Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This site was exceedingly helpfull in providing information for my report on Muckrakers in the late 1800's- early 1900's. Thanks and keep up the great work – TMA, Philidelphia   10 Dec 2007

omg this website helped me sooooooooooooooooo much!Thank You! – Diana, NY   9 Dec 2007

This website (web exhibit) is excellent. It is very informative. I used the site for an assignment in my women's studies class and it helped me to understand how the workers could be so desperate that they felt they must jump from windows. It is sad that people do not understand what work was like for these young women. We take for granted the laws that we now have dealing with working conditions. Thank you for this site and will help people understand more about the fire, but also the women and men who died in the fire or jumped to their death. Thank you. – Cortney, TN   5 Dec 2007

This is really interesting, a great website for classrooms and students, thanks! – Cassie, NY   5 Dec 2007

This website showed me alot on the Triangle Factory Fire we saw the Movie on it and this website helped me alot on my assignment....Thank you – Jesus G, Jackpot   5 Dec 2007

The circle of life is complete they all deserve it – E.M., NY   4 Dec 2007

I loved it , it helped wit my history project – Daniel Martinez, misoouri   30 Nov 2007

We looked at all this for part of an US History assignment, and I was amazed. We had talked about it in class but the horror of all of this and to believe it really happened didn't hit me until I got on here and read the story by Rose Cohen, Pauline Newman's letter, and the Eyewittness at the Triangle by William Shepard. These were amazing and if you dont know much about this I suggest reading these stories/letters. Also check out the pictures although they arent pretty. To be a young teenager myself in the working field, it is hard to believe what i would have to be working in if i lived in this time period! I am glad this is not allowed anymore and the treatment of women has improved! – A.E.S., Indiana   30 Nov 2007

why did they lock the doors – M.B., Omaha   30 Nov 2007

this web-site is a big help to my history project – alex sosa, rochester   30 Nov 2007

i really loved your website-- it looks like it took a lot of work. it really helped me with my school project. thanx a ton i also really think they should make a day to commemorate this tragedy. – AM, NY   30 Nov 2007

Can you give me some hint about this story please. – Kim, Omaha   30 Nov 2007

hi i am a big fa of this site thanks for publishing it – carissa, athens,tennessee   28 Nov 2007

this site is the coolest.I love to learn and this is a horrible tragity – stephanie, watertown   28 Nov 2007

I feel so bad for the female workers. But anyway, such a great site! – Harry Potter, England   27 Nov 2007

Those people were just cruel. I have been trying to find some pictures, because it is good to look at what really happened. Someone asked me a question today: Would you jump or burn? they said. I told them that I would not do either. I would help others escape as well as free myself, and then gone to the morgue to witness and grieve, and also to look...for my family. – Selena, Wisconsin   27 Nov 2007

I feel sorry for all of the people that died...the youngest one with a recorded age was fourteen. I wish... – Emily J. , Ohio   27 Nov 2007

I feel so bad for the workers at the factory whose families had to go through this when someone died – Justin, South Portland, Maine   26 Nov 2007

I researched this event for my senior thesis in 2003, and know I am teaching it to my students. Because I think this is an important moment in history, and I commend the makers of this site for doing such a magnigicent job. It is important to remember our history. – Ariana Rodriguez, San Jose, California   21 Nov 2007

The site is very good! We should never forget about this desaster. – Sandra Junge, Northern Rhine Westfalia, Germany   21 Nov 2007

this is a great site – mike breyer, roseville   20 Nov 2007

WoW that was a bad fire! 500 people died in it! i loved reseaching the Triangle Factory fire....but it was sad too! – MN, Iowa   17 Nov 2007

We have been learning about this sort of things in history. We visited your site and I thought it was so amazing! Thank You so much for a great site. – 7th Grade Advanced History Student, Richmond, VA   12 Nov 2007

It is horrible to know that working conditions were so bad. How could the owners take such advantage of poor immigrants? – Bridgett Sandlin, Valdosta, GA   12 Nov 2007

I cant believe working conditions were this bad. 400 people died in this fire. Where was the equality for these workers? – Sara Tehrani , Valdosta, Georgia   11 Nov 2007

I need a witness name for a huge report with a story!!!!!!!!But this web site hepled big time all I need is the name though of thet eye wittness guy!!!!! – MLB, AZ   9 Nov 2007

I'm doing research for a computer project, and this site seems very intreeging, as I find the Triangle Fire and intersting subject. Thank you! – Jasmine, Saratoga Springs, New York   8 Nov 2007

Thanks for the site! – Mark Smith, Sherrill   8 Nov 2007

This is by far one of the most saddest and unfortunate things I have read about. My heart and condolences go out to the victims as well as there families for having went through this disaster in American history. This is a great website and I wish there were a way to make every American view it. Thank You. – JR, Valdosta (GA)   8 Nov 2007

