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My heart went out to the victims and their families even though the fire happened 116 years ago. March 25, 1911 should always be remembered because of the fire and the aftermath; laws were put in place to help stop another diaster. – Kathy Hester, New Berlin, WI   9 Mar 2017

Great document, pure history. – Adilson Faltz, Brazil   8 Mar 2017

I am writing a report on the triangle factory fire and this has been a great source, and definitely pulled a few of my heart strings. – VMT, Stevensville MT   7 Mar 2017

i feel bad for the people whose families who died – hld, steward il   7 Mar 2017

I feel bad for those poor people. They worked for very little money. The owners should have paid more attention. – Neo, Arizona   2 Mar 2017

RIP victims, my condolences to the families and viewers to the tragedy. This is an important incident of history, like many other tragedies. May this event help our future become a better result to prevent situations like this. (And unfortunately, it still happens today, even though this happened.)? – Serena Felicia, South Dakota   2 Mar 2017

Im so glad that we can change – leslie C, New York City Ny   2 Mar 2017

My condolences to all and anyone to have been touched by this tragedy. – JaNel D, Porterville, Calif.   1 Mar 2017

I am born on 8th of March, i'm a woman and i'm proud to be born on that day so important in the world. If today i have rights like man is also thanks to that event so awful that have never been forget and to all the women having struggled. – Chiara, Italy   25 Feb 2017

Came here for a history paper and found a story much more tragic than i had anticipated. My condolences to the families who have been affected by this fire. Though what happened to them was terrible, their legacy helped save the lives of many more workers and improve the lives of all. Rest in peace. – N.J.W., Norman, OK   25 Feb 2017

R.I.P victims – Eleven Wheeler, Hawkins   24 Feb 2017

One reason something happened was because there were flammable fluids on the floor and there was a oil barrel just sitting there(see 9th floor model) which should have been taken care of a long time ago. – EC, Brookwood, Alabama   24 Feb 2017

Rip the workers. Never forgotten. The owners should have been more considerate. smh – Jada Alexis, Brookwood Alabama   24 Feb 2017

The fire was a very tragic thing and shouldn't have happened but the owners were stupid and inconsiderent of other people. – Trinity Walker, vance Alabama   24 Feb 2017

First off these people deserve way better than they were. I mean they worked for you for little money come on no one would steal fabric. The fact that there was man slauter involved and the court let's them get away with just makes me so mad!! – Bonnie Griffin, Brookwood Alabama   23 Feb 2017

I think that if they were prepared or even cautious we probably would not have lost as many lives that we did. My condolences to all the families of triangle shirtwaist factory victims – Skylar Mullenix, Brookwood,alabama   23 Feb 2017

These people were innocent and should have never been killed. The fact that the court system did nothing enrages me. The brave people are never forgotten. – Noah Dunham, Brookwood, Alabama   23 Feb 2017

if they would of been prepared they would, like have all doors unlocked and water connected to the hose the tragic event maybe would not have occurred. – bryant akridge, Brookwood, Alabama   23 Feb 2017

If the owners would have followed the labor laws this could have never happened. – kaleb miller, brookwood,Alabama   23 Feb 2017

They didn't consider the lives of those people and now 146 of them are dead and those owners had to live the rest of their lives knowing they were responsible. – Calina Lewis, Brookwood, alabama   23 Feb 2017

if they had been prepared, like have the water hoses turned on, had the doors unlocked, had sprinklers, &/or fire escapes, then that many ppl would probably not died tbh – alyssa boyd, broke weed   23 Feb 2017

This happened a few years before the titanic sank, I have came to realize that the 1910's was a very tragic decade and that all these events will last not just a decade, not just a century, but forever... – Dalton Garrett Crumpton, B   23 Feb 2017

The Triangle Factory Fire will be forever in our minds and not forgotten.We will not perish on their deaths,but remember them..... Also hello people on the guestbook! – Morgan Merritt, Coaling,Alabama   23 Feb 2017

