Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Tragic greed created the cause and death created the change. – Jim U, MA   30 Dec 2015

Sad ,the fire was bad but the sweat shops were worst. – Ken, Wheeler texas   30 Dec 2015

Devasting and terrible event that occurred in our country! This is a powerful website that allows us to revisit the disaster first hand. Great site very helpful! – Alexa, Bergen County, NJ   24 Dec 2015

All of those lives lost helped the future change for the better. RIP – Dank M., Gallifrey, PA   18 Dec 2015

Such a devastating event but I'm glad I could get a better understanding of it. It truly opens your eyes to the reality of sweatshops. This website did a great job with conveying such personal emotions. – LP, IL   17 Dec 2015

This is truly upsetting to me, but if this never had happened then maybe things could still be the way they were before – Anne F, IL   17 Dec 2015

These stories were so sad, I couldn't image experiencing that. – Lauren R, IL   17 Dec 2015

Reading this made me realize what it was really like back then, great website!! – Danielle Fick, St. Charles   17 Dec 2015

This was a truly tragic event, but it changed the country for the better. – Megan H., Yardley, PA   17 Dec 2015

Huge tragedy, but I have learned a lot. – Michael G, Yardley, PA   17 Dec 2015

This was a great, informational website that taught me a lot about the Triangle Factory Fire. – CH, IL   16 Dec 2015

Great for learning about the triangle fire . – NW, Illinois   16 Dec 2015

Gave me the spooks – Grace Young, Chicago   16 Dec 2015

This was an amazing way to teach kids about how our history. – Kiara Ynocencio, St. Charles   16 Dec 2015

So sad. – Chloe B., St.Charles, IL   16 Dec 2015

This was very important to learn about. The country at the point of history and myself made me realized how really terrible it was to live that time of history. – Montserrrat ANdrade, Illinois   16 Dec 2015

This is a sad story that really woke America up to life in sweatshops. – Maddie Van Sickle, St. Charles, IL   16 Dec 2015

Great website – David Griggs, Illinois   16 Dec 2015

This is a good way to teach students about terrible occurrences in our nation's history. Hopefully we will never recreate this event. – Maya Schwingel, St. Charles, IL   15 Dec 2015

cool stuff i never learned – Armando Garcia, Illinois   15 Dec 2015

This was devastating to learn about, but I'm glad I did. I feel that everyone should know about this pivotal point in history. – Katie Wixted, St. Charles, IL   15 Dec 2015

It is a great way to show kids that it wasn't always an amazing life. We had to earn it. – Mary Kreiner, IL   15 Dec 2015

This was a very important time in our history and this site does a really good job telling the story. – Molly Greene, Chicago   15 Dec 2015

This was terrible to hear about, but it's wonderful to see such a touching commemoration to this tragic event. The lives of these people will not be forgotten. – Katie Wixted, St. Charles   15 Dec 2015

It was a learning experiance – M Smith, MI   15 Dec 2015

It's cool to learn about this scary stuff – Briannatucker , Rock hill ,SC   14 Dec 2015

i really like this story – trevor thompson ,   14 Dec 2015

I feel like this is a great story to teach students about. – Lilly Chisler, Sacramento,CA   14 Dec 2015

This site has great information it teachs students about a very important and needed stroy to lesrn – Avery Kramer , Sacramento   14 Dec 2015

It was really cool to learn about all the interesting facts and stories, but was very sad to see all the tragedies that occurred – KMM, Chicago, IL   14 Dec 2015

It was cool to learn about but sad in general. – KM, Chicago, IL   14 Dec 2015

This is very sad and I can't believe that this had even happened! – AB, IL   13 Dec 2015

I'm here for homework and it was very sad – Molly Lappe, Independence, IA   12 Dec 2015

very sad – JW, ky   11 Dec 2015

very sad, hope that we have taken enough steps with safety for these kind of things to never happen again. – John Williams, Kentucky   11 Dec 2015

Very interesting to read and listen about/to but very heartbreaking – Sarina S, Chicago Il,   11 Dec 2015

Its outrageous how they treated their workers back then, bad pay, long hours and extremely unsafe, thankfully this tragic event caused great outcomes for all(most) workers – CK, IL   11 Dec 2015

May all the people who had passed in the fire rest in peace – AS, IL   11 Dec 2015

Sad to read and think about. – JL, IL   11 Dec 2015

This was very interesting to read about. It was a terrible event that never should have happened, at least something good came out of it though. – ML, IL   11 Dec 2015

Terrible – RB, IL   11 Dec 2015

I have learned about this before, and know knowing about all of the safety regulations we have today, this is really hard to believe what happened. – JH, IL   11 Dec 2015

This was very interesting to read about. I can't imagine having to go through that experience. I have heard of the fire before reading this but I didn't know much about it. I'm very glad that I was educated about this topic and this date should never be forgotten. So many lives could have been saved if they just wouldn't have locked the doors. I wonder if things would have gone a lot differently if they wouldn't have paid them minimum wage or didn't make them work 12-18 hours a week. RIP to all 146 victims. – Alex D., St. Charles, Illinois   11 Dec 2015

I'm glad they changed all the laws to try and prevent this from happening. It's very tragic – Bella, St. Charles Illinois   11 Dec 2015

It's a tragic event that shouldn't be forgotten. This event made the U.S. realize that we need safer working conditions. It's an event that should be respected, not only for the loss of lives, but for the impact it had on U.S. Industry. – DK, IL   11 Dec 2015

Very interesting to read about, but very, very sad to see the pictures and what happened to the victims and their families/ friends. – AL, IL   11 Dec 2015

Not right man – EB, St Charles illinois   11 Dec 2015

This event is something that should never be forgotten. I am sorry to all who lost their lives in the fire, and I am sorry to those who lost loved ones in this fire. But we did learn from this event, like we do with all events like these. Improvements were made to factories and city's' fire departments to help make sure this fire never happens again. Thank you to the historians who created this site to inform us on the wrongdoings of our country back in 1911. – CM, IL   11 Dec 2015

This is a hard topic to believe. Especially when you don't have proof like this. Thank you to the historians who created this website and the people who created testimonials for letting us see the true story over the test of time. – HM, IL   11 Dec 2015

This was very tragic – CT, IL   11 Dec 2015

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