Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Considering the high profile of this tragedy, what happened to all of the transcripts? – E.S.Tasaki, Richmond, CA   22 Jul 2006

This is oneof the most haunting of the many, many websites I've been to, serching for infrmation on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. – Olivia, Minnesota   30 Jun 2006

I have been researching the American Labor movement for a number of years now. I am so happy to have found this site. I just read about the Cornell School of Labor in a book about the life of George Meaney. This is great! – Richard Edward Noble, Eastpoint, Florida   29 Jun 2006

This was a very touching site. You should always watch what is going on around you and be safe at whatever you do. I actually had never heard about this incident before but I'm glad I know about it now. – ctk, Ga   20 Jun 2006

I had never heard of this event until my class in college. This website was extremely educating and heartbreaking at the same time. – Susanne, Georgia   20 Jun 2006

I'm reading this site as part of my women's studies class. I had not heard of this story before, which is a little disturbing to me. Why have I not heard it, and how many others have never heard of it? This story must be taught in other courses. – dmcs, georgia, usa   20 Jun 2006

The Web site gives a nice truth of what could happen if everyone is not watched out for and a safe manner. There must be precautions to assure that no one is hurt if a terrible accident takes place. As much as possible precautions must be taken to assure safety. – Enoch Walls, Jasper, Florida and Valdosta, Georiga   18 Jun 2006

Thank you for the efforts here. Heartbreaking site. – msj, Memphis, TN   18 Jun 2006

I want to learn more. – CMD, New York   17 Jun 2006

I also read "Ashes of Roses"By Mary Jane Auch.I cried near the end it's extremly heart breaking.I still don't uderstand why so many young women and men had to lose their lives? – NAM, Maryland   16 Jun 2006

I am so sad about this I am only 13 and this story breaks my heart.I read a book about this incident.And I wanted to learn as much an I could. – NAM, Maryland   16 Jun 2006

This Web site is awesome and really gives insight on these sweatshops in general. I am extremely pleased! – Cara Lucas, Valdosta, GA   16 Jun 2006

What a lovely website dedicated to all the poor souls who perished in the triangle fire. how awful the owners got away with it. – gina rae, glasgow, scotland   12 Jun 2006

this is my first hearing of the fire and i wanted to learn more about all those young women dying – r.c., chicago   10 Jun 2006

I am following a TV series about the history of new York, and when I saw the Triangle Fire story I felt I had to look it up. What a beautiful website in hounour of those who perished there. I found it very moving. I'm so amazed the owners got off, hopefully the saying "what goes around, comes around" visited them. best Wishes Gina – Gina Rae, Glasgow, Scotland   10 Jun 2006

This is a very inspirational site and the book "Ashes of Roses" by Mary Jane Auch was great to. thank you 4 remembering!!! – nicole bishop, Florida   9 Jun 2006

I really liked ashs of was the best book was a shocking thing for that woman to 107 years and the only girl that survived named rose. – monica, illinois   6 Jun 2006

thank you for remembering the people that worked there. i found out about this tradgedy by reading the book "Ashes of roses" by Mary Jane Auch. This is a great memorial for those who perished. i am so glad someone cared enough to make a site about the fire. on your list of survivors, Rose Freedmen died at the age of 107 years old. – nicole bishop, Florida   4 Jun 2006

Beautiful website. Perhaps not intentional, but a lovely tribute to those women that were lost. – Sharon, Bay Village, Ohio   3 Jun 2006

I like this website it gives you the info. that you need and its quick, and says all the stuff you need in just a couple of words. – E.C., Canandaigua, NY   30 May 2006

Its so totally cool!!!! – NC, CALIFORNIA   26 May 2006

This is the best site EVER!! IT ROX!! – KM, 13, PA   24 May 2006

This site is really helpful and it has a lot of interesting facts!! Keep up the good work! – Kaylee, Pennsylvania   24 May 2006

this website helped me for my history assignment!!! thanks!! i just thought id give you guys some credit!!! – JaKi, Michigan   24 May 2006

This website rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! – Melisa Santiago , Biggs, California   18 May 2006

I think this website is so interesting and enjoy able. – lili, Biggs, California   18 May 2006

This website is one of the best and most fascinating on the triangle fire I have ever seen. It gives accurate information, moving photographs, and it brings a fascinating history to life. Cornell has really done a great job. – Beatrice age 12, Pennsylvania   17 May 2006

I just need some help with protective services work – Christina, Pennsylvania   17 May 2006

