Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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What an unimaginable tragedy. God rest their souls. – JDS, Clifton Park, NY   25 Mar 2016


This was a tragic event, but so much can be learned from the lack of safety protocols that were here. This was a tragic event, and there was some excellent information here. – Morgan_the_O.G., Swag Island   24 Mar 2016

Thank you for info – jramado, Rochester   11 Mar 2016

A terrible tragedy that so many young women and girls gave up there lives so people could be safe today. – James Simone, Portsmouth VA   8 Mar 2016

sorry for the people who lost there life that day. – bb, va   8 Mar 2016

I wish more persons would make researches and know more of historical facts. Especially when comes up to Womans day! i found this web site, very well done! (Patrizia , italy) –   8 Mar 2016

terrible tragedy – frankie b, georgia   1 Mar 2016

Such a sad horrible event – Aaron B, North Dakota   27 Feb 2016

this should not have happened to this unfortunate beings – castiel, Kansas   26 Feb 2016

Awesome. Remarkable. Commemoration for those passed and continuing the legacy is pinnacle to prevent and commemorate this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers to those passed and families effected. – Michael St.john, California   26 Feb 2016

A useful, accurate, and heart-rending site. We owe so much to tragedies like these, and memory is perhaps the only way to pay tributes and respects. – Marina Dossena, Bergamo, Italy   26 Feb 2016

sorry for the losses of these women – allen davis, denver nc   24 Feb 2016

This story of the fire in NYC is incredibly sad. I'm glad that sweat shops now days aren't like that. Thanks for sharing this time in history with the world – Karen Dawson , North Carolina   24 Feb 2016

This website helped me a lot. – Amanda Williams, Tampa, Florida   19 Feb 2016

this is very sad RIP – SB, FL   19 Feb 2016

Such a tragic event. – K.A, FL   19 Feb 2016

this is such a useful site for a school project im doing at school – tristan maddex, tarpon springs   19 Feb 2016

Needed better working conditions and many would have survived. – Afghanistan   19 Feb 2016

that would only have saved a few lives, they needed a better floor plan and escape routs – HT, FL   18 Feb 2016

this is such a tragedy they could have just prevented it with firer safety practices – IL, florida   16 Feb 2016

Lots of good information – CLH, Des Moines, IA   13 Feb 2016

Unfortunately these young people had to die in order for the rest of the nation to wake up and see what needed to be fixed. – SW, Wisconsin   13 Feb 2016

I am doing a paper on this for my regulatory compliance class. Such a horrific event that took place. – Mackenzie L, Wisconsin   13 Feb 2016

I hope that by know the lost souls have been put to rest knowing that this will happen to no more Americans – Ashton , St Austine florida   12 Feb 2016

It's sad that this happened... But it seems like nobody learned anything from this because things like this are STILL happening in places like Bangladesh and Cambodia... SAVE THE PEOPLE – Kaelin E., St. Augustine Fl   12 Feb 2016

the information is very informative and helped me out a lot – Ethen, st.augastine   12 Feb 2016

Very good website. Now i have true information about the triangle factory fire. – JPG, Florida   12 Feb 2016

Wonderful article! We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the great writing. – how to build muscles, New York   11 Feb 2016

so sad my grandma and grandpa moved here about 36 years ago. this story is so depressing – JA, FL   11 Feb 2016

This was something i had to do in my Language Arts class but this will be forever in my heart. May they rest in peace. If there were any Irish men and Women who were there this is for them. "Faugh a Ballaugh" – Richard, St Augisine FL   11 Feb 2016

emotionless place! – StevenEi, India   10 Feb 2016

MAY THEY WALK WITH THE LORD11 – J.C, fruita,CO   10 Feb 2016

this is very sad – bo, ohio   9 Feb 2016

Very sad. – dmp, Chester, PA   8 Feb 2016

I had to do write a paper for my Labor relations class and I am so glad it led me to read this. I dont think I have ever read something to sad. Many of us do not know what it is to work hard for things. Many, take things for granted and after reading this, it has made me be thankful for everything. These works died trying to make a living. It is so sad to read how they died in such a cruel atmosphere. May they rest in peace. – EMILY BERMEJO, MIAMI   7 Feb 2016

I had to use this story to role play in my language arts class. This story is and was a very tragic situation and i think that many many things could have been prevented. i feel very bad for all the people who have died in this situation. RIP and thanks to all the people who have helped get people out of that building and help them get to saftey. – Angelina Rivas , oviedo,florida   5 Feb 2016

I had to do a paper on this for my history class. I don't think I've ever read something more terrible in my whole life. – Ellie, Lake Charles   4 Feb 2016

I frist learned about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire when I was thirteen, from my Dad who was career FDNY. Everyone should know its story. – Dianna Maeurer, Manhattan, NYC   2 Feb 2016

How terribly sad..... It's sad to know how something like this can easy be forgotten over the years. We mustn't forget how precious life is. May you all rest peace ~ – AP, Rhode Island   31 Jan 2016

Rest in peace. – Amy Kuhl, Saint Charles   29 Jan 2016

It is sad to know that this actually happened in our history. – EM, Saint Charles, IL   29 Jan 2016

good read – ZF, ST CHARLES   29 Jan 2016

Truly saddest thing I ever read! – Margaret Harper, St. Charles, IL   29 Jan 2016

very tragic – KS, St. Charles IL   29 Jan 2016

I see what terrible working conditions these people endured. 100 years later, countless people endure the same conditions as the developing nations try to become industrialized. – Kevin Bergman, Cahokia Illinois   29 Jan 2016

Rest in peace. – JM, IL   28 Jan 2016

such a tragic event that led to so many great advances in the safety of the common work place. – Madison , St. Charles IL   28 Jan 2016

Flames leap higher, drowning the room in smoke. The air is thick with fright, gasps and screams coming from raw throats. Heat creeps ever closer, circling 'round the room like predator stalking prey. There is no escape except the open widows behind, and we take the leap. The plunge. Into the open air we fly, flying away from the great blaze behind. -A poem for those were lost. – Sydney P, St. Charles, IL   28 Jan 2016

It is hard to imagine how people were treated like that. – C. Jackson, St. Charles   28 Jan 2016

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