Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This was trageic – L,   2 Feb 2017

This is so heart breaking, none of the people who perished in that fire deserved that to happen to them. – Destiny D., Illinois   1 Feb 2017

My family first settled in the lower east side of Manhattan coming to this country in the early 1900s so this event has some interest for me. All of the victims were recent Jewish and Italian immigrants - ripe for exploitation - so sad. – Salvatore DiPillo, Farmington, CT   1 Feb 2017

Even though it was a terrible event to happen, we benefit greatly from their misfortune with improved safety laws. – Ben Cassata, St. Charles, IL   31 Jan 2017

I'm a teacher and my students are using this event and site as the source of their argumentative essays. – Karlisia brown, Raleigh, NC   31 Jan 2017

I am very happy that the working conditions and standards have changed for the better due to this event. – A.W, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

A terrible tragedy but it made everyone realize how bad situation on fire hazards. – Anuj S, St.Charles Il   30 Jan 2017

This was a horrible tragedy it was not well prevented and had horrible consequences. But their have been positives those people who lost their lives gave us and opportunity to improve fire safety and because of them millions of lives are saved I am grateful for being alive in this age and hope all immigrant or citizens will live peaceful in heaven. – Sharvil Dave, West Chicago IL   30 Jan 2017

This should have never happened, but it did. But we did something about it and we should continue to do so. – Andrew Ank, STC   30 Jan 2017

This was a historic event that has changed the workplace over 100 years ago. This does however show that it often takes a tragedy for dramatic changes in society, it is unfortunate for it to often happen this way, with many young lives being lost. – I.M.I, St. Charles, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

This horrific event in a huge way was a ginormous benefit to the modern day American society. Without this accident and its negative outcomes then fire safety awareness might not have even happens and has prevented millions of deaths. Even so my thoughts and priers go out to the victims and the families. – d.A.F, IL   30 Jan 2017

It is a sad event that will always be remembered so that it never happens again. These people should not die in vain. – AJY, St. Charles   30 Jan 2017

It was bound to happen, and it did. But the important part was that we learned from it. All those people who lost their lives is terrible, and I hope they have a good afterlife. – Tommy H, St. Charles IL   30 Jan 2017

This is an awful tragedy that caused over a 100 lives to be lost. Hopefully something like this never happens again. It was a turning point for workers in history. – A.S, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

That's Depressing. – J.L.F., St. Charles   30 Jan 2017

I hope that they can live wonderfully in the afterlife – SE, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

Terrible, shouldn't have happend – VS, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

It was sad but it finally gave people something to fight back for. – M.K, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

I pray to the families who suffered the deaths of their loved ones – MP , Illinois   30 Jan 2017

This incident was so horrible, and it makes it even worse that certain procedures were seemingly not up to code. I hope the victims of this accident rest in peace. – AP, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

Tragic – JR, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

This event was terrible. – S.P, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

It's a tragedy that such great lives were lost to this fire. I am grateful that we have better factories today to prevent such things from happening. – Aleesa Luecker, St. Charles IL   30 Jan 2017

it may have been a tragedy but without it, we wouldn't have the superior working conditions we have todayn – MK, Illinois   30 Jan 2017

Remember also the 1993 Zhili Toy Factory Fire, China‚Äôs greatest fire death toll since the initiation of the Open Door Policy and the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in 1980. Fire safety measures must be installed. Always. – Jenny Chan, Hong Kong   30 Jan 2017

Given such a tragedy and the subsequent standards created almost 100 years ago and the progression of technology, I am saddened to have read that two major U.S. cities sweatshop percentages are over 60%. – JADP, Spring Hill, TN   27 Jan 2017

A very tragic event, that in the end supported new ways of law. These people may have died, but not in vein. Today we should reflect back on what happen, and make sure it never happens again. In conclusion, the people that died should be remembered, and never forgotten. For if it weren't for them, laws may never have changed, and you might have been the one in the fire. – E.H, NC   24 Jan 2017

I'm really glad we adopted these laws from this fire. Imagine if we never had, and these fires kept happening. – grace, St. Charles   23 Jan 2017

sad but interesting – austin, gettysburg   20 Jan 2017

soooo sad – Xce, spartanburg   20 Jan 2017

interesting but sad – JAG,   20 Jan 2017

This is truly awful. – BF, South Carolina   18 Jan 2017

this was very tragic for the families – AS, St. Charles IL   17 Jan 2017

They should be ashamed of themselves the women and men died because the didn't wanna upgrade the building. – TC, South Carolina   17 Jan 2017

It was a very sad event – Leo Kim, Virginia   17 Jan 2017

A very sad event that could have been prevented. – Evan Barrett, St.Charles   16 Jan 2017

I'm upset this happened but i'm glad that something good came out of it so this never happens again. – Madison Dresden, St.Charles IL   16 Jan 2017

God bless – Katie, Idaho   16 Jan 2017

So sad – Katie Ripley, Texas/ Idaho   16 Jan 2017

this was very tragic for the families – AS, St. Charles IL   13 Jan 2017

this is sad and i hope that people will prevent this in the future – jeremiah rivera , the burmuda triangle   13 Jan 2017

This has made a huge impact on the U.S. – Anthony Falzone, St.Charles   13 Jan 2017

This was a sad event, immorality of the highest level manifested in the workplace. – Sam Wade, St. Charles IL   13 Jan 2017

The Triangle fire is sad and it should have never happen. – Ethan Cruz, St.Charles   13 Jan 2017

In the Triangle Fire in 1911 this had a really big impact on the U.S working conditions in jobs. It's sad to see to this day that people these day take advantage of people to give them very little money for such long hours, and for the owner to get filthy rich. If they were to once take a walk in their shoe they could really see how much bad they have done to these people. – B.O, St.Charles IL   13 Jan 2017

People really should have been more aware on the working conditions and how cheaply buildings were made. If people cared this tragic event might not have happpened – Abby, St. Charles   13 Jan 2017

Tthis is so sad and tragic it should have never happened – Emma Domoleczny, St.charles Illinois   12 Jan 2017

wow this is really sad why would this happen – an, somewhere   12 Jan 2017

this isreallly ssad i know mny family members died god bless them – aliyahmccreary, new york   12 Jan 2017

Thats really really sad i feel really bad the youngest one that passed was only 15 years old and the fire escape collapsed that is really sad and i feel so very sad and grieved that the famillies had to suffer ver awful and i wanted to know how did these famillies take the loss of their passed relatives – Kaya Pagan, New York   12 Jan 2017

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