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I am working a research paper and my topic is Triangle Factory Fire. At first, I did not give this much thought to how sad this event was, but as I started on my research, I was moved to become a lawyer to give justice to all who are hurt. – S.D., Bartlett TN   24 Apr 2013

The Triangle Fire reminds me of the good that comes from the bad that happens here in the United States. The explosion in West was a huge tragedy in their and mine community. Many of the people I know are volunteering to help and are donating clothes and food. Thank you United States. – Jazmin A., Waco TX(Near West)   18 Apr 2013

The tragedy of yesterday's events makes of think back to other significant tragedies, and the triangle factory fire came to mind. In tragedy though, we find heroes, and yesterday's first responders were the heroes. While hundreds ran AWAY from the scene, hundreds of others ran INTO the scene. This people deserve HUGE praise! J.M. ( cheap-pet-med/) – J.M., Boston   16 Apr 2013

When I first learned of the Triangle Fire I became determined to learn more about it. And the more I learned the more determined I became to do my part, as an artist, as a worker, and as a human being, in keeping alive the memory of the 146 lives lost. The courage of the workers in that period of our history is an inspiration. To keep their memory alive is to remind us that we must come together to protect one another. In many parts of the world, the same dangerous working conditions exist. To honor those 146 lives lost, we have to eradicate the conditions that took their lives and continue to take the lives of others. – Cheryl Parry, Brooklyn, New York   13 Apr 2013

i fill bad for the the immigrants – tanisha , milton ks   12 Apr 2013

My main resource for my paper! Very legible and informative! Thanks for the help! – Kate , Atlanta   11 Apr 2013

I attended New York University starting in 1978, and had classes in the Brown Building (formerly the Asch Building, site of the Triangle fire). There was a commemorative plaque in the still- narrow stairwell, and I always felt a haunting sense of sadness, thinking of what had transpired there. I just finished reading Leon Stein's book about the fire, as well as a book by David Von Drehle. This website is an excellent source of information, too. I guess in the thirty-five years or so that have passed since I walked down that stairwell, I've never been able to forget the victims of the Triangle Fire. – lm, long island, ny   10 Apr 2013

The triangle shirtwaist fire has always seemed like one of the most unfortunate and avoidable events in American history. I wanted to write my research paper on the travesty of the conditions leading to the deaths of many innocent young women. The individual stories are incredible and these losses were so sad and unnecessary. – Emily Scarpulla, Ithaca, NY   10 Apr 2013

I accessed this resource for a short research paper on Rose Freedman. Very interesting and useful. – Laurie Schmeer, Canandaigua, NY   5 Apr 2013

My Step Great Grandmother was in the Triangle fire. Growing up I heard stories of people trying to escape down elavator shafts to my Great Grandmother jumping out a window with two young girls embracedon each side of her. She was the only one that survived the plunge. If anyone knows of this incident I would love to hear what you have. Her last name was Manupelli. – John Fanelli, Eastford Ct.   4 Apr 2013

What an interesting and sad account of events. Thank goodness that we have more safety precautions now to keep this sort of thing from happening now on such a big scale. – Sam, PA   4 Apr 2013

Great website! These ladies will not be forgotten. Thank you! – FS, Seattle, WA   4 Apr 2013

My grandmother's sister was my great aunt Sara Wolf, and she survived the Triangle shirtwaist factory fire. She was severely burned and could not bend her body. I never saw her sit. She could only lie down or stand. She sewed all my clothes while standing up. I wrote a couple of stories about her is a recently published book "Reminiscing through the Years." I hope you will add my Aunt Sara's name to your survivor list. If you wish to contact me by e-mail, you can @ Thank you. Sandy – Sandy Kassimir, Jericho, New York   3 Apr 2013

My great Aunt Catherine Uzzo , died in the Triangle shirt waist factory fire. she was my grandmother Josephine Uzzo Caruso's sister. My grandmother worked there also, she went home sick that day. My grandmother spoke often about the conditions and the boss they worked for. So many sad stories of all the young lives lost that day. – Ann Schembri, North Bellmore,,Ny   1 Apr 2013

Very interesting and informative site. I especially appreciated the photographs after reading the book Triangle. Thanks for keeping this important story alive. – Michele, Canon City, Colorado   30 Mar 2013

I needed to research for an assignment on the Triangle Factory Fire – EH, St.Louis   30 Mar 2013

iam so sad for the lost – hannah, IA   29 Mar 2013

Someone shared this page in my Facebook feed tonight, and I'm so glad. It's been a sobering hour while I've clicked through these pages, but it's highlighted very clearly the importance of rights for workers, and not only that, but the degree to which corporatists will devalue people for the sake of profit. The issues these women faced have not yet been eradicated - they persist, to the detriment of human dignity. Somehow the word "union" has been spun by corporatists to mean "lazy thugs," when, in fact, it literally means "a group of people in solidarity." The story of the Triangle Factory Fire is particularly resonant in the face of the recent (and ongoing) #Occupy Protests. It begs the question - what precisely is the human cost of unchecked corporate greed? For those women, it was not just a hypothetical. – Evan, Lyndhurst, NJ   26 Mar 2013

I am remembering the victims today, March 25, 2013--the 102nd anniversary of the Triangle Fire. We must never forget the sacrifice they made. – Jim, Norwich, NY   25 Mar 2013

