Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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This was very nice. – Caylin jones , michigan   31 Jan 2018

I looked at the list. and my grandmother isnt on their her name is .... rolanda halbert and she died in the fire – Caylin jones , South haven, michigan   31 Jan 2018

really helpful – hm, ko,ms   31 Jan 2018

this is very helpful when doing my home work – jay, nyc,ny   30 Jan 2018

This is a good website but needs more things to look at – LD, LA   24 Jan 2018

It is so sad that people lost their lives in this fire. The worked so hard, and as a result, they lost their lives. The company should have been more prepared for fires. – NW, The United States   23 Jan 2018

Thanks so much for this site! It was a great source for project. – JD, MI   22 Jan 2018

this was very helpful in class – Camilia Rosalba , Arizona   18 Jan 2018

Wonderful work for working class suffering recording and memory.In China we have the same kind of disasters, but we don't have similar website or museum.It really a shame and pity. – liujianzhou, china,shanghai   17 Jan 2018

One of the victims was my grandfather's sister, Fanny Hollander. I would like to know if there is any other information about her that is available. Thank you for having this site. It is an important testimonial to the victims and their families. Most importantly, labor laws changed after this tragedy. – Dana, Israel originally from NY   16 Jan 2018

This is upsetting, sad, unacceptable. My prayers and thoughts go to everyone effected. – Clarissa, McDonough, NY   12 Jan 2018

I work in code enforcement and this tragedy is a reminder of why we enforce regulations to preserve life safety. Hearing the oral history recordings of a few of the survivors was amazing and really helped to make the story personal instead of academic. – CW, Houston, TX   12 Jan 2018

Its really sad that people where jumping out of windows. I wish I was there to save multiple lives and help people out. – jg, winnsboro la   12 Jan 2018

It's sad to think that some of the witnesses had to watch them jump from the windows and fall to their death. – Alexis Lawson, Laurel, MT   9 Jan 2018

Sad to think owners did not think about the possibility of a fire breaking out – DC, Miami, FL   7 Jan 2018

A horrific story.Rest in peace sisters. – Al Iannacone Sr., Originally from Paterson, NJ   25 Dec 2017

I read every single one of the interviews for the survivors; it is very intriguing on how the stories tie in with each other. This was a very sad event in history that could have easily been avoided. I am glad that we can now learn from the past. – Kya Paige Daddy Williams, Choctaw, OK   21 Dec 2017

Its sad to think about how this entire situation could have been completely avoided if the owners had just cared a little more about their workers and their factories. But people have also learned from the past and been able to improve the working environment the workers work in. – Elizabeth, St.Charles IL   18 Dec 2017

It seems like owners and managers back then where greedy. It couldn't hurt to spend a little bit of money to ensure safety... – Justin Sebahar, St. Charles IL.   18 Dec 2017

It's very tragic that this happened, but now we know for the future to take more precaution of safety in buildings with many people. – Ashley Peters, St.Charles IL   18 Dec 2017

For these immigrants moving to a new country must have been hard enough but dealing with this is something else – Shivam G, IL   18 Dec 2017

This is sad and it must be scary if I was their. Rest In Peace. – Stephanie MIllan, St. Charles, IL   18 Dec 2017

If i witnessed this and had to go back to work the next day I would be terrified – Meghan, St.Charles IL   18 Dec 2017

A very sad catastrophe that could've been avoided – Sydney Montgomery, St. Charles IL   18 Dec 2017

This is a horrible disaster that occurred in US history. This whole disaster could have been avoided if the founder of companies could take the time and money to keep it's employees safe. – Brooke Sieck, St. Charles, IL   18 Dec 2017

Very informational website. Thank you. – Bradley Filsinger , St. Charles   18 Dec 2017

It is very sad to think that all of this could have been prevented if someone had taken the time and money to put in emergency precautions. – Ainsley O, St. Charles, IL   18 Dec 2017

I believe that this is a terrible disaster that occurred in our history. But because of it people then realized that there needed to be changes to the working environment for peoples safety. – Delani Hudock, St.Charles, IL   18 Dec 2017

