Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I am learning about this horrific event in History. I would just like to say goodbye to the workers in the factory.3 – AJC, Bedford, Nh   7 Dec 2005

i am learning about the fire and it is so sad and anybody out there who lost an family member it is very hard and not to get anoying – mf, salamanca   7 Dec 2005

I love this site – Robbie Campbell, Brewer ME   7 Dec 2005

I am doing a report and I have to write it in first person. These lists of victims really helped. – B Hendricks, Minnesota   7 Dec 2005

I just finished reading the book ashes of roses which is a "storybook" on this tragity. after reading it i got really interested in this fire. This site was vefry helpful for my school project and i just wanted to say thanks and wondered if anyone had any projects related to this story Ex) fire awareness etc – Kim Mairs, Illinois   6 Dec 2005

I'm putting together a class for our fire department. I'm looking for a picture of Cheif Croker – HWT, Indiana   6 Dec 2005

i really enjoyed reading the list of victims. We are learning about the fire in History of the Americas and this really interested me. I look forward to learning more about this Fire and other events during this time – Lindsay, North Carolina   5 Dec 2005

I am a teacher of Social Studies and need more information – DA, NY   4 Dec 2005


ilove this webside cos iam doing a project aout this & iam in the 8th grade and everything that i need is in this website – angela aka 3x0tic, new york   1 Dec 2005

this is so sad – corutney, binghamton   30 Nov 2005

This is a really nice site It tells a lot about the fire which we think is really sad. i hope that this site will be remembered forever – caleb phelps of illini bluffs school, Glasford   30 Nov 2005

this site was a nice thing to do – caleb phelps, illinois   30 Nov 2005

I have just finished the book Ashes of Roses, and it was sad to see all of those people die. Tjis site is usefull in my research for a school project. – Amanda Esmacher, Woodbridge, VA   29 Nov 2005

I need information – sandra mcguigan, San Antonio   28 Nov 2005

I read the book Ashes of Roses and it really touched my heart. I can't believe something this horrific could happen in the lives of so many young people. I know it happened long ago, but I think that people should remember what happened, because it was another stepping stone to the worker's rights in America. God Bless! – Marceil Palmer, Myrtle Beach, SC   24 Nov 2005

I used this site as a requirement for an 8th grade U. S. history class. It was very thorough and incorporated primary sources. It was at their reading level too. Thanks for this useful site! – j Benson, Illinois   23 Nov 2005

i am hurt about how many died – kmr, texas   20 Nov 2005

Good research material. – Tammy, Callahan, Florida   18 Nov 2005

I think it is sick, this fire killed so many, and it is so sad, looking at pictures and seeing how so many young woman died, they had their whole lives ahead of them. they could have been married and had a life. I am only 13, and i am hurt from this tragety – Melissa , Illinois   18 Nov 2005

As the great-granddaughter of Chief Croker, I grew up with this story and have long appreciated the reforms which resulted from this tragedy. It is good to see so many people, especially students, who are still learning about this event and its effects on our lives to this day. – Susan Croker Fisher, Madison Hts, VA   16 Nov 2005

id like to see more pictures – kc, va   15 Nov 2005

My great aunt and her cousin were in this fire. My aunt alone survived. I thoroughly enjoyed this site. I just finished reading David von Drehle's wonderful book Triangle: The Fire That Changed AMerica. He did a brilliant job of showing the whole background of the time (politically, socially, legally, etc) in an easy to read manner. I found this site because of his book. My great aunt is listed here as a survivor (Tessa Benanti) but her cousin Vincenza Benanti was a victim. This is a remarkable memorial to all those who died. – Jan, NY   14 Nov 2005

I study OH&S at Ryerson University and I was appalled at what I researched for this tragedy! What a terrible way to go for so many young women. – Kim.M, Toronto,Canada   13 Nov 2005

I learned about this fire in US history 2 class i was interested in it because it was a horrible tragedy and i think it was horrible of them to lock the doors on those poor workers a lot of lives could have been saved if only they would have had fire drills or even kept the doors unlocked... – JAM, Wisconsin   13 Nov 2005

Does your site have any information on Harrison,Mississippi – JR, Tunica, Mississippi   12 Nov 2005