Thank you for this wonderful and comprehensive resource on the Triangle Fire. We will refer to it often in our continued fire education & prevention outreach. – Nassau Fire Marshals, New York   20 Mar 2013

I learned about this sad event through in taking a class in labor relations for my Masters Degree. It was a very touching and memorable event that will stay with me. This story reminds us of the strong connection of greed in America. For example the banking financial institutions, wall street. I thank god for the labor laws that came out of the terrible tragic and the organization of important unions. I hate it did not come sooner before that tragic event happened. God bless all those women who perished in the fire. – Sheila Greene, West Haven, CT, U.S.   19 Mar 2013

This is an amazing resource! Thank you so much for paying tribute to those lost! This is a wonderful tool! – Emilie, California   19 Mar 2013

An event to be remembered and a website which demonstrates that history is more interesting than legend. It has too, more lasting effects on the minds. Thank you for this exemplary research. I want to improve your visibility on the web. – martine, Paris   13 Mar 2013

Lascio oggi quì la mia firma,per ricordare nel giorno internazionale delle donne,tutte le vittime dell'incendio al Triangle Factory. Pace a voi care amiche,e le mie radici affondano nella storia di donne che come voi sono scomparse per emarginare e per sentirsi una "non" proprietĂ  patronale!! Buona festa delle donne care – Viviana, Naples,Italia   8 Mar 2013

This website was very helpful for my class research. As you read about so many disaters and then read about all the simple young women dying it really makes one sad. Life contiues in some people but every day it stops for someone. – Matthew Woods, Indiana   7 Mar 2013

Encontre lo que buscaba y muy buena documentacion – diana miloslavich, peru   4 Mar 2013

So sad. They were just getting started with their lives being only 16 and 18 – B.C.W, Bville Ohio   4 Mar 2013

What a great website. I am happy to see all of the information, stories and pictures. My Great Aunt was one of the last victims identified--Dora Evans. When I see her lovely young face, I feel so sad. I would have loved to know her. – Andrea Evens McDaniel, Fresno, CA   1 Mar 2013

This website has been nothing but help. Thank you so much and I've learned so much. What a tragedy. History seems interesting now. – N., IL   28 Feb 2013

Very interesting and so very tragic. You did a wonderful job with the website and sources. And listing all of the victims by name and age was very honorable. I can't imagine what their families endured but I find it deplorable that the owners basically went unpunished and were without remorse! And not just the owners, but the subcontractors, and that idiotic judge! RIP 1911 Triangle Factory victims. – Angelia, Ft Worth, TX   27 Feb 2013

A fabulous collection of primary and secondary sources. Thanks! – Stephanie Krom, New York, NY   26 Feb 2013

Thank you so much for this site! – Tiffany Greco, Ithaca, NY   25 Feb 2013

was very good – kayla, texas   25 Feb 2013

datarecoverychicago Excellent article on a tragic event that has lead to safety regulations that are designed to make all work places safe for workers as well as the public. – jacobthomson124, USA   20 Feb 2013

nice – bb, vermont   15 Feb 2013

Very informative site! I really enjoyed reading the stories behind this tragedy. It gives you a sense of how they worked, and their untimely deaths. Very SAD!!!! – M. Bysor, Missouri   14 Feb 2013

This is an amazing resource on the fire and labor movement. I am currently using it with high school students studying the Progressive Movement. – N. Spiller, Colonia, nj   12 Feb 2013

This is very sad. Very informative site! – Ian Wingo, Oregon   12 Feb 2013

Thanks so much for this site and all the information you provided! This event is so important to me now. It's something everyone should know about. – Michelle, Rexburg, ID   12 Feb 2013

It is sad when tradgety strikes i pray and hope that the families were able to recover from this. – Anthony Watkins, 217 West 30th Street   12 Feb 2013

Nice! – Bennett Hoback, Anchorage Alaska   11 Feb 2013

Dear Folks; I continue to use your website and wonderful archivists and library as I work on a biography of my aunt Rose for young adults. Your website is wonderful. Beyond wonderful. All the best, Annie Schneiderman Valliere – Annie Schneiderman Valliere, Maine   9 Feb 2013

THank you so much for this site! We used this as basically our main resource for our project!!!! – KB and OT, VA   8 Feb 2013

Thank you for the dedication to this website and honor to the victims. – RS, Virginia   7 Feb 2013

This site is very insightful and helpful for researches looking for a good website. I read a lot about this site for my NHD entry. – EKG, Maryland   4 Feb 2013

Excellent site. – McFadden, New Hampshire   2 Feb 2013

Very sad i feel sorry for all those poor ladies – Lexus Lewis, Washington   31 Jan 2013

Thank you to ALL who have dedicated the time and effort to create this website. I am directing a play on the Triangle Factory fire and use this site to gather crucial, detailed information in my research. Thank you for sharing this information with the world. – R. L., Jacksonville, FL   31 Jan 2013

Thank you very much for this wonderful site! Very helpful. – S.A., Idaho   30 Jan 2013

Very interesting! I'm doing a research on the Triangle Fire by three years about, and the material that I found on your website is very useful. – Massimiliano Vintaloro, Prato, Italy   20 Jan 2013

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