Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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sad – ccooldude, ny   13 Feb 2014

This website is so helpful especially since we're learning about it in English now. Thank you so much for all the information. I'm so sorry to all that died in this tragedy. – Sydney Sennett, NH   12 Feb 2014

Loved the information and context and they story is a great addition to the importance of labour las – Trellis scruggs, Jacksonville ,fl   11 Feb 2014

unbelievable – mc, nj   6 Feb 2014

This is such a sad story. However, It did bring to light the horrible conditions under which these ladies worked.Their legacy will live forever…and workers in the US are protected directly because of this tragedy. Excellent presentation. – MACON, DALLAS,TEXAS   3 Feb 2014

Deeply moving. Gave me a new understanding of what my ancestors lives were like. I will remember these ladies every time I use my sewing machine now. Thank you so much. – Kristin, Albany, Western Australia   2 Feb 2014

sad it took this to get unions – drm, union mo   1 Feb 2014

So glad to see names added for the 6 unidentified victims. I had thought that even if they were not recognizable, surely their names could be known by who was missing from the factory after the fire. – Ann, Milwaukee   31 Jan 2014

using video for student awareness – ray skulte, peoria il   29 Jan 2014

this story really broke my heart but the information is really great and i pray for all of the extended family of those who were killed in this terrible tragedy. – Adryonna Ashley, Jacksonville , fl   29 Jan 2014

Thank you so much for compiling such a moving, informative, and thorough web site! The interviews of the survivors and primary source pictures capture what dry prose of traditional history books have not. This is an invaluable resource for educators and a living memorial to the the victims. – Tracey Daugherty, Pittsburgh, PA   28 Jan 2014

Fantastic site for educators. The primary resources are great. Such a tragic tale of the costs of capitalism. Thank you for this site. – Qiana Williams, Syracuse NY   28 Jan 2014

This Helped Me With My S.S HW A LOT – Azeem, Washingtonville, NY   25 Jan 2014

I watched part of the pbs special on this event in history class and it hits home. I lost two very good friends, one who was like an older sister, in a fire due to there being no fire safety devices or warnings in the old barn they rented, it was 2007 and I was 9. I hope one day a tv series is done, following the events of this from the strike to the death of the last survivor. It would bring the biggest wake up call to America about what can happen again. Even more if they make the series as accurate the the events that took place as they possibly can get, matching the terror, pain, and commitment these girls went through. – Rebecca, America, northeast   25 Jan 2014

Varry sad and i cry3d – plox, the moon   24 Jan 2014

terrible thank god for the ilgwu – r c, new york   24 Jan 2014

I am writing a speech about this tradgedy. This site was so helpful!! I learned so much. I cried. Thank you for doing this. – Ava, Owatonna, MN   24 Jan 2014

): – Kailee Shermak, MN   23 Jan 2014

I am writing a speech about this tradgedy. This site was so helpful!! I learned so much. I cried. Thank you for doing this. – Ava, Owatonna, MN   22 Jan 2014

this is so sad, im glad things have changed, it warms my aging soul – Phoebe and sydney, Vermont   22 Jan 2014

Informative site, Thank you for making it available. I am humbled and have new respect for the sacrifices my ancestors of this country have endured so, We can have a safe opportunity at the American Dream. – Brandi, San Antonio Texas   22 Jan 2014

Get site to help better understand this event. – Anna Lee , Atlanta, Ga   22 Jan 2014

I can't thank you enough for making thi information available. I write with tears in my eyes. You have helped to close a chapter in the book of our family history.SERAFINA and TERASINA SARACINO were my grandmothers sisters. My father was 2 yeaes old when this tragedy happened and only 8 years old when his mother died. The details about his aunts were sketchy because grandpa, even many years later, found it hard to talk about it. My husband took a class at NYU in the "room" they said this happened in (?) heartfully grateful to you all – antoinette scicutella battista, mt. pleasant, sc   21 Jan 2014

Amazing site, I learned so much for my topic: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (for NHD) – Kailee Shermak, Minnesota   19 Jan 2014

No one deserved that kind of treatment and working conditions. – Kailee Shermak, Minnesota   19 Jan 2014

RIP – c.s, mesa   18 Jan 2014

bad..real bad – casey brooks, texas   17 Jan 2014

it changed so many peoples lives. :( – delaney, columbus, AL   16 Jan 2014

what!!! alot of girls died :'( – iw, cali   16 Jan 2014

A fantastic website. Thank you for your hard work and research. Triangle Fire I find it remarkable to note the magnitutde of community and labor organization's response to the tragedy in 1911. The level of corruption involved was directly proportional to the death toll. – D.B., California   15 Jan 2014

interested in Himmelstein sisters – sb, baltimore, md   15 Jan 2014

This is horrible –   15 Jan 2014

Terrible event. – TMD, Atlanta GA   13 Jan 2014

this is really sad and im glad it wont happen again – MC, South Carolina   13 Jan 2014

Very sad, hope new laws prevent something like this from happening again. – dd, Maine   12 Jan 2014

I am glad there is now an exhibition on this tragic event. We must reflect that this could have been predicted, and thus was hardly accident. – Robert William Wolff, Milton MA   12 Jan 2014

The ache that exists recalling this family tragedy is partially assuaged by this site, by the memorials and historic landmarks. Tho' no one in my family was involved, the whole Lower East Side was swept by this unimaginable horror preceding 911 tragedy with the same three digits. – RICHARD B. STEIN, BKLYN HTS, NY   12 Jan 2014

I did a report on this fire for school after reading about it in "Uprising" by Margret Haddix. This was a horrible time in our past, but it did help pave the way for stricter building codes and workers rights in America. The historical value of this moment is great, and even though it was a horrible, saddening event, I hope that other kids my age will learn about it. – Natalie, Florida   12 Jan 2014

This website is amazing!!! I'm doing my History Fair project on it, and this website has been an amazing help. It has also helped me get tons of resources for my Bibliography. – Samantha S., USA   11 Jan 2014

so sad – AD, SC   9 Jan 2014

It's so sad how they made children work!!! – Reema Dhar, St.Charles   8 Jan 2014

its so cruel how the owners treated their workers! – nikki j , st.charles il   8 Jan 2014

Wow that was terrible thing that happened – Taylor Meeks, St. Charles, Illinois   8 Jan 2014

Very upsetting. – P.A.R, 702 Indian Way St.Charles IL   8 Jan 2014

Tragic – Brooke Jackson , Florida   7 Jan 2014

It's done know, we can learn from our mistakes. It won't happen again. – KRH., USA   1 Jan 2014

I'm glad this happened because noe it will almost never happen again. – Sam, South elgin   20 Dec 2013

This is a really sad story, feel terrible for those people – NG, USA   19 Dec 2013

why would this happen to those people – AWJ,, IL   19 Dec 2013

This is very interesting yet so sad – Ali W., St. Charles   19 Dec 2013

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