Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Very informative - many thanks! – Denver SEO, Denver   26 Jul 2010

Very informative, has a lot with my paper due on the factory. thanks. – holly robbins, oklahoma   16 Jul 2010

I learned about this fire watching a documentary called Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread) These kind of things make you think about all of the hardships our ancestors went through. – Joe L., New York   14 Jul 2010

Very interesting. Loved the oral histories section! – Chad Freeman, Georgia   4 Jul 2010

Extremly informaitve and interesting. It grabbed my attention! – Nikkie , Georgia   30 Jun 2010

I hate that a tragedy like this had to happen for work conditions to improve. The information is well formatted and is easy to read. Thanks – SAD, Hahira, GA   30 Jun 2010

Riveting and horrifying... superb job of making this long-past event relevant today – CWR, Pennsylvania   23 Jun 2010

I Found this both interesting and informative – russ from autoclassads,   10 Jun 2010

Great exhibit! – Chris Martinez, Los Angeles   8 Jun 2010

Touching and horrific...a poignant reminder why we need our unions.Should be nationally remembered every Labor Day. – DSA, NJ   3 Jun 2010

Great source of info for reports. thx – DEJR, Cincinnati   25 May 2010

Great site, has a lot of info.It was a very sad tragedy. – P. Hayes, Jasper, Alabama   23 May 2010

I am planning on being present for the 100 year anniversary – Suzi B, Boston   23 May 2010

Thank you for your insite into this tragedy. – Frank S. March, New City, NY   19 May 2010

I made my annual pilgrimage to the site in February and hope to be present on the 100th anniversary. A tragedy for so many and a turning point for organized labor in the US. Sadly, many more workers would die from poor working conditions before major changes would take place. – DavidFW, Elkin, NC   16 May 2010

I think it is extremely lucky that more people survived the fire than died in it. In so many catastrophes, more people die than survive. I read a book called Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and I found it to be quite sad, but very informative and true. She found much of her information on this website, and she also found it to be one of the most valid. I find the fire very sad, though I had never heard of it before. Strange that so many disasters can be forgotten so quickly. I wish people would pay the poor people who died in the fire the consideration they deserve. – Shai Palmer, Bethel, VT   14 May 2010

Strange that so few people of wide political conciousness haven't ever heard of this major tragedy. It struck me paralysed, reading through an entire night! – Rolf Liljeblad, Sweden   13 May 2010

Wonderful site with great information! – Erica , Valdosta, GA   30 Apr 2010

Very insightful – chandrea brown, Valdosta   26 Apr 2010

hey i like this story – Franklin graham, burlington   21 Apr 2010

im doing a paper about this one in my fire class – fdg, burlington   21 Apr 2010

Joseph Zito-the gentleman pictured in the bottom right- hand corner on the "home" page-was my maternal great grandfather. – JFV, NJ   18 Apr 2010

We owe it to ourselves to make sure that greed does not cause such devestation in the future. – R. Do, CA   14 Apr 2010

I wondered from which town in the Italian workers are? I wonder if this story has been passed on to the relatives of the deceased in Italy? – Anthony Alioto, San Francisco   13 Apr 2010

As a firefighter I have been aware of this watermark event. I encourage others to learn about the "Our Lady of the Angels Fire" in Chicago. Thanks for a great and historically important site. – Bob Burdick, Meriden, CT   9 Apr 2010

Dear WSS, The Web site was created in response to many requests for information from high school students who were working on projects about the fire. – Kheel Center staff, Ithaca, NY   9 Apr 2010

Where is the info? – WS, Apache Junction, AZ   9 Apr 2010

What is this for? – W.S.S., None ur buisness   9 Apr 2010

thanks for this useful article. – dizi izle,   7 Apr 2010

I can only hope we have a major centennial memorial next year. – Knute Rife, Salt Lake City   31 Mar 2010

Hello I am 11 years old and this was interasting to me.I think it was very bad that it happened but it is good too because it brings people together. – Michaela, Harolton PA   29 Mar 2010

