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I am a 7th grade Social Studies teacher and this site not only helped me but my student understand the labor reforms needed to prevent such a tragedy. My students were in awe of the conditions of the fire and generally sympathetic to their plight. Thank you for the information. For them and myself it was an indeed a sorrow to learn but always remember. – Michelle, Phoenix, Az   18 Oct 2011

This is a very interesting story, and it is sad to hear about all the people that died. But if it didn't happen, then our world would have many more unneeded fires. But I mourn the lost ones. – M.K, Chicago IL   18 Oct 2011

devastating story, but well done website – nicole piccoraro, new york   18 Oct 2011

It was a real tragety. Now 100 years later and still very remembered. I feel it will never be forgotten and it's good to have a website like this with resources so we can learn the whole story behind it. Happy 100th anniversary. You are not forgotten. – Carissa M., MO   17 Oct 2011

I really dont know how the fire started? but im sure it was someones fault. – J.C., Buffalo N.Y.   14 Oct 2011

The story touched me. i almost cried Three times during and after reading about the fire. – GC, Anchorage, AK   13 Oct 2011

It truly was an amazing story and God bless those who doed. – GC, Anchorage, AK   13 Oct 2011

Jean-Marie and I have read about this tragedy before in two Dear America books and just read Ashes of Roses for her 8th grade history class. The descriptions of the tragedy live in our memories just knowing that no matter how horrible they are, they can not come close to the reality. Tears were shed and prayers offered for those lost and their families. Greed seems spark some of the world's greatest tragedies. $75 a life. A spit in the ocean I would think. – Jean-Marie and Pauline Hughes, Corinna, Maine   13 Oct 2011

I am playing the character Margaret Schwartz in a play and this site helped me understand who she was. R.I.P. – S, OH   11 Oct 2011


I am only a student in the 8th grade, and learning about the tradgedy in social studies made me sorry for those who didn't get what they wanted (i.e. safer working conidtions.) especially because they died. It was also pay day the day of the fire, and 75 dollars needed to be paid for every person that died. all teh windows were blocked, and doors were locked, so teh only thing to escape was the window :( The fire only started because a lady threw a cigarette (that was not put out) in a clothes bin. It is so tragic how a small thing can cause too many things. – R.C., Queens, NewYork   11 Oct 2011

This is an excellent website. On 10-8-11 I saw the play TRIANGLE about this tragedy performed by Combined Efforts Theatre. They did an excellent job and since then I have been researching this story. I very much appreciated the historic photos. And to all who perished Rest In Peace. – Tammy, Iowa City, Iowa   11 Oct 2011

Excellent site. I visited the Asch (Brown) building last month, this year. Next time to NY, I wish to visit graves of the victims and leave a stone. This site will be a big help. Thank you. They are not forgotten! – Jim B, Tucson, Arizona   10 Oct 2011

This is such a tragedy. God bless all those who died, and their families. Working conditions are better now, thank god these people did not die in vain. – Jackie S., PA   10 Oct 2011

It is amazing what kind of things can happen and could have been easily prevented. God Bless all the survivors, victims and families that suffered through this horrible tragedy – Alyssa, Michigan   10 Oct 2011

This is a terrible tragedy that took place 100 years ago on my birthday. Kind of reminds me of 9/11 ten years ago. God Bless All Who Died in both events. :'( – Brianna, Michigan   10 Oct 2011

I am in seventh grade and at my school we do something called National History Day. This years topic is Revolution, Reaction, and Reform in history. I am doing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 and its impact on the Labor Movement. The reformation of workers rights today. –   7 Oct 2011

God Bless All who died ;( R.I.P – Ty, Shiocton, WI   7 Oct 2011


God bless. – Andrew, Indiana   4 Oct 2011

As a Social Studies teacher I cover this tragedy every year. This by far, the best website I have ever seen on the Triangle Factory Fire. – JJ, Ohio   30 Sep 2011

Wow this is amazing that this happened. it could have easly been provented with just folling the regulations! it makes me sad that it takes a tragic event to make alot of people want to change whats goin on in the world. – John Parks, Dallas Texas   30 Sep 2011

ank you for this site. I believe Josephine Cammarata is my Great Aunt. The spelling of her last name is the correct & original spelling of my family's last name. It was misspelled when my Grandfather arrived here. He had 3 sisters. One of them was named Josephine. The picture you have of her, shows an uncanny resemblance to a picture of my Granddad. I think I found my Great Aunt. – Julia Camarota, Hamilton Twp NJ   30 Sep 2011

