Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Nice idea for a website – mn, PA   19 Dec 2005

your site is very helpful and is loaded with info that i can use when i am writing a paper about the fire at the triangle shirt waist company – Brent Guyette, Farmington hills Mi   16 Dec 2005

I think that this site is great and very helpful in understanding real life encounters with what really happened. Good Job. – Erin K, Michigan   16 Dec 2005

I liked the site and good luck – Previn Granger, Detroit MI   16 Dec 2005

This sight is good to find hard to get information. – Aaron Feliciano, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

This was a very good website, i learned a lot... Thank You – Joe Stefan, Farmington Hills, Michigan   16 Dec 2005

Thanks! This wedsite is #2 to google! – Susan Komrosky, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for making this site, I appreciate it. It helped me learned more about the fire and visual images for a better understanding. Thanks again!! – AM, Farmington   16 Dec 2005

I really liked this site, it had alot of good information. – Angela Ozar, Farmington,MI   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for the helpful information. – Erin Newton, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

I really love this web site. it brings tears to my eyes every time i visit it. Thank you so much.... – Justin Marcus, Farmington Hills   16 Dec 2005

thanks I love this website – Nikko laochua, farmington   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for providing all of the information. It really helped me to comprehend the tragedy of the fire. – Travis Niemi, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

thank you – Nikko laochua, farmington   16 Dec 2005

thank you – Nikko, farmington   16 Dec 2005

Thanks for this cool website it has helped me alot with my questions thanks again. – Bryan Bahling, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

This is a good site and it has good information Thank you – Valon Gjetaj, Farmington   16 Dec 2005

I am doing an article about the fire for school, I came to read more about this event, and it brought me to tears. I cannot believe the horror these poor people had to go through, just because the bosses were afraid their workers would go on strike. – Chloe V., Queens NY   15 Dec 2005

it a site that gives the information thts needed – frida, valdez   15 Dec 2005

this web site helped give me more knoledge about this subject for my school report. – Michael J. Juras, Hollandale WI   15 Dec 2005

This is a very informational website. It helped me better understand the outcomes of the fire. Thanks. – Allen K, Farmington, MI   14 Dec 2005

i need information – ahc, alabama   13 Dec 2005

Thank You. – Evan Simms, Farmington, Michigan   13 Dec 2005

this site showed me just how bad it was. what scared me most was how little they could do about it!! – steffie, GA   12 Dec 2005

this made for intresting reading – SK, Aberdeen, MD   12 Dec 2005

This website helped me better understand the fire. Thanks a lot. – Harshita Thota, Farmington, MI   12 Dec 2005

a lot of great information. thank you. – adam chavez, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

Thanks for the site it was very helpful for a student looking for information on the tragic events. – Logan Morgan, Farmington,MI   12 Dec 2005

you gave a lot of helpful information. thanks. – jessica williams, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

a very informing site. thank you – Jason Chrumka, Farmington Hills   12 Dec 2005

I really liked the information that i read. I reall liked the pictures as well. Thank you for all the informaion. – Horace Sidney, 30005 Shiawassee   12 Dec 2005

you gave a lot of helpful information. thanks. – jessica williams, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

Very good site. Great job to those who made it. – Max Siskosky, Farmington, MI   12 Dec 2005

This site was a very well put together site. It is one of the best sites i have been on. – Derek Wesch, Farmington hills   12 Dec 2005

Thanks, your website is a great source. – Brandon Smith, Farmington Michigan   12 Dec 2005

I think this website very descriptive and helpful for my assignment on the Triangle Factory Fire. Thanks! – Lindsay, Farmington Hills, Michigan   12 Dec 2005

This websute was a very vivid description of thehorrific Triangle Company fire. I did not realize how many people died daily insimilar smaller fires. – Samantha K, Michigan   12 Dec 2005

This is a good site, and it gives a lot of good info about the fire. – Burny Mitchem, Farmington   12 Dec 2005

I think that your website was extremely helpful and informational. Thanks for the information – matigley, Farmington Hills MI   12 Dec 2005

Thank you for the info, I learned a lot – jon, farmington hills   12 Dec 2005

I really enjoyed the site. It was very informational and and I liked the pictures! Thanks! – Jessica Dillard, Farmington Hills, MI   12 Dec 2005

Very good source on this topic. I knew that it was bad, but it is explained so vividly here. Great work! – Max Siskosky, Farmington, MI   12 Dec 2005

this site was very interesting, it's very helpful too. – Kasey, Farmington. Mi   12 Dec 2005

This website was a great resource for my assignmetn. Thank You, Kevin Rutten – Kevin, Farmington, Michigan   12 Dec 2005

I am looking for pictures for a college credit course. – Travis Slaughter, Crawford, TX   11 Dec 2005

I'm 13 and in the 8th grade. I go to school online, so I don't have any textbooks, for history we often use websites like this one. I really like this site, it tells about important things in history that need not to be forgotten. – Anonymous, student at FLVS, Florida Virtual School, Daytona Beach, Florida   10 Dec 2005

This is an extremely sad topic, even though it is historical. I would like for you to please direct me to any quotes by survivors, please. – Sammi, butler PA   10 Dec 2005

I have just finished reading Triangle The Fire That Changed America by Davis Von Drehle for a graduate class. He has referenced this website, which is awesome. The photos and list of victims is incredible. Between this site and Von Drehle's book it has allowed me to do a complete investigation into this tragedy. I have also accessed some lesson plans for teaching this topic to students. – Irene Wilson, Cornwall, New York   9 Dec 2005

i hate this website – dorthy finch, ellicatville   9 Dec 2005

For a photograph of Chief Croker, please look at the "Photographs and Illustrations" section of this web site in the group labelled "Investigation, Trial and Reform" and see the last image on the right. - Kheel Center Staff – Kheel Center staff,   9 Dec 2005

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