Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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There may be a delay of several hours before your submission begins to display on the web. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience – A.K.A., Jerkwad, Florica   5 Apr 2006

This website is a piece of junk. I can not find the answers to the worksheet for social studies. The information is very interesting but unorganized. – Alexis, Minnesota   5 Apr 2006

I am doing a project on this subject.Its so sad how many girl with bright,happy,futures died.So many were engaged and married or just getting their first apartments.Who knows what their children or they could have done or what talents were lost.I also read Ashes of Roses and it was a great book!! I highly recommend it! THis fire is so tragic.It makes me cry just thinking about it.... – Morgan, Snellville,GA   4 Apr 2006

Its horrible what happened!! So many people died.... – P.R., Michigan   4 Apr 2006

I am giong to do a lot research on tis becuaes it is so interesting.I just got finished reading the book called Ashes of Roses.I thought it was so sad about the people jumping on the elevator and the windows.I thought it was sad and touching to my heart! – Sydney C., Sandusky,Ohio   3 Apr 2006

I am ten and I just finished the book called Ashes of Roses.Just like b.v. in New York this book got me interested because I have never heard of the Triangle Waist Shirt Company fire so I am do a little resaerch myself.In my book it says in the authors note that the day Mary Jane Auch delivered this manuscript to her editor the last survivor of the fire died.It said that her name was Rose Rosenfeld Freedman.It said that she wasn't quite 18 at the time.But she was 107 when she died. – Sydney , Sandusky,Ohio   3 Apr 2006

Its so tragic and very saddening what those women had to endure during those times when not treated fairly and with dignity – kris b., spfld, massachusetts   3 Apr 2006

This is a Very Informative Site Historically, But Believe Me these "HORROR" stories still Exist TODAY! Look for other "Labor" sites, there are many Stories of what goes on behind Closed Doors just as "Miserable". "Don't Mourn, Organize!!!" – Gerry Grimm, Margate, Florica   2 Apr 2006

I love history it is so interesting – S.I, Texas   31 Mar 2006

I have also read the book ashes of roses and I know that it is historical fistion but it is very informative.I have just started to reasherch the fire because of that book and because my great aunt , her name was rose to due to the fact of that being a very common name. If anyone knows where I can find a list of all the survivors, please post asap........thank you all soooo much – b.v., new york   27 Mar 2006

This website is very educational and informative. It has a lot to offer. It is a great school refferance. – B.V., NewYork   27 Mar 2006

A great resource for students and teachers. – B. Hogan, Rochester   27 Mar 2006

I used this website as my primarary source in a history project that is essentially my entire grade, thank you!! – E.S., Manalapan N.J.   26 Mar 2006

My Grandmother Violante (Serafini) Cannella was a survivor of this fire. She was an Italian immigrant and seamstress who came to America just after she married my grandfather Salvatore Cannella in 1910. She related the story to her children about how her sister-in-law (Frances Cannella) convinced her to go to work with her at the factory on the day of the fire. They got separated in the confusion but both survived. My grandmother explained that she escaped by jumping down the stairwell and landing on other people before getting outside the building. She was pregnant at the time with her first child, Mary (Cannella) DiRaffaele who was born on 7/11/11 and is still living on Long Island. My grandmother went on to live a long and happy life, raising 8 children, and died at the age of 86 in 1976. – Barbara Fumosa, Scotch Plains, NJ   25 Mar 2006

El incendio fue realmente unatragedio dolorosa para los inmigrantes yo persor somalmente dedique una oracio pidiendo a Dios todo poderoso que estas almas descansen en paz – Sergio.David.Chaibun, Canada   25 Mar 2006

triangle fire-a devastaing disaster – t.o, new york   25 Mar 2006

I honor those brave people who died 95 years ago today. – David S, Riverdale, NY   25 Mar 2006

Great site! – james M, ny, ny   25 Mar 2006

Good site. I hope that the 95th did not pass unnoticed. The building survived and I learned the story when I was in school in the 60's when industrial orgs were less in vogue. – Robert E Padian, Portsmouth NH   25 Mar 2006

I use these materials to teach American Jewish History; thank you for making them available. – A.B., Oklahoma City   23 Mar 2006

I'm a NYC Firefighter looking for history of the fire – Tim O'Neill, Staten Island, NY   23 Mar 2006

I am writing a paper on TFF and am looking for it's impact on American Industry – CKE, Colorado   23 Mar 2006

Hey, my great grandmother was a victim of the fire! I have a picture of her working in the factory, she seemed so happy when she got the job but grew to hate working there. – BM, California   22 Mar 2006

