Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Thank you for compiling so much of this vital history into one website. I am the great great grand daughter of one of the victims, Maria Grazia Gullo Floresta, and it's so important to me to protect the legacy of the Triangle Fire. We have to remember the sacrifice of these 146+ individuals, and continue to fight for the rights of workers nationally and internationally. Thank you, Emma V. – Emma V., Chapel Hill, NC   21 Nov 2017

Can't imagine the pain of all families involved. We have come a long way., but more needs to be done. – SAS, Latrobe Pa.   19 Nov 2017

this is sad,but at least there are laws and programs in place now to help correct these situations and prevent them – rds, seattle   15 Nov 2017

I find it very sad that this happened – Eg, Ny   14 Nov 2017

i watched a video about this and i found it sad, the doors were locked because of the owners and nothing even happened to the owners after that, they will always be remembered and are an important part of history – as, ny   4 Nov 2017

We are reading three texts about the Triangle Factory Fire in our Seventh Grade classroom. The students are highly intrigued with the story and this site gave me some GREAT resources to use during our readings. It is hard for them to understand the working conditions and lack of regulations companies followed. A truly great piece of history to learn from. – Lauren Montini, Orlando, Fl   3 Nov 2017

Thank you this site really gave me more understanding to this sad story. Just so sad. – Denny P, Bronx,Ny   2 Nov 2017

i found this very sad and annoyed at the working condition – kr, ny   26 Oct 2017

I will be using your resources to share with American History students as we are watching a film on this tragedy and making links to the Progressive Era where possible. Thank you. – Ruben Quezada, Alameda, CA   23 Oct 2017

This site helped our women's history learn about terrible working conditions that many young women and teens had to deal with. – Ashley W., Oklahoma City, Ok.   20 Oct 2017

A part of American History that needs to be remembered. The victims of this tragedy deserve to be recognized—their lives mattered. – Cathy Caruso-Huhn, Pennsylvania   19 Oct 2017

A tragedy that made america industries a better work place. It takes a tragedy to make us see what we need to change, – Vincenzo Graziano, South Berwick, Maine   19 Oct 2017

This was an awful tragedy that stole many of these worker's futures, and by making a site like this it commemorates their lives and accomplishments. Bless you all for making this site. – C Rochaix, Michigan   14 Oct 2017

Thanks for putting this site together. It helped my women's history class really see the immense tragedy that this fire was and makes the numbers very real w/ their stories. – Geoff Wickersham, Michigan   13 Oct 2017

My great grandfather Jacob Seider was an undertaker who lived at 60 Catherine Street in NYC and was responsible for the buriel of 16 of the Jewish women who perished and whose families had no means to pay for burial. He was part of the Hebrew Free Burial Society which still exists today. – Barbara Strauss Neuerman, Marietta Georgia   10 Oct 2017

sad story. All lives matter. – john hontz, white-haven,Pa.   10 Oct 2017

this helped me with a lot of research – TH, Arkansas   10 Oct 2017

great website with great detailed information. – M. Lozano, Texas   8 Oct 2017

What laws were made after this for open exit-ways and entryways. – Leehah Bentz, Montague   4 Oct 2017

in a way this can be looked at in a positive perspective of course no matter, this is a tragic and sad event, this opened the eyes of society and prevented this from ever happening again. god be with them – David Dobson, M0ntague   4 Oct 2017

Truely Tragic Event that made us open our eyes – Carson Tank, Montague   4 Oct 2017

sad cause females of 14 years die – ycs, texas   2 Oct 2017

May god be with them. – Nick, Grand Rapids MI   27 Sep 2017

Tragic. :( – DV, Oklahoma City, OK   26 Sep 2017

I cant really find any information I'm looking for. I'm trying to find how this effects us today or what were the results but it is interesting to read this – Riley black,   25 Sep 2017

very sad to know that this could have all been prevented – XX, New Jersey   23 Sep 2017

I was sad to see so many kids that died. – Mike, Virginia   21 Sep 2017

very tragic – J.H., El Centro CA   20 Sep 2017

I don't think a lot of people realize how much this changed history. God bless all who died and were injured. – Mindy McCauley, Madison, Indiana   19 Sep 2017

Such a huge loss for people just striving for a better life. – Melissa Seyler, Omaha, NE   17 Sep 2017

That was a sad tragedy. – Kb, Texas   13 Sep 2017

My heart grieves over this horrific tragedy. I pray that we learn from the mistakes of the past. Thank you for providing this resource. – Karr Farrell Johnson, Leasburg, North Carolina   6 Sep 2017

The whole event was very tragic and I can not imagine going through any of that nor being a family member who had a loved one that had died in the fire. It's all very sad. – makenzie allen, plymouth,indiana   5 Sep 2017

Keep the memory – Timothy J Barreiro, Youngstown, Ohio   31 Aug 2017

It is sad that only after tragedies we implement safety regulations. – Jlopez9184, Los Angeles CA   23 Aug 2017

The personal stories brought tears to my eyes. As a beginning student in the field of OSHA, I will continue my studies with a better understanding of the need for better oversight. – Brett Koretoff, Fallbrook California   22 Aug 2017

Great website and great resources for teaching about the Triangle Factory Fire to middle school students. Thank you for putting so much effort into this collection. – Mario Manresa, Miami, FL   17 Aug 2017

These are all preventable by common sense – john buck, tulsa oklahoma   17 Aug 2017

wish employers worried more of employees than profits – william andrade, new york   4 Aug 2017

very tragic – detra miller, las vegas,nv   2 Aug 2017

This was an tragic event, but I've learned a lot of history thru this article. – Dj, Starkville, MS   1 Aug 2017

its nice to know we have much better saftey percoucions today accidents still happen thought – matthew pierce, glidse oregon   28 Jul 2017

So tragic. The primary sources describe the horrific ordeal and give evidence for needed reforms. Appreciate this site for helping me write a fictional account of a person living in early 20th century urban setting affected by industrialization for AP US History course. – Linnea, Washington   21 Jul 2017

unbelievable the lack of safety – tj, illinois   20 Jul 2017

My book club is reading "A Fall of Marigolds". Two women living in New York City, separated by 90 years, are linked by traumatic events; the Triangle Factory Fire and the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. I am here to learn more about this fire. – Jeanette Trinity, Novi, Michigan   15 Jul 2017

So pleased to find your website. Will use teaching in history. – Laurie Rivlin Heller, Sacramento CA   10 Jul 2017

Great website! Now to write an essay on my what I learned! – Alan A., Salt lake City, Utah   9 Jul 2017

i fist herd about this fire in Sydney nsw LHMU [ liquor hospitality miso Lanus workers union ] ... then I seen the documentary a few years later and was appalled at the loss of life ..and all in the name of greed – dean hawes , nsw australia   21 Jun 2017

Way cool! Some very valid factors! I appreciate you writing this article as well as the rest of the web site is also excellent. – breatoestuari, Solomon Islands   14 Jun 2017

This site helped a lot with researching survivors interviews. – AB, Chicago, Illinois   9 Jun 2017

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