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Tragedies such as the Triangle Factory are too often forgotten as was the case of the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island which claimed 100 lives on Feb. 20 2003. Again people became trapped due to inadequate exits and the lack of a fire sprinkler system. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. – John D, Fire Inspector, NJ   9 Jun 2005

The fire is reall interesting and this is a great website! – C.H., New York   7 Jun 2005

great website, very infornmative, thanks a lot!!! – mark a., NJ   2 Jun 2005

thank you – cat, hartford   31 May 2005

informative site – robert perez, new jersey   28 May 2005

I very much appreciate this site. – E.c.B, San Antonio   27 May 2005

This site is excellent. It provided me with more information than any other site about the fire. Thank you – BV, Milw., WI   26 May 2005

hey, i really like this web site. it gives me all the thingz i need. thanx! – tammy, Marengo WI   23 May 2005

this is a horrible thing that happened in history by the pictures it is still in my mind for 2 weeks it changed my life forever and the way that i feel about the immigrants – jd, fl   21 May 2005

thank you – VB, NYC   21 May 2005

I've noticed that a lot of the people commenting here have read "Ashes of Roses", and I've just finished it as well. This book is a VERY good book. It has inspired me to stand up for my rights, and other people's rights. But, i want to know what happened to Rose Nolan after she moved out of Mr. Garoff's apartment. I hope to see a nother book. I am an 8th grader in Eaton Rapids, and I'm 14 years old. I encourage all young girls to read this book! – Andrea Hatler, Eaton Rapids, Mi   20 May 2005

Great Site – MET, Houston, TX USA   20 May 2005

I am reading a book called Ashes of Roses and doing a power point on it. I saw this web site knew it was the one I wanted. It has alot of information about the Triangle Factory and it's fire. Thank you for the great information. – Tamara, Marengo, WI   20 May 2005

I found every thing I need for my project on this website – Laura E.A. Darlington, ky   18 May 2005

I am reading a book called, Ashes of Roses, which is a book about the Triangle fire,and this website has helped me wonderfully and gave me even more information on this. I am glad to be studying the fire and like i said before, this site has helped me. Thank you! – Jessica, Ashland, wisconsin   17 May 2005

Helping my granddaughter do school project you have the best info out there. – Leila Terrell, Evanston,Illinois   15 May 2005

Doing a final exam paper great site! – Ashia Lattice Williams, Evanston,Illinois   15 May 2005

Remarkable website. One of the best! – Natasha, Canada   13 May 2005

We are finding information for a school project. – kc, Idaho   11 May 2005

I would like 2 find out about this bk. – Zoya, Ohio   10 May 2005

to Nicole - the National Fire Protection Association wrote a book call EXIT's CODE; now called the Life Safety Code and it is used world wide to make sure people have a way out of every type occupancy. – Wanda, League City   5 May 2005

The website was very inciteful. I used the information for a social studies project. It was also very scary from the truth. It made me very emotional. – Demitria, Lincoln, NE   5 May 2005

What happened as a result of the tragedy? I need to know for my hisroty paper. – Nicole LoFranco, Florida   5 May 2005

in 1911 146 men and women died that day. it was to horrible for me to read the rest of my lesson in school. it was that bad that i cried. i am a boy boys hardly ever cry. – john, bradnton fl   2 May 2005

There's no words to discibe it! – Zoie, new york   30 Apr 2005

hey nice site. but i'm doing a project for school and i need to visit the factory, i need the address and directions. how can i attain that? – Kierra, Brooklyn. NY   29 Apr 2005

This website it very exquizit but has nothing on Mary Drier – KM, Northfield   25 Apr 2005

I read a book on the fire and the sounds of it were horrible to think about. And about the looks on the doors That was plain stupid. – Alaina, Pennsylvania   21 Apr 2005

wow it ts very moving – P.A., Miami, Fl   20 Apr 2005

My heart is sad to learn of this horrific fire.This is a cruel lesson to be learned, on the safety programs we have in place today. – G.A., Midland,Texas   19 Apr 2005