If you were in the shoes of one of the immigrants, it would be a scary expierience witnessing people falling to their deaths, having locked doors, and the screams. – Connor, St Charles IL.   18 Dec 2017

I think that this was a horrible thing but that it made everyone aware of what could happen and made everyone more prepared for this if it ever happened again. – Bronwyn Rigbsy, St. Charles, IL   18 Dec 2017

I feel really bad for those people who died and for those who lived for having to deal with that trauma. – Jackson C, St. Charles Illinois   18 Dec 2017

It's scary to think that this is what happens when people are given power and money. They didn't care about how working conditions are, they didn't care if the workers get paid enough for the amount of time they put in, they didn't even think to treat their employees as humans, and when you get to that point where you just don't care about how you treat others because you're "worth so much more than them because you have the power and the money." This all could have easily been avoided if people cared about each other. – L.K, St. Charles Illinois   18 Dec 2017

It was terrifying to think that people had to work in such harsh decisions but then again if the fire didn't happen then we would still be working in a horrible place like they used to. – Jiya, Illinois   15 Dec 2017

Its weird to think about if this happened in the present. – Tru, Illinois   15 Dec 2017

This is very sad. The youngest person that was a victim died at 14. This didn't have been how people realized to change working conditions, it doesn't have to take lives for people – K.M, n/a   15 Dec 2017

I think its very sad but at least the working conditions have improved since then. – Ellie V, St.Charles, IL   15 Dec 2017

This is a very tragic event but it acts as a grave reminder to all corrupt factories and businesses. This could've been easily prevented but because of the horrible working conditions, many innocent people who were only trying to live a better life burned to death or fell to their deaths so my prayers go out to all of those who perished on that day and to families or friends who may still be coping from this tragedy. I hope that factories and businesses can improve from these barbaric conditions and provide safety precautions for their workers. – Isaiah M., Milwaukee   14 Dec 2017

I think this is one of the saddest New York events because many people died and a lot of those were immigrants and didn't know how to speak english – R.R, Mke   14 Dec 2017

This is sad. – I.G, Milwaukee   12 Dec 2017

It's sad how this could've been avoided. – Project, Milwaukee   12 Dec 2017

I find this not only sad, but interesting. I feel sad for the families of the ones that died but I'm also interested to know why their conditions were so bad. Prayers for all. – Logan Paul, Encino, California   11 Dec 2017

After learning about this terrible tragedy it made me feel different. so many people have died and there were so many reason how they cant escape. this dark moment in our history will never be forgotten and i pray for the family who had someone in the 1911 Triangle fire. – sergio sadl, west Harrison new york   7 Dec 2017

this dark moment in our nations history should have never happened,for the lives that were lost in the fire were because of financial greed. the industrial revolution was a great leap forward in our nation. my prayers go out to the families of the fire. – chris hall, wayland, ky   6 Dec 2017

I believe that this is another part of history that people should never forget. I learned so much from this site. – Masin Payne, Libby, MT   1 Dec 2017

good content – mpickering, az.   29 Nov 2017

You should express that the plays and songs have no audio files attached with them, and navigation should be improved. – Jada Palmer, Prudenville, Michigan   28 Nov 2017

I really enjoy this website and the information it gives on about a very important piece of our history as a growing industry. – Lorene Roberts, West Lafayette, IN   28 Nov 2017

Researching for course in Early 20th Century American History. – Wesley Harris, Ruston, LA   21 Nov 2017

Thank you for compiling so much of this vital history into one website. I am the great great grand daughter of one of the victims, Maria Grazia Gullo Floresta, and it's so important to me to protect the legacy of the Triangle Fire. We have to remember the sacrifice of these 146+ individuals, and continue to fight for the rights of workers nationally and internationally. Thank you, Emma V. – Emma V., Chapel Hill, NC   21 Nov 2017

Can't imagine the pain of all families involved. We have come a long way., but more needs to be done. – SAS, Latrobe Pa.   19 Nov 2017

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