Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, 100 years later

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I'm using this website for a school project, and I'm learning so much! This stuff is very sad but interesting. – Jacey Graham, Indiana   15 Apr 2018

Rose Mehl (victim of the fire) lived in the building where I live now. I feel connected to her, and wish I knew more about her. – Ellen, 278 East 7 Street, NY NY 10009   10 Apr 2018

Rose Mehl (victim of the fire) lived in the building where I live now. I feel connected to her, and wish I knew more about her. – Ellen, 278 East 7 Street, NY NY 10009   10 Apr 2018

I think this is so sad so many died in the fire. – jamesbush, Idaho   9 Apr 2018

this was vary sad i wish it didn't happen we did a short lesson on it at school it was interesting and sad. – kmm, mount Vernon ohio   6 Apr 2018

I am so sorry people died in the fire – elizabeth lett, omaha ne   6 Apr 2018

I think that its very sad and i wish this would've never happened no one deserved to die because of this. – Mia , Mars   6 Apr 2018

So sad to read and see the negate that the employees went through. Businesses should be accountable for a safe environment for their employees. – nww, Louisiana   6 Apr 2018

Poignant, respectfully presented on this site. We must never forget. The tragedy was totally preventable.Doors had been locked. Most people were required to work until noon, these brutes required full day.There had been signage on elevators—if you don't come in on Saturday, don't come in on Monday. Remember too, brave New Yorkers who tried to save them. One year later, April 1912, the Titanic Disaster, also man- made and completely avoidable. Thank unions for 40 hour week and for bringing safety to workers. We must never forget. – Carole , Takoma Park, MD   5 Apr 2018

this is sad – cj, 27 roleing drive   2 Apr 2018

This is really good information. – cll, earth   28 Mar 2018

It's sad to see the conditions these men and women worked under and that this practice continues in many parts of the world. – Judite, NYC   28 Mar 2018

this makes me a lot sad – mollie, delewere   27 Mar 2018

How many people worked there before? – GO, Nebraska   27 Mar 2018

Awesome! Good information. – Kushneryk, Canada   26 Mar 2018

It's hearth breaking the loss of all this people , often more then one in the family. Sadly it is still happening in many other parts of the world. – Margo, Canada   26 Mar 2018

The echos of this tragedy are felt today. These victims are not forgotten. – Deborah Swartz, Levittown, New York   25 Mar 2018

what happened to these poor women is a tragedy and should never be forgoton – keagan , kansas   22 Mar 2018

Thank you for taking the time to create a website dedicated to this unfortunate tragedy. – Sara, Florida   20 Mar 2018

this is a very sad – wb, nowhere   16 Mar 2018

good information – anonymous, anonymous   16 Mar 2018

On March 25th each year there is a memorial at the corner of Greene St. and Washington Place. The enormous march up 5th Avenue in 1911 was a springboard for the ultimately successful movement toward workplace safety. On March 26th this year there will be a historic march in Washington, DC to end another workplace scourge: rapid-fire violence. The parallels between the two tragedies of Triangle Shirtwaist and Stoneham Douglas are emerging. Each event was preceded by a blockade against reform led by entrenched interests. I believe that there will be an unraveling of this blockade in 2018 just as there was back in 1911. Another person named Marx once quipped that history may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. – Kenneth Marx MD, Washington Square West New York, NY   10 Mar 2018

Thanks for the thorough information. I learned a lot from watching a play about this horrible tragedy, but this site provided some additional details that were eye-opening. – NGH, Portland, Oregon   10 Mar 2018

great Information. – JCR, Puerto Rico   8 Mar 2018

great source. i like it. – EMK, Ohio   8 Mar 2018

We really do need to learn about history, so that we can not make the same mistakes in the future. The way this did this is that now, we have better safety. – Brighton Steuart, Woods Cross, Utah   7 Mar 2018

Great source, really helped – BA, Georgetown,Kentucky   7 Mar 2018

Sincere thanks for making the information about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire available to the public. Each year we watch the movie on this tragedy and the grief and pains always affect us. fr – Fitz Reid, New York City   28 Feb 2018

This was a very sad event but I'm glad that it led to better fire regulations and safety that saved countless lives in the future. – RF, IL   28 Feb 2018

Thanks for the source. (needed for essay) – AB, Elk Grove, Sacramento, CA   26 Feb 2018

Thank you Cornell, for talking about a sad a powerful even that effected us all. – Eriel Ortega, West Palm Beach, Florida   23 Feb 2018

wow so touching its so sad – rg, ebstanly   22 Feb 2018

good information sad for the people who loss there lives – MTD, Tallahassee   21 Feb 2018

I am very happy to see so much information on such a horrible event in U.S. history.RC – RC, california   21 Feb 2018

This was very tragic also – Jamari P, Delray   21 Feb 2018

I wish this event never happen but then if it never happen change would never begin. – RT,, Boynton beach, FL   21 Feb 2018

it is tragic i am sad for all those who lost their lives or witnessed it but if it didn't happen then the work places everywhere would be unsafe and it would happen more often – AL, FL   21 Feb 2018

The images are terrifying and horrific! This is a terror of the 19th century and it is still being acknowledged. But with out such a great disaster we still wouldn't be as safe in any building of home. – Daylin , west palm beach, fl   21 Feb 2018

This was sad..... – Jamari P, Delray   21 Feb 2018

We learned this in our language arts class and we learned a lot about this terrible fire that happend. – M.J, Toronto,Canada   21 Feb 2018

think u the creators of this site for the acknowledging of the fire. – Chad LaPlante, FL   21 Feb 2018

I learned about this in language arts class! It is really sad a disaster like this happened. This should have never happened. – CL, Boynton beach, florida   21 Feb 2018

True stories have a great impact – Jose Rodriguez, Arizona   16 Feb 2018

I LIKE GREAT HISTORY – Jose Rodriguez, Arizona   16 Feb 2018

I was doing research on this for my one of my college classes and ow this is so sad and tragic. I hope this never happens again anywhere in the world. – A.G, San Antonio, Tx   14 Feb 2018

Upsetting to read about such a horrible event that could've been avoided, but because it wasn't we now have laws today to prevent things like this happening again. – EL, West Lincoln   13 Feb 2018

This really opened eyes and made me realize that life wasn't always so easy – Mellck Rihane, Washington D.C.   13 Feb 2018

This really opened eyes and made me realize that life wasn't always so easy – Mellck Rihane, Washington D.C.   13 Feb 2018

Great history lesson for all. True stories always have a greater impact when teaching others of the past. – Mike Effhauser, East Grand Forks, MN   13 Feb 2018

This event made us open our blinded eyes to the misconduct and terrible work conditions within industries/factories. I hope nothing like this tragic event ever happens again,although it should've never happened – Kendra Odom, Vale   8 Feb 2018

WOW!!! – Elias Cady, Kennewick, Washington   7 Feb 2018

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