The story of the triangle factory fire is a very tragic story and will go down in history, just like the flames of that fire. – Dalton Garrett Crumpton, Brookwood, Alabama   23 Feb 2017

They should have had water in the buckets. But they did not think there was going to be a fire so they didn't have any water. And the fire happened and they didn't know what to do. – kaleb davis, vance, alabama   23 Feb 2017

We are learning about this in ELA and it is very very interesting and sad. – HMA, 1590 Baxter avenue   23 Feb 2017

In School we are learning about the triangle shirtwaist factory. – Laika, 2508 Parker Lane   23 Feb 2017

I’m currently learning about this in my history class and it’s such a tragedy that this happened! No-one that died in this fire or survived this fire will be forgotten. – Alex Andrews, Lester, Alabama   14 Feb 2017

I saw a special on this and also did a 30 hr OSHA training several times through the years, where this and other tragedies occurred, but, this I can't imagine the feeling the ladies had.... ...jumping, just waiting to either suffocate or be burned alive...the only other choice was to jump, and many did....just Horrific!!! Brian Mellen – Brian A Mellen, Merrimack, NH   13 Feb 2017

Never forget this tragedy. I can't believe the courts and how they never gave them justice. This site is doing great things by remembering them. – Mia Bunting, Oklahoma City   10 Feb 2017

Never forgotten – VS, St.Augustine,FL   9 Feb 2017

How horribly tragic this was for the 146 who lost their lives and their families and loved ones who never received justice from the courts. – Sara Valentine, Morgantown, WV   8 Feb 2017

very sad – mab, lk stevens wa   6 Feb 2017

What are horrible tragedy, I can't imagine what their families felt like after finding out. Although, it shone a light on the horrible need of safety precautions back in the 1800s and 1900s. – eb , MD   6 Feb 2017

Never forgotten – EF, New york   6 Feb 2017

You will always be remembered – KH, Alabama   6 Feb 2017

lost but not forgotten – lml, north carolina   3 Feb 2017

this is such a tragedy! – at, vale   3 Feb 2017

yall will always be remembered – brandon schesny, vale, nc   3 Feb 2017

Everyone who lost their lives in this horrible tradegy will always be remembered. – Dakota Santos, Lincolnton, NC   3 Feb 2017

Your lives were given for the improvement of America. – Hunter Leatherman, Vale, NC   3 Feb 2017

still remembering these women and the tragedy. paying my respects. – Katie Nolen, Lincolnton, NC   3 Feb 2017

It's awful to think, that if they would have had the good working condition laws, then that wouldn't have happened. I pay my respects. – Jennifer, Lincolnton, NC   3 Feb 2017

It's a tradegy that all of those women had to die, and the owners were found not guilty. Simple safety precautions would have likely prevented a large number of the deaths. – Hunter Hoyle, Lincolnton, NC   3 Feb 2017

still remembering this tradgedy to this day, thank goodness for all the new labor laws, but sucks this tradgedy had to happen for them to be passed. – Leia Simmons, Lincolnton, NC   3 Feb 2017

You will be remembered. – josh garmon, vale nc   3 Feb 2017

In my AP US History class, we are talking about the progressive era. I was given the task of presenting on this tragedy. Reading through the information on this website is very heartbreaking because none of these people deserved to die. America lost many good people that day. – Rebecca, Lincoln, NE   2 Feb 2017

We are using this site for an argumentative essay, and we think that the owners of this hectic sweatshop caused this fire. I hope that others agree – SMEW, Raleigh NC   2 Feb 2017

Horrified that the owners probably noticed some fire escape doors locked and never helped – Brii , Raleigh, NC   2 Feb 2017

It's horrible that all those people died because someone can't spend some money to do safety protocols those kind of people make me want to barf – Aidan Mohajer , Raleigh,NC   2 Feb 2017

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