Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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this site needs more information!! but other than that it is good! – Lauren Smith, Texas   5 Jan 2006

i want to find out info on Mary Goldstein – lns, tx   5 Jan 2006

8th grade teacher, greats site. – Mark Bednarski, Syracuse   4 Jan 2006

I read the book Ashes of Roses. It was tragic, but I still liked it anyway. – Mueezay Khan, Woodbridge   4 Jan 2006

helps a lot – rpc, ciblo tx   4 Jan 2006

this is a greatli helpful site thanks FOr da HElP!!:) – linda, broOklin NY   3 Jan 2006

Thank you for an excellent site. – sage, st paul mn   30 Dec 2005

blocked fire escapes in my 7 story building – edward g. wilson, new york city   26 Dec 2005

I think a good book to read about the Fire of 1911 is "Ashes of ROses" – Thomas Henry Coxex, Texas   24 Dec 2005

Nice idea for a website – mn, PA   19 Dec 2005

your site is very helpful and is loaded with info that i can use when i am writing a paper about the fire at the triangle shirt waist company – Brent Guyette, Farmington hills Mi   16 Dec 2005

I think that this site is great and very helpful in understanding real life encounters with what really happened. Good Job. – Erin K, Michigan   16 Dec 2005

I liked the site and good luck – Previn Granger, Detroit MI   16 Dec 2005

This sight is good to find hard to get information. – Aaron Feliciano, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

This was a very good website, i learned a lot... Thank You – Joe Stefan, Farmington Hills, Michigan   16 Dec 2005

Thanks! This wedsite is #2 to google! – Susan Komrosky, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for making this site, I appreciate it. It helped me learned more about the fire and visual images for a better understanding. Thanks again!! – AM, Farmington   16 Dec 2005

I really liked this site, it had alot of good information. – Angela Ozar, Farmington,MI   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for the helpful information. – Erin Newton, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

I really love this web site. it brings tears to my eyes every time i visit it. Thank you so much.... – Justin Marcus, Farmington Hills   16 Dec 2005

thanks I love this website – Nikko laochua, farmington   16 Dec 2005

Thank you for providing all of the information. It really helped me to comprehend the tragedy of the fire. – Travis Niemi, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

thank you – Nikko laochua, farmington   16 Dec 2005

thank you – Nikko, farmington   16 Dec 2005

Thanks for this cool website it has helped me alot with my questions thanks again. – Bryan Bahling, Farmington, MI   16 Dec 2005

This is a good site and it has good information Thank you – Valon Gjetaj, Farmington   16 Dec 2005

I am doing an article about the fire for school, I came to read more about this event, and it brought me to tears. I cannot believe the horror these poor people had to go through, just because the bosses were afraid their workers would go on strike. – Chloe V., Queens NY   15 Dec 2005

it a site that gives the information thts needed – frida, valdez   15 Dec 2005

this web site helped give me more knoledge about this subject for my school report. – Michael J. Juras, Hollandale WI   15 Dec 2005

This is a very informational website. It helped me better understand the outcomes of the fire. Thanks. – Allen K, Farmington, MI   14 Dec 2005

i need information – ahc, alabama   13 Dec 2005

Thank You. – Evan Simms, Farmington, Michigan   13 Dec 2005

this site showed me just how bad it was. what scared me most was how little they could do about it!! – steffie, GA   12 Dec 2005

this made for intresting reading – SK, Aberdeen, MD   12 Dec 2005

This website helped me better understand the fire. Thanks a lot. – Harshita Thota, Farmington, MI   12 Dec 2005

a lot of great information. thank you. – adam chavez, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

Thanks for the site it was very helpful for a student looking for information on the tragic events. – Logan Morgan, Farmington,MI   12 Dec 2005

you gave a lot of helpful information. thanks. – jessica williams, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

a very informing site. thank you – Jason Chrumka, Farmington Hills   12 Dec 2005

I really liked the information that i read. I reall liked the pictures as well. Thank you for all the informaion. – Horace Sidney, 30005 Shiawassee   12 Dec 2005

you gave a lot of helpful information. thanks. – jessica williams, farmington michigan   12 Dec 2005

Very good site. Great job to those who made it. – Max Siskosky, Farmington, MI   12 Dec 2005

This site was a very well put together site. It is one of the best sites i have been on. – Derek Wesch, Farmington hills   12 Dec 2005

Thanks, your website is a great source. – Brandon Smith, Farmington Michigan   12 Dec 2005

I think this website very descriptive and helpful for my assignment on the Triangle Factory Fire. Thanks! – Lindsay, Farmington Hills, Michigan   12 Dec 2005

This websute was a very vivid description of thehorrific Triangle Company fire. I did not realize how many people died daily insimilar smaller fires. – Samantha K, Michigan   12 Dec 2005

This is a good site, and it gives a lot of good info about the fire. – Burny Mitchem, Farmington   12 Dec 2005

I think that your website was extremely helpful and informational. Thanks for the information – matigley, Farmington Hills MI   12 Dec 2005

Thank you for the info, I learned a lot – jon, farmington hills   12 Dec 2005

I really enjoyed the site. It was very informational and and I liked the pictures! Thanks! – Jessica Dillard, Farmington Hills, MI   12 Dec 2005

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