Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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It is so devastating that so many people lost their lives because of other people's selfishness and greed – JRF, West Virginia   13 Feb 2007

it is sad to hear that all of those innocent people lost their lives in yhe fire. – Carmen feliciano, livingston manor NY   13 Feb 2007

It's very sad to hear what happened to those people! – Michele Picolotto, Lowell, MA   12 Feb 2007

as an occupational medicine physician I have heard a lot about this fire, but never researched it on the Internet until now. I know the union movement has been a crucial force in worker safety. Thank you for putting up this website. – Phil Torrance, Princeton, New Jersey   9 Feb 2007

I grew up in a union household and I admire the work they did to improve life and work for individuals who had no voice-especially children. Let us never forget! – sgc, Riverside, California   7 Feb 2007

This site describes how this horrific event took place really well. – Seth Purkey, Knoxville, TN   5 Feb 2007

our class doing a project on "The Triangle Foctory Fire!" this website totally helped me alot on getting things done faster.thank-you!thank-you! – Rubie Yang, MN   2 Feb 2007

I learn about this up in the 6 grade at central middle school – Jewell, Waterloo   2 Feb 2007

we think our grandfather james davis was at the fire. could you find out. thank you m.j,c. we hope this is not an irrelevant entery – corkery, new york   29 Jan 2007

I am in 8th grade and doing a National History day project on the Triangle factory fire and this website is very helpful,thank you!!! – Rachel Ohman, Minnesota   28 Jan 2007

thank you for this information. – cwm, missouri   26 Jan 2007

Hi, im a student working on a National History Fair project about factory fires. This site was tons of help thanks so much! – Emma Israel, Washington DC   24 Jan 2007

I like you website I have got a lot of good fact form it for my History report. Thanks – E A F, Colorado   22 Jan 2007

Hi, I'm Sasha Rowane's partner and we've got another question. About what time did the fire start? By time I mean like 8:15 PM or something. Can you help us? – Rya Kinotsu, Wisconsin   19 Jan 2007

Hey, I'm a student at a high school in wisconsin. As a project, our American History teacher assigned us to pick an event in US history to do a project on. My partner and I, after seeing this site, decided to do it on the fire. Almost all of our project is based on this amazing site!!! The only question I have is how many people worked at the factory? – Sasha Rowane, Wisconsin   18 Jan 2007

Now i really know why these people was so sad =( – Frances Perkins, Triangle Shirtwaist Company   18 Jan 2007

i love this site and i never knew bout it till today and this is very interestin how old these pictures are and that you still have them. my social studies teacher had shown us this sit and i love it and he is ver -shannon,from maine endwell middlr school – shannon letavish,maine endwell, maine endwell school   18 Jan 2007

this is really interesting. i think that the photographer did an amazing job at takin these pics and writing about them to – shannon letavish, maine,ny   18 Jan 2007

that was a big time loss. this site gives good info. good job – tj lincoln, ct   17 Jan 2007

nice web site – jb, ohio   12 Jan 2007

wow, this site is really great. thank you man... – Ernie, m.i   10 Jan 2007

i think this tragedy was a big one. it was one just like the twin towers were many people died. a lot of family members were missed, and terribley children were lost – ozzy, flatbush   10 Jan 2007

are there any survivors still living in, 2007? If so you are they? – Adam Daly, Ringwood, Australia   9 Jan 2007

I read an article about "The Triangle Fire" in the Smithsonian magazine last year (I don't remember the month). It intrigued me so much that I decided to visit this site. I was greatly moved by the photographs as well as the list of names of the deceased. You did a great job on this site. – shelia, Hammond, Indiana   4 Jan 2007

Very very very very helpful to me. – EJL, Sandy, Utah   3 Jan 2007

this is a life touching story.its probably one of the stories i will remember all of my life. i read the book on it: Ashes of Roses. its amazimg – danielle, chapin sc   23 Dec 2006

Came to know about this tragedy by a song from the Brandos. Keep up the memory of this fire. – Mark, the Netherlands   23 Dec 2006

How many people died – M, FL   23 Dec 2006

had a tramatic effect on my mother. she was only 18 yrs old. her life was saved by the students in nyu--they cast ropes over to the window and she had to do hand over hand until she was safe in nyu. – mrz, margate, nj   22 Dec 2006

I have always been moved by stories of this fire, because I could have been one of those immigrant girls. Your site is a tribute to them. – debbi, easton, ct   20 Dec 2006

great website – Jessica, Karyn, Jason, Gregery, petrolia   19 Dec 2006

great site – mw, ca   18 Dec 2006

this site was very helpful – tiffany,   18 Dec 2006

Thank you for making this site!!!!! I am doing a very tedious project on the Triangle Fire and it has been extremely beneficial!! – Meredith, NY   18 Dec 2006

This site is really great! It is very helpful. Thanks! – Christina, Blackaburg,VA   18 Dec 2006

I was doing research for my English and History classes, about the women's movement and factory life, I felt horrible after reading so many sad stories. This site is wonderful. – Kitty, WI   18 Dec 2006

i like it... – kms, t burg ny   18 Dec 2006

I love how you got so many old ,pictures on this fire. – Corrina, Alaska   17 Dec 2006

I lived in same address 35 after annie pack one of the victims. Keep up the good work – j c, fl   14 Dec 2006

Thank you so much for putting this site together! I am doing a project on the Triangle Fire and this is an invaluable resource. I love the primary source material! – T D, Massachusetts   14 Dec 2006

Great website ! – DJ, Bk   14 Dec 2006

Your site is very interesting and well informed. My Great Grandmother and her sister both perished in the fire. As a child my Grandmother would tell us stories about losing her mom and sister and how her this tragedy changed their lives forever. Thank you once again for this great source of information. – Jim, Hopatcong, NJ   11 Dec 2006

the fact that in the summer of 1913 Max Blanck was arrested again for locking a door during working hours answers alot of questions. He knew exactly the status of the doors at the factory on March 25, 1911. Drehle's book pg. 265. – paul, cherry hill nj   10 Dec 2006

Earlier this year I visited the building in NYC, and was touched to see the commemorative plaque. May the victims rest in peace. Thank you for this site. – Doug, Chicago   9 Dec 2006

your should have how the fire started more on the pages... good job though, i was trying to do a report and i couldnt not find out how the fire had started. – Your mother, Baldwinville   6 Dec 2006

will be in ny on sat. will go & think of them on the place they died firemam&gradson of a garmentworker – dtw fd peckville pa, peckville pa   6 Dec 2006

great site for history day – utlig,   5 Dec 2006

I'm doing a History Day project on Truiph and Tragedy, and am doing the Triangle Fire and I think it is a very sad story. I am glad the girls that died are still remembered today. – Alex S., Sacramento,CA   4 Dec 2006

tell how the fire started and don't seperate things so much, other than that it's very informative! – CN, Wisconsin   4 Dec 2006

I think the hardest thing to believe is that the owners were absolved of this tradgedy. Hopefully, they suffered through guilty conscience throughout out the rest of their life! – JMKelly, Westminster, MD   4 Dec 2006

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