Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This has made a huge impact on the U.S. – Anthony Falzone, St.Charles   13 Jan 2017

This was a sad event, immorality of the highest level manifested in the workplace. – Sam Wade, St. Charles IL   13 Jan 2017

The Triangle fire is sad and it should have never happen. – Ethan Cruz, St.Charles   13 Jan 2017

In the Triangle Fire in 1911 this had a really big impact on the U.S working conditions in jobs. It's sad to see to this day that people these day take advantage of people to give them very little money for such long hours, and for the owner to get filthy rich. If they were to once take a walk in their shoe they could really see how much bad they have done to these people. – B.O, St.Charles IL   13 Jan 2017

People really should have been more aware on the working conditions and how cheaply buildings were made. If people cared this tragic event might not have happpened – Abby, St. Charles   13 Jan 2017

Tthis is so sad and tragic it should have never happened – Emma Domoleczny, St.charles Illinois   12 Jan 2017

wow this is really sad why would this happen – an, somewhere   12 Jan 2017

this isreallly ssad i know mny family members died god bless them – aliyahmccreary, new york   12 Jan 2017

Thats really really sad i feel really bad the youngest one that passed was only 15 years old and the fire escape collapsed that is really sad and i feel so very sad and grieved that the famillies had to suffer ver awful and i wanted to know how did these famillies take the loss of their passed relatives – Kaya Pagan, New York   12 Jan 2017

It's so sad that they were starving everyday even thought they worked 12- 18 hour days and still didn't have enough money to get more food. – Julia Gaugel, St.Charles IL   12 Jan 2017

This was a tragic event but it really turned things around for workers in the US. – Grace Townsend, Chicago IL   12 Jan 2017

very awful, the negligence is sickening – Lauren Walker , St. Charles, Illinois   12 Jan 2017

I can't believe that people ever had to go through that and still go through it today, its horrifying, and i think that everyone should read it tell tell other people about it. – Callie B., St.Charles IL   12 Jan 2017

This is so sad, nothing like this should have ever happened – CB, Illinois   12 Jan 2017

This was very sad and not fair to the workers or their families. – Shannon M, Chicago IL   12 Jan 2017

This is so sad. This fire has had an important role in history, but this event isn't well known. People should know about this and recognize this sad event. :( – Isabella J, Illinois   12 Jan 2017

Although it was tragic, it made the government more aware so they put in better safety regulations so there was a positive side to this – Lane H, Chicago, IL   12 Jan 2017

This was a very powerful story. This should be used to show students the bad side of industrialization and that 146 people had died, many of them by jumping off from the 9th story to their deaths and others burning in the fire. Just imagining the idea of having to work in the same conditions as those women in that building should show how greedy the business owners were. – Ahmad Y., Saint Charles, IL   12 Jan 2017

This is a very important event even though some may say they've never heard of it. – Lily Henson, Chicago IL   11 Jan 2017

This Is Very Interesting. I Never Realized What If A Fire Started In A Big Factory. 146 People Killed Outta The 500 Working There Isn't Good. I Also Feel Bad For There Working Conditions As Narrow Hallways And Exits Locker, I Can't See That Happening. I Feel Like This Event Had A Impact On The US Now That We Have Regulations Of How To Work Factories And Not To Lock Workers In. – Jonathan M, St. Charles   11 Jan 2017

This was so sad. – Taytum N, chicago IL   11 Jan 2017

Wow! This was super sad. That was horrible that these working conditions led to the deaths of 148 people! – Chayse E M, Douglas, Ma   6 Jan 2017

Wow! This was super sad. That was horrible that these working conditions led to the deaths of 148 people! – Chayse E M, Douglas, Ma   6 Jan 2017

This was so sad – Andrea R, Greenville   3 Jan 2017

This was so sad – Andrea R, Greenville   3 Jan 2017

I simply couldn't depart your web site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the usual info a person supply for your guests? Is gonna be again continuously in order to check up on new posts. dbkgfddkbdekffec – Smithd276,   1 Jan 2017

