Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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The fire was highly dangerous and some people would commit suicide or die in the factory. – ariana roman, NY   30 May 2007

I really found this website interesting – Kenny, Georgia   29 May 2007

Moving website! More light should be shed on issues like this! Women today should be inspired by those that have come before us and we should continue the fight! – Karlin Connell, Valdosta, Georgia   29 May 2007

It is terrible to hear that people were so uncaring that they would just let people work in whatever conditions were there just so they could make money. It's even more sad to know that even now people still are out to make a buck instead of protecting their fellow man. – Jennifer Slaton, Valdosta,Ga   29 May 2007

this toched me – MR, New york   29 May 2007

These stories really touched me. – Avie McMann, Valdosta Georgia   28 May 2007

Horrible.. – K.M, SXM   28 May 2007

This website needs to be showen and many people need to read this informstion and be aware of this injustice. – veatrice, thomasvill   28 May 2007

It is a shame that all those people had to die because of greed and the fact that this practice is still going n today. – megan, valdosta, Ga   28 May 2007

A very interesting website – Veatrice m Harper, Thomasville.Ga   26 May 2007

I found this site very informative. I had never heard of this tragedy until visiting this website. I hate to hear about stories such as this, but I am glad that proper procedures were followed to improve conditions. – S. Allen, Marietta, Georgia   25 May 2007

I really love your website. – Ariel, Orlando, FL   24 May 2007

This site is great! It's very informative! – Megan, Tifton, GA   24 May 2007

The stories and pictures tell a very greusome and powerful story about a tragedy that could have been prevented, but just like most things in life; it takes something bad happening to get people motivated to do something. – Cindy Odum, Enigma, Ga.   24 May 2007

I really loooove your website and guess what....i am going to see the exibit tommorow!!! – alycia, new york   24 May 2007

i really like your web site – tristin, new york   24 May 2007

this website is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Alicia, newyork   24 May 2007

i really like this website it is very interesting – Austin , Hudson Falls   24 May 2007

i really hate this website i never want to see it ever again and i dont know why evrybody else likes it because it is the most stupidest website i have ever seen – Alexis Parker, Hudson Falls   24 May 2007

I really like this website and guess what... i am going to the New York State Meusum on Friday – Joslyn, Hudson Falls   24 May 2007

i really like this website an i am going to the exibit in the museum in the new york state museum!!!! – Alycia, Hudson falls   24 May 2007

I had never heard of the fire until now. Nothing is ever is mentioned in history books, except under the bad working condidions at the time. I enjoyed learning more about our nations dark past in relation to labor laws. – mpeterman, South GA   24 May 2007

This is a horrific story, but this site does a good job of telling it. The site is thorough as it expresses what happened in 1911. I didn't know anything about this situation when I first opened this site, but know I know the injustice that befell these factory workers. – Amie Adams, Georgia   22 May 2007

a well done site.being from RI.and what happened here at the night club fire.I find this to be very informative.just wanted to see if any of these people were convicted of this crime .the people in away clean.thanks to this clown we call an attorny general.enough said.thanks again – Raymond E st. pierre , woonsocket RI   21 May 2007

a well done site.being from RI.and what happened here at the night club fire.I find this to be very informative.just wanted to see if any of these people were convicted of this crime .the people in away clean.thanks to this clown we call an attorny general.enough said.thanks again – Raymond E st. pierre , woonsocket RI   21 May 2007

more on the laws that were passed to help labor conditions as a result of the fire – MV, st. paul, Minnesota   20 May 2007

I was born in Suffern NY but heard about it as a girl, also I appreciate your moving tribute to these innocent men and women. I saw some of this on PBS and just read the book by D Von Drehle. It is so moving, and horrible how Blanck & Harris could try getting out of it, Tammany, police paid by them, to protect their hides. – Tara Lawrence-Stuart, San Diego, California   18 May 2007

The website needs more on how the fire started – Jdogg, Brookfield   17 May 2007

I can't help but feel bad for all those poor people. Beign cheated our of money and their lives. I think you should add more about how the fire started and maybe some more survivors stories. – Victoria Lovelace, London   16 May 2007

The site gives lots of accurate info – SS, Plainsboro   15 May 2007

I am ashamed that the history of America is tainted by this totally avoidable tragedy. Congragulations on a superly informative site – Jon Z., West Windsor NJ   15 May 2007

hi my name is howard and i am from north carolina and i feel bad for all the lives that had to go through this incident i give my deepest sympathy to yall luv u all god bless america – Howard Mann, NC   15 May 2007

Needs more info on how it started – Jason Drews, Brookfield , WI   15 May 2007

i cant beleve they where not charged giulty! they did commite manslaughter, and they continued to treat thair workers poorly, too! this cite realy helped me learn more about the fire. thanx! – susan smith, plainsboro, N.J.   14 May 2007

needs more info about how it started – jessi, brookfield, Wisconsin   14 May 2007

This was one of the largest industrial disasters in the history of New York but it has drastically changed working conditions since and made a huge difference in America's industry. It is good to learn from our mistakes. – Michelle, Kelsey, Ally, and Mya, Eugene, OR   10 May 2007

This site really helped me on my prodject – Lbc, PA   8 May 2007

It is amazing that all those people died. The owners of the factory should have been charged as guilty at the trial. – JBA, CO   2 May 2007

Thank you for the information, pictures and audio. Thank you for sharing this site. – Sherrie C, BC, Canada   2 May 2007

I had to do a reserch paper for my fire training and this website really helpd thanks – Stephanie, New Hampshire   30 Apr 2007

Love this site – zak hein, cincinnati {513)   29 Apr 2007

this wsaa sad time my family new some of theses people – mar, lvonia   28 Apr 2007

Its amazing how events like this one can be forgotten. Thanks for rediscovering it for us all – Ryan Reames, Tulsa, OK   26 Apr 2007

This website truly made me sad! Its horrible what happened! – Kailee Hilbert, Hamilton Texas   26 Apr 2007

Come to free screenplay reading, Saturday April 28th 1pm at 345 West 45th Street Theatre. Story centers on the Triangle Factory fire and the immigrant experience in NYC at the turn of the last century. – Jane Ann Gonzalez, New York City   24 Apr 2007

This Is Intense stuff – Tyler Norris, Pittsfield   18 Apr 2007

i have to do a reasearch paper on this topic and this website realllly helped!!! – jm, nj   18 Apr 2007

i read this story in class and want to know more about it – kj, ogden ut   18 Apr 2007

It's an excellent website. I could find a lot of usefull information in here and it was also quite interesting to read it all. – M.L, Valdosta   17 Apr 2007

I love the whole set up of the site and the research that was done is just magnificent. – Brittany W., Valdosta, GA.   16 Apr 2007

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