It's still a trigic after all this how many people had to die. – J.J, Chicago   18 Apr 2005

Still so sad and very confused. – N.C, Texas   18 Apr 2005

what i thimk about the triangle shirtwaist factory workers is that, that was wrong because how did they put little kids to work right there and the manegers putting the lock one the door – nv, house   14 Apr 2005

found the webpage in David Von Drehle's book. Thanks for the information. – R.Cembor, Warwick, RI   8 Apr 2005

wow its tragic... that the immigrants died liked that trapped. – Jacky Zhu, NY, NY   3 Apr 2005

I read a book called Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch and it was about the fire in the shirt factory. I found out it was a true story. I wanted to ry it was so sad. I wanted to find more information about it so i did. I just want to say i'm sorry for all the people who died in the fire. – L.V, Illinois   3 Apr 2005

i am reading this book in school .i am intersted in it – ashley stengel, abingdon m.d   3 Apr 2005

I have just learned of this tragic event and was completely moved by this website. People should never forget that lives of such young and innocent women and children were lost that day. It really makes you think. – Gail D., Bayside, NY   30 Mar 2005

The devastation caused by such a senseless series of events is absolutely stunning. I was only 11 when I learned of the tragedy in school. The story captivated my attention and heart as it does today, 30 years later. The event still fills my eyes with tears. Those that perished did not die in vain... – Jamie Thomas, , Long Beach CA   26 Mar 2005

Thank you for presenting the story of the continuing exploitation of young,frightened and expectant members of the American labor force. Although most corporations have outsourced these practices to third world countries, still on home soil we find workers in unsafe conditions from unliveable wages to unbreathable air. – Jerry Anderson, Chicago.IL   25 Mar 2005

It was 94 years ago right this moment that this tragedy was taking place. I'm wondering if anybody whose interested in the Triangle Factory made a point in going to the building today in remembrance. I would if I could. Last October I was in New York City for a visit, and went and saw the building. I'm glad the building has a plaque on the outside of it, to tell people that history was changed at that location. – Marty C., Maumee, Ohio   25 Mar 2005

truely tragic – rf, Illinois   25 Mar 2005

The Triangle Factory Fire is a vivid reminder of how greed can rule peoples better judgement. As I read over the names of the victoms of the fire, I started to remember the similarities between the fire and 911. I felt the same greif when I read over the list of the 911 victoms. Such an unneccessary loss of life. We must never forget those whose perished in the fire. Thank you for creating this informative web site. – A. West, Spinnerstown, PA   25 Mar 2005

Today's remembrance of the tragic Triangle Fire must be not be forgotten. The inhumanity of what happen 84 years ago and the horrific way the victims died should always be remembred and never forgotten. My prayers are with them today. – SLT, Sacramento, CA   25 Mar 2005

In response to Toby Bey--We make every effort to update the online bibliography as we become aware of new resources and welcome suggestions for inclusion. – Kheel Center staff,   25 Mar 2005

I previously wrote about a relative that perished in the fire. If a new movie is made, will it be posted on this website? – toby bey, Red Bank NJ & North Pa;m Beach, Fl   25 Mar 2005

As a Union Member, such a horrific event was essential in creating better conditions for today's worker. – Ray , Philadelphia Pa   25 Mar 2005

I just finished reading the book "TRIANGLE The fire that changed America". Truly the best I have read in a long time. Now I'm looking for the movie. I remember seeing it back in 1979. If anyone finds it please contact me at – Mary M, Everett, Massachusetts   24 Mar 2005

Thanks for this cool website it has helped me alot with my report thanks again – Y-it, Springville,UT   24 Mar 2005

i'm looking for my great grand mother........MOLLY BRAVERMAN OR MOLLY SINGER – Arthur C. Flack, Michigan   24 Mar 2005

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