This was very interesting. – D.M-J, Columbia Heights, Minnesota   20 Dec 2016

I love this site we had a major assignment on this and it gave me everything i needed. # AMMAAAAAZIING – TC, Greenville   14 Dec 2016

Great site. i will recommend it to my colleagues and students @Faculty of Agriculture - Benha University – MAHMOUD ELHABBAQ, Egypt   13 Dec 2016

Great site with amazing information about this tragic day. I'm writing a story about it in Global Studies, and this site is very helpful. Thanks guys! – Tyler Novak, A little town called Struthers   9 Dec 2016

Super helpful website! All the details are in perfect order & make it feel like your there as Its happening. This is a very heart warming story that helped with my 5 paragraph essay that I was assigned in my E.L.A Class! – Jaden Hunt, Bakerfield, CA   7 Dec 2016

Great site! Helped with my assignment, my teacher recommended I write this. – jd, htown/little D   7 Dec 2016

i pray for them – aap, huntington,wv   7 Dec 2016

Really great resource I just wish there was more about the people that helped save lives like Joseph Zito. – MVM, Arkansas   6 Dec 2016

This is a really great website but I wish it had more information about survivors and heroes like Joseph Zito and Gaspar Mortillalo – MVM, Arkansas   6 Dec 2016

Great site! Helped with my assignment, my teacher recommended I write this. – Gabrielle Zamora, Bakersfield, CA   5 Dec 2016

Gr8 site, it helped me gr8-ly with my studies. – Julie Nguyen, Springfield MA   5 Dec 2016

i love this site you get to see the lives tht were lost and tht were saved and it touches something in your heart – lydia j, armada michigain   2 Dec 2016

Very helpful for my work and has great information. – Raeana Catalano, Syracuse Ny   28 Nov 2016

Very informative, what a terrible tragedy. – Mar Williams, Greene, NY   25 Nov 2016

I am glad that you have this site. It makes me feel greatful of the rights that I have. I just wish this incident didn't have to happen before people started realizing that we needed laws to protect us. – Eric, Salt Lake City   23 Nov 2016

This website was one of the required materials for my online disasters class. I found the primary sources and other information to be helpful and knowledgeable. Prior to this week I was unaware of the tragic Triangle Fire. However, websites such as this ensure these types of disasters will never be forgotten. Thank you. – KLS, Florida   22 Nov 2016

Thankful to sites like this, the tragedy will never be forgotten – Ivan , New Jersey   20 Nov 2016

This is an excellent and informative site. – JPB, Ithaca, NY   14 Nov 2016

I was doing a history report and I couldn't help but to read on because of how sad and eyeopening this article is. – L.A.L, Missouri, U.S.   9 Nov 2016

I'm writing a research paper on the Triangle Fire for one of my History courses this semester. This site has helped guide my research in a direction that I never thought it would go! I'd recommend it to anyone interested in this topic! – Rose, Minnesota   7 Nov 2016

this is a good classroom resource. – tyler, coleman, michigan   31 Oct 2016

Every time I sit down to one of my wonderful antique Singer sewing machines to make a beautiful garment, I say a prayer for the repose of the souls of the Triangle Fire victims and ask them to bless my work. When I first learned of this tragedy, it affected me so deeply that these poor girls sewed and died at the same machines that I sew on, practicing the same art that brings me so much joy, and that they were just like me. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and for the legacy of safer working conditions they have left us. May God rest their souls and bring their families peace. – Jacquelyn, California, U.S.   28 Oct 2016

Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to everyone who employess it, including myself. Keep up the good work for sure i will check out more posts. bgacdadcdececkke – Smithd170,   25 Oct 2016

This is a wonderful resource for my American history class! I created a web quest to go along with your site and it really helped my students to see how this tragedy helped to spur workplace reform. – Camilla Frew, Poplar Bluff, MO   24 Oct 2016

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