I just read a book about the Triangle Fire and I thought that it was stupid for people to let those men go. I mean 146 people died because they locked the doors. They didnt care about the people who worked for them before and after the fire. I think they should have at least had their buisness licence taken away. To many people died to just let them off like that. If i was one of the girls who survived then I would have deffently fought for them to get into a lot of trouoble or something. – Sandra, Iowa   16 May 2006

i love this site it helped me get an A+ on my report – ECW, colorado   15 May 2006

It is sites like this that should remind all of us that tragedy can harken if we let our guard down. As a Safety Inspetor for the New York State Department of Labor, we are contantly reminded with photos of the twisted fire escape that "we were born from fire" and it is our mission not to let a Triangle Factory fire ever occur again – peter j sarich, patchogue ny   13 May 2006

My god... so horrible. i came here cuz my favorite band wrote a song on it, and I remember seeing about the fire on tv, but... I had no idea. Some of them had the same name as me, and that 11 year old girl... thats two years younger than me. if i had been alive, I could have been one of those girls. It's so horrible. the names gave me a personal connection. Imagine being burned alive. Its so horrible, and the way some people umped out.. it's the sep. 11 of 1911. I can't believe it. – AM, PA   12 May 2006

Looking for a movie – Ray, Ga   9 May 2006

I am Doing a report about this for school and the more I have learned about this experience the more my heart goes out to the families and vicims. I feel so badly for the poeple who had to watch their friends die before them. – Alicia;14, Peoria,Il   7 May 2006

My Heart goes out to all those hard working people who lost their lives in this tragic day. My the lord bless you all. –, Bronx,New York   5 May 2006

What a horrible tragedy... thank you for keeping the victim's memories alive – Missy, Chicago   29 Apr 2006

This helped me on my school assignment thxs!!! – Terri-Lyn, Ontario   28 Apr 2006

you guys helped me a lot – vanessa, washington   25 Apr 2006

My grandmother worked at the Triangle factory, and she lived in a large boarding home where a lot of the girls lived. She got a different job only a few weeks before the fire, and lost most of her friends. Many years later when my son was doing a report for US History, he brought me some information on the fire and said that he just felt like he should do his report on it. He knew nothing of the family connection. It made it much more personal for him. – D.Dexter, Grace, Idaho   19 Apr 2006

Tthis site was very helpful in finding information for a school assignment ! – N. B. , Philadelphia, Pennslyvania   17 Apr 2006

Info for an assignment – LLB, Missouri   14 Apr 2006

This site has been very helpful for my research as I wrote my novel TRIANGLE, which will be published in June by Farrar, Straus & Giroux. – Katharine Weber, Connecticut   13 Apr 2006

I have read the Dear America book and Ashes of Roses. This tragic story of pain and loss has really touched me. To think of the 146 that died just to feed and support their poor families brings me to tears. I'm glad this site was made in memory of them. Thanx. – Olga, Kansas   13 Apr 2006

I like the fact theres a website that has alot of information that you can visit,to learn on what happened during this time period. – Lola Arango, Los Angeles California   13 Apr 2006

This was a very good site for me to get all my information for my history project. i found it extreamly useful, and acurate. thanx – RC, New York   12 Apr 2006

I keep reading the stories over and over and over and can't get over the tragedy for everyone involved - families ruined. – Eileen Peterson, Venica, California   10 Apr 2006

Thank you for making the site so user friendly. I do an online school and this site made my research so much easier. I appreciate all the work you put into this site. The Triangle fire was a terrible event, thank you for educating the public about it! – Kristine D, Hawaii   10 Apr 2006

Im doing a report on this story and i have just finished a book called Ashes of was based on The Triangle Factory Fire and it touched me really hard on how many girls and guys and just people were hit by this.To tell the truth i cryed at the end of my book! – Shaina , CA.   7 Apr 2006

I have been studying the Triangle Fire as an american history major since my sophomore year of college and your site has always been my starting point for great sources. Now in writing my senior thesis I have the oppurtunity to emmerse myself in the wonderful literature and documents that have been made available as more people learn about this tragedy. Thank you for the work you do to keep education on this topic such a priority. Events like the Triangle Fire and even the sinking of the General Slocum are glaring examples of the fact that it was on the packs of the "huddles masses" that America learned and grew and still does. – Leah S., St. George, UT   6 Apr 2006

Thank you for your extensive account of the Triangle Fire. This site was a great source for my history day project on the labor rights movement. – A Busek, Hawaii   5 Apr 2006

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