this site. I was an undergraduate at NYU and a plaque on the wall is how I learned of the Triangle fire. Going to classes in the Brown building (as it is now called)was always distressing. I am proud that the archives are held at my other alma mater, Cornell. I was deeply impressed by Von Drehle's book, which is how I found this website. Again, thank you for a comprehensive, instructive, and deeply moving website. – Margaret Russell, LIttleton, MA   30 Jan 2005

going to visit nyc and want visitor and tours advice – tkk, pa.   30 Jan 2005

This fire is really sad and it just shows you that america isn't all good. We have our bad sides and cities too – mac, Washington   27 Jan 2005

This site is great! Woo Go CK – George Post, Birmingham, Michigan   26 Jan 2005

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