Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This is a hard topic to believe. Especially when you don't have proof like this. Thank you to the historians who created this website and the people who created testimonials for letting us see the true story over the test of time. – HM, IL   11 Dec 2015

This was very tragic – CT, IL   11 Dec 2015

Very Sad – EW, IL   11 Dec 2015

Very Very Sad – CT, Bronx   10 Dec 2015

This was a very emotional day and very sad to read about. – CR, IL   10 Dec 2015

This is very tragic and it was hard to read what happened to the survivors. – AS, IL   10 Dec 2015

such a sad day to remember – JL, RIVERSIDE CA   5 Dec 2015

Im so sorry for the lives that were taken. I hope you are ow happier than you were before. Rest In Peace. – zjs, bronx   5 Dec 2015

these people did horrible things to innocent people for money – dmb, elkmont al   3 Dec 2015

That was an amazing story the poor girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Mauricio Cruz, Blytheville   1 Dec 2015

Thank you to all the historians who preserved, gathered and interpreted these sources over the years. This history is accessible and a goldmine for the classroom. – Drake professor, Iowa   19 Nov 2015

what a horrific event to have happened. amazing that this site is here to remember the lives that were taken tragically . –, baltimore, md   17 Nov 2015

I feel so bad for all of those people who where trapped R.I.P – Matthew bradley, South Carolina   13 Nov 2015

I feel so bad for all the people who died in the fire and I'm glad they made restrictions or this would have still be happening today. :( – Molly Ronan,   10 Nov 2015

So sad what happened but it was useful to my projectim doing on this.may those souls R.I.P – Ah, Martinez ga   5 Nov 2015

Interesting, very helpful for my project – Renee, Iowa   5 Nov 2015

Cool site – A.j, United States   2 Nov 2015

helpful to understand the impact on workers – mike peterson, california   29 Oct 2015

Tragic event but it did lead to amazing things for workers safety – Billie Anton, Deland Florida   28 Oct 2015

Cool site. Helped me on my essay – Brett, Wisconsin   27 Oct 2015

I was doing a paper on this fire and became extemely interested in the history. – kearstun smith, petersburg, wv   27 Oct 2015

terrible day in history – djs, mn   26 Oct 2015

Thank you for such a fantastic resource. I've been intrigued with this story since I saw a documentary on the fire. May we never forget what happened on that terrible day. I shudder to think what is happening now in other countries where US manufacturers have outsourced their production. It seems to me we've just shifted the problem to poorer nations where poor people can be exploited. Greed is still alive and well! – J.J., Colorado   22 Oct 2015

Great accumulation of articles. It is hard to believe humans could treat each other this way. It took laws to protect workers lives? Greed is a powerful. The irony of "911" fire and this fire in "1911" is unbelievable. – L. Davis, Trophy Club, TX   20 Oct 2015

This was very helpful for research Thank you. – AY, NY   15 Oct 2015

This really helped me fully understand the fire and see it's impact of society. Thank you. – EJ, Wisconsin   15 Oct 2015

Great insight to exploited people in a work environment. – Chris Buckley, Carmel, IN   14 Oct 2015


i like this site it is cool – brooks e robinson, Charlotte, NC   9 Oct 2015

So Sad – MC, Nevada   8 Oct 2015

This website has really good information for my this article I'm writing. The map is also really helpful, but its disappointing that this had to happen – A.M., New York   8 Oct 2015

This is a great website because it doesn't just provide the facts of the event, but gives us a lot of aftermath and the significance of the event. – Scott Kirk, Kansas   7 Oct 2015

it was good, straight to the point but still covered all the details – kenny hurla, tonganoxie kansas   7 Oct 2015

This is eye-opening. Survivors experienced hell. – Faith Joymarie, Arizona   5 Oct 2015

Thank you for the site; I am literally without words. – G.S. , Austin, Texas   4 Oct 2015

It certainly was a different world back then. I was always aware of how dangerous the conditions were in the coal mines but didn't realize the danger in factory work. – CKG II, Oakland MD   1 Oct 2015

My Name Is Almighty Kash I Am One Of Detroit's Most Famous Street Teens I Read The Story Plenty Of Times The Most Influential Survivers Is Ida I Visited the building where this tragic event took place. Great virtual museum you have here, Never Forget It's kind of eerie to see your name on that list. Two girls with my name, not much older than myself, both died in the fire. It's a weird feeling. What an event that changed safety standards! What an event that changed safety standards! Sad, yet powerful catastrophe. May they all rest in peace. What a tragedy! My respect to the families and victims of 1911. God bless. – Almighty Kash 300 , Detroit,Michigan   30 Sep 2015

It's kind of eerie to see your name on that list. Two girls with my name, not much older than myself, both died in the fire. It's a weird feeling. – Celia , Michigan   29 Sep 2015

Visited the building where this tragic event took place. Great virtual museum you have here, Never Forget. – JDF, New York, NY   28 Sep 2015

My name is Vincent Muscarella, Cerda are you are interested in receiving news of three girls died in the fire at the Triangle: Del Castillo Giuseppina, Salemi Santina, Cirrito Rosina born in Cerda. I'd love to know what happened to the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers of possible descendants. My interest stems from the fact that I decided to write about the lives of their mothers; their conditions of migrant mothers and why and how they came to New York. If any of the descendants or anyone had a chance to give me the news will email me at my email address:vincenzo_muscarella@fastw - By thanking Remembering for the opportunity they gave me, I send a cordial greeting to the entire editorial staff. Vincent Muscarella. – vincenzo muscarella, cerda- palermo   21 Sep 2015

This helped me with my homework very mush in my US 2 class, Thank You – ZLZ, Wausau,Wi   15 Sep 2015

good information for my osha class – ajg, cortland il   10 Sep 2015

Lot's and lot's of great information! Thank you! – SCS, CA   9 Sep 2015

Really helpful compiling research for my paper. – JV, Arleta   5 Sep 2015

this is really lame – el, xenia ohio   31 Aug 2015

I cannot find anything on politics of the shirtwaist factory – clayton Harris, Milford, Ohio   26 Aug 2015

i am doing a research paper and cannot seem to find any source on the causes of the fire – Ellie Norris, Milford,Ohio   25 Aug 2015

Wow, hard to believe so many died, the owners responsible should have been jailed. – Art.Frederick, Houston, Texas   25 Aug 2015

so important to follow all OSHA Guideline and which this tragedy and horrific story of the victim changed safety standards! – Angeline Douglas, Miami, Fla   21 Aug 2015

soo sad! – branden, illinois   19 Aug 2015

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