Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Sad and disappointing – Sean Sullivan, St. Charles   28 Jan 2016

Very sad – Aidan Sullivan, St. Charles   28 Jan 2016

I hope this brings better working conditions in America – Michael G, St. Charles   28 Jan 2016

It's very difficult to imagine that this really happened. – Fischer Lund, St. Charles, IL   28 Jan 2016

This makes us appreciate working conditions in our time. – Jamie M, St. Charles IL   28 Jan 2016

The way the website is formatted was very helpful to find the information I was looking for. – Skyler Purvis, St. Charles IL   28 Jan 2016

It's interesting to learn about, but very tragic. – Suzanne H, St. Charles   28 Jan 2016

No words can describe this – Ben, st.charles   28 Jan 2016

sad story – Sarah Sheley, St. Charles, IL   28 Jan 2016

this is horrible. – RO, IL   28 Jan 2016

This is heart breaking – Karyssa H, St. Charles Ilinois   28 Jan 2016

This is such a tragic event that could have been avoided. – EL, St.Charles IL   28 Jan 2016

this is terrible. – brian, texas   28 Jan 2016

this is very sad that this happened to this people. – Zack Gamster, St. Charles Illinois   28 Jan 2016

This website helped me a lot – KC, St.charles Il   28 Jan 2016

This is such a horrible event but such good came from it because since then labor laws have been put in place and sweatshops were cut back dramatically in America. – Joshua Kennedy, St. Charles, IL   28 Jan 2016

This was a great resource – A.B, Saint Charles, IL   28 Jan 2016

It is hard to over come the lost of loved ones and the loss of families and what could have been. We must move forward. – LD, Mount Pleasant, WI   27 Jan 2016

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of the hark workers and what they had to go through in their workplace. Very informational and helpful website that was easy to understand. The survivor interview was my favorite part of the website. – HN, St. Charles, IL   25 Jan 2016

The Triangle Factory Fire Remembrance website was filled with easy to read information. The information showed me, as a student, that the lives lost in the large fire helped change the lives of all other Americans. – Brenna P, St. Charles, IL   23 Jan 2016

Very informational website. Can't believe those people had to go through that! – AL, St. Charles IL   21 Jan 2016

Pauline Pepe sounded like she had a good time working until the fire happened – Nicole K, St.Charles, IL   21 Jan 2016

very easy to read and it gave me a lot of info for what I was looking for. great website! – hg, St. Charles il   21 Jan 2016

A great tragedy that has lead to great reform in working conditions and building code and the strength and resolve of unions to lobby for those changes. – J. Pinson, Ohio   21 Jan 2016

very sad R.I.P – AA, st charles   21 Jan 2016

In the end you have to think about what it would be like now if something didn't happen before so that we could learn from our mistakes and make improvements on a system that always needs it. – Jalen Farme, St.Charles Illinois   20 Jan 2016

I am very sorry for the lives lost. RIP – J.O, Illinois   20 Jan 2016

Wow this is a really sad story – as, St.Charles,IL   20 Jan 2016

We will remember the 1911 Triangle factory, which helped us to improve working conditions and make stronger unions. – Santino Belmonte, St.Charles, IL   20 Jan 2016

I am sorry for the people who died in the fire. I don't know how I would have been if it was me in the factor fire. RIP to all the one who had no more life. – Lee Ann LaLiscio, South Carolina   20 Jan 2016

First time I've ever heard of this, very very very sad. – Abbey Hearn, Uvalde, Texas   19 Jan 2016

I watched a video on this and it was sad. – Delilah J. Tyler, Allegan, Michigan   14 Jan 2016

This is so sad i feel sorry for that. – Grace S. Cambell, Denver Colorado   14 Jan 2016

I love this web – Elizabeth R. Morin,   14 Jan 2016

So Depressing to read this – Paris Reese, Liberty South carolina   14 Jan 2016

We Believe That It Started Over A Man Who Was Smoking And he Threw It In The Trash And It was Still Lite And caught trash On Fire And The Floor Was Cloth or Such So It Spreed Like Wild fire – Paris Reese, Liberty South carolina   14 Jan 2016

i cant believe that sweat shop was worse than slavery. Did The Mother have To take Kids to Work With Her Because the Father Or Husband Did Other Things And Taking Care Of His Own Children Was Not His job. – Paris Reese, Liberty South carolina   14 Jan 2016

Unfotunately, I Saw that one Girl Or Women Had 2 Weeks To Be Married On eater Sunday But Sadly died In Fire At Age I Think 17 Or 18. :( Very Sad. – Paris Reese, Liberty South carolina   14 Jan 2016

I think this website is one of the best Social Study entertainment! – Selena Ni, Liberty,SC   14 Jan 2016

sad that those people died because the owners didnt start safe and stay safe. its all about hard albor (slavery) and money to those guys. thats why its ups to us. – Wayne J, qu, new york   5 Jan 2016

in my mind it truly never accrued to me of the triangle fire workshops – Cs, IL   3 Jan 2016

Workplace safety conditions has improved but more improvements is needed – S.E.F., Hollywood, Fl   1 Jan 2016

Unfortunately the same unsafe condition currently exist in other countries like Pakistan and India. – S.E.F., Hollywood , FL   1 Jan 2016

Tragic greed created the cause and death created the change. – Jim U, MA   30 Dec 2015

Sad ,the fire was bad but the sweat shops were worst. – Ken, Wheeler texas   30 Dec 2015

Devasting and terrible event that occurred in our country! This is a powerful website that allows us to revisit the disaster first hand. Great site very helpful! – Alexa, Bergen County, NJ   24 Dec 2015

All of those lives lost helped the future change for the better. RIP – Dank M., Gallifrey, PA   18 Dec 2015

Such a devastating event but I'm glad I could get a better understanding of it. It truly opens your eyes to the reality of sweatshops. This website did a great job with conveying such personal emotions. – LP, IL   17 Dec 2015

This is truly upsetting to me, but if this never had happened then maybe things could still be the way they were before – Anne F, IL   17 Dec 2015

These stories were so sad, I couldn't image experiencing that. – Lauren R, IL   17 Dec 2015

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