After reading a book about the Triangle Firs and the rise of the unions, one thing really disturbed me. Several years after the fire, one of the bosses was fined for having the fire doors locked during working hours. He was still more concerned with losing a scrap of lace over losing lives. The Shirtwaist Kings carried heavy fire insurance and had accidental fires that destroyed surplus clothes when the season was over. they always happened when no one was there. They had the option of putting in a fire sprinkler system but chose not to. – KW, Northeast Ohio   27 Sep 2011

i feel bad for everybody that passed – Ortega, Kassandra, Boston   26 Sep 2011

this is cool. im doing a project on this. and this website helps..... – Sophia , Virginia   25 Sep 2011

I'm currently directing the play, The Triangle Factory Fire Project. I'm reminded constantly that this disaster was an issue of social injustice. A social injustice played upon the women of their day that toiled at those machines day after day. May we do justice to their memory by performing this play. – Larry VanDeventer, Roanoke, Virginia   23 Sep 2011

this story is sad i feel bad for all the people that passed and the people that saw there familys burn.!. – meagan turner, Universal City, Texas   23 Sep 2011

Although the accident at the Triangle Factory was one of the worst, I do think that if it had not have happened then stricter safety measures would not have been made. I sympathize for those who lost their lives trying to recreate their lives in the U.S. May they rest in peace. – Harrison Armstrong, Vestavia Hills, Alabama   23 Sep 2011

This story is not as widely known as it should be. With this tragic event and landmark time in history, I would think everyone would know about TTFF but it seems to me that hardly anyone I know has even heard of it. Sad day =( God bless all of those women (and a few men) who died and those who fought for equality. – Gretchen Thyfault, Hays,KS   22 Sep 2011

This Is The Saddest Story I have Ever Heard ,&& I Wanna Say To All The Families Who Knew The People Who Died ,That I Feel For Them . R.I.P ,Everyone Who Died . = ' ( – A'yana Ivy, Indianapolis ,indiana   21 Sep 2011

This is almost like 911. basicly but worse thats my opinion.Ly3 – Chania Stewart, Indianapolis   21 Sep 2011

pretty sad story mane sad sad time . R.I.P to all those who died – austin coulter , michigan   21 Sep 2011

This Is Really Sad , Sorry For All Your Lost R.I.P – Alyjah Duff, Indianapolis   21 Sep 2011

Really sad... – A. Benjamin, Michigan   20 Sep 2011

that is sad – mt, ohio   16 Sep 2011

This is a very sad story as i have only heard about this in school this year, so many girls died so young and none of them deserved to die. – KLT, Australia   13 Sep 2011

The world is a sad place, this story touched my heart and to think that 90 years later a similar tragedy happened were men and women were jumping to their deaths instead of being burned. Except this time it was thousands of people. Thank you for keeping this site, these victims should forever be remembered as well as the 9/11 victims. – SR, California   13 Sep 2011

R.I.P to all who lost their lives. – cKocher, ohio   12 Sep 2011

I too thought of the 9/11 catastrophe. – A. Buckland, Kentucky   12 Sep 2011

The young women who jumped rather than burn remind me of the victims of 9/11 who did the same. This is an excellent site about an influential tragedy; thank you. – SK Miller, Chapel Hill, NC   9 Sep 2011

I think that the owners should have served jail time, and payed more than $75! R.I.P to all that died 3 – BWoww, Tennessee   8 Sep 2011

I think it's horrible the way Blanck and Harris obviously had something to do with the deaths and all they had to do was pay $75. R.I.P 3 – KDougie, Tennessee   8 Sep 2011

I think that the owners should have served jail time, and payed more than $75! R.I.P to all that died 3 – BWoww, Tennessee   8 Sep 2011

:( so sad... – c.d, joplin,missouri   8 Sep 2011

I'm only in the 7th grade and when i randomly choose a book by my all time favorite author( Haddix the book was called uprising by the way) i couldn't put it down i read through out the intire night. not because it was a amazing peice of lititature, it was average for her, the reason was because reading about it made me feel like it just happened. the next day i was assigned a reading paper on a historical event. go figure. i gues i was just outraged by the way things happened. – Chelli, Tennessee   8 Sep 2011

Sad to say that today there are many, including many holding or running for public office, who believe that owners ought to have the law off of their backs, that government should have the least impact possible on all of our lives. --September 11, 2011 – TFD, California   8 Sep 2011

disgracefull what happened.tb. – tom burke, dublin ireland   7 Sep 2011

Horrible thing. makes you look at the government today – Aidan MacKenzie, Lancaster, PA   7 Sep 2011

Thank you for this site, I only heard this story in my Social Work class last week and was shocked and saddened by this tragedy. I had no idea this was the 100th anniversary. Thank the good Lord for those brave men and women who stood up against the powers that be and put a stop to this sort of thing happening in our country again. My heart morns for all those who lost their lives and the families who lost their loved ones. And I am truly thankful for anyone who takes a stand against injustices my prayers go out to those warriors still hard at work today protecting workers here in the USA and around the world. – Jodie Broman, Lacey, WA   6 Sep 2011

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