Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Thank you for your website – V.Sch., Switzerland   19 Jan 2013

This is a great history tool for me! – MVC, New York, NY   18 Jan 2013

I just finished Drehle's book on the fire and am using the resources he recommends. – Lorraine, Atlanta   14 Jan 2013

addendum: when I read this I immediately thought "out of ashes a phoenix arises." – lc, St.Louis, Mo   14 Jan 2013

I saw the documentary last year on PBS. Such a tragedy. To think that we are made aware of these problems until some tragedy occurs. When we are in the time of "union busting" it is important to remind us that if there hadn't been attempts to form a union and suceed, people would have continued to labor in deplorable conditions. Joan Baez and John Denver both perform a song "Bread and Roses." Joan Baez's rendition of it is extremely moving. – linda c., St. Louis, Mo   14 Jan 2013

This is a really good source for history day! – Alison Thorson, Mpls, Minnesota   13 Jan 2013

I love this website!!!! It has made my understanding of this tragedy much clearer. – Emma, New York   11 Jan 2013

I really have enjoyed using your website over the years to open my unit on the Industrial Revolution, however, I must say the old format was much easier for high school students to navigate. The opening picture piqued their interest. I would like to see the old color scheme and format come back. – Jen, Virginia Beach   10 Jan 2013

i used this website in school – EL, New york   9 Jan 2013

So sad – Tt, pa   8 Jan 2013

Interesting and very useful website! Thanks for sharing! – AJ, PT   6 Jan 2013

RIP brave people. Terrible tragedy – CA, AYR, AUSTRALIA   5 Jan 2013

Wishing People Weren't So Dumb Back In The Days, Because Maybe Less People Would Have Died. Rest In Peace To Everyone That Died During This Fire. – JO, Maine   2 Jan 2013

A great tragedy. Couldn't agree with you more, Jeff. – Daniel Medvick, Oreland, PA   2 Jan 2013

How interesting! Really enjoyed learning about this event. Fuels my desire to continue to advocate for human rights as a social worker even more so. – JH, Longview, TX   28 Dec 2012

Just finished reading Leon Stein's book about the tragedy. Having just read about the tragedy in Bangladesh I think the subject matter is still poignant and needs to be brought to the forefront again. Thank you for the website. – PG, Bath, ME   24 Dec 2012

Very good. This should be on a PBS special . A good way to memoralize the individuals that died – Jeff Swoboda, Oshkosh, WI   17 Dec 2012

My great-grandmother worked at the Triangle during the time of the fire. Luckily, my grandmother (who was an infant at the time) was sick that day so my great-grandmother stayed home with her and avoided the tragedy. I know she must have lost many good friends. Thank you for having this site! – EK, Hoover, AL   15 Dec 2012

This is a wonderful website, its perfect for me since I am writing a research paper on the incident based on the female past and present working ethics and conditions. And what is more fascinating is that I can take photos of the historical site since I live right near it – Caitlyn Stallings, NEW YORK CITY   14 Dec 2012

Helped my daughter write a paper on this topic. Site very helpful. I am moved. Shame that this still happens all over the world today. Why do we buy garments from those who place worker's lives at risk? Low cost of goods? Is it really worth it? – RH, Sunnyvale, CA   14 Dec 2012

This was soooo sad, we watched a video in class and I almost cried. I can't believe that actually happened. – Mackenzie, Williamsburg, VA   12 Dec 2012

This is so sad. I'm so sorry for those who lost loved ones. – Taylor Leigh, Williamsburg, Virginia   12 Dec 2012

This wouldn't have happen if the work situations were better. If there was less hazards. I feel bad for the people who died. They were mostly woman too. The employers were selfish. All they cared was for the money and not the workers safety:P – KRH, Michigan   11 Dec 2012

Great for projects. – JS, IN   10 Dec 2012

it was very sad but it was agood web site – MD, Baudette MN   10 Dec 2012

thank you for this website! it is a huge help with research! – mb, ny   9 Dec 2012

doing a National History day project on The Fire and your website helped alot thanks! – lp, MD   8 Dec 2012

WE NEVER FORGET The men, women, and children who lost their lives while trying to make a living Sewing the garments that clothe the world. May we continue to fight for social and economic justice That we might yet make sweet their resting place. – JayRaye, Texas   8 Dec 2012

This was a horrible tragady – Keith Campbell, Lorton,VA   5 Dec 2012

This is horrible – LA, LA,CA   4 Dec 2012

i fell sorry for them – td, usa   4 Dec 2012

I cant believe this,Irish I could have helped some how if I was alive – Nh, Minnesota   4 Dec 2012

SAD! – BC, CA   2 Dec 2012

It is sad that people lost their lives for working a bad place like this. The owners locked the workers in the factory so they could not seek out or leave before it was time to leave. The fire burned 3 floors and the people who died were only on the 9th floor. Very sad day in history! This website was very useful for a history project I am doing. ~BB~ – B B , CA   2 Dec 2012

Great site about this information :) – RH, W, Virginia   30 Nov 2012

This website is the most informative so far. Thank you for all your hard work! :D – Chiazo, America   29 Nov 2012

horrifying tom think that people got away with the things that were done to these people that were just trying to get by. – Michael Sullivan, NewHampshire   29 Nov 2012

Great website, very informative! – Sammi, Michigan   28 Nov 2012

In a way the fire was a blessing in disguise, its ashame it happened and that lives were lost but without it, these might have still been our working conditions. – Aspen Grezeszak, Houghton Lake, MI   27 Nov 2012

Great site! :-) – R Crofton, Las Vegas, New Mexico   26 Nov 2012

This site is just amazing! It gave such great testimonials and descriptions that it was hard to choose someone to base my project off of! The transcript of the trial was so helpful I think this is the only site I've found where it met all my citation requirements! This site is just amazing I know I'm going to get and A now! Thank you so much! – Beatriz Malaspina, Elizabeth, New Jersey   18 Nov 2012

so unfortunate for all the lives that were lost for such a poor union and buliding codes. – L.B, Newyork   18 Nov 2012

Very informative and respectful. I have learned a lot about this tragic event. Thank you. – L Hodgson, Cumbria UK   17 Nov 2012

Good information – Caroline diaz, 28 herdensom   15 Nov 2012

It's tragic to know so many innocent lives were lost. Cheers to the young man who helped his girlfriend out calmly, and jumped out himself. Tragic, yet so romantic.. knowing he'd rather have her die that way than be burned alive. – Mia G, New York   15 Nov 2012

This is a really good site. I learned a lot from it! :) – Lauryn Stanley, Toccoa, Georgia   14 Nov 2012

this is agood site – KJC, lorton VA   13 Nov 2012

I learned about this in school. The information here is great! It's terrible and I hope the business owners were made responsible. We will never forget these young victims. – Terri H. - D., Chillicothe, OH   9 Nov 2012

Let us all pray for these people who have lost their lives due to evil business and hope they are at peace, let this be an unkind reminder of how people are treated when an evil business goes unwatched and to never let a business go thinking of profit before their employees – Austin Reed (16yrs old), West st paul Minnesota   8 Nov 2012

to those in which theirs lives were lost – PHT, Elkhart Indiana   7 Nov 2012

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