Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Thank you for maintaining this site. My great-great aunt Violet died in the fire, while my great-great-great grandmother Theresa stood outside and screamed for her daughter. From that day on, Theresa suffered from hysterical deafness. This fire was a horrific tragedy. – N.G., Phoenix, AZ   21 Feb 2006

This site is an amazing resource. It answered most of the questions I had for my research paper. – Rachel Hill, Dundee, NY   20 Feb 2006

I am 10 years old and doing a report on the Triangle Factory Fire. Your site is so touching and contributes so much respect to those who passed away in the fire. Thanx for helping me with your info and this site is great everyone. – Sage Miller, Los Angeles, California, ya'll!   20 Feb 2006

This is a very intresting sight. I have learnt quite a lot about the Triagle Shirtwaist fire. – Adam Daly, Ringwood, Australia   19 Feb 2006

Great resource - and a warning to all in planning. Similar tales are still told of conditions in factories in the developing world - often producing for the developed world. Our yesterday is their today. It is also an echo of inadequate working environment even in the developed world. Checking accessibility of exit doors wherever you are (cafes, shops, factories) can be an interesting experience. The growth of huge multistory residential buildings, the conversion of old factory buildings for residential use combine with the lack of practice for residents to evacuate in the event of fire create a risk of future needless loss of life. Co-location of cafes and residential may further increase risk. A sobering site. Highly recommended.? – elaine , wollongong australia   17 Feb 2006

I have written two reports involving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, one in my Sophomore Year and one this semester in my post Bachelor degree, while I prepare to go to USD to work on my Masters. I am now 52 and remember seeing a movie about the fire, however I cannot locate any information on it. Can anyone remember the name or anything about it. – Steve Bratton, Britton South Dakota   16 Feb 2006

I am doing a Diary entry project on Rose Freedman a survivor of the fire and this site really helped me out a lot. I cant help but be facinated by what happened it was such a tragedy that could have been prevented if the people that owned the building gave a crap about the people that did all of the work for their company, but then again they thought that they had to chain them up to keep them there and working. This whole situation was just wrong and never really had to happen. I am truly sorry for all of those who have lost loved ones in this unfortunate fire. – Lindsey, VA   15 Feb 2006

I realy LOVE this site.I'm doing a project on this, but when I try to find image to enlarge the picture Ican't find it.THANKS – K.D, TN   12 Feb 2006

This year is the 90th anniversary of the fire. Will there be special commemorations? – John Tepper Marlin, New York City   10 Feb 2006

I am a descendant of a fire victim, Clothilde Terdanova. My grandmother saw her jump from the 10th floor. Family heresay is that this was turning point in her life and she had a nervous breakdown. As a result of two youngest children (of six children) were placed in an orphanage. One of the two boys was my father. So because of this fire, his life was changed forever. It was enlightening to see my grandmother and great aunt actually mentioned on this site and in Leon Stein's book. I wish I had known about both of these five years ago before my dad died. He would have felt some pride. – Cathy , Dix Hills, NY   10 Feb 2006

Im so sorry for everything im a junior in high school and i have recently been learning about what happend to yall i give you all my love and i have been praying for everybody! God bless – Tasha, Texas   8 Feb 2006

I have to do a Famous American Trials project for my Pratical Law class! And this is a wonderful site to get information! But it would be wonderful if you could get more information on the people and what they did after the fire! thanks for the site! byezzzzz – Sammie, Kansas   6 Feb 2006

It's sad that it took a tragedy like this to wake the world up to labor conditions. We've come a long way, but there's still a long way to go. – Lisa, Kansas   5 Feb 2006

I believe the women started this fire, in hope for a new factory, but not hoping for death. – ACT, New Orleans   4 Feb 2006

Its very sad what happened to the men women and children. Lots of people greved over the lous of family – Susannah P, Gainsvile, Georgia   2 Feb 2006

I know how it feels to loose a loved one for it had happened to me once so i too know what it's like to have a emty black hole in your heart and im telling you the pain never goes away but you just have to move on and live every day likes it's your last and hopefully youll find happiness in the rest of your life to come im 19 yrs old andwill love you no matter what you do. – Emma Nelson, California   1 Feb 2006

I am researching the triangle fire for a project it is so sad but if anyone has information on decendants of the victims please try to reach us. – Ashley Parker, New York City   1 Feb 2006

