Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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amazing website – cks, ruff rock   24 Dec 2014

Had my students do a webquest on this website. Amazing website. – rpd, California   18 Dec 2014

Great Website! – Eric, Columbus, OH   15 Dec 2014

its super depressing that peopl just let this happen. this website had all the info i need for my project tho :) – Nora Warnick, Ohio USA   13 Dec 2014

Thank you for the information an this awesome website – John Herrra, Spain   11 Dec 2014

thank you – bwd, arizona   4 Dec 2014

that is so sad that happened – Cameron fitzgerald, new york   4 Dec 2014

sad – HW, Antartica   4 Dec 2014

It was a tragic event that will forever be remembered! Thank you so much for all the information, I will share it with my students! – Marisol Escobar, New York   30 Nov 2014

I't is very sad. – tamira, altavista,virgina   24 Nov 2014

Your article had lots of detail. – Clayton fuhrman, Ashland Virginian   20 Nov 2014

Great facts for classwork assignments. Sorry for the losses – Levi Cameron, Warsaw Missouri   19 Nov 2014

Does anyone know anything about Max Blank's daughter Mildred? It lists her as a survivor of the fire at the age of 5- what did she think about her father's mistreatment of his workers? Is she still alive? – Veronica Marrinan, New York   18 Nov 2014

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad that this story is real :'( thank you – kaitlyn brooke armstrong, alabama   13 Nov 2014

this a grate website yall – angie, alabama   13 Nov 2014

sad – asia, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is so sad to see people going threw this and jumping off the buildings just to save their lives and getting hert – maleia, alabama   12 Nov 2014

So sad that this happended. The lives that were lost are missed!! – Zoey, Alabama   12 Nov 2014

it is very sad and interesting to learn about. – savannah harbison, vincent,albama   12 Nov 2014

this web site is really sad but you can learn a lot of stuff from it. – Ayanna, Alabama   12 Nov 2014

sorry that this happend :( thx for the site though:) – katelynn s. , alabama   12 Nov 2014

the is sad to see the horible working conditions they had to go threw and that the mangers didnt get the right punishment they diserved – cobe, alabama   12 Nov 2014

soooo sad that this story could had of happen so thank you! – candice, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is so sad that it happend so sorry for all of the lives gone – kaylyne , alabama   12 Nov 2014

thank you for this site:) – amanda manning, alabama   12 Nov 2014

this is a good website – jamiee lynn brown, bosion newyork   12 Nov 2014

this site was so helpful thanks for making it – kaitlyn, alabama   12 Nov 2014

i think this was very sad and my great grand father was a worker – bm, strling va   11 Nov 2014

This is very sad and i will never forget what people say and how many were lost they will always be missed and i pray for the families and that they will remember that it was a sad thing that happened. – Bailey Borton, Frankfort,MI   11 Nov 2014

sad story could have been prevented – Esam Abdellatif, Sterling VA   11 Nov 2014

Sad and interesting – Muhammad Robinson, Sterling, Virginia   11 Nov 2014

it was so sad:( – Lucy Lou, china   11 Nov 2014

Its very sad. – Justin Wang, Sterling Virginia   11 Nov 2014

very sad story – a.l, mexico   10 Nov 2014

thats really sad – T.l, greenfield   7 Nov 2014

It's sad to think all these girls died because of two boss's greed and stupidity. – Cheyenne, greenfield ohio   7 Nov 2014

did all this really happen to all of these women – logan bailey, 401 mcclain st   7 Nov 2014

sad and interesting – mayra, va   6 Nov 2014

sad – TWC, VA   5 Nov 2014

This story is devestating! – B.S, MI   5 Nov 2014

interesting facts about the fire and the working conditions – William Orth, Texas   3 Nov 2014

how come the saftey nets didnt work – Joe King, Laughalot,Ga   3 Nov 2014

great document – jk, Waycross, Ga   2 Nov 2014

very good detailed web site info – Corbin, 2068 Marietta AVE (44429) Lake Milton   30 Oct 2014

Very informative. Thanks for documenting such a devastating, but historically influential tragedy. – Alicia Venchuk, Ann Arbor   30 Oct 2014

Wow, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more. – DonnerbergKr, Malta   29 Oct 2014

Isaac Harris, the man with the gray suit who Partiall owned this place, there is a girl on his left shoulder, looking to the right, on one of the primary source documents pictures, they say they must have been visitors, what was her name? – M.D.M, G.R Michigan   28 Oct 2014

very informing – dnickel, evans ga   25 Oct 2014

There never should've been such an issue like this. I don't see how anyone could live with such a disaster. Especially the owners of the company that got out immediately, not even thinking about their employees. – Shelby R. Bourke, Hookstown, Pa   20 Oct 2014

Thank you for making this information open and available to all! I went to NYU and recall with sadness the yearly memorial to all the factory workers who perished in the fire. My favorite part of April is when volunteers write the names of the the dead outside their tenements across the city. Such a powerful way to keep the people alive. – Brooke Young, East Village, New York, NY   19 Oct 2014

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