Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Amazing site, I learned so much for my topic: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (for NHD) – Kailee Shermak, Minnesota   19 Jan 2014

No one deserved that kind of treatment and working conditions. – Kailee Shermak, Minnesota   19 Jan 2014

RIP – c.s, mesa   18 Jan 2014

bad..real bad – casey brooks, texas   17 Jan 2014

it changed so many peoples lives. :( – delaney, columbus, AL   16 Jan 2014

what!!! alot of girls died :'( – iw, cali   16 Jan 2014

A fantastic website. Thank you for your hard work and research. Triangle Fire I find it remarkable to note the magnitutde of community and labor organization's response to the tragedy in 1911. The level of corruption involved was directly proportional to the death toll. – D.B., California   15 Jan 2014

interested in Himmelstein sisters – sb, baltimore, md   15 Jan 2014

This is horrible –   15 Jan 2014

Terrible event. – TMD, Atlanta GA   13 Jan 2014

this is really sad and im glad it wont happen again – MC, South Carolina   13 Jan 2014

Very sad, hope new laws prevent something like this from happening again. – dd, Maine   12 Jan 2014

I am glad there is now an exhibition on this tragic event. We must reflect that this could have been predicted, and thus was hardly accident. – Robert William Wolff, Milton MA   12 Jan 2014

The ache that exists recalling this family tragedy is partially assuaged by this site, by the memorials and historic landmarks. Tho' no one in my family was involved, the whole Lower East Side was swept by this unimaginable horror preceding 911 tragedy with the same three digits. – RICHARD B. STEIN, BKLYN HTS, NY   12 Jan 2014

I did a report on this fire for school after reading about it in "Uprising" by Margret Haddix. This was a horrible time in our past, but it did help pave the way for stricter building codes and workers rights in America. The historical value of this moment is great, and even though it was a horrible, saddening event, I hope that other kids my age will learn about it. – Natalie, Florida   12 Jan 2014

This website is amazing!!! I'm doing my History Fair project on it, and this website has been an amazing help. It has also helped me get tons of resources for my Bibliography. – Samantha S., USA   11 Jan 2014

so sad – AD, SC   9 Jan 2014

It's so sad how they made children work!!! – Reema Dhar, St.Charles   8 Jan 2014

its so cruel how the owners treated their workers! – nikki j , st.charles il   8 Jan 2014

Wow that was terrible thing that happened – Taylor Meeks, St. Charles, Illinois   8 Jan 2014

Very upsetting. – P.A.R, 702 Indian Way St.Charles IL   8 Jan 2014

Tragic – Brooke Jackson , Florida   7 Jan 2014

It's done know, we can learn from our mistakes. It won't happen again. – KRH., USA   1 Jan 2014

I'm glad this happened because noe it will almost never happen again. – Sam, South elgin   20 Dec 2013

This is a really sad story, feel terrible for those people – NG, USA   19 Dec 2013

why would this happen to those people – AWJ,, IL   19 Dec 2013

This is very interesting yet so sad – Ali W., St. Charles   19 Dec 2013

sad – dg, a house   19 Dec 2013

This is a tragic day that should not have ever happened – Kaila H., IL   19 Dec 2013

seeing these poor people being intimidated by evil ,money hungry businessmen and living in such poor conditions makes me mad that it happened and glad that it stopped.(for the most part) – sky, st,charles   19 Dec 2013

seeing these poor people being intimidated by evil ,money hungry businessmen and living in such poor conditions makes me mad that it happened and glad that it stopped.(for the most part) – sky, st,charles   19 Dec 2013

this is a very important story to remember and we all learned from this devastating experience. – Eddie Czosek, St. Charles, Illinois   19 Dec 2013

I hope nothing like this will happen again. – Ben Garcia, St.charles   19 Dec 2013

These young workers didn't deserve to die, they also should of never been treated in a poorly manner. RIP – Catherine Chorneyko, Saint Charles   19 Dec 2013

how could people like Harris live knowing he basically killed them? – Eli Rhoads, st. charles   19 Dec 2013

This is a very sad thing and should be remembered. The owners should be shunned. – Haley Lahey, Beacon Hills California   19 Dec 2013

Intresting but sad. – MTG , St charles IL   19 Dec 2013

I thought this event was tragic but interesting, I ilke to see how far we've come – HB, St. Charless   19 Dec 2013

Interesting but sad story – Nicholas S, St. Charles   19 Dec 2013

I think that this is a bad occurance and the owners should be shunned – Haley Lahey, Beacon Hills California   19 Dec 2013

This was a very tragic situation and really sad – Isabella, St Charles   19 Dec 2013

this is terible – mp, st.charles   19 Dec 2013

This is very tragic. Especially since people got away with the working conditions. – Harley S, South Elgin, IL   19 Dec 2013

This was a very tragic event, but at least we've learned a lot about safety from it. – Laney B., St. Charles IL   19 Dec 2013

Wow I never thought that being on the top floors can be so dangerous. I feel so bad for the people who died and was in the building at the time of the fire. and I also feel bad of the family's who had to go thought that. – Megan K., St.Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

I hope nothing this tragic happens again. – CL, IL   19 Dec 2013

i am so grateful that i found this site, that i was able to listen to the interviews of some victims. That i was able to hear this story, this tragic story. – Marie Nunn, IL   19 Dec 2013

this was probably a very scary time when it happened – AD, illinois   19 Dec 2013

These people has been though all lot and I feel bad that they had to go though it again – Morgan MC, St. Charles   19 Dec 2013

This fire should never had happened. The boss' were only thinking of making money and not the safety of their employees. So many lives lost because of a selfish act. – Cierra O, St. Charles, IL   19 Dec 2013

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