I am posting this to find any relatives of the fire victims! Me and my freinds are doing a national History day project on the fire and would appreciate it if all realatives would reply and give us your contact information so that we may interveiw you for our project. we are reinacting the fire and the events that followed it, please send us your e-mail, phone number, or any other form of contact! Please, we truly need your help! my e-mail adress is thank you so much for the help! – AT, Vista, CA   21 Mar 2006

What a tremendous site! In doing research on the tragedy, I never believed I would find such a comprehensive website. The testimonies and witness accounts bring to light just what a horror it must have been. People beware! The era of the sweatshop is not over - they still exist. – LMM, Euless, TX   21 Mar 2006

I am studying the triangle factory fire in school – rqg, brooklyn, NY   21 Mar 2006

I am a high school theater teacher, and we are presenting the new play, THE TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE PROJECT, by Christopher Piehler and Scott Evans. It's an incredible, moving docu-drama about the tragedy and following trial. Anybody doing research will certainly appreciate your INCREDIBLE website, as well as this play. Thank you for having the most extensive informaton on your research I have found thus far. – Brook, Orange, Texas   14 Mar 2006

Excellent website. The people who survived the tragedy never could dream that their experience would be told and retold to concerned people, literally around the globe, in a medium like the internet. Their sacrifice was not in vain and women, workers and all people been saved from a similiar ordeal in America. The story should be shared with people in the dark corners of the world where powerless people are exploited. – Rob, New York, NY   11 Mar 2006

This is the first time I have ever heard of this story and think its a terrible way to learn that workers need equal opportunities too. I think its crazy that the owners not get more punishment. – Amanda Blalock, valdosta,ga   9 Mar 2006

I am currently studying the tragedy and found this site helpful.Also, I found the morgue pictures quite gruesome. – B.M., MI   9 Mar 2006

This website was really great and informative. I really learned alot about both sweat shops and the Triangle Factory Fire. – Elizabeth Cheek, Valdosta, Ga   8 Mar 2006

This website has been excellent in helping me write my research paper for my history class. This site was moving and has really made me appreciate the depths to which America has to sink before something is changed. Thank you. – Julianne Hyer, TN   7 Mar 2006

I teach a fire science c lass in high school and the Trianagle Factory fire is part of the history I use. – RWB, Indiana   6 Mar 2006

this website ws really interesting. I had some idea about sweatshops in the past but didn't know they still existed today. – naajah mateyka, valdosta, ga   6 Mar 2006

I don't have the story aoubt the fire yet. – bjstirdie, Oklahoma City, OK   4 Mar 2006

research for history project Okcc College – Barbara , Stride   4 Mar 2006

i found the website very helpful.These women and men who lost their lives are not forgotten. I hope we don't forget that these sweatshops still exist, and that there is a need to shut them down. – melissa c, moultrie, georgia   2 Mar 2006

i saw a tv movie about the triangle fire years ago. it was excellent. does anyone remember it? my mother was from 133rd (west) St, Harlem in the 30's and 40's. – sheila, pennsylvania   1 Mar 2006

I couldn't imagine what these women went through. I know some of our american families, that had families during 911 understand, how tragic of a fire this was!! This was terrible!! – Kris Cain, Valdosta, Georgia   1 Mar 2006

that information is for an assigment' – amneris peña delgado, puerto rico   28 Feb 2006

I'm doing a project on this subject and found this site very helpful. It is very sad what happened I'm glad out country has learned alot from this. – Becky , Muncie, In   27 Feb 2006

My Great Grandfather was a cop during this time and I'm told was at the fire. His name is Thomas Courtois . If anyone ever has info on him please let me know. – Scott Ames, Provo, UT   27 Feb 2006

Doing a project on the Fire needed some info. – rt, yuma,az   26 Feb 2006

i read the book"ashes of roses" and i was thinking bout how it started or if there was a girl named Roses Nolan in the fire so i though thissite could help...but it didn't just got on it so if someone could post on here and help me that would be nice thanks – Hailey Grant, lake in the hills, il   25 Feb 2006

I read Ashes To Roses and then I had to write a stroy about anything in class and I chose the fire. This Website helped me a lot with names and jobs. What happened to this people was horrible. – s.n., colorado   24 Feb 2006

We studied the trial in law school. There was no justice done. – Francis Mannella, Shrewsbury, MA   24 Feb 2006

I was appalled by the information that I read here. I couldn't beleive that human beings would treat others like they did in factories and sweat shops. – Laura Slafkosky, Valdosta, Georgia   22 Feb 2006

This site really helped me with a school project. Thanks a lot! – Someone, Waverly, IA   22 Feb 2006

My work with the Red Cross lead me to this site. Excellent resource! – Sherry McLeod, Toronto, Canada   22 Feb 2006

My great Aunt Violet died in this fire. This site help me teach my children above this tradidy – T. Silva, Punta Gorda, Fl.   21 Feb 2006

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