Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I want to know how it stated – connor barry, 7th and kohl   9 Apr 2008

Thank you! – Helena S. , Anchorage,AK   8 Apr 2008

This website is wonderful and i am very glad that as a student i am able to learn about this tragic event in our history. As a student of Daniel Abse,we are all participating in the Triangle Factory Fire play.I use this website to help me know who these amazing people are who experienced this event! – Mirela K., Nyc   29 Mar 2008

Thank you for building such a poignant and wonderful exhibition and preserving the archives of one of the most tragic events in our history. Many of my best students are in rehearsals for a play based on this event. Despite the research I've disseminated to my students, they, through both their being so deeply affected by the Triangle fire and their quest for an understanding of such a human calamity, continue to, in turn, teach me about the human condition through their engagement with this historic event. – Daniel Abse, New York, NY   27 Mar 2008

I am not so sure if i had ever heard of the Triangle Fire or not, which is sad. This was such an awful event in the history of America, you would think that it would be taught to students in history classes. I am saddened that I am in college and only now am hearing about this. This is an EXCELLENT site, please keep it up...there are tons of people who have no idea about the Triangle Fire! – Abby Flowers, Moultrie, Georgia   26 Mar 2008

I first remember hearing about the Triangle Fire when I was in high school, 1988. I'm still a student (2008) and our Women's Studies teacher asked us to look at this web site and write a paper. Now that I've been through the whole webpage, I'm proud to do so.Please don't ever let any of the victims or survivors be forgotten, or their lives will have been in vain. Please keep your website going as long as possible. Thank You -from women all across the country. – Robin L.S., Valdosta, GA   26 Mar 2008

very informative – Shstone, valdosta, ga   25 Mar 2008

There is a memorial every year at the site, Washington Pl and Greene St. I went yesterday 3/20/07 with my mother and children as my greataunt died in this fire. It was a wonderful ceremony conducted by UNITE HERE and the NYC Fire Dept. I plan to attend every year!! – Cathy Sullivan, New York   21 Mar 2008

I wish this fire never happened cause then nobody would die, but that the workers would get arrested and they changed the city back then so everybody would feel safe and could relax – abriana marcelino, brooklyn ny   18 Mar 2008

I am required to study this website and readings from my text for American History. I am so very interested in this as is my husband, we are going to try and find the movie. I am saddened by the way these people were treated during such a progressive time. We should have known better, shame on us. My heart aches when I read about the victims and their families. I am angred by the greed in politics and businessmen and unfortunately that is still going on. – Pamela, Albany, NY   14 Mar 2008

In 1986 I was required to write a thesis on any event that I chose, from a list that the instructor handed out. I chose The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and at the time I never heard of it. I can feel the pain these victims felt and understand their anguish when they realized no one was coming to help them and that they were trapped. It was a dreadful shame that this event had to occur and for major changes to be made in working conditions, for the future. – Rose Young-Stewart, Whitney Point, New York   13 Mar 2008

I show the movie starring ( Ted Bosley)to my american History classes . I show when i begin talkinmg about Progressivisim. The movie clearly shows the times and the ways people were living/ shows the enthic neighborhoods . If anybody has seen the film- are there some questions I can ask my students after they watch the video – saul, NH   13 Mar 2008

This is an AWSOME site to learn about the fire! – Kori Rolon, Florida   13 Mar 2008

I am very sorry for all of the families and their lose. I give my love and they would never be forgotten. That was a sad and hard day. Sincerely, Kori Rolon a.k.a. Shorty – Kori Rolon, Florida   13 Mar 2008

I would like to know what Rose Freedman did to help others after the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – Diana Pierce, Clifton Springs, N.Y.   11 Mar 2008

I love this site. I am a freelance writer and one of my projects is a book on the American Labor movement. This site is a great help and inspiration. – Richard Edward Noble, Eastpoint , Florida   10 Mar 2008

Non dobbiamo dimenticare, MAI ! – Laura Arconti, ROMA, Italia   9 Mar 2008

This is an AWSOME site for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory – Joey T., Florida   7 Mar 2008

this is an awsome website! im doing a project on the book Ashes of Roses, and this helped a lot! – shweta, Florida   7 Mar 2008

This is so devastating to know that something like this, happened in the very same state that I live in. This site is very helpful though, and because of this site, I got and A on my Triangle Shirtwiast Factory Fire report. – Caitlin, Brooklyn, New York   4 Mar 2008

I just checked out the book Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The cover said it was about an event that changed Am. history. Being a history buff myself, and a 5th grade teacher, I picked it up. I started the book and couldn't put it down! Read it straight through. What an amazing event! Then, the next day I was telling my best friend/ partner teacher about the book, and the Triangle fire that I hadn't ever heard of. She said that she had another book, Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch about the fire that she had read. She hadn't known about it until she read that book either. What an amazing job these two women have done in bringing this tragic event to light. I can't wait to teach/learn about this in my classroom. I’m visiting your site to gather as much information as I can. THANK YOU! – Mary, Kansas   3 Mar 2008

I think the owners should have had a prcess,they where guilty.The story is terrible,even today – Sonja,Roma, Italy   2 Mar 2008

I love this site it has taught me alot about the fire. – Anya, florida   26 Feb 2008

