Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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Very informative, what a terrible tragedy. – Mar Williams, Greene, NY   25 Nov 2016

I am glad that you have this site. It makes me feel greatful of the rights that I have. I just wish this incident didn't have to happen before people started realizing that we needed laws to protect us. – Eric, Salt Lake City   23 Nov 2016

This website was one of the required materials for my online disasters class. I found the primary sources and other information to be helpful and knowledgeable. Prior to this week I was unaware of the tragic Triangle Fire. However, websites such as this ensure these types of disasters will never be forgotten. Thank you. – KLS, Florida   22 Nov 2016

Thankful to sites like this, the tragedy will never be forgotten – Ivan , New Jersey   20 Nov 2016

This is an excellent and informative site. – JPB, Ithaca, NY   14 Nov 2016

I was doing a history report and I couldn't help but to read on because of how sad and eyeopening this article is. – L.A.L, Missouri, U.S.   9 Nov 2016

I'm writing a research paper on the Triangle Fire for one of my History courses this semester. This site has helped guide my research in a direction that I never thought it would go! I'd recommend it to anyone interested in this topic! – Rose, Minnesota   7 Nov 2016

this is a good classroom resource. – tyler, coleman, michigan   31 Oct 2016

Every time I sit down to one of my wonderful antique Singer sewing machines to make a beautiful garment, I say a prayer for the repose of the souls of the Triangle Fire victims and ask them to bless my work. When I first learned of this tragedy, it affected me so deeply that these poor girls sewed and died at the same machines that I sew on, practicing the same art that brings me so much joy, and that they were just like me. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and for the legacy of safer working conditions they have left us. May God rest their souls and bring their families peace. – Jacquelyn, California, U.S.   28 Oct 2016

Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to everyone who employess it, including myself. Keep up the good work for sure i will check out more posts. bgacdadcdececkke – Smithd170,   25 Oct 2016

This tragic incident brought about change in the labor abuses of that time. This site is an excellent tool to share the sad story, the eyewitness interviews give it an even more realistic touch. – Daisy B., Moreno Valley, CA   23 Oct 2016

Very informative, and does not waste any time to get to the point. Helped me a lot! – Mark, Octorwrw High   20 Oct 2016

this is so mush help for me on my project – jy, stewart middle school   18 Oct 2016

wow so very sad – jaylenia thomas, anst ct   18 Oct 2016

This site is very informative and nicely created. What happened was truly awful. Check out Tessie Weisner's story it is very sad. – E. Pallas, Vermont   16 Oct 2016

WOW!!! I cant believe this happened and life is so messed up in this world it does not make since I wish people and myself lived in a nice world where there is not bad things at all no matter what. Who ever is listening I hope you live a long loving life. My Name is Octavia Lynn James I am 16 teen about to be 17 teen years old and I just wanted to say that I wish you all good luck and pray for you all. God Bless You All. – Ocatvia Lynn James, Traverse City   14 Oct 2016

WOW!!! I cant believe this happened and life is so messed up in this world it does not make since I wish people and myself lived in a nice world where there is not bad things at all no matter what. Who ever is listening I hope you live a long loving life. My Name is Octavia Lynn James I am 16 teen about to be 17 teen years old and I just wanted to say that I wish you all good luck and pray for you all. God Bless You All. – Ocatvia Lynn James, Traverse City   12 Oct 2016

so sad – dj khaled, nashville   12 Oct 2016

this is so sad – ks, new york   4 Oct 2016

they will never be forgotten – D.R, chicago   4 Oct 2016

did they have the interviews on this site? – Aliziah Ann Smith, 128 South Main   23 Sep 2016

This is an excellent resource. It's a shame that the transcripts are so full of typos. Cornell should invest a bit of money in proofreading the whole thing. – Sam Gilbert, Petaluma, California   22 Sep 2016

I am currently in the play about this tragic event... it's honestly makes me so sad and so mad that it ever happened. – Kailey Cutbirth , Tomball, Texas   21 Sep 2016

Such a tragedy, but provides a good lesson for our current treatment of workers. We must remain watchful and protective of our nations working class. Things may have improved, but not in all areas or for all individuals, and certainly the current improvements are not the end. – EG, Cleveland   21 Sep 2016