This event struck my heart like a peirced dagger. I now realize the impact that history has on us ALL, wether we like it or not. My heart collapsed when I read the list of victims, there was one girl who had suffered the fire and never woke up ever again at the young age of 11. I am sorry for the greif of the families that had lost there families once and for all in a couple of breathless minutes. I felt like crying when i saw the list of on going victims. I know that this may sound cruel ,but I am glad that this event happened even with all the lives that it took. If this event hadn't come across in history then all the working men and women today wouldn't have all the job facilities that they have. I only wish there was some way that oppurtunities could have arose without all the innocent lives being tossed away. Not your average 6th grader, actually not even your average adult knows about this event, they are all blindfolded to the fact that this event helped shaped some of our lives today, I was completely ignorant to this event until I came across it and realized how important, but tragic it was. People should know the impact that these people put in for us ALL, yes even us kids. These people striked and they wern't afriad to fight for their rites as humans. You shouldn't be afraid of fighting for the rites you have and these people wern't. I am proud to say that we are descendents from great people, the children. The Children of the Triangle Factory Fire. – 6th grade student, N.P, florida   7 Nov 2007

Great site and lots of information – JMB, Rochester   7 Nov 2007

I found this website very helpful, I do belive that it is important to learn about the past, and learn about the bad things that happened in our country – Sarah , Scotia, NY   7 Nov 2007

this web site is a lot of help for understanding the past and the tragities that took place also the things we have learnd from to make the world a better place. – jk, michigan   5 Nov 2007

I'm working on a National History Day project on the shirtwaist strike. This site was a great help! – Rebecca R. Ritter, Maryland   5 Nov 2007

I am one of the grandchildren of "Becky Bursky" as she is listed on your site. Following the fire she would testify, marry her fiancee Jacob, who had been fired from his job for leaving to search for her. They would move to Detroit and start a family. Their son David, my father, would graduate the University of Michigan in 1938 as an aeronautical engineer. In 1946, Howard Hughes asked him to move to Los Angeles and redesign the hydraulic controls of his mammoth flying boat. Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of its flight. My father did redesign the controls and was the co-pilot on that famous flight. He would go on to help prove we could land men on the moon. All that was possible because my grandmother survived. Additionally I was in the twin towers six months before they were destroyed. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my good fortune and all the stories untold in 1911 and 2001. It why I became a public servant. Thank you for your website. – James M. Grant, Los Angeles California   1 Nov 2007

I am working on my thesis paper on the Triangle Fire, this site was a wonderful help with my project, Thank you. – K.C.E., CT   28 Oct 2007

A few days ago there was a programme on the history channel here about the fire. Today , on a true story channel I have just seen film about it. Really shocking conditions and compensation – s mckay, scotland   27 Oct 2007

I was not even aware of this fire until my teacher had us research it to learn more about progressivism. I'm glad i know about this know. Its sad but useful history. The other night i asked my parents if they had ever heard of this fire... and they both said no. – A.M.P, Maine   24 Oct 2007

Never knew this web site existed. I was aware of the terrible fire ever since watching the 1979 TV movie, "Triangle Factory Fire Scandal". Throughout decades I remembered about the man who told the women to jump out the windows. People kept telling me that was a fictionalize account. But truth is I just came across the United Press eyewitness reporter's story from that horrific day, and he saw the man take each woman to the window and led them out to their deaths. Reporter's name was William G. Shepherd...In the TV movie there was a man standing on the roof. He was supposed to be evil. I can't remember if he was the same making the women jump...Also I believe this part was played by Timothy Dalton. But if it was a CAMEO, I cannot find it. And unbelievably he's not in the credits. Does anyone else remember him? – AWJ, Miami, Florida   23 Oct 2007

I think this tradgedy was one of the most horrific besides September 11th 2001. Any happening where people die or millions of dollars in damage occurs is such a tradgedy and a sad, sad loss. Espically the people who had to jump from the burning building that Saturday afternoon in March. And just because they didn't want to burn to death. I think the escape system should have been checked monthly. To this day there are some businesses that do not have sufficent escape routes. The doors deffinatly should not have been locked. Stealing innocent lives is a bigger crime than theft. I really enjoyed this website. It helped me with the basics about the Trianlge Factory Fire (TWC). I also recommend this to anyone that needs additional information about the (TWC). Thank you. – Megan.A.C, St. Louis, Missouri   23 Oct 2007

How did the fire strat? and how did it effect all the people? And this helped me with the assigment i had to do in class – Becky Ann Cordia, St.louis, Missouri   23 Oct 2007

All of the website was fantistic thank you very much.And it wasvery interesting to – Jared, Marble Falls TEXAS   18 Oct 2007

I can't belive how many people died. They were all so young! – Blaire, Marble Falls TX   18 Oct 2007

How did the fire start? – haj, Via Veayo   18 Oct 2007

I cant believe the country of hope and dreams could have ever done anything like this. Those poor immigrants. – Tiffani, MT   17 Oct 2007

how can people let that go i think evey child should hear about this and be thankful that life is not like that today – natalie Tremblay, Billercia Mass   16 Oct 2007

Good Site! – MF, Lancaster, PA   16 Oct 2007

i think its really cruel that we use to treat eachother like that. But im glad they struggled how they did...because they show'd me what life is really about. working hard to be successful! – Edwin Mercado, Cochranville, PA   16 Oct 2007

Information is kinda hard to find on this site. I suggest using a more organized fashion of categorizing information. – Brooke Curtis, Indiana   15 Oct 2007

Nice site... – Victoria M., Indiana   15 Oct 2007

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