Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I was doing a project for my Advanced Placement U.S. History and choose to do it on the Triangle Fire. I was able to collect so much information to my my project better. Thank you so much! May everyone learn from this tragedy. – Amber, GA   12 May 2011

r.i.p – es, new jersey   11 May 2011

I'm doing a paper on this subject for a class and this website is really helpful. – Jazmin, MI   9 May 2011

so sad. sorry for all the lives lost. – Gabbi (: , California   9 May 2011

Wow i read the newspaper articles that describe that day and man that was worse than what happened on 9/11.(not that that wasn't horrible becuase belive me it was) I cant even imagine seeing people jumping to their deaths.Then that account hwere it says a man and a woman kissed then jumped was so heart breaking. – AG, Florida   6 May 2011

Thank you for making this website I have a 10 page paper to do this month and without these sources and your webpage I'm not sure how I could find more information about this tragedy. – CL, MA   6 May 2011

I'm sosorry for allof the lives and people affected in this trajedy 3 My condolences, Alyssa – Alyssa 3, NY   6 May 2011

thank you for creating this helped me so much with my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw: sorry for all the loved ones lost. – Allie, NY   6 May 2011

i cant believe this actually happened i mean those girls must have gone through anything that no one could have imagined – ms, tennessee   6 May 2011

I'm so sorry for all of the lives and families affected 3 Alyssa :( – A.S, NY   6 May 2011

Thank you so much for creating this website! I am in Advanced Placement U.S. History this year and I had no idea how I was going to write my term paper...until I found this website. The primary sources were AMAZING, and the intro and story are very thorough. I really appreciate the service that you have provided! – Kayleigh Hursh, Inwood, WV   3 May 2011

im sorry for all to all the people who lost their loved ones those people will never be forgotten in heart i wish they could have been saved they are in my thoughts and praised and to the people who were seaved i a very happy for you guys. this is a very horrific situation to think about i cant imagine actually being involved in it. the pictures were terrifying lets be grateful for everything we can. – BG, Kansas   2 May 2011

Thank you for your dedication and hard work putting together such a treasure trove of primary source information. This is a horrific scar on America's history (one of many), and I can only hope that things have changed for the better. There is still much room for improvement, but I agree with many comments: this story needs to be retold again and again. – A.M. , NJ   1 May 2011

I came across this site while doing research for a paper on Labor Relations. It's one thing to read about an event, quite another to see the pictures and stories, and imagine what it was really like for those involved. This is why we shouldn't settle for what is "normal" and be very grateful for the organizations that are dedicated to making our lives safer and improving our working conditions. – EEM, Indiana   23 Apr 2011

it was so sad. my ancestors came from italy and were employed in this type of work. its heartbreaking to hear the owners got away with this tragedy. the almighty dollar was more important then human life. their ancestors must be ashamed of them. – mm, poughkeepsie ny   23 Apr 2011

Thank you for putting this together. Sadly, we are headed back into the gilded age. One would think we would have learned from history. As for me, I will not give up the fight – Marsha Martin, Gainesville FL   23 Apr 2011

I am 12 and have read two historical fiction books on the subject and wanted to know more. It is a terrible thing that happened and once you hear about it it will stay with you forever. My heart gos out to the victims, families, and others effected. It's so sad to think immigrants hoping for a better life died before they had a chance to see the good things about our country. – C.L., MA   23 Apr 2011

Thank you for this site. It contains a lot of information about a tragedy that changed history. I really appreciate it! – Marga Sánchez Carretero, Málaga, Spain   22 Apr 2011

i think i read everything on this subject and still wish there was more. I would love to read about the descendents and the stories of the victims and survivors. The more you read about their lives and struggles, etc. and how this fire affected everyone around them, the more real it becomes to us all and we really should keep this in our memories forever. Particularly since 9/11 was somewhat similar. History certainly repeats. – elena, staten island   22 Apr 2011

I remember my mother telling me about this fire when I was small - probably late 50's - as a former union employee for many years - until my company packed up for non-union territories.....I wish more people read this, watched the HBO documentary, and then people would understand the necessity for Unions in the USA. of course, jobs would be nice also........but that's another story for another day......thanks for maintaining this site. – LMR, NY   21 Apr 2011

Very useful sight. Amazing what people have endured. – Ashley Rhys, Valdosta, GA   20 Apr 2011

I heard of this fire about 30 years ago and have watched and read everything I could on it. Very glad to find your website. Such a preventable tragedy. It's sad many people today don't realize how important unions are. We live in an era of more greed than in 1911, and, sadly, there are still plenty of exploited workers and unsafe working conditions today. – Wendy , Powell River, BC, Canada   20 Apr 2011

It is devastating to think about how little regard some people have for the life of others. – Crystal Shultz, Montana   19 Apr 2011

I'll have to say the same thing as angel from ny. – Emily, Florida   18 Apr 2011

I'm an original New York native who appreciates this articles thoroughness. Thanks. – yatta g, kcmo   17 Apr 2011

This fire was a big problem and many people died from it.I find this very sad and upsetting to many people. – angel, ny   12 Apr 2011