It is interesting how this happened in 1911 and than history repeats itself in 9/11. Tragic!!! – SA, California   20 Sep 2016

tragic – Nolan, Baltic   20 Sep 2016

Wow, it is so tragic that such an awful thing has to happen before they are willing to admit change is needed. – Kala Palacios, Willow Creek   19 Sep 2016

looking for info to teach about Labor DAy. This site is really poignant – karen lang, san rafael, California   6 Sep 2016

This incident and the movement it incited has helped save many lives. And while we are still a a reactive society when it comes to safety, things are progressing. I will direct those in my field to this fantastic website. – AT, Honolulu, HI   31 Aug 2016

wow a lot of lives – dd, sparks   30 Aug 2016

I think I am related to the Bernstein's , my Grandfather was Samual Bernstein and Grandmother was Molly Nathan Bernstein. I was born to Marcus Crown Jacobs and Jeanette Bernstein Jacobs (born in the 30's in Brooklyn, NY.) If you have any more info. will you contact me. Thank you – Robin Takala, Fort Bragg,California   29 Aug 2016

I am not sure what to think. This was tragic and preventable. It is part of the evolution of American Industry and Safety. I do not know what to think but I know that I feel the lump in my throat and the heaviness in my heart. I watched the PBS American Experience documentary and it also moved me deeply. The connection to all the names of people, where they came from and their families engages me and causes me to wonder. – Kevin Bergman, Cahokia Illinois   23 Aug 2016

It was a tragedy, and we all wish this would've never happened, but this was able to help pave the way for a safer, and cleaner industrial atmosphere that has forever changed manufacturing for the better. – Tanner Sapp, Columbia, MO   22 Aug 2016

such a sad story – Noah Graybeal, New York,NY   22 Aug 2016

got me so sad,wish it never happend – ian lingerfelt, 501 athenian street   22 Aug 2016

That was a great terrible but thanks to OSHA we shouldn't have anything like that happen again. – Leland Wilson, no   21 Aug 2016

it was a horrible tragedy;keep me informed. – rgs,iii, greensboro,nc.27406   18 Aug 2016

The only thing good that come from this horrific tragedy is that it is one of the reasons we have laws and safe working conditions. – ccc, Louisiana   18 Aug 2016

great details – md, fl   10 Aug 2016

so could of been prevented. – JOSEPH.CALLAHAN, columbus,ohio   8 Aug 2016

I sincerely appreciate this exhaustive resource. As an OSHA authorized training, it is a great tool to help me train people. It helps to make an otherwise boring subject become real and relevant. It short. it saves lives. – Rick Black, Memphis, Tn   1 Aug 2016

Amazed at the thoroughness of the research. Was there a TV story of this tragedy? Thanks for all the hard work. – MCB-H, Pittsburgh, PA   26 Jul 2016

This is a terrific compilation of information about this tragic historical event. – H.A., Austin, TX   25 Jul 2016

thank you so so much for this website! This helped me so so much with my research paper, I thoroughly appreciate it and feel there is much to be learned from a tragedy such as this one. Although we have improved leaps and bounds in terms of labor laws here in the USA, we have much to do in terms of the way we obtain our products from other countries. I am hopeful that a labor tragedy such as this one will never happen again. – Tatiana, CT   19 Jul 2016

Thank you for this easily navigated website full of great information on this tragedy that sparked a movement for better labor laws. – Shannon Wachob, Longview, WA   19 Jul 2016

tragic –   17 Jul 2016

All working class people can learn from the sacrifices made and lives lost, being dedicated to ensuring that greedy industry moguls are not allowed to treat their employees like expendable machines. We can enjoy our weekends and free time because they fought and because Roosevelt, being a progressive president, would not be bullied by the powerful industries. This is why we have the federal regulatory departments that continually work to protect us. It's wonderful to know that these young people, gone too soon, did not die in vain. – Matt G., Houston, TX   12 Jun 2016

The story and comments said by Louis Waldman brought tears to my eyes. Legislation has brought about many changes to our system, but even now the intention to set good working conditions for employees is still absent in many places. – MR, Abu Dhabi   8 Jun 2016

so sad this happened – AS, VA   7 Jun 2016

My great grandparents were in their 40s when their daughter died in this tragedy. I can't picture what it was likefor them to come to America for a new life and to lose a daughter like this soon thereafter. I regret not learning about my great- aunt from my grandmother and her siblings and not talking aboutwhat the loss of their sister did to them and to their parents. May the victims' memory be a blessing. – ms, NY   7 Jun 2016

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