Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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i want to know about the fire – kevin zimdahl, fallriver,wisconsin   2 Feb 2010

i think its lovely wat yr doing here, revealing such informatino.. – billie, burden,ks   2 Feb 2010

This site was really helpful for my history paper on factory safety in the US. Thank you. – SMG, Minnesota   31 Jan 2010

I just dont know what to say about this tragic event. it had to happen though, or where would our working conditions be now. – Katie Miklovich, Michigan   30 Jan 2010

I'm doing a report on the sewing machine and my teacher suggested i put this in it. Now that I learn more about it I feel more saddened. The illustrations are what really make me shake my head. Did you notice the people diving from the window in the cartoon, rising skeleton? just horrible. – CA, Utah   26 Jan 2010

A truly tragic event - so unnecessary but yet a turning point in labor conditions. I referred to the site for a management discussion post for a grad class. – KJS, Lubbock, TX   20 Jan 2010

this was a very helpful addition to our unit on factories and unions during the industrial revolution. Thanks so much for your work in putting it together. – ober family, ithaca, NY   18 Jan 2010

Harold...If you look at my post from November 2007, it may assist you in your efforts. I am one of the grandchildren of Becky Bursky, a survivor of the fire. I am considering coming to New York for the 99th Anniversary and will most certainly be there for the 100th anniversary. – James M. Grant, Lake Balboa CA   6 Jan 2010

Our ancestors sacrificed their all for us. Lets do our part to make things better for those who follow us. – Sam, Tennessee   26 Dec 2009

This event is very tragic and heart breaking. i'm doing a report on this topic and its very sad to learn about. :( God bless everyone who died in the fire and their families. we all really miss you. the owners should of gotten a worse punishment because they deserved every bit of it by being the cause of so many deaths. – Jazmine, New York   24 Dec 2009

This was a very tragic time for everyone.The pictures on this sight are very sad. I have to do an essay on this for my 11th grade class. – kumar, long island   14 Dec 2009

Hello, jk from NY......what is the name of your relative that was involved in this tredgedy? I could use historical information for a reasearch paper. – Harold, Missouri   14 Dec 2009

Does anybody have a relative that lived through or died in this fire? – Harold, Missouri   14 Dec 2009

This is so sad and i feel a great deep remorse of those who died in this tragedy. – KB, Denver, Colorado   10 Dec 2009

This website really displays a very dark time in our country's history. There was more concern for money and production than life itself. The interviews were very compelling as well. Thanks for sharing. – Kasey Land , Valdosta, GA   10 Dec 2009

the fire was very tragic for my family. – jk, new york   8 Dec 2009

Wow what a tragic story its unfortunate that we have to learn the hard way sometimes! – RLG, Texas   8 Dec 2009

Wow. This is an amazing story. It's sad that the factory owners had no regard for the value of life over a dollar. Thanks for sharing this story. – Lakisha K, Valdosta,GA   7 Dec 2009

This website is a great way to convey the true facts about what actually happened. I interviews and stories of the actual workers really touched me. – Jasmine Peterson , GA   4 Dec 2009

thankes for this web site it realy helped me im locked up doing a this for the davis center – Jacob Wilber, inwood wv   3 Dec 2009

why didnt the owners get punished better – matt s, ny   1 Dec 2009

Thank you -i use this site with my students. We can really feel the connection to another time and place. I tell my students never forget this tragedy and then I say, "Let's sew for the triangle girls!" – JC, Jamestown, New York   1 Dec 2009

Outstanding!!! – Christian Watson, Jamestown N,Y,   1 Dec 2009

Thank you for keeping this part of history alive. The website was extremely informational and simple to use. (Easily accessible) – MK, New York   1 Dec 2009

Wow....... I appreciate and thank you for this website. It really helps a lot. I can't believe this event actually happened.... – Edna H., California   30 Nov 2009

After reading this for schooland watching the movie i was surprised how thir work condition was. Thanks for this web site it really help to understand better the movie and to get more information .my prtesentation waas just the ebst.Thanks – maria G., Fort Myers Fl.   20 Nov 2009

i cant belive what i am reading 143 people died – Amber, co   19 Nov 2009

thanks for the website i really helped my class and i understand it better – sd, hawaii   17 Nov 2009

Very sad it is awfulthat so many people died – Luis, MA   13 Nov 2009

Very Informative – Julia D, South Hadley, MA   13 Nov 2009

After reading this for school, i had a lot on my mind. It told me a lot of how terrifing fires could really be. Also actually knowing thatmore people died from falling out of windows then the actual fire, seems hectic. – abbeyy, uh, the united states.   13 Nov 2009

I thought this website was very informative and I learned a lot about the people who lost their lives in the fire. – Julia , South Hadley, MA   13 Nov 2009

good sources,very informative but sad. – Hannah, Massachusettes   13 Nov 2009

it was great infomation our class used it to learn about progressivism in the united states – ak, MA   13 Nov 2009

I really liked this site and its conntents. We learned about the Triangle fire as part of our History 10 class at Butte College and your site is Awsome. Thanks for making it. – erin dowden, northern california   12 Nov 2009

This is a great site, and like another commenter, I read this book called Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix, which is now my favorite book, and she recommended this website. I'm currently doing a report on this fire and this website has helped me greatly. Thank you! – Someone, Somewhere   11 Nov 2009

To steelcore1085, Longmont, Co, I have done extensive work on the identities of these people and can tell you that the vast majority of those who perished in the disaster were sewing machine operators, then referred to simply as operators. Also killed were foreladys, contractors, examiners, finishers, bookkeepers, tuckers, a cutter and a draper. – Mike, New York, NY   9 Nov 2009

Good site. But how did they identify the bodies of the people how died? – A. S., MA   8 Nov 2009

Great site to use for an essay for American History. =) – JM, Michigan   8 Nov 2009

great site! fantastic pictures – A.K, U.S.A   4 Nov 2009

pretty good but it's missing the jobs some of the victims had in the factory. There were many different things they may have done there. – steelcore1085, Longmont, Co   2 Nov 2009

I have to admit I am 30 years old and never heard this story until my son came home so fascinated and moved about this story he could not stop talking about it and I could then not stop thinking about it myself. This story saddens my heart. This is a great informative website. – v.suarez, staten island, ny   2 Nov 2009

Just came to read – JEM, NH   31 Oct 2009

I first became interested in the Triangle fire after reading a passage about it in a book and seeing The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal movie from the late 1970's. The loss of all those poor girls and young men is very sad but the changes that were enacted protect all of us. I'm fascinated by stories like these. This is a great sight!! – Kristin Vass, NY   29 Oct 2009

woah a fire – nick fernandez, plainedge   29 Oct 2009

Great site. – Darlene, Tacoma, WA   29 Oct 2009

Great site. Full of great information. Such a sad loss, but was the nexus for reform. – SJ, East Hanover, NJ   26 Oct 2009

I love the content of this website. I used some of the information to do a research paper on it! Very well made guys! – R.C., Ohio   19 Oct 2009

I grew up in the Bronx. My grandmother always spoke of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. She was 11 years old at the time. For many years I have been reading of the sad plight of all the women who perished; I continue to be interested in the history of Women and Labor in New York City. This is an excellent site for research. Thank you. – nancy campion, Salem, Oregon   15 Oct 2009

Never hear of this before. Very glad to stumble on this site, as this seems like a piece of history I should know! I commend you on how this site is set up. Well organized, referenced, documents, it's all great! I wish there were more site such as this. – SAS, Minnesota   12 Oct 2009

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