Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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i've heard of the triangle of fire but was never really informed of what it was: causes and effects, but this was very interesting and informative – aleta r h, valdosta, ga   23 Oct 2006

This website was quite informative and really enlightened me to several details that I was not aware of. I had no idea of the horrid conditions that the factories provided. The visuals provided are very vivid and detailed. Nobody deserved this type of treatment. – Ashley B., Valdosta, GA   22 Oct 2006

I particularily like the oral history part of the web site. There is nothing like listening to the actual people that lives throught the events of the fire. Thanks for the excellent work of your site. – richard melville, midland, texas   22 Oct 2006

This makes us very sad. No one deserves to live this way. – KatAsh, Kokomo, Indiana   20 Oct 2006

This website informed me of horrible information that I was not aware of. I knew about the conditions of factories during this time period but never knew to what extreme. This website gave good information and also nice pictures to really show the horrific details. – Nicole, Valdosta, Georgia   19 Oct 2006

Great presentation, useful information and a great testimony to the nastiness of those working conditions. – dave rodock, Valdosta, GA   18 Oct 2006

Thanx. This web site helped me alot! For my history day project I had to research the cause of the fire and how it changed America's Laws. Thanx Again! – Kacey Brennan, Pinedale, wyoming   18 Oct 2006

Thanks for this website. I had to do a project about the Triangle Factory Fire & Kate Alterman, and this website made it so much more easier. And not to mention the fact that the story itself is acctually pretty intresting. – Jennifer Perkins, Baltimore, Maryland   18 Oct 2006

I like your site! – Erin Goddard, sistersville,WV   17 Oct 2006

I like ur website – E C, sistersville,WV   17 Oct 2006

A wealth of information gleaned from your site. I had heard of the tragedy years ago but had no idea of the scope of it. Thanks for the informative and easy-to-navigate site. – Jennifer Keene, Valdosta, GA   13 Oct 2006

i think you ned to have some pictures of the building before it burned down – Cheyenne, WV   12 Oct 2006

There was alot of information, it was very interesting to read. – C.N, Valdosta, Georgia   12 Oct 2006

what can one say. this needs to be remembered because "it can happen here" again – madison ,wi   12 Oct 2006

very good but sad that so many people died. – new york   12 Oct 2006

I think it's great that you have provided so much information. It honors the memory of the lives that were taken in this tragic and unfortunate event. – Elena Randall, Cypress, TX   9 Oct 2006

I think that the fire was a tragic event and you really told the storie in an informational way. It was a very helpful site to better understand what really went on. Thank you. – Chelsea Connors, Michigan   8 Oct 2006

This is outstandingly resourceful website. Tons of information. – Mark D., Farmington MI   6 Oct 2006

this website was a great help in understaning everthing that occured at the triangle factory. it also helped build a picture of the events and importance of this tragity. thanks again – jessica latoru, farmington MI   5 Oct 2006

thanks for the site information, it was very helpful for my school assignment and it was very interesting to my knowledge as well. – Raymond Ionel, farmington, michigan   5 Oct 2006

Thank you for supplying this site to the public. Your site is really helpful and informative. – Kelli Chavers, Farmington Hills, MI   5 Oct 2006

Thank you very much for making this site so that people can learn more information about this historic event in our country. It really helped my understand what happened with more clearity. – Kali , Farmington, Michigan   5 Oct 2006

Your site taught me alot more about what happened at the triangle factory, alot of good information for my assignment, Thank you – Chris Sandoval, Farmington Hills, Michigan   5 Oct 2006

The website was very well done. Good job and thanks for the information! – KS, Michigan   5 Oct 2006

thank you, its a very good site – jacob, farmington   5 Oct 2006

I like looking at this site because it was very interesting. It also gave me a better understanding of how it must have been to work their. – Tony, Farmington Hills   5 Oct 2006

The was a very interesting, unique and very hepful site. I am glad that I had the oppertunity to explore it. – Lawrence, Farmington Hills, MI   5 Oct 2006

Your site was very interesting and helpful. Thanks! – Joey Ramirez, Michigan   5 Oct 2006

I think you all have a nice website about the fire that took place at the triangle shop. Lots of nice articles and descriptions on what happend.You can almost imagine you were there – Mark Griffin , farmington hills MI.   5 Oct 2006

Thanx For All Of This Info. It Helped Me Out A Lot.... – Casper, Farmington, MI   5 Oct 2006

This is a fantastic source of information. Between the bank of articles and first hand accounts of this abominable murder of innocent people, it is inevitable that anyone who takes full advantage of this information will get a realistic picture of what happened on that day and why. Thank you for putting the truth out there. – Stephen B., Michigan   5 Oct 2006

Thank you for a very elaborate site and very well thought out and organized way of telling the story of the Triangle fire. I learned many things from your site, thank you – colin, MI   5 Oct 2006

Your websight was very eye opening, and insightful. I really enjoy all the differnt viewpoints on the fire. Thanks. – Mandie, Farmington, Michigan   5 Oct 2006

I think that the site was really good in remembering those who have died in the fire. – brad g., michigan   5 Oct 2006

Very well thought out. The articles and interviews are very informational and desrciptive. – KAR, Farmington   5 Oct 2006

This was a really powerful site. Thank You – Luke Howes, Farmington Hills MI   5 Oct 2006

This was a really powerful site. Thank You – Luke Howes, Farmington Hills MI   5 Oct 2006

Good site. I learned alot very useful when i was doing some of my school work. Thanks for making the web site – David, Famington Hills MI   5 Oct 2006

Your site was very helpful with my school assignment. All the articles were very interesting. Thank you for making this website. – Jillian Brown, Farmington, MI   4 Oct 2006

This is a very interesting and factual site. Thank you very much for posting such a useful and interesting tool. – RD, Farmington, MI   4 Oct 2006

This site was a great site for information! – Billy, Farmington   4 Oct 2006

Your website was very helpful to my studies. – Shane Patterson, Farmington Hills, MI   4 Oct 2006

this is a really good site with a lot of helpful information, I think all of the information is actual documents from the event. – Brian Garner, Farmington Hills, MI   4 Oct 2006

This site was really helpful in understanding the book more, and very intersting. I love learning about history and this was very informative and fun in it's own to read about. – Kelsey H, Michigan   4 Oct 2006

thank you so much for providing such amazing information and resources for us to use. – Emily L., MI   4 Oct 2006

Thank you for giving us all this information about the fire. It really helped. – Brittany K, Michigan   4 Oct 2006

I loiked this website very much and it was very helpful enlightening my young mind – Ryan,   4 Oct 2006

I thought the website was very interesing and I got a lot of inside info that I could not have normally gotten anywhere else. – RCG, MI   4 Oct 2006

This story is one that helped change how workers were treated and helped set basic safety standards for factories that have saved countless more lives. This website is a valuable source of information on this tragedy, which is probably quite hard to find elsewhere. – Eric B., Michigan   4 Oct 2006

Thanks for all the help. it really helped me under stand what happened. – Brian, Farmington, MI   4 Oct 2006

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