I had to write a paper on the fire for a class at college, and this site is one of the best resources out there besides Leon Stein's book. Great job! – Jamie, Minnesota   10 Nov 2005

the triangle shirtwaste fire was horriable and i recomend reading the book Ashes Of Roses it is about 2 immigrants who got trapped in the Triangle fire and they both survived – bb, newyork   10 Nov 2005

it was terrible. how do you sleep? – cy, va   10 Nov 2005

I think it is crazy. I cant figure out the cause. – jp, ny   9 Nov 2005

need more detailed pictures – jf, lawrence   9 Nov 2005

I never knew this happened until I had to research and do a test on this. Thank you for providing this information to this chilling tale. – S.F., Memphis, TN   7 Nov 2005

hey this is pretty good. We are usin it in my lit class at purdue. My teacher is all about it!! Nice work – aj, chi town   7 Nov 2005

I really liked the site and in reading the story I got chills because I could only imagine what was going through their minds since I went throught the most harrowing moment in my life when I was involved in the 9/11 incident that hit New York...what was worse was seeing people throw themselves out the windows because their was no escape and worst to see the buildings come down. I didn't even know about this incident. I don't remember studying this in school. Of course I am 58 years old and I was helping my daughter with her project. – Gladys Perez, Brooklyn, NY   5 Nov 2005

i have test about this story and i am a student at F.D.R High shool – ahmed ibrahim, 446 senator brooklyn n   5 Nov 2005

it was great – jc, middletown   4 Nov 2005

I really liked this site. It really helped me in my assignment for high school. And I think this whole thing could have been avoided easily. If people cared more about safe working conditions. – Colleen H., MO.   3 Nov 2005

Ms. Aubin made me go to this site. It is cool. It liked it. – Liania ,11, Globeworth,AZ   3 Nov 2005


Great site. It really helped for my research paper. – Joy Coleman, Soldiers Grove, WI   1 Nov 2005

Do you know where I can purchase the movie for educational purposes??? My e-mail – Diane, NY   31 Oct 2005

i think the owners of the company should have been held responsable. – kassey coffmsn, stanton,va   31 Oct 2005

I think that the managers should have been held accountible and put to death just like the poor women and children – Megan Fisher , Greenville,VA   31 Oct 2005

I just wanted to let you know that i really appreiciated this website being here. thank you to the original web master/ designer, and whoever else i forgot to mention put their time and mind into making this web page it has helped me tremendously with my reasearch paper on the pros and cons (if there are any. lol)of labor unions. I'll be crediting your website for some information to use as my essay's HOOK line. Thank you again. Sincerely, Northeast State Technical Community College Student. Ps. This has made my decision to become a business women. – Ann, Tennessee   31 Oct 2005

I appreciate how the site provides a wonderful tribute to those who were lost in fire, but it was hard for me to find anything about the conditions of the workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist company before the fire. – KT, Sacramento, CA   30 Oct 2005

i have to do a project of the fire tyhat happend on 1911 of the tringle factory – Nataly, New York   28 Oct 2005

This web site made me feel like was there! I could almost see the flames and smell the smoke! I can't even imagine what it must have been like. I hope I never have to make a choice either to jump or burn . . . when we move in and out of our (supposedly) safe modern office buildings, we must always remember this fire and those who died. It's a pity 146 people had to die so we could be safe almost a century later! – Susan M., Lincoln, NE   26 Oct 2005

To those interested in films about the Triangle Fire. The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, produced in 1978 by Alan Landsburg Productions, is 98 minutes long and was re-released by U.S.A. Home Video in 1985. As far as I have been able to determine it is no longer available for sale, and the company is no longer in business. More information about the video can be found at While the Kheel Center does have a copy of the film which is available for viewing by appointment, copyright compliance prohibits us from duplicating it. Other film available in the Kheel Center which cover the Triangle Factor fire at least in part include the 1950 theatrical film by the ILGWU With These Hands; the Ric Burns, New York A documentary film released in 1999, and the History Channel produced Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, This Week in History Episode #33, aired in 2001. – Kheel Center staff,   24 Oct 2005

Bless whoever came up with this site. a horrible horrible case, you are good people to let the world have more information/pictures about this disaster, hopefully we all learn from this. Great site once again. – JB, United States   22 Oct 2005

Be ever so thankful for the times you were born & raised and grateful to those who came before to make it this way. Say thank-you, ever day of your life! – Sandra, Toronto, Canada   21 Oct 2005

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