Yesterday was the 99th anniversary of this horrific fire. I'm in the process of putting together a committee for a local commemoration of the 100th anniversary next year. Websites like this one remind us of why we need to learn about labor history so that we see the necessity of enacting policies to protect today's workers from workplace hazards. – AL, Chicago   26 Mar 2010

This is a very informative website. Thank you for a great resource. – NB, Iowa   21 Mar 2010

I just finished reading the book Uprising, by Margaret Haddix. Everyone should read this book. It tells the story of the women who lived and died during this tradgedy trying to make it better for all women. I highly reccomend reading this book and passing it all women. It made me want to find out more about Triangle and the tragic event. I was not aware of this story before, but I will never forget and pass it along to everyone I know. Please do the same, so that these women will live on forever and that their heroic deaths were not in vain. Thank you to all the Traingle Shirtwaist workers you were all so brave. – MER, South Jersey   20 Mar 2010

I was never aware of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and all the suffarage that women and immigrants faced when they came to America looking for opportunity. I am so glad to finally know the truth about what had happend in 1911. I will make sure my daughters learn about this as well and we will never forget all of those brave women and men who gave their lives for equal rights for women and better working conditions in factories. Thank you fo r making this available for all to see. – Mary Phelps, Orlando, Florida   20 Mar 2010

Great information – DV, NEW MEXICO   9 Mar 2010

Site is useful, but basic. – Scooby -Doo,   7 Mar 2010

This is Amazing Information Thanks 2 everyone....:) – Shy_Gurl, Arizona   1 Mar 2010

This website is really kool keep up the good work – Kadijah, Fredicsburg   1 Mar 2010

I am writing a research paper on the Triangle Factory Fire and this website was so helpful! It had almost all the information I needed. Thank you!! – CM, Saint Louis   27 Feb 2010

One of the best sites I have ever seen. Kudos to all. A million Thanks! Deric Author, a href=""NCLEX Review/a – Deric, Philippines   24 Feb 2010

A wonderful site and most valuable resource.We have used it for years and recommend to all.With the 99th Anniversary in a few days and the 100th next year,your info is even more essential-and APPRECIATED.Serphin Maltese,Pres.Triangle Fire Memorial and Historical Assoc. – Serphin Maltese, Middle Village,NYC   24 Feb 2010

My grandmother Gilda Boschetto, an Italian Immigrant, worked for the Triangel Factory and was a survivor. She died February 22, 1981 at the age of 90 years old. She recalled to me the stories of that day and the loss of her co-workers. May they all rest in peace. – Diane Zimmermann, Clintondale, NY   24 Feb 2010

I am using this site for a paper for my history class at University of Alaska, South East. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this page, maintaining it, etc. – Carena W., Ketchikan, Alaska   13 Feb 2010

I just read the book Uprising by Margaret Haddix and it was a very good and sad book your web page is very good it is a shamed something like that had to happened before things changed my heart goes out to all of the poeple who died in the fire and their family's God Bless – G.B, Oklahoma   13 Feb 2010

Thanks a million to Cornell ILR School and to UNITE for creating and maintaining this site. I stumbled across it and am very glad I did. I'm linking it to my Facebook page. – RLG, Fort Worth, Texas   10 Feb 2010

I am a writer and enjoyed researching your material. It was very informative! – Sadie Altum, Indiana   10 Feb 2010

Completo ed esaustivo, Grazie – Francesco Paolo CIRONE, Altavilla Milicia PALERMO   5 Feb 2010

Adesso so come è andata quel giorno in cui la mia Bisnonna è morta. Crazie a tutti voi che avete reso noto il fattaccio. – Francesco Paolo CIRONE, Altavilla Milicia, ITALY   5 Feb 2010

I like fire fighting. you have a very detailed web page. Congratulations. xoxoxoxoxo – The Fann Man, Broad Brook, Ct   3 Feb 2010

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