Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Great site. lots of good hard facts on the fire... Thankyou very much for your hardwork on this sad topic... Go America! – Big Jon, Shoreview,Minnesota   7 Dec 2011

im researching this topic With afriend for national history day. this site is really helpful. especially the primary sources!!!(: – Emily Greene, Prosser, WA   6 Dec 2011

This is a wonderful site, for getting information about something not so wonderful. I am using this site for a adv. social studies report. – Jule Godlinne, KS   6 Dec 2011

We used this website for one of our classes it has good information and lots of facts that people otherwise wouldn't know about. – Josh Pribadi, Washington DC, VA   6 Dec 2011

Every other spring semester, I teach a special collections class for graduate students in library science at the University of North Texas (the Houston Program). In 2012 this excellent website will be used for my section on digitization. Pat Bozeman, Head Special Collections Emily Scott Evans Endowed Professor University of Houston Libraries – Pat Bozeman, Houston, TX   5 Dec 2011

this is a cool wabsite that can help you remenber and what happen in the past – princess, america   4 Dec 2011

I'm researching for a school project with my friend. This site is really helpful! – Annika Kuz, America :)   2 Dec 2011

This website is very good and sad in the same way. I encourage all of you interested in history to read the book on this subject, It has moved my heart and belive it will move yours! – William Moore, Missouri   2 Dec 2011

Thank-you, for remembering. Jennie Pildescu, and her cousins, Sarah, and Ida Brodsky. – diane katofsky, Fremont, Ca 94539   1 Dec 2011

I'm doing a project on this topic and i found it so helpful. I got most of my information from this site. If i was possible I probably would have gotten all of my information from here. – Katt O'Keefe, MA   30 Nov 2011

This is a great website \ – Ernesto, Arizona   29 Nov 2011

I am the grand nephew of Josephine Nicolosi, I have been looking to gather more information about her experience in the Triangle Fire. She told me some when I was a child, the this is the first I have been able to find of her. Thanks. – Vincent Pollina, Washington State   22 Nov 2011

this was extremly sad...i ever thought that there was such a tradagy soo great.for all who lost a loved oe...i am sypathetic for you – anna,alegra,ad christina, waterbury   22 Nov 2011

after hearing about disasters and living through some, it has to make you wonder how scared those girls were to be going through that and even some cases there was girls working there less than a week there and that happened. – KG, Michigan   21 Nov 2011

This is very sad I feel bad for those women FYI I would jump – Joann Jackson, Michigan   21 Nov 2011

Very sad): – Alex, New York   21 Nov 2011

I read the book ashes of roses and it is about this fire. I find it wrong to have had all those desks and bunch up like that. It is a shame that they didn't catch the owners and change it befor hand. – Kss, Williamsburg va   21 Nov 2011

Wow I can't believe that 146lives were lost the triangle sucks why did they lock them in ? – Rushforth breanna, Williamsburg va   21 Nov 2011

This was the first website Google gave me when I searched this topic for a report. I've already got 4 good primary sources! May everyone involved in this fire rest in peace, and may it never happen again... – Andie, Ohio   21 Nov 2011

As an architect, disasters such as this must always be in our minds as we argue with clients about the "expense" of fire safety. A study of the history of fires such as this, "The Station" nightclub fire comes immediately to mind, stresses every day that we, the designers of buildings, must incorporate the latest safety features, ALWAYS. God bless those poor women who perished in this awful conflagration. – Steven A. Sigmund, Warren, PA   21 Nov 2011

i would be surprized if they tore that place down, that place was hell! – KH, milford,pa   18 Nov 2011

I am going to be viewing two of the films that were made concerning this historical incident for a project in my graduate level Ethics class. – Gail Whitney Allen, Portsmouth, RI   17 Nov 2011

These are so interesting yet heart breaking – Dustin, New york   17 Nov 2011

Wow that was a sad storiy but it was very intresting – danielle, Albion   16 Nov 2011