I am very dissapointed that this had to have happened. I HATE to hear when people pass away. I hope something like this never happens again! – Michaela Jean, California   25 Feb 2008

This website helped me alot with my school project. the fact that this really happened has left me deeply saddened. a life is worth more than any amount of money could cover. – Deaundra N. C., Bryantown   25 Feb 2008

Wonderful site with so much information! I throughly enjoyed looking at this site! – Angela Rohacek, Philadelphia   24 Feb 2008

A wonderful site with tones of information but the perspective of the factory owners would make this snapshot of history even better! – Lindsay W., Ontario, Canada   20 Feb 2008

I had to do a report on a primary document for a history class. I had seen a movie based on this a few years ago and since we were doing the progressive era I started researching it. this site is great and it has helped me with my report. I am a college student and I am continually amazed by the amounts of information one can find on any subject. thanks again. – Cat, Georgia   19 Feb 2008

My history teacher was talking about it, and i had to read more. – Melissa, Oklahoma   12 Feb 2008

I learned of this site from an article in Smithsonian magazine, Aug. 2006. What a horrifying event! Shame on the owners and those who found them innocent of wrong doing, I wonder how they were able to rationalize their guilt. What a sad day, when employers are more interested in making their fortunes, than the value of a human life. Unbelievably, businesses of this type still exist, operate, and exploit the poor today. Thank you for a beautiful and insightful site. – Ms. June E. Holland, Dallas, Tx   9 Feb 2008

Thank you for the information. It helped me alot with a project i am doing. – Kelly, New York   7 Feb 2008

Thank you for the information. It helped me alot with a project i am doing. – Kelly, New York   7 Feb 2008

Excellent information especially the primary sources. – Rene' Obena, Hawaii   6 Feb 2008

Great info. Gives me great insight on how labor & safety laws came about through this awful tragedy. It seems to always take treagedy for ghange to take place. – Trudy Williams, Antioch, CA   5 Feb 2008

Thanks to Cornell for creating this cite. It was very helpful to me in my research. The pictures are especially helpful to me since I am doing a documentary. – Jocelyn, OH   31 Jan 2008

I was looking for info on IWDay (mar. 8) and found this article. Excellent info and presentation. – Susan Corte Lomega, Portugal   30 Jan 2008

I am using this as a ressource for a project. This site was really helpful. Hope that all the people that died in the fire will always be remembered!! – KK,   24 Jan 2008

I used this website for a history project. Thanks to Cornell for informing us about this tragic event in history. – RDH, Belmont, MA   18 Jan 2008

Max Blanck was my great great grandfather's brother. Thanks to Cornell for creating such an entriguing site that gave me insight into my tragic family history. – Lily, CA   10 Jan 2008

I had know Ideal that this had happen. they need to put this kind of information into the history books so the rest of us would know what the woman and men who had died that day had done for us they gave us a better work place – LAM, Cedar Grove, TN   9 Jan 2008

I just finished reading the book UPRISING by Margaret Peterson Haddix and I just can't believe what those poor people went through. – PAB, Pelham, nh   8 Jan 2008

This has been such a great resource. I'm using the information for my Social Studies portfolio project. Thanks. – Anna, Minnesota   30 Dec 2007

My grandfather, then an intern at Bellevue, was called to the scene. He suffered, I think, from PTSD ever after. A friend of Frances Perkins, he was scrupulous about seeing charity patients, but never went above the ground floor in a tenement again. Look at our current presidential campaign and ask yourself whether any memory of this even survives outside of John Edwards. – JMD, Boston   27 Dec 2007

As a son and grandson of union men, I am so thankful for this site.Frances Perkins said this fire initiated the day that the New Deal began, yet so many in our country fail to comprehend or recognize this significant piece of history.It is little known yet its impact on our rights today was massive. Thank You Cornell for not being ignorant on American History, of which no one remembers or seems to care about in the corporate world. – KGMTT, Vermont   20 Dec 2007

I would just like to commend the site writers on a job well done. I have utilized this site as a source for a high school project, and it was extremely helpful. (All proper citations were made, of course!) I appreciate the primary source documents provided and even the list of witnesses and victims. It was very helpful! Everyone was impressed with my work, including the list of victims and witnesses, all thanks to your site! I hope that you continue to update your information as new data is found on this tragedy. Thanks again to the site publishers, writers, and supporters! – Devin Barney, Springfield, MO   18 Dec 2007

Wow, This fire was really bad. I used this site for my 8th grade DBQ. Thank you. – Kara, Hudson Falls, New York   17 Dec 2007

I am using this site to instruct my high school history classes about Progressivism, women's rights, and labor law. You have done a splendid job her. I can use it directly from the site and follow up with handouts of the various documents and articles that you have provided. Thank you. – Robert Donnelly, Montclair NJ   17 Dec 2007

this helped me so much on my project!!! – ZB, Scotia,NY   14 Dec 2007

this site help be so much in 7th grade social studies – rds, greenville,SC   12 Dec 2007

this sight helped me out a lot. I was assigned to complete a 4 page website analysis of this site and found everything to be extremely helpful. thanks. – Jared Archambeault, Upstate, NY   11 Dec 2007

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