This site is part of my school work. I like the setup of the site, it is easy to read and very well done. Lots of info about up to and after the fire. Thank You. – Bob M, Cincinnati, Oh   1 Feb 2006

this has been very sad but i love the book ashes to roses it was good and informational – krys , new york state   31 Jan 2006

it is so sad – knc, new york   31 Jan 2006

i think i am intrigued by this historical event.i recommend all peaole to read it....i am just wow about it... – a.z, Morocco   31 Jan 2006

i have this as a fun report – tj, in   27 Jan 2006

good web site i recomendit to anybody i love the site keep up the good work – Donald corson, 92 irish twn rd nv   26 Jan 2006

I am doing a book report for school and just looked at your website it is fantastic and I recomend everyone here to read Ashes Of Roses if you are interested in the Triangle fire! Thanks Again. 25 Jan. 2006 – E.L.P., CO   25 Jan 2006

As a class of 1957 graduate of Cornell I am embarrassed to say that until I read Mr. von Drehle's "Triangle" recently, I had no idea Cornell sponsored a site like this one. It is an online museum and a fine educational tool. Thank you very much. – MHP, Chambersburg, PA   25 Jan 2006

I just finised reading Mr. Von Drehle's history of the fire. I must say that I am intrigued by this historical event and plan to learn more about it. – Demosthenes Papaeliou, Las Vegas, Nevada   25 Jan 2006

My Aunt lived @ 14 Washington Place in Manhattan for 50 years before she died a few years ago. Whenever I visited her I always sat at the window looking down on the busy and noisy street, amazed and interested at the people and their activities. After reading Triangle by David Von Drehle, I had chills because I don't know which building it was or how close to my aunt's apt. that factory was located. She lived 2 blocks from Washington Square Park. God Bless those young people, they were so brave! – Lisa A. Pickering, Mansfield, Ohio   21 Jan 2006

Very good articles and pictures – vp, Rome,, NY   20 Jan 2006

The Triangle Waist Company fire has always defined my attitude towards the capacity of business interests to disregard those of nearly everyone else. Was it Hoover that ssid, "There's nothing wrong with capitalism; it's the capitalists. They're too greedy." I'm glad to find the subject so fully covered. – J Walker Rugino, Sonoma County, CA   20 Jan 2006

I found this site very helpful. I am doing a HUGE homework project and this is one of the things we had to include. – Nicole, Washington   19 Jan 2006

i read a book. i think its title was ashes of rose. it takes bout the fire and the place. u should read it. i feel so bad cuz there was a 14 yr old girl that died. and im 14. thats so scray – big k, kansas   19 Jan 2006

where waz the fire like wat street waz it on? – holly ramiraz, the left of therainbow   18 Jan 2006

this was a very ineresting site and th thought of all of those teens and childrena nd men and women that were killed is so heartbreaking and its sickening to think that a man could lock people in there. – BN, Tennessee   18 Jan 2006

thanks – ADM, GT California   16 Jan 2006

Superb photos very helpful in developing a more rounded understanding of the tragedy of 25 March 1911. – WRA, Van Nuys, California   14 Jan 2006

i think that the owner of the triangle factory shouldnt have locked the doors even if it was fo a good reason. – a.noble, ohio   13 Jan 2006

A very good sight... i just with there was some information about what laws were passed because of the fire. – Soloman A., Cary, North Carolina   12 Jan 2006

your site was very crusty but thanks for the help. – Pukie B, michigan   12 Jan 2006

a group of us are doing a history day performance on the fire and we were wondering if any relatives, of witnesses or victims could contact us... or lawyers from the trials. It would be greatly appreciated Thank you – liz angeloff, pennsylvania   11 Jan 2006

i wanna find out where sara english stays in the united states – samuel, Ghana   6 Jan 2006

I am doing a history day project on this topic an dwould be greateful if any relatives of the factory workers or owners, lawyers, witnesses could contact me. – gabriella dre, california   5 Jan 2006

this site needs more information!! but other than that it is good! – Lauren Smith, Texas   5 Jan 2006

i want to find out info on Mary Goldstein – lns, tx   5 Jan 2006

8th grade teacher, greats site. – Mark Bednarski, Syracuse   4 Jan 2006

I read the book Ashes of Roses. It was tragic, but I still liked it anyway. – Mueezay Khan, Woodbridge   4 Jan 2006

helps a lot – rpc, ciblo tx   4 Jan 2006

this is a greatli helpful site thanks FOr da HElP!!:) – linda, broOklin NY   3 Jan 2006

Thank you for an excellent site. – sage, st paul mn   30 Dec 2005

blocked fire escapes in my 7 story building – edward g. wilson, new york city   26 Dec 2005

I think a good book to read about the Fire of 1911 is "Ashes of ROses" – Thomas Henry Coxex, Texas   24 Dec 2005

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