That is horrible :( /3 ! – Kaila, Miichigan   16 Nov 2011

Let them rest in peace – B H, Wisconsin   16 Nov 2011

wow great story i feel awful for the people that had to go through it! – Bethany Kurtz, Ohio   10 Nov 2011

great site for my school project. thank the gods for Mr. Hirsch's hard work. – JM, Ohio   10 Nov 2011

my gods.... i feel so sympathetic. its just buging me how little ways there where to survive or how many died....... this website was educational. knowledge will help correct mistakes of old. – Nage Larkin, salem oregon   4 Nov 2011

The first I had heard about this tragedy was in a social studies class where I work. I was very intrigued by the story and couldn't wait to get to this website. I was truly moved by the story of these young people!! So many young lives lost at the carelessness of others. My daughter, who is 14, enjoys reading about history and was moved to tears by this story, it makes her want to help others even that much more. – Kellie Ruble, Jefferson City, MO   4 Nov 2011

Wow great website this is the best source ever for my history day project. –   4 Nov 2011

Tragic story. – Everett T., Lincoln Nebraska   3 Nov 2011

This is an amazing research tool. Thanks you for all the work that you put into establishing this website. It's heartbreaking to see what these girls ha d to suffer through, and to know that nobody suffered any consequences is absolutely repulsive. – Kelsey Callaghan, New York, NY   2 Nov 2011

It really makes you wonder... they were aquitted of the charges, including the locking of the doors, only for Max Blanck to repeat the same thing by locking the doors in another factory. How could that be "a model of cleanliness and sanitary conditions" when there were scraps all over the floor and the places were cramped? And if that place is "Second to none in the country" I would hate to see the last in place! – Reah Walker, Saskatchewan   1 Nov 2011

What a sad website. Just learned this in history class and had to do an assignment about the website. Learned some very sad things! Great website! – Lennon , Barnesville, Minnesota   31 Oct 2011

Looking at this website has truely given me the facts that I was looking for. To see so many yound men and women die is truely sad. Knowing that the oldest person was 43, was the sadest thing I have ever read about. – Pheilisa Clark, Meridian, Ms   27 Oct 2011

Thank God for OSHA What a sad day! – SH, Missouri   27 Oct 2011

this is a really good way to learn about the story of that tragic day. Its very interesting and I feel bad for the people who had to jump out the windows. R.I.P. to them. I want to go there and see if its haunted. cause i don't doubt it isn't. This place was very packed with women and children. Too bad they had to go like this. Well I want to go here some day. – Rikki Marie, California   24 Oct 2011

This site helped me so much! I had to use it for a social studies worksheet and it was probably the more informational! :) Thanks for everything! It also taught me how to appreciate life! 3 :) – Reagan, Florida   23 Oct 2011

Looking through this website made me realize how short life, I thank you guys for taking the time to plan this all out! – Malon, Alaska   23 Oct 2011

This is a really touching story. It broke my heart reading about all the young women who died. Thank you for sharing this! – Rachel, Texas   21 Oct 2011

This site really helped me write my social studies paper for 8th grade! Such a interesting story too! it really makes me think about all the girls who suffered, and makes me appreciate life! – Hugh Jass, Djibouti   21 Oct 2011

I just don't get why they had to lock the doors! it's just horrible! I really enjoyed this site! It helped me a lot with Social Studies! :) – Shelby Adams, Montana   21 Oct 2011

This site was the best and it was the main site for my social studies paper! Start recycling, save the world! – Kailey Michelle, Sarasota, Florida   21 Oct 2011

This is an amazing cite that shows the true tragedy of this fire. Thank you! – E.M., Columbus   21 Oct 2011

This was a fantastic site with fabulous information. It helped a lot with my paper. – C.L, Washington   20 Oct 2011

This was a great site, that helped me with my social studies paper! It's such a moving and devastating story! This site has great facts and info on it though! Thanks! – Madonna, vermont   20 Oct 2011

This is great information about the triangle factory fire. It is amazing that they kept such good records of this incident. This has really helped me learn what life was like back then. – ON, New York   19 Oct 2011

This website is a valuable piece of my eleventh grade U.S. History curriculum. Thank you! – Tracy Winzer, Social Studies Teacher, Omak, WA   19 Oct 2011

This story has real touched me on what it was like back then – Borck Shelton, Rosalia   19 Oct 2011

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