I will be making a presentation to a Hadassah group about the Triangle Fire. I have read David Von Drehle and leon Stein's books along with the recent issue of the Forward's 100th anniversary edition. I found this site most valuable and gathered information that i had not known befors. Many thanks for putting this material together. – milton Tambor, atlanta   11 Apr 2011

I remember my mother telling me my grandmother Molly had worked at The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory;she had come from Rumania.On this 100th Anniversary I feel even closer to my grandmother, and all those other families impacted! – TAD, Buffalo Grove,Illinois   9 Apr 2011

I lived in New york & heard of the tragedy. I'm Reading an histrorical Novel called New York and one of the characters works in the factory and jumps in the fire. I wanted to learn more & found your wonderful site. Didn't know it was 100 yrs. This is why Unions are still important least all the power rest with employers and employees and working conditions go to the wayside. Let us learn from the past lest history repeat itself. – colette, virginia   9 Apr 2011

this was a very sad day in history but if it had not have happened we might still have sweat shops and work in such dangerous places. – DJ, racoon,ciy   9 Apr 2011

THIS WAS A VERY SAD DAY.............HOPES IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN – cnw, brooklyn   7 Apr 2011

When I read about this my heart continues to be sad for these families and the senseless loss of lives. I did not get to see the HBO documentary. Is there a chance it will be on again in the near future? There was also a made for TV movie made about 25 years ago. Do you have any information on that or any movies or other documentaries made on this tragic event. May we always remember these lost lives and the important role they made in today's work place. – JH, Frankfort, IN   7 Apr 2011

I had to do research for my 7th grade history class. My mom told me about the HBO documentary & we found this useful, informative site. What a tragic time in history! – Kaitlin, Las Vegas, NV   7 Apr 2011

We can't tell you how much we appreciate what Cornell University and the Kheel Center has done to Honor and Remember the 146 Victims. Serphin and Vincent Maltese and family and Triangle Memorial Association, Inc. – Serphin Maltese, Middle Village,Queens, NYC   6 Apr 2011

The tragic fire has just passed its 100th anniversary and was heavily covered in NYC papers. I learned that the building still stands and plan to visit and to pay my respects. – McR, New York   6 Apr 2011

Thank you for this website. Our Girl scout troop 1358 has been reading Uprising by Haddix which is a fictional book about this historical event. They have been wanting more information about the real event and this website has been very helpful. It has inspired them to continue the fight. – Jo Morrow, Wilmington NC   6 Apr 2011

This was a sad sad tragedy. This website really helped us with our project. It was filled with alot of informationt that we could use and understand. – Colleen Barrick and Brianna Bulgarino, Raleigh, NC   6 Apr 2011

Thank you HBO for putting the documentary of the Triangle Factory Fire on. Never heard about the fire before what a terrible work place. God Bless all the beauitful workers may they all rest in peace. – Patty, Howell Michigan   5 Apr 2011

Everytime I read about the Triangle fire I get sad. I grew up in NYC and I cannot believe how those innocent young lives were lost. All because of greed. May all those people Rest in peace. May they never be forgotten and this calamady never be forgotten. – Jitza Rielle , Pennsylvania   5 Apr 2011

My great grandmother died in this fire, I remember hearing how my grandmother and her father had to identify her body, thank you for keeping The Triangle Factory Fire alive, but please do not have the politicians use this tragedy to further thier own agenda – Lee, Long Island NY   5 Apr 2011

This site is a fantastic resource and a great tribute to the women killed. I recently watched the documentary "Triangle" and highly suggest it to those interested in more information. – Rachel Huffman, Northern Illinois   4 Apr 2011

I posted earlier and forgot to say: I never heard of this until last night, when I first came to this site – Dillon N, Kansas City Metro area, MO   4 Apr 2011

Oh my gosh! SO Sad! and I have a heat of stone.... came here for my 7th grade U.S. history site..... have to do some reports on this thing. What I thought was one of the worst things was that one girl that got out, then died from being hit by a falling body..... – Dillon N, Kansas City Metro Area, MO,   4 Apr 2011

this is such a great resouce. im doing a term paper on the fire, and this site has helped me immensely. keep up the good work! – tzipi g, nyc   3 Apr 2011

May we never forget the inevitable outcome of greed – Jennifer Ripley, Florida   2 Apr 2011

Tears are flowing as I write this. RIP to the 146... – Michael Harkins, Philadelphia, PA   1 Apr 2011

I grew up in NYC and remember hearing about this as a very small child and thinking how horrible that the people were locked in. It was one of my first lessons in greed. – Ken McIntyre, Virginia   1 Apr 2011

To here the accounts of my greatgrandfather Samuel Levine is incredible. My mother named me after him. God bless all the people who helped put this together and may all the victims rest in piece – Stephen W Richman, Sea Girt, NJ   1 Apr 2011

Wow! I just found the words of my Great Grandfather Samuel Levine, a machinist who escaped from The Triangle Fire. It confirmed our family story which is different than other accounts we have read. Thank you so much for your work! Elyce Klein – Elyce Klein, Berkeley, CA   31 Mar 2011

I mentioned the fire in a project I was doing for school. I thought it looked kind of interesting, so now I am being givin the chance to look more into what happened and how it happened. It is a shame they all died. – -A.L.W., USA